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Ford Expedition Maintenance and Repair



  • looking for a rear end for 99 expedition S 935 C-1 739757 D 0 2 373 G.R 975 RING SIZE
  • whitesmokewhitesmoke Posts: 2
    That sound is your ABS system doing a self check .... I have a 2001 and it does the same thing every time I start it up
  • alwaysfords2alwaysfords2 Posts: 336
    His noise is happening on shut down. BTW I've never heard an ABS system do a self check in 20 + years of owning Fords.
  • tschroedertschroeder Posts: 2
    edited June 2013
    Sorry if this is a duplicate, still getting used to this forum.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 54,577
    edited June 2013
    Here's what he's talking about: it's under the dash.


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  • cobcob Posts: 210
    Looks like an after market add on. My be alarm or air suspension over ride switch.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 54,577
    I checked on air suspension and THAT switch is supposed to be on the passenger side under the glove box area. Good guess, though. :P

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  • I have a 1999 Expedition with running boards. Near the front tire, on the bottom of the running board, is what looks like a jack point. It is cup-shaped, exactly like my floor jack.

    When I use that point to jack up the truck, the running board flexes a little. I think it looks worse than it actually is, and when I drop the car, it returns to the original location (or very close).

    My question, is this a good jack point for the front-end?
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 54,577
    That can't be right. The jack points should be on the frame, behind the front wheel and in front of the rear wheel, with little arrows telling you where to place the jack.

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  • alexinflalexinfl Posts: 2
    edited July 2013
    Does someone know if there should be a hose attached to this. If so could this cause a cylinder misfire? I seem to recall there being a small hose attached here. Its on a 2005 Expedition. Thanks for any help.
  • alexinflalexinfl Posts: 2
    I believe the jack points are actually marked on the frame. I know the spot you are looking at on the running boards, that is not a safe place to put your jacks.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 54,577
    yeah, some kind of vacuum switch, and it should have a hose attached.

    Could it cause a misfire? That depends on when/how that missing vacuum line is used. It wouldn't be my first guess for a misfire, no---more likely it would cause a rough idle.

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  • tyshauntyshaun Posts: 13
    I have a 2003 Ford expedition and when the AAA guy did that, It bent the front tip of the running board really bad. I had to keep standing and jumping on it to get back to almost the same place but you can still tell it was bent.
  • karhamkarham Posts: 2
    i went to a local dealership yesterday to see about possibly trading my 04 exped xlt 4wd in on something a little smaller and more fuel efficient. when the guy doing the test drive for the valuation came back in and told me my 4wd transfer case was bad. he said he would not even take it off the parking lot he was afraid it would fall to pieces (he heard grinding and such, I have never heard it but don't use the 4wd much either). the way he tested it was to engage the awd and the make a hard u-turn in the parking lot. my question is was he wrong in testing it on pavement in the first place and was this a ploy they use.
    yes, i am a woman and being from an area that did not require
    a 4wd ( i now live in the mountains) this was my first one i have owned, so my knowledge is limited to only using them when i get stuck, lol! i have been told you never test a 4wd on pavement like that. someone please clarify. thanks
  • cobcob Posts: 210
    I have the same vehicle and the manual says you can drive in awd on dry pavement. The front axles will not engage unless the rear wheels slip. It says not to engage 4wd hi or lo on dry pavement. My guess is that he is trying to take advantage of you because you are a female. Bring it to another repair shop and get a second opinion. Then never do business with this clown again unless you find out he was right. I have never heard of testing the transfer case in a gear setting that doesn't even engage the transfer case.
  • yea hes right dont drive in 4wheel on dry pavement u can on dirt but the pavement sticks to the tires and can cause the transfer gears to break because theirs no give all the weight of the suv transfers on the tires that are on the inside of the turn
  • karhamkarham Posts: 2
    i did write the salesperson and told him of my findings to which he replied and apologized that we could not make the deal and he also told me that the guy doing the testing was not a mechanic.... yep this is why i do not trust big dealerships.... never trust someone who says trust them...
  • i have ford expedition 2010 when i start it the engine Irregular and one of my exhaust getting too much hot and i receive all these error codes can some body help me in this .

    error codes : p1000 p1336 p2197 b1600 u2511 u2472 u2013 b1681 b1318 b2097 u0100
  • the console that has the compass and fuel mileage has stopped working. I pushed the buttons to see what was going on and it just lit up for a second like it had a low battery. any ideas on how to get going again??
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