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Hyundai Tiburon



  • Thanks for the tip. I may just have to wait, but not sure. At this point, I'm starting to get to ridiculously low prices for my car, and still no one is biting. Maybe all car sales are just low right now. LET'S ALL HOPE THE REBATE GET'S RENEWED!
  • maskedmasked Posts: 9
    Hey fellas,

    I'm pretty happy with my 01 Tib, but I usually end up dragging 3-4 people around and I'd like a little more power (more specifically on the low end) to get up and go when I need to impress off the light ;)

    Anyway, I was just wondering what I could get for about 175-200 bucks that would help out my low end acceleration.

  • cfbd1273cfbd1273 Posts: 18
    Your best bet would be ether air intake or exhaust modification.

    As far as air intake goes you can do something as simple as new air filter (K&N) or a whole new intake system (Injen) up to porting and polishing the valves very expensive.

    I have a K&N and have always used them there a great product.

    If you want to go the exhaust route new headers are a good start they might be more than $200 dollars though for good ones any way. New pipes or a muffler might be more in your price range.

    For cost reasons I would recommend you try modifying your air intake system to start with.

    If you’re looking for places to shop for parts let me know and I can give you some Hyundai performance web sites.

    Good luck hope this helps.
  • maskedmasked Posts: 9
    What kind of performance boosts could I expect from both the air filter and the new pipes?

    Also, would I run into any warranty problems? With new headers or a new air filter, I wouldn't imagine so.

  • cfbd1273cfbd1273 Posts: 18
    A K&N can not void your warranty do to a law called Magnuson-Moss Warranty that states that it is against the law for a manufacturer to require the use of a specific brand of air filter unless it provides a replacement air filter, free of charge, under the terms of the warranty.

    A header on the other hand could be constituted as modifying your engine and could void your drive train warranty.

    As for exhaust pipes as long as there put on by a trained mechanic and as not to interfere with or impede with your emissions system there probably wont be any problem.

    I would check with Hyundai as to whether or not the headers or pipes would void you warranty. 1-800-633-5151

    Just the K&N you could get as much as 6 or 7 hp. at the wheel I got 7 when I put mine in.
    Headers will probably give you 10 to 12 hp. this of course is just a guess.

    New pipes and muffler probably another 6to 10 hp. Depending on what kind of pipes and muffler you use.

    Hope this helps
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    I picked up my super silver 03 Tiburon GT-V6 auto with package 10 (power sunroof) last night. All I can say is WOW WOW WOW! This car is awesome! The V6 engine is so smooth and quiet. The ride is firm yet quiet and the brakes are strong. Fit and finish is superb, the seats are very comfortable, and the leather looks and feels high quality. I haven't been able to find a single flaw in the car yet. The stereo has so much bass and plays so loud that it sounds like I'm in a concert or a club. I LOVE the heated mirrors; they were clear of dew/fog within 30 seconds. But most of all, I LOVE the styling of this car inside and out. The exterior is just so beautiful/sexy/sporty and the interior is attractive and well lit at night (reminds me of an Audi). If I could complain, it would be that the sunroof switches need to be lit, because it is difficult to find the right switch in the dark since everything is black (and having two separate switches to tilt the sunroof and to open it fully seems silly). Other than that, I'm in love with this car. I better be because I took a huge loss on my trade (03 Suzuki Aerio SX) to get it. This was one time I was happy to accept the dealer's offer for gap insurance.....

    A few questions for 03 Tib owners: If anyone has the automatic, did you find it to be a bit clunky in its shifting until it learned your driving style? Mine shifts smooth for the most part but a couple shifts have been on the harsh side (mostly 1-2 upshifts). Secondly, is it a common problem to hear the passenger side seat belt buckle rattling against the side of the seat? I almost lost it when I heard a loud rattle coming from the passenger seatback. I breathed a sigh of relief once I noticed the rattle stopped after draping the seatbelt over the side bolster.
  • cfbd1273cfbd1273 Posts: 18
    Mine shifts hard from 1st. to 2nd. gear if I don't accelerate hard. And down shifts are hard to the same gears. Not coasting when approaching a gear shift helps a lot.

    I have driven fords and Mitsubishis that have that characteristic (clunk) when up shifting or down shifting.

    If you try your auto shift you will see why your car shifts so hard. Engine brakes for you on down shifts.
    Down shifts when in manual mode are best left to the shift computer.

    As for the seat belt mine makes no noise at all. Don’t know about that problem. Check the belt tensioner and see if it is not keeping the belt taut.
  • cfbd1273cfbd1273 Posts: 18
    How did you get heated mirrors?
  • revkarevka Posts: 1,750
    Thanks for sharing your initial impressions. It sounds really nice. We look forward to hearing more.... Happy motoring! ;-)

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  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    They come standard on the car. When you turn your rear defroster on, the side mirror heaters are turned on as well.
  • I'm paying a final drive out price of $19500 for my 6 speed GT (Black) w/ Ultrasports Package 3. Only one problem remains...they have none in stock!!! Now I have to sit here and wait for their allocation to come in.

    BTW...just thought I might put a little added advice here: I went through my credit union and secured my finances, and it is making my buying experience a whole lot better as we are no longer discussing monthly payments but now the final price. (In my case, it saved me from a ton of headaches for sure.)
  • I'm a Tiburon owner now! Finally got one (found a dealer that had it in stock), and drove it home yesterday night for $19500 drive out. I paid approximatly $18000 for the car itself. Car runs great, but I'm going back tomorrow to get the pinstriping taken off. I paid a little over invoice, but I suppose I got a little antsie. BTW...if your going to get a Tiburon soon, get it within today or tomorrow. The price of my car went from $22,000 drive out from mid last week to $19,500 yesterday. Waiting pays off!
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    I averaged 20.6 mpg on my first tank of gas in all city/suburban driving. I did drive it pretty gentle, but the car idled in traffic quite a bit and I hit 4k rpms a number of times. I'm impressed it got exactly the epa rating since it is far from broken in. It will take some getting used to though since this is my first V6 and my past car always averaged 28 mpg.

    I'm still enjoying my car immensely. I love everything about it!! It's so smooth and quiet and it effortlessly gains speed quickly. Comfort and interior fit and finish is top notch. I get a lot of looks driving this car and I have been the topic of work place gossip (who would have thought Hyundai would move up high enough to instill envy) :) 250 blissful miles so far.
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Manson, WAPosts: 7,236
    on this site and I also remember that you weren't overly critical of Hyundai and Kia. Smart person! They're the best thing going in the automotive world right now. It's looking like I'm heading to the Ozark area to train for my next job. Hummm...I've got a 2001 Kia Sportage 4x4 with only 49,000 miles that's running like a top. I love it but also love the new-generation Hyundai Tiburon. So I'm wondering where in the Rolla area might there be a Hyundai dealership. Problem solved yesterday afternoon on the internet. Reliable Imports of Springfield, MO carries Hyundai's 100-odd miles to the SW. Whoo-hoo! I'll drive the Kia for a couple more years but my next career could very possibly involve traveling to get from job-to-job(Allied Health/Respiratory Therapy)to help people at their homes. The 2005 Hyundai Tiburon GT V6 in Carbon Blue or Rally Red should fit the bill perfectly providing I can squeeze the air ventilator in the trunk...!!!! Oh, what a nice problem to have! Keep your cards and letters coming about your new Tibs! I already know it's reliable because I read EVERYTHING I can get my hands on about this hot little number. 20.6 mpg is not a bad average at all. The rolley-polley Ozark hills is what I'm thinkin' boys...whoo-hoo! The Tib would be perfect around the corners and through the woods! Ingtonge18-watch your driver's door sill for paint chipping issues and if you have the spoiler(do you have a spoiler on your Tiburon?)watch for paint chipping away there, too. Hyundai has no doubt corrected this problem by now. Those two area's paint issues and problems with the retractability of the moonroof are the two main problems with the new Tibs from what I've gathered. Not a big deal at all to me. Yeah, my next car purchase will either be a Tiburon or the next-gen Kia Sportage that's in development right now. Have fun with your Tiburons!

    2011 Kia Soul Sport 5-speed

  • pghtiburonpghtiburon Posts: 22
    I'm considering buying a new Tiburon in 2004 or maybe 2005...does anyone know if they'll add some more color selections..perhaps yellow or green?
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    My 2nd tank of gas yielded an impressive 23 mpg on 87 octane! This is a 2 mpg improvement in the same city/suburban driving even though I used the AC more, accelerated a little harder, and took the car up to 80 mph a few times. If it continues to average about the same, I will be very pleased. Almost 600 miles so far and still deeply in love with this car!
  • jocko9jocko9 Posts: 65
    Do you find the driver seat hard or uncomfortable? I sat in one the other day and the leather seat seemed kind of hard. Just wondering.
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    I find the driver's seat to be very comfortable. It has just the right compromise between compliance and firm support. I prefer a firm seat and the Tiburon leather seats are definitely on the firm side, but not as firm as Mercedes or Audi (which are a tad too hard).
  • broadbandbroadband Posts: 5
    "The sleeper hit of 2003 and an all-round favorite of the Kelley Blue Book editorial team is the Hyundai Tiburon. Its sports-car styling, comfort and performance made this car just plain fun to drive, and from 22 years old to 50 years old, we all looked cool driving it."
  • broadbandbroadband Posts: 5
    Hyundai Tuscani 1 2 3 4

    Hyundai Santa Fe 1 2
  • stshanestshane Posts: 15
    I just installed a K&N filter in my V6 Tib and the results are nice. A little more of a rushed sound through the blender-sounding exhaust, harder pulling during acceleration, slightly better gas mileage, and a bit more responsive throttle are all just $35 away. I was possibly thinking of adding a few more exhaust mods, but don't know yet. For anyone looking to spice up the intake without going for the full ($200+) CAI the drop in K&N is the best thing going. Plus, on some sites that I have been reading the CAI is unnecessary due to the 2.7L engine not needing more than the stock supply of air; I am not saying that I believe it, but I would rather not spend the extra money on an intake that might be more usefully spent on a complete (headers, high flow cat, and mufflers) engine back exhaust system.

    Own- 2003 Super Silver Tiburon GT-V6 5-speed, 17" rims (8000 miles)
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  • skuuterskuuter Posts: 144
    I have had a K&N drop in filter for 4 months now. Definite increase in throttle response and a nice growl when you stomp on it. I think (supposition only) a CAI will sound louder, but am not convinced it would increase power. The OEM intake, after you throw out the resonator box, draws air from the top of the wheel well. I don't see the benefit from a CAI that would be worth $200.

      Exhaust-wise, I'd like a bit more rumble, but am afraid I'll lose some back pressure with a catback, and lose torque as a result. I very happy to leave it as is, for now.
  • stshanestshane Posts: 15
    Hey skuuter, how much of a pain was it to remove the resonator box? How much of a sound difference did it make? Thanks for a reply..
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    My 03 Tib auto now has 850 miles. Mileage on my 3rd tank dropped from 23.5 to 19.5 mpg, but I expected this since my 00 Accent did the same thing. Hopefully my mileage won't hover around there too long. I have noticed a possible short-lived miss when first starting the car in the morning on a couple of occassions. Right after I started the car, the engine ran slightly rough and sounded like it was misfiring for a brief second and than smoothed out. I was just wondering if anyone else has encountered this? I'm not really concerned since it is so brief and the car runs great otherwise, but I hope it isn't indicating an underlying problem. I switched to 89 octane just in case the misfire was caused by poor quality gas. I will see if it still does it with the higher octane.

    I also must say I'm not too impressed with the structural rigidity of my Tib. It feels solid under most circumstances, but when it encounters very uneven ground, it causes popping noises from the sunroof and hatch. Granted, this is an extreme case where the body is being twisted because I'm going from a flat surface to a sudden uneven raised entrance to my driveway, but my 03 Aerio didn't seem to be bothered by it. I'm guessing the sunroof lowers the Tib's structural integrity or maybe the firm shocks put more strain on the body. It's not a big deal, just an observation.
  • skuuterskuuter Posts: 144
    Stshane - Getting the resonator out was a bit of a pain. Here's a copy of the instructions I used:
     -Turn the driver's front tire completely to the left (or remove the tire)
    - Unscrew the front half of the wheel well liner./ three plastic screws and a bolt/also two more plastic screws under front bumper corner.
    - Pull back liner so its hanging out of the way.
    - The resonator has three fasteners you need to remove, two 10mm and one 12mm nut. There is a metal bracket riveted to the resonator box. The bracket is attached to the upper fender well
    - To get to other side it is easiest to pull of the drivers side headlight, (also take off the little plastic cover on front of battery. You will find the 2nd 10mm nut there.
    -The 3rd fastener is a 12mm nut holding the end of the resonator tube to a bracket just in front of the battery.
    -There is also a wire clip you need to unclip off the front of the resonator holding the wiring for the fog lights.
    -With those three nuts off you can now pull out the resonator.
    -It separates from the pipe on top by just pulling, and then with a little twisting you just kinda pull it down and out.

    Putting in the K&N filter made more of a sound increase than just removing the resonator.

    Sometimes, I wonder if I'm just lucky and have an exceptional car, but I'm amazed at how many people complain about low mileage. I have a GT-V6 Shiftronic, with 32,500 miles on her now. I've replaced the tires already, as well. I consistently get 300-350 miles to a tank and that's just filling up when the light comes on. I generally only get 11.5 to 12.5 gallons on a fill-up. In effect, I have seen 30 MPG in this car, and I DON'T drive conservatively! I haul butt every chance I get. This car begs to be driven hard, and I push it! My last trip I averaged 70 mph on a lot of long strait-a-ways and twisty desert roads and got 28+! But, I've had zero mechanical problems (a noisy idler pulley, replaced under warranty, doesn't count), get exceptional gas mileage, and have no squeaks, rattles, or structural problems. Mine is one of the first builds (November 2001). Maybe they are making changes that are detrimental to the car, or just have poor QA these days!
  • carscoutcarscout Posts: 11
  • revkarevka Posts: 1,750
    Try using the "Search This Discussion" feature on the lower/right side to see what kind of problems have already been discussed here. Put the words "problem" or "problems" into the open search box. Good luck.

    Are you in the market for a Tiburon?

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  • stshanestshane Posts: 15
    skuuter, I already have the K&N installed.. is it worth the work to remove the resonator box? Or is that just more of a pain than it is worth?
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    My 03 Tib now has almost 1,200 miles and continues to be a blast to drive. No real problems to report. Mileage has varied from 19.5-23.5 is mostly city driving. I have noticed a stray headliner buzz a couple times but for the most part, my Tib remains rattle free. The quiet way this car goes about its business is quite impressive. This weekend I will take it on its first extended highway drive so I will report back on how well it handles long distances and what my mileage is.

    I will say the automatic is the weak spot in this car. It is quite crude and easily confused. Shifts are sometimes smooth and seamless and other times harsh and jerky. I have also experienced a slight "shift flare" (the rpms actually raise for a brief moment before upshifting) at the 2-3 upshift point, as if the computer doesn't know whether to engage third or stay in second. The tranny may need a computer flash, since there is a tsb regarding harsh shifting of the automatic. When I go in for my first oil change, I probably will have them look into it. Hyundai definitely needs to invest some development money into a better automatic though.
  • skuuterskuuter Posts: 144
      I think it may be a bit subjective, but I think the car is more responsive without the resonator, and definitely more throaty when you open it up. Whether it's worth the hassle depends on your own level of expectation. To my mind, it only makes sense to remove what is obviously a restrictive portion of the OEM intake setup.
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