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Honda Odyssey: Problems & Solutions:(1995-2004 Models)



  • Bummed! I've read message here about tran. prob. in reverse. I have 30+K on my 2000 LX and have heard/felt this clunk when in reverse. Matters not if I'm on incline or flat road. First thought I was going over a small rock in my driveway. Then it was happening everywhere I went, but always in reverse. Then it decreased. I took it to dealer but like pain at the dentist, it would not occur while there. Now 2 wks later I take it back for the 30K service. I express my concern that the clunk still occurs and since I'm nearing end of warranty I want it taken care of.
    At end of service check, I'm told I need a new transmission. Honda will put a rebuilt one in at no cost to me. The rebuilt will only have a 1 yr. 12 mo. warranty.
    No cost is welcome and expected of course, but my gripe is, the love story is over for me. Why would a car of such reliable repute have tranny probs. like this? Why hasn't a recall been sent out?
    I have noticed the latest consumer reports shows decrease in their reliability ratings for the Odyssey. Are these tran probs the reason?
    Should I be contacting anyone other than Honda about this issue?
  • rfoxnerfoxne Posts: 4
    I have a rattle coming from the sliding door inside handle on my 99 ex. How do you remove the handle, and what do you do to eliminate the rattle?

  • auburn63auburn63 Posts: 1,162
    You can use a snall screw driver or pick to get the spring clip off then pull the handle off. I use strip caulk on the splines but tape should work also then slide the handle back on with the clip already in it place. It will snap on..
  • Ok. Here is the SB. I am just copying directly.


    On all 99-00 Odysseys, and 01 Odysseys thru VIN 2HKRL18651H555625, insufficient clamping of the rear mounting bolt on the front suspension lower control arm can cause a clunk or thump from the front floor when you brake or accelerate briskly. Insufficient clamping happens if the thread friction is too high while the mounting bolt is tightened.

    To fix the problem, loosen then torque the rear mounting bolt on each lower control arm to 122Nm(90lb-ft). Test-drive vehicle to make sure the noise is gone. If the noise is gond, return the vehicle to your customer. If the noise is still there, hook up a Chassis EAR diagnostic too (T/N JSP-SM06600), and continue with normal troubleshooting.
  • btennbtenn Posts: 3
    Thanks for all of the responses. I have been informed that my cost after the DM's Goodwill contribution is $1121.55. Although my husband feels that there should be no cost at all, I am more inclined to pay this amount as opposed to over $5,000. I have also logged a complaint with the Center for Auto Safety. I will continue to update the Town Hall. Bianca
  • jnash2jnash2 Posts: 31
    When I hit the brakes for the first time in either direction I get a clunk. The brakes seem to be moving. After the first braking in either direction there is no noise. Any one else have this problem. Is there a fix? TIA
  • After looking, I haven't noticed anyone commenting on the 98 Odyssey. I am considering purchasing one as I cannot afford anything newer. Does anyone have any information on this year model? Any info would be helpful

    Thanks Carlton
  • DTKWOKDTKWOK Posts: 131
    Yes, I have this problem too. The service dealers (2 different ones) said that there was no fix. I'll keep looking around and will post any new finds.
  • olcayolcay Posts: 2
    Since day one sliding doors on my Odyssey LX are rattling on rough roads. I took it the dealer at least 4-5 times and each time they replaced this and that and each time it got worse. Now it sounds like a 30 year old school bus on rough roads. Service manager at my dealer said there is nothing he can do anymore. Another dealer claimed honda has a service bulletin for this problem but they did not have the number. I will call them back to get the number. I am waiting to talk to honda rep. in a couple of weeks about the problem.

    Did anybody get this problem fixed?


    Olcay Boz
  • auburn63auburn63 Posts: 1,162
    There is no Honda fix available as they say this movement is normal and will not hurt anything. However it is annoying to say the least, so if you want to fix it or minimize it all you have to do is remove the front pads, spray some disc brake quiet on the back of the pads(shim side) and reinstall. The disc brake quiet sticks to the caliper and slows or stops the movement and the noise is gone. Been doing this for years and it has worked fairly well with no side affects..
  • auburn63auburn63 Posts: 1,162
    The proper door adjustments should be able to cure you rattles. See what the rep tells you but in the mean time try and locate a general area where the noise is comming from. Also check the inside handles for the noise I have seen several of those..One other quick try is a little rubber door stopper like thing on the back of the door. You can turn it out for more back tension on the door that sometimes will help..good luck
  • bear21bear21 Posts: 3
    I have had my 2002 Odyssey for 2 months. Last night I noticed for the first time that the security dash light continues to flash after locking up. It continally flashes at about the same rate as the radio security LED. Is this normal ? Thanks.
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    Thats what it is supposed to do. Anytime you lock the van without the keys being in the ignition those lights come on. That tells you everything is working correctly. Bad thing at least in the 01's were I could not find any kind of information about it. They didn't even have the light listed on the dash display which told what everything does.
  • kroliphkroliph Posts: 75
    Just placed an order for 2002 Odyssey EX. I went to the Honda Odyssey problems discussion and was very disturbed about the number of problems people are having with their transmissions. Did Honda address these problems with the new 5-speed unit for 2002 or are people still having problems with the new unit as well? Also, is it worth is to have the dealer install a tow package to add extra transmission cooling capacity? Thanks.
  • ody01ody01 Posts: 100
    98 Odyssey much smaller, regular doors like sedans, built on Accord chassis with 4 cyl engine. Town Hall Odyssey owners have new, larger Odyssey.
  • grandtotalgrandtotal Posts: 1,207
    Contrary to ody01's rather pompous posting not all posters on this forum have 99-02 Odysseys. It's true that the vast majority of them do, but as far as I am concerned owners (or prospective owners) of 96-98 Odysseys are very welcome too.
    To answer your question the 98 Odyssey is a fine vehicle but you should still take all the usual precautions when buying a previously cherished car, even when that car is a Honda.
  • jnash2jnash2 Posts: 31
    Thanks for the all the responses to my question. Thanks auburn63 for the details. Very helpful.
  • ukrickukrick Posts: 66
    Our Ody has just over 12k miles. The SRS light comes on after the engine is started and stays on. Anyone else had the same problem? If so, what was wrong and what was the fix?
  • s1ginss1gins Posts: 51
    The SRS light in my Acura TL came on and stayed on just as I was going in for regular service. The dealer said something was wrong with the passenger seatbelt latch and replaced it under warranty. Light is now off.
  • j1kenneyj1kenney Posts: 2
    We have 45000 miles on our 2001 Odyssey.

    Troubles so far:
    - Clunking from rear brakes while reversing (Honda has no fix but applying brake disk quiet to back of pads will fix);
    - Phantom sliding doors (power system gets confused if someone grabs handle to open door at nearly the same time the key fob is used - they periodically also just close part way and stop. All seems to fix after a routine service call);
    - Shimmy in driver's side mirror (replaced one with no measurable improvement);
    - Rubber grippers in front tray cupholders dried out.

    This pales in comparison to my 97 GC that I had to "dispose" of because of an electrical problem which drained the battery after a few minutes of use. Chrysler refused to fix under warranty and told me to sue them if I didn't like their answer. Skipped the suit and bought my third Honda.

    Improvements I made:
    Bought 2002 rear cupholder inserts (2000 didn't come with inserts).

    Improvements I would like to make:
    Replace tailight unit with 2002 unit? 2000 ODY has red rear turn signals...I prefer Amber which I believe are on the 02.

    Improvements Honda could make on future models:

    Less wind noise in cabin.
    Adjustable lumbar support in front seats.
    Power Sliding Sun Roof (Moon Roof to some).

    Overall...a damn good buy. Ride remains excellent. Michelins are just beginning to wear. Front brake pads will be replaced at 45K service. Interior is holding up very well (I have two small children). Fuel economy seems to be holding at 25 combined (we live in a mostly rural area). 0 non scheduled down-time. Even scheduled downtime has been kept to less than half-a-day at a time. Bought the extended warranty (mostly because this is Momma's car and if Momma ain't happy no-one's happy).

    Bottom line-I look forward to buying the 05 Oddysey (I also plan on trading my other car in on the 03 Pilot).
  • pluto5pluto5 Posts: 618
    Hard to see how one electrical problem in the GC--which could have been confined to one component such as alternator--outweighs all the drawbacks you mentioned with the Odyssey. All GC dealers are not equal and if one could not diagnose the problem correctly another one might. There are numerous independent shops that specialize in electrical problems since they are so common.
  • tmac00tmac00 Posts: 8
    Just purchased a previously enjoyed 99 EX. We are very happy so far (less than a week). Is there any way to know if recall repairs have been performed on my vehicle? Build date is 11/98. Thanks for any help or advice.
  • dave594dave594 Posts: 218
    Why don't you contact your dealer and they can run the vehicle's VIN number through their computer system. They should be able to access every Honda's record to see if that vehicle has had the recalls performed.
  • j1kenneyj1kenney Posts: 2
    I actually went to three dealers over a 6-month period. Having to jump start a car every time one wants to drive certainly outweighs minor inconveniences in the Ody. Eventually discovered the problem to be a "known" problem with 97 GCs..a defective body side computer mount which caused the board to crack and power to go to ground on the seat chassis. Found this out 3 months after I sold the GC. I'll keep the starts every time and the drop down third row seat has been a real treat. Won't go near Chrysler ever again...mostly because of the way the dealers and the Corporation treated me. I was actually told be a Chrsyler Customer Service Manager that "we sell millions of unhappy customer doesn't really matter". I'm sure one doesn't to them but one certainly did to me!
  • pluto5pluto5 Posts: 618
    I can understand your feelings about DC. I've gotten different responses from different customer service people so I would be inclined to call several and at least get a meeting with a factory rep and the dealer service director. Hope Honda has better customer relations.
  • skoretskskoretsk Posts: 38
    This occurred after driving the vehicle for 30-40 minutes, all dashboard warning lights came on solid and then went out. Wife took the Odyssey in to Honda service but they couldn't find anything wrong. This has happened twice in the past month.
  • colorbokcolorbok Posts: 7
    Hello --
    Just a thought here but why is anyone complaining about getting 80% of their transmission paid for? If you don't have the extended warranty you should be liable for 100% of the cost. If you end up paying $1000 for a "new" tranny and the extended warranty is about $800, you're really only paying $200 for a $4000-$5000 repair. Sounds like a pretty good deal to me...
  • ukrickukrick Posts: 66
    Nothing like getting great service from your dealer, huh. Made an appointment nearly two weeks ago to drop the van off last Friday at 9:00 a.m. They kept it all day. We called 2-3 times to find out what the problem was, but each time was told the technician still had the vehicle, they weren't sure, etc. Finally at 7:00 p.m. we stopped by the dealership to find out that the sensors molded in the passenger seat we're faulty. The parts were not in stock (there's a shock), but were ordered in for overnight delivery the next morning. We would have the van back on Saturday. I called the next morning to find out that the parts didn't come in, they were on backorder. I guess now I get have to hope and pray that we're not in a wreck because the air bags will not deploy.
  • DTKWOKDTKWOK Posts: 131
    Wow, that certainly bites. But at least Honda's on the ball and trying to resolve the issue. As for being in a wreck (knock on wood), I wouldn't worry too much because the Odyssey ('99 to '01) received better crash ratings than most minivans (w/ side airbags even), 5 star crash ratings to be exact.
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