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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Camry Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Purchased a 2008 TCH - leather, nav, sunroof, mats, XM tuner and heated seats out the door for $29.5K in Atlanta. Thanks for everyone's input.
  • r9973r9973 Posts: 13
    I did try the portland dealers, mainly toyota of gladstone and ron tonkin, both were only ready to come down about $50 - $100 below invoice (invoice included TDA, WHS, Holdback and Gas charge). I tried a bunch of dealers in seattle / portand dealers via email attack and then talked to the ones that were the lower in initial offer. The catch was that I wanted a specific color (barcelona red with ash leather / nav) and there were only 2-3 cars in 2008 left in that.

    Ultimately, we had to get the car from Eugene, worked with Burien Toyota and they had a driver fetch the car for us from Eugene, which played a major role since I didn't have to take a day off or go over the weekend to get the car, our prior car (Lexus GS 350) was totaled and we needed a new car pronto.

    No doubt, if I was not in a hurry, would have waited till end of month and then tried to get another 300-400 off but I tried that last month and didn't work out in seattle. On the positive side, got $400 off from toyota so total was $27427 for MSRP of $31188, dealer invoice was $28027. Plus they tacked on a doc charge which was not disclosed earlier so I had them give me a $50 gas voucher in lieu of the doc fee. All in all, we were pretty satisfied, its hard to commute with a single car in seattle when you have 2 people working with a daycare drop/pickup.
  • hp6130hp6130 Posts: 49
    2009 Camry XLE w/ Leather pgk.,Vsc.,heated seats,.and 5 piece floor mat set.Msrp. $28,149 Their first offer was $25300. This would be the third car I bought from them, in jan. 03 I bought a 03 xle. w/ the only options being, side curtain air bags and floor mat set and glass breakage sensor and first aid kit Msrp. $23642. I bought the car for 20,500 the discount was $3142. If this is the car we decide to buy, my offer is going to be $24,800. No trade involved, straight sale. I feel I should get a bigger discount on a more expensive car. Opinions please. I am 1.5 hrs. from Fitzmall and this dealers price is the same as theirs. Thanks.
  • vci15vci15 Posts: 3
    wow from Eugene to Burien... now thats far. I had to drive from Renton to Eugene a month ago... never again on the same day, got to at least stop in Portland for a night

    Last week I started asking for quotes from dealerships in the Portland area. All of them were giving me a quote of 500 dollar OVER invoice except for Gresham Toyota which straight off the bat gave me a price of 100 under invoice. I emailed other dealerships and all of them told me to go buy from Gresham Toyota.

    My mom really needed a car because her last car died and she needed a car to go to work but I was stuck in Eugene (maybe I should of tried the Eugene dealership also) because it was the weekend before finals and I couldn't afford to waste studying time to go to dealerships and spend all day negotiating.

    My mom got really anxious to get a new car but she has no knowledge on pricing or negotiating at all, so I just told her to go to Gresham Toyota and just tell them you'll only buy for 19,000. My mom ended up settling for 19400 but if I was there I probably would of gotten them to go down to 19,000 eventually.
  • jaymkjaymk Posts: 86
    Congrats Frankrom22,
    Thats an awsome good deal. Can you please tell me which dealership you got your car? Also what was the MSRP? Which color did you get.
    Well enjoy your new ride and hopefully I'll be able to find one too.
  • Sandy Springs Toyota

    MSRP was $31K -$32k I think.

    It took them several days to get me the car b/c I wanted silver and it was a hard color to find with the features that I wanted. They ended up bringing a car in from North Carolina.

    Honestly, I am not sure if it was a great deal. I probably could have negotiated a few hundred lower. However, I was happy with the price, so it worked for me.

  • r9973r9973 Posts: 13
    Yep, agree that driving to Eugene was a major sticking point, I was happy that they had to fetch the car for me, otherwise it would be a 10 hr round trip + time at the dealership = an entire day just to get the car.

    I had gotten the lexus from Portland dealer last year but that was easy as I took the train to Portland and the dealer picked me up @ the train station, spend 1.5 hrs @ the dealership and I was back home in 3 hours, total was less that 8 hrs in all.

    Eugene was an entirely different ball game and so was glad I only had to go to Burien to get the car.

    I tried all the major dealers in seattle, Toyota of Bellevue would not even come down from their invoice a bit, though they do offer 3 free services which probably is the same but I prefer to negotiate in the price vs getting 3 free services and they were not sure if they could fetch the car for me anyway.... Worst was lake city toyota, rude person named Jim Dawson. Once we finalized the price via email, he flipped the car on me, said that "for this price, you can only get this car", if you want the car we were talking about, then you need to pay more. :mad: I was glad all this was via email, atleast didn't waste my time at the dealership. Same was toyota of kirkland, manager named CJ Singh, first he indicated he can match and under cut Burien Toyota but then after a day of discussion, backed out and said "come down, lets talk". I didn't waste my time anymore with him, a friend of mine had a similar experience, he went down to the dealership and they didn't give him the price they had discussed on the phone.

    Some of the seattle area dealers are very sneaky, got to be careful, Burien Toyota was a breeze to work with, everything was via email / phone and they really worked to get me the car I wanted. Obviously, they did make money but atleast it was easy for me.
  • surfzensurfzen Posts: 1
    We called 9 dealers and asked for the names and e mail addresses of the fleet manager. We sent out the letter that AOL recommmends in their buying tips for a quote. 5 responded. Mossy and Toyota Carlsbad were the lowest. Classic Silver exactly as specified. We arrived on saturday at ten am as per our appointment with the fleet manager. We were met by a salesperson who gave us the keys to the car and it was freshly washed but still had the plastic on the mats and stickers on the windows and he sat in the back seat and we took it for a 20 minute drive. We came back and he said do you like it and we said we will take it and we went in his office and signed the paper work and the price was exactly as quoted $20,066. We had to take our rental back to enterprise and so he followed us up to the car rental and brought us back to the dealership and our car had the final detail finished and we went to the finance guy to get the DMV sticker and listen to his 5 minute sales talk on GAP Insurance (dont buy, get it added to your insurance for pennies) 5 year warranty (buy online later for 1/3 the price of the dealer) We said no thank you and he said may I ask you why? I said it is a personal reason of a financial nature, are we done? We left the dealership at exactly 2 minutes to 12 noon after one of the very attractive young women gave us a complete run through of the operation of the cd player and all the nobs and trick things the camry has. Let me know of anyone that can purchase a vehicle in less than two hours. You can do it at Toyota Carlsbad but you have to do your homework first.
  • traccord1traccord1 Posts: 13
    Has anyone gotten a good deal on the LE in Houston, TX? If so, please let me know what price you got it at and which dealership you got it from.

    Also, is it better to buy the '09 right now?
  • scottc3scottc3 Posts: 137
    I recently bought a Prius, 2008, package 5, list price was $28,464, I paid $24,504 BEFORE all taxes / fees. This was 86% of the list price. Using the same logic on the Camry (for my wife), the list price is $31186 - this is a leather, Nav, heated seats, ... car, so taking 86% of this puts me at $26,847. I will pay $800 for the 100K extended warranty, tax will be $2282, Doc Fee, $55, DMV electronic filing, $28, License, around $250, puts me at $30262 out the door. I will have a trade in also, -$3,500, so my cash price will be $26,762.

    Anyone see anything wrong with this thinking?

  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    Using the same % off of sticker for 2 different car models with different markups and different incentives from the manufacturer probably won't work.

    Also, that is the first heard of paying $28 extra for "DMV electronic filing."
    Might as well let them file by mail. There is no rush and, if anything, they probably should be discounting it rather than charging extra since it's a convenience to them.
    It's only a few extra dollars in a $24K transaction, but that actually makes it that more annoying for them to nickel and dime that fee since they can pay a flat $200 per month fee for all their cars.

    The $55 doc fee is already supposed to be paying for their time spent submitting the DMV paperwork. Now you get to be charged two fees.
  • mikecmikec Posts: 40
    Most maxed out 2008 Camry's are going for a few hundred over 27K (which includes the $1,000 cash back). That's before tax, title, license. If you can get it for $26,800, good for you - and share the dealer, as that would be a great deal.

    I agree with jaxs1 that comparing % of list price across cars does not work well. You have ot look at each model, and see what the market is for those.

    Right now, I have seen $4K off MSRP for 2008 and $3K off MSRP for 2009 Camry Hybrid (fully loaded). That should be the starting point for your negotiations. I've heard some people improve upon those numbers, depending on the region and the desperation of the sales force/dealer to make their sales numbers.
  • Is it $20,066. OTD ???, I have been shopping for Camry LE Auto in So Calif and the best quote for a camry LE auto I have recieved till now is 19488 + Tax + Licence.Guys please let me know if this is a Good price...
  • The best quote I have recieved till now for a Camry LE Auto is 19488 this includes destination. Is this a Good price
  • I live in New Jersey, close to philadelphia. This dealership is willing to sale me this black Camry SE 2009 V4 for $24000, taxes and everything included. everything else standard SE, no leather or anything.

    What does anybody think? good deal? not bad? could be better? what price do you think i can argue with. They said its the price they buy it at.

    please help! :confuse:
  • graffixxgraffixx Posts: 41
    We just bought a used '07 Camry LE 4D today in LA county. It has 28163 miles on it.
    Sticker was $16,988+fees

    The manufacturer warranty is 3yrs/36K so we knew we only had another 8K miles on it. We were offered an additional 4yrs/48K extended warranty for $1500.

    After haggling with the dealer for a bit, we were able to get the car for:

    $14,500+tax @ 8.25% (license fee was already covered for 1 yr)
    $1500 extended warranty

    Total: $16000+tax
    OTD: $17330

    What do you guys think? Did we walk away with a decent deal?
  • zed76zed76 Posts: 1
    Hey Guys, how did I do?

    08 V6 LE VSC 21350 (after rebate) + fees & tax?
  • gooddeal2gooddeal2 Posts: 750
    Total: $16000+tax
    OTD: $17330

    What do you guys think? Did we walk away with a decent deal?

    I don't want to hurt your feeling but this is a good example to those who think they don't want to buy new cars because they can get a 2 years old car for a lot less money.

    Well, for you, you can get a new for around 18K +TTL. So, for 2K extra, you get full 3/5 years warranty. Also, with 30K miles, it means 60 to 70% of brakes and tires are already gone. :cry:
  • graffixxgraffixx Posts: 41
    We thought about that. The car was fully serviced, new tires/brakes, etc.

    Spending $2K extra would have increased the lease payment per month, which we weren't interested.

    We put $10k down, and financed the rest, at 6.98% which comes out to be about $175/mo. We were looking to pay less than that monthly, but paying more for the down payment wasn't possible.
  • gooddeal2gooddeal2 Posts: 750
    If you got new tires/brakes, that's a little better but I rather get a new one, personally.
  • shuedshued Posts: 107
    Hi, Guys:

    His deal is $145,00. Not bad, but not good either. Average. For me, I will not want to buy $1500 extended warrant. For me, I will go for new one too, as gooddeal2 says.
  • jb_turnerjb_turner Posts: 702
    Good job on the price of the car! however... you got raped on the extended warranty.
  • What do you guys think of this quote I got from a local Toyota dealer?

    2008 Toyota Hybrid
    Option C Package + Floor Mats
    MSRP: $30,069
    Quote: $27,508 + Tax
  • traccord1traccord1 Posts: 13
    Hello Houston folks? Are you out there? What are the prices and buying experiences like in Houston?
  • Yes that is a good price for a 2009 right now. 2008 ones, if any are still left, are going for at least $1000 less than that.
  • mikecmikec Posts: 40
    Which is option package "C"? Does that include Leather, Navi, etc?

    If not, that is a super-sucky price and you should run like the dickens.

    If yes, then the price is not that good; you should be able to get it $300-600 cheaper.
  • mrdisco33mrdisco33 Posts: 58
    I'm looking for an LE V6, either an 08 or 09 model. Any Torontonians purchase one lately and can pass on their pricing and experience?
  • tqd85tqd85 Posts: 3
    Hi. I just bought a new Camry about 3 weeks ago. My dealer just called me and said when I bought the car the 0 APR was expired (which i got when i bought it) and they want me to come back and resign new paperwork pushing the date back a few day when the 0APR was still good. He also mentioned that if i don't come back to sign it I would have give the car back.

    Can they do that? I don't think so right. I have the right to not sign anything. any thought would be great.
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    It makes no sense that they didn't know there was a problem by the next business day at the latest.

    Sounds very bizarre. Maybe you should just give it back and take the free 3 week car rental rather than deal with them any further.
  • tqd85tqd85 Posts: 3
    I was thinking the same thing. making me resign paper work after 3 weeks is sketchy. Even if I weren't to sign it they can't take the car back. It is legally mine with the first set of paper work that I filled out.
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