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Suzuki Aerio Wagon



  • mic5000mic5000 Posts: 18
    That is a big recall to possibly buy back your embarassing. Would you say that this recall is almost as bad as the Focus' 10+ recalls?
    One major one or many tiny ones...i guess they are all major...

    here's one link to the recall
  • wellsvwellsv Posts: 3
    Lack of parts is what worries me. Your dealer is not in WNY by chance? I read that Suzuki wants to strengthen the dealer network, so maybe it will get better.
  • frenchcarfrenchcar Posts: 247
    My dealer does not think my Aerio is subject to any recall and the service department is not aware of any offer to replace a vehicle but I will check with the sales manager. The owner of our Tucson, AZ dealership also owns the Jaguar, Lexis, Hummer, Isuzu, Buick and Kia dealerships but at other locations in the city. Now that Suzuki is all alone they have a lot more cars and a lot more parts as a stand alone dealership. With the addition of 2 new vehicles this fall and the remake of all the others in the next 3 years and an effort to beef up the dealership ranks, I think you will see a brighter future for Suzuki in the future. They have been popular worldwide for many years, just not well known in North America. Most of the little Samurai models from 1986 to 1989 are still on the road. I like the uniqueness of them. We traded in a Ford Focus on our Aerio and that is a popular car but all the recalls were a pain and they sold so many to rental agencies that now the auctions are overloaded with them and values have plunged. Had an emmissions test today on the 93,000 mile 1995 Sidekick I bought recently and the test figures were cleaner (almost zero) than for any car I have ever had tested. I know people with high mileage Suzuki products and they have had better experience with them than most cars and I agree. However, nothing is perfect but I dont think you can get perfection out of anything with 5000 parts in it but hope to come close.
  • guickgguickg Posts: 19
    I am in NYC. My dealer also sells and services Lincoln-Mercury and Isuzu (not sure why three such different brands are sold together). Since I purchased my Aerio in May 2002, I have not seen any new dealerships appear in or around NYC or NYS for that matter (based on the website dealer searches). Although Suzuki dealerships are spread out quite a bit, there are a few of them at least in the NY metro area. Suzuki cars are generally very reliable so I don't think you would need parts often. My car just happened to have some problems which had to be fixed. And it was one of the early ones produced. The Suzuki dealership experience is typical of any other dealership. As a general rule, they don't keep up with all the latest developments, technical bulletins and recalls. It would be up to you to keep informed and let them know. It's not right, but that's how it is. The best way to find out if your car is being recalled is simply to call Suzuki Customer Relations Dept. (the number is on their website) and give them your VIN instead of asking the dealer.
  • frenchcarfrenchcar Posts: 247
    My 2002 Aerio is not effected but a small number of late 02 and early 03 modeks do have a problem. My service adviser was not aware of it (has been on vacation), parts was not aware of it, nor were some of the salesmen. Then I talked to one of the mechanics AND HE KNEW ALL ABOUT IT. There was a paint booth malfunction or human error where a limited number of vehicles had their primer coat overbaked and the adhesion is giving out between the primer and finish coat and in turn the windshield adhesives. Mechanics were given a write up and a test tool and test instructions. They test two small areas on the sides of the windshield body. 3 have been brought into my dealer just last week and all 3 passed the test. If they run into one that fails then an Suzuki inspector comes to inspect that vehicle and if he agrees that it is defective then they do indeed give you a new vehicle. Sounds bizzare but at least Suzuki stands behind their product and I remember when Ford replaced some Mustangs and years ago GM did it on some model. The only way to properly take care of the problem is to ship the car back to Japan, strip it down to bare body, strip off all paint and re-prime and bake it. I gather the primer problem will eventually be all over and not just by the windshield. Thank heavens only a few vehicles are involved but to be safe they will recall some to test out that probably are ok. Better to be safe. JUST WAIT FOR YOUR LETTERS. Hope this helps. Over the years the total number of recalls on Suzuki models has been quite small.
  • wheelz4wheelz4 Posts: 569
    We bought a 2002 in June, 2002 (was delivered to the dealer about a week before we got it)...haven't seen any recall notice yet but will watch the mail. While getting a brand new vehicle would be nice (slight power upgrade, door buzzes resolved?? etc.), I'm not sure I like the centre rear seatbelt arrangement and we'd lose the centre rear armrest/cupholder as well (our son will be disappointed!) One year into the Aerio "experience", we are generally happy with the car but I do have some suggestions for Suzuki.
    While I'm ok with the digital dash, a nice set of analogues would make the interior look a little classier....mount them on the steering wheel (like Nissan in the 350Z/Murano) if your're worried about right/left-hand drive adaptability.
    The whole dash actually should be redesigned to bring some of the lower controls/switches up into a more user-friendly (and safer) position. And please, incorporate some oddment storage this time, as well as, try to minimize those nasty dash reflections. Seat comfort is excellent (though a seat height adjustment that raises and not just tilts the cushion would be welcome). Some brighter fabrics/inserts would liven up what is a fairly dark and sombre interior. The cargo cover should be higher and be retractable and storable as well. Though I like the big sideview mirrors, they make the poor aerodynamics of the Aerio (oxymoron?) even worse and contribute a lot of wind noise. Better integrated (and not quite as low) ground effects (a la Protege5), an intermittent rear wiper and 16" tires/wheels would make a good car great. Make the doors less "tinny" and, if you haven't eliminated the interior door panel buzzes already, please do...they really affect the perception of quality. And maybe it's time for Suzuki to get with the variable valve timing program....while the Aerio is competetive powerwise, it's no rocket and it's fuel economy compared to Toyota and Honda is not what it should be.
  • frenchcarfrenchcar Posts: 247
    Basically I agree with many of your observations about improvements that could be made to the Aerio. We are fortunate that ours has never had the door buzz problem and ours was a very early model. We solved the awful windshield glare with a nicely made velour dash cover from DASH DESIGNS in Tempe , Arizona and they have a web site. They also make a neat retractable sunshade. The velour dash cover in black is actually a dark gray that matches the interior and we got a gray steering wheel cover from them as it is really needed in our 108 degree temperatures in Tucson lately. We like ours so much that we wouldnt want a replacement car. Im sure ours wont be recalled.
  • smiller678smiller678 Posts: 64
    Hi all,

    My 03 Aerio SX just turned 15K miles. Only problem to report is that I have the ocaasional brake clunk. But lately it hasn't been doing this much - probably due to the hot summer weather here is southern CA. I have made some upgrades to my car - painted brake calipers and drums red, installed chrome door locks, installed aluminum dash pieces, and installed center arm rest. When I first bought this car I wasn't too sure about Suzuki. However, this car has really sold me. I feel that this car could last well beyond 100K miles with not many problems.

    Happy motoring
  • chocoxtacochocoxtaco Posts: 32
    Got back from a long trip to find out the driver side back back window was smashed in by a ball. Family tried to fix the matter before I got back (car's in FL, I live in PA), but dealers said that it'd be a week to get the glass, then more time to schedule and install. No dice. So, I get to see what insurance will do for me.
  • frenchcarfrenchcar Posts: 247
    Check with an auto glass company as they might be able to get it quicker than anyone. However, the small back side window is not something many places would stock. I need an A/C compressor for my old 95 Sidekick and the California Suzuki parts warehouse has it (they have 3 warehouses nationwide) and I could get it overnight if I wanted to pay the $15 or $20 air freight. I decided to wait 3 working days for the stock order they were submitting that day. It should be here tomorrow and they can do it the following day. Not bad at all. WARNING: when a part has to be ordered find out which warehouse has it; when does another stock order go in and how long will it take?? It is often better to pay the air freight and get it quick unless it is not critical. Collision parts seem to take longer, especially on new models. I once knew a man in Detroit who had a new Pontiac model (he had the first one in town) and he wrecked it one week later. He had to wait for 3 months for the fenders to come in and that is not as unusual as you might think but 3 or days is more typical on models that have been around awhile. Hope you get your glass soon Greg.
  • davidd5davidd5 Posts: 79
    Got back from holidays last night. We had the car REALLY loaded down and were driving the in the rocky mtns in heat that was 33-37C. We had no problems at all. Loved how well the A/C worked. Loved how much stuff we could take and still have room for 3 people. Just wish my 03SX had a temp gauge. Would really be nice to know just how hot the engine got.
  • davidd5davidd5 Posts: 79
    That is B/S that suzuki would charge you to bring in a part over night. I work at a chrysler dealer[have for 15 years]. If we need a part over night from the toronto warehouse,the cust sure as heck does not have to pay for that service.
  • aerio51aerio51 Posts: 2

    Why don't you try the dealership in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. They are open till 12:30 am and you can take it after work. That's what I do. The only problem is you have to call to make an appointment and sometimes it takes two or three weeks. But their service is worth it. I almost bought my car at the dealership on Queens Blvd.(the one you are referring to)but the the Bay Ridge dealer ended up finding the car I wanted. Have you ever been to their (queens) actual repair shop? It's about 2 or 3 miles away. It's a dump!! I always take my car to the Bay Ridge location for repairs, oil changes etc...Maybe they can help you once and for all.
  • frenchcarfrenchcar Posts: 247
    My dealer does pay for over-night air freight when they are in the middle of a large job or doing warranty work. However, when they are doing a job on an older out of warranty vehicle that the customer is paying for they give the customer a choice of methods and delivery time. This is not unusual and many dealers go ahead and use overnight shipping but add the cost to the part price and the customer never knows the difference.
  • davidd5davidd5 Posts: 79
    Well I can truly say that has never happened at any dealer i have worked for. In warranty or out,if we "need" the part asap,that cost has NEVER been passed on to the customer. I have to say though,if a part has to come from toronto,in most cases it is shipped ground freight. But it will not be put on a regular stock order. Mine you,we are also a big dealer and we also get a daily order as well as a stock order once a week. The daily order comes from the local warehouse. Which in my case is band new and very big. There is talk that M.B. will use part of it as a regional warehouse.
  • chocoxtacochocoxtaco Posts: 32
    My dealer's body shop will have the glass Tuesday.
    Central FL to Harrisburg, PA, was driven in 14+ hours on 2.5 tanks of gas. Mileage was 35, 34, 33 mpg - DC traffic cut the last tank down. I used minimal a/c and did 70+ mph the majority of the trip.
  • carthellcarthell Posts: 128
    I really like the car. However, I think that the molding at the exterior bottom of the door was added without thought to the possible problems that curbs might add. No, I don't agressively open and close my doors. I try to be very careful. Despite this, I've somehow managed to loosen the molding at the rear edge of each front door, right by the B piller. I'm thinking of getting a supply of super glue to try to re-attach the molding to a pad that appears to be an adhesion point between the molding and the door's outer skin.

    Has anyone else had such a problem? How have you coped with it? If I have to re-glue the molding to the car body every few months, I might as well remove the thing completely. (Shudder!)

  • frenchcarfrenchcar Posts: 247
    I assume you are talking about the lower body cladding and not the optional door mouldings that can be added later. Mine have been on for 15 months now with no problem yet but I am curious how they are attached. Adhesive or clips or double sided tape. Take it back to the dealer and have them do it under warranty. A body shop could figure it out real fast but watch out trying to use super glue unless you work fast.
  • davidd5davidd5 Posts: 79
    i'm pretty sure the moulding is held on with clips and maybe double sided tape. I've seen pictures on some other web sites and that what it looks like to me. But for sure,I would take it back the dealer.
  • I just took my new Aerio in for its first oil change at 3,000 miles and when the mechanic (ASE Certified Goodyear Tire and Auto) tried to remove the oil filter he broke a tool, and when he finally got the filter out, the threaded stub came out of the engine block with. After calling the Suzuki Service Department and discussing it, the Goodyear mechanic also removed the stub (stud?) from the filter and found the damage from the filter being forced on. I was present and involved for everything that transpired. This damage was done at the factory in Japan I assume, since I bought the car with under 100 miles on it.

    Has anyone ever heard of a Suzuki with this problem? The mechanic and the Suzuki service department both admitted this happens very infrequently.
  • jontyreesjontyrees Posts: 160
    How did the mechanic eventually get the stud out of the filter? I don't doubt that it could have been over-tightened at the factory, but equally I don't doubt that the Goodyear mechanic messed up somehow. I had a tire repaired at a Goodyear branch once, and couldn't figure out what was causing the clunking noise from my front end until I looked at the wheel. 2 lug nuts completely missing, the rest loose - my wheel was about to fall off.

    BTW, I'm not picking on Goodyear - it could happen anywhere, in any industry.
  • The oil filter with the stud sticking out of it was brought to me in the waiting room of the Goodyear dealer. We called the Suzuki service department (I bought it 50 miles away from home) and asked them if we should stop now, or try to get the two apart and he said to try. They had to vice the stud to unscrew the oil filter. The stud ended up scratched in the center and the oil filter was pretty dented up. I then had the car towed to Suzuki and it is there now. The service writer there suggested that maybe the Goodyear dealer caused the damage, but after I explained everything, he agreed it must have been a factory-caused problem. I expect it to be a warranty repair, but he might be calling the factory rep. I will be watching to see if anyone else has this problem, but, assuming the filters are installed manually rather than robotically, it's not likely.
  • I had something similar although less tragic. I did all of my changes on my previous car, a tercel. when I was trying to do my first oil change on the aerio, the filter would just not budge. I used three different tools (including a really nasty clamp that dented the filter) to no avail. I had to take the car to an oil change place (ugh) in order to have the filter removed.
  • frenchcarfrenchcar Posts: 247
    I had a Suzuki mechanic warn me to always use the oil filters supplied by Suzuki as they are small and must be designed properly to be effective. His contention was that if you were going to change your own oil or take it to Jiffy Lube, Goodyear, etc. then take a filter with you and make them use it. Save the receipts for warranty purposes in case something breaks down and you then have proof for Suzuki that the car has been serviced. Makes some sense. What do you think??
  • carthellcarthell Posts: 128
    An update for the curious: my dealer is ordering parts to fix the bottom door molding/cladding. Yes, the parts did come w/the car, and can be seen in many of the promotional pictures on this & Suzuki's site.

    I'm still concerned about the longevity of the eventual repair. So far, I've been able to see at least one nearby owner of the sedan "give up" and rip off both bottom front door claddings/ moldings. The plastic anchor points left behind aren't too flattering.

    Because the car is still a rare breed around where I live, I haven't been able to sneak a peek of others' vehicles to see whether the problem is prevalent.

  • frenchcarfrenchcar Posts: 247
    We have had our Aerio for 16 months now and have not experienced that problem yet. I see more Aerios on the road here in Tucson all the time and a couple of the rental fleets here have several of the sedans but I have never noticed the problem you speak of. I think the European and Japanese Aerios dont have this cladding and they look cheap and different because of it. If it becomes a common problem they will probably beef it up.
  • wheelz4wheelz4 Posts: 569
    Getting a clunk from the front end in certain steering situations....slow moving parking lots when backing/turning then changing direction and also when turning into our driveway (right turn, slight upslope) when the weight shifts to the left front wheel. (clunk seems to be coming from that area). Also noticed a slight bulge or bubble in the sidewall of the right front tire. 20,000 kms so far (13,000 mi)....will get it checked out at the next service. Any ideas, anyone?
  • frenchcarfrenchcar Posts: 247
    I had 2 of my tires replaced a year ago and they had a special road force or load force machine at Discount Tire that proved they were defective. A few cars had a wrong wheel bearing that made noise and some needed a different anti rattle clip on the front brakes. Dealer should have them and it is under warranty.
  • wheelz4wheelz4 Posts: 569
    We had the brake clunk clips installed awhile ago and haven't noticed any of those clunks since. This just occurs when steering/manouvering at slow speeds when there is some left/right inertia shift. I'm wondering what my options would be if the tire is found to be defective. We have 20,000 kms on them.....well, in reality, maybe 15-16,000 as we have separate winter tires. Would replacing the defective one only cause any handling problems? Would I be dealing with Yokahoma, as tires seem to be covered by their manufacturer, not the auto maker? Would I be charged pro-rata based on the mileage on the originals?
  • frenchcarfrenchcar Posts: 247
    You will probably have to take the tire to a Yokahoma tire dealer to be inspected. If there is a bulge in it you might have a broken belt. I would guess they will pro-rate it and the original equipment tires are not rated to last very long. I traded mine in when they were almost new for a much better Yokohoma tire. My 2 defective tires were replaced free of charge as they were almost new. Have you hit a pot hole lately? Have the dealer drive yours to listen for the clunk. It might be the wheel bearing problem that a few cars had. Wait a minute? Do you own an Aerio or Nissan?
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