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Hyundai Tiburon



  • 5port5port Posts: 395
    The only case that would make this a non-warranty issue is if your clutch had excessive wear. Since the problem is with the tranny it is clearly a warranty issue. Dont let them tell you otherwise. Stick to your guns and demand to talk to the regional rep.

      Some no-good dealers (Hyundai or otherwise) will try to prove that you abused the tranny and try to get out of replacing it. See regional rep.
  • Thanks for the reply. It turns out it is covered by the warranty. They are going to replace the clutch assembly, and upgrade to the '04 edition. I still think they stalled for 5 days to avoid giving me a loaner vehicle. At first they said I did not buy my car from their dealership, and/or they did not have any cars available. As soon as I was notified it was covered, they told me to come on in and pick out a loaner! Go figure! Stay tuned.

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    #1 of 1 Hyundai Tiburon clutch by costin Dec 08, 2004 (4:25 pm)

    Hi everyone,

    I have a 2004 Hyunday Tiburon with only 6,200 miles on the dash, purchased in July 2004. The cluth died on me and I am still fighting with Hyundai to get the clutch covered under waranty. They denied me, even though I was driving standard transmission cars for about 20 years. The dealer from Philadelphia (what a crook) does not want to admit that something is wrong with the car that a premature clutch wearing occured. He wants $1,100 for the job and calling Hyundai they will take dealer's word against yours. Such a bad reputation for a company that tries to build a reputation in the US. Anyone has any ideas of how to fight this issue?
  • I posted message 378 & 380.


    I think you have the same problem I had. Stand your ground! I am convinced there is a major defect/problem with most of the 2003 to 2005 Tiburons. The cluth assembly seems to be the problem. I over heard two sales persons talking while I was waiting for an oil change once. The conversation went something like this; "I don't know what's wrong with the Tiburon's transmission. But, we seem to be getting a lot of complaints." Friend I tell you this is an issue worth going to war over! Go all the way! If you want I can give you the info about my Tib. Maybe it can help. Standing by, to help you stick it to them!!!
  • srz948srz948 Posts: 68
    All of a sudden the display on the Infinity radio in my 2003 GT is not working properly. Sometimes it shows all 7's or all 8's. Anybody else have this problem.
  • 2000 Tiburon - headlights will not go bright, believe its dimmer switch, any way to test it without pulling steering column off?
  • shannoneshannone Posts: 1
    We are having the same problem. Our 2003 Tiburon's clutch and fly wheel just went out. There was no warning. Just one day, the clutch seem different, so we took it into the 1st dealer. They drove it and said it was the clutch. Told us it would be around $2000.00 to fix it. They told us, it was they way we drove the car. Funny, since we have had many standards and never had clutch problems before. One vehical (a Nissan) had 95000 miles on it when we traded it for the Tiburon, with no clutch problems. This dealership didn't even put the car up on the rack. We left and went to the dealer that we purchased the car from (over an hour away from our new house). They at least put the car up and looked at it. Yes the clutch and fly wheel were bad. Our Tiburon has ONLY 27000 miles on it. It was produced in 11/2002, and we purchased it new Mar 31, 2003. Basically, we got the dealer to call the Factory Rep and they are willing to cover 50% of the cost. Still not good enough for me, considering if you go to Hyundai forums on the net...there are hundreds of these same complaints. I have seen some post, where Hyundai has covered the cost, but mostly they have not. I am at the point, where I have filed a formal complaint with the Federal Trade Commission(FTC). They have a website, and you can get their number if you call your Attorney Generals Office. The FTC regulates all international companies. Once there is enough complaints for the same company with the same issues, they will file a formal investigation. I urge you to call or go to their website and file a formal complaint. This way, Hyundai might at least get investigated over this issue, and we as American consumers, will have some chance in the future of getting our vehicals fixed. Trust me, I have tried to call the Corporate office, but nothing has been done. After all, we are only consumers.
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    Both of you need to bring in a copy of the TSB showing that you know it exists and demand that they follow the procedure and replace the parts under warranty. A lot of people mentioned getting this fixed under warranty in another Tiburon forum, some with as many as 35k miles. It can be done. It just depends more on the dealer and the regional rep.
  • carrezmacarrezma Posts: 3
    My 2003 Tiburon GT clutch went out in Dec 2004. I was driving onto the freeway when without warning the shifter stopped working --- I couldnt shift into gear---my car was stalled on the freeway, traffic time----almost getting rear ended waiting for a tow truck..
    I had called the dealership and they told me the clutch isn't covered under warranty--It ran out at 12,000 miles (my car had 25,000 at the time). The dealership wanted to charge $1000 or more depending on what needed to be replaced, I didn't have the $1000 to fix it at the dealership.
    I ordered the factory Clutch, pressure plate, and throwout bearing and brought it to a mechanic for repairs. After replacing the clutch the mechanic recommended the Flywheel be replaced also, unfortunetly the cost of the flywheel was like $1200 --which I couldnt afford after paying for a new clutch and labor. In the warranty book it states that the flywheel is covered up to 50,000 miles if factory defect.
    I called Consumer Affairs at Hyundai Motor of America and explained my situation and made them aware that I did have my clutch replaced but the flywheel needed to be replaced per my mechanic...
    The case manager gave me claim # and told me to take my car to the dealership and the mechanic will diagnose the problem to determine if factory defect or caused by the driver and to have the recalls done at the same time.
    I dropped my car off at the dealership, the next day they called me telling me the flywheel was ordered and will be overnighted to them the next day and my car would be ready in a couple days.
    The Service Manager called me the following day to let me know that there is a problem and out of his control.... that the field Rep is not going to authorize the repairs and is voiding out my warranty due to my title, something that I didn't notice. My title stated
    "not actual miles" it should state "actual miles"---and if I get corrected to bring the car back and they will reinstate the warranty and fix my car. .
    The next day I went to the DMV and found out that the DMV Clerk had done made the same error on other titles. I had to make an appointment to bring my car back in for a
    VIN VERIFICATION to verify the mileage.----Which I did, the lady at the DMV faxed in the completed VIN VERIFICATION form and called Hyundai Corporation. stating my title has been corrected sent to Sacramento for processing and it would take a couple weeks.
    After driving for about a week it started making a loud screeching noise and it was difficult to shift -- when I came to a stop in order to shift into 1st gear I had to turn off the ignition, shift to 1st gear, start the ignition and proceed to drive--this also happened when I had to shift into reverse. But the most frustrating times was on the freeway when it was impossible to shift into gear and coasted to the side of the freeway without getting rear ended.
    Finally, after waiting 3 weeks for for Hyundai Corp. to get the DMV paperwork from Sacramento, the case manager called me at 7am to let me know my warranty is reinstated and gave me authorization to take my car in to the dealership for the repairs and recalls.

    When I brought my car into the dealership for the 2nd time, it was there for about a week before I called and the service manager told me my car will be ready in couple days, not knowing he hasn't even got to my car yet.
    The following day I received a call from the service manager, expecting to hear good news I got the opposite... he told me that the Rep was going to void out my warranty this time ----because my clutch wasn't repaired by a Hyundai Technician, this really upset me due to the fact I made him aware I had a new clutch put in and it wasn't by Hyundai, he didn't have a problem with it then. I had to drive the car for a whole month with the loud screeching and hard shifting, totally unsafe!
    My car is still at the dealership, There is a new service manager who is now telling me the wear is from the way the car is driven, he is telling me this before he even takes the car apart. He also told me that clutch is like brake pads, normal wear and tear!!!"
    Anyone who has driven a Tiburon knows that the car cannot be driven hard because of the DELAY VALUE in the slave cylinder, u couldnt light the tires up if u had to !!!

    TSB #04-04-005:
    M/T - Revised Clutch Components
    MARCH, 2004
    2003 TIBURON 2.7L
    New clutch components are available to improve clutch operation for 2003 MY Tiburon vehicles with 2.7L engines and manual transaxles produced through April 1, 2003. The new dual mass flywheel, clutch disc, clutch cover and release bearing are described in this bulletin.

    ^ Model: 2003 TIBURON vehicles with 2.7L engine and manual transaxles
    ^ Affected vehicle production date range: Produced through April 1, 2003


    1. Confirm that the vehicle was produced before April 1, 2003.
    2. Verify the condition reported by the customer as clutch-related.
    3. Replace the dual mass flywheel, clutch disc, clutch cover and clutch release bearing (with new parts numbers provided in the PARTS INFORMATION section of this bulletin) using the procedure outlined in the applicable Shop Manuals.
    4. Refer to TSB 03-40-011 and TSB 02-40-025 for additional service procedures for the pull type clutch system.

    I need your help---Hyundai needs to take responsibility and recall their defected clutch parts! Please respond, thank you!!!
  • carrezmacarrezma Posts: 3
    Sorry for the lengthy forum.. Kat
  • 5port5port Posts: 395
    As far as the DMV putting the wrong info on your title...I once had a car salesman put his mother in laws address as my address on the paperwork. My monthly bills were going to her house for three months.

    Your title fiasco only made things worse. You are not the only one with a V6 Tib defective flywheel. Its time for Hyundai to step up and have a voluntary recall for this. Early clutch failure is inexusable. Its way too easy to just blame the driver and say "you wore out the linings early." I find it interesting that your independent mechanic was able to flag the flywheel as defective.
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    I know you meant well by taking it to another mechanic since the dealer would be too expensive. However, you could have avoided all of your problems by simply taking it to the dealer in the first place. Yes, the warranty on the clutch does end at 12k, but since this is a known problem, you probably could have got it fixed under the TSB for free. I'm sorry to say, but your misstep was having it only partially fixed by a non Hyundai mechanic. No dealer will touch something under warranty that has been fixed elsewhere, especially when it's only been halfway fixed. For all they know, the other mechanic could have done a bad job, which led to the failure of the flywheel.

    I'll give you an example: Let's say you have your oil changed at Jiffy Lube and use a Hyundai filter. This filter happens to have a poor seal and ends up leaking out the oil enough to blow your engine. Unless you can prove the oil filter was bad to begin with, a Hyundai dealer will direct you to go to Jiffy Lube because as far as they are concerned, Jiffy Lube screwed up the oil change and ruined your engine. It would now be up to their warranty on their service rather then Hyundai's. You are encountering a similar issue. NEVER UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES should you have your car fixed by someone else when it is under factory warranty. I know you are angry about this and I don't blame you, but if you think about it, the dealer's stance does make sense. I got my fingers crossed for you and hope that you can get this resolved in your favor, but the other mechanic fixing the clutch is a big strike against you. I can bear witness to the fact Hyundai will replace clutches outside of the 12k mark. My dealer replaced the clutch on a former 2000 Accent at 23k after I complained about a noisy throwout release bearing. They heard the noise and ended up replacing the clutch for free even though I didn't ask them to. So it can be done and with minimal hassles as long as you let them fix it rather then another garage.
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Manson, WAPosts: 7,234
    have your maintenance work done by another shop, if you save your receipts. Hyundai and, in my case, Kia Motors will honor maintenace work done by another shop if you keep the recepit and follow the maintenace schedule. You have to get the maintenace work done when it's needed, though, and not wait.

    As far as repair work, I would go to the dealer. I had an exception a couple months ago. I was on the way to the Lake of the Ozarks and my Sportage just lost power and died. Turns out the alternator went out(the Sportage 4x4 had about 88,000 miles on it at that point). It was towed in and fixed by a small-town Missouri mechanic who does a large volume of work. The work was done well and the price was fair, including their own tow truck charge(actually I couldn't find the detailed charge for the tow on my bill). Point is, that sort of repair you can't plan for...if I could I would've taken it to my Kia dealer, which is Youngblood Kia, in Springfield, MO. Get your car fixed where they only work on your brand of car exclusively, if you can.

    2011 Kia Soul Sport 5-speed

  • carrezmacarrezma Posts: 3
    I appreciate it, now why can't the Hyundai Service Manager be so helpful like you guys are???

    I can kick myself in the butt for not just taking my car in when the clutch went out but it was undrivable, so i called the dealershiip and spoke to the manager, he basically told me I was S.O.L and didnt give me any advise and wish I knew then what I know now and had that TSB,I would have made sure he followed those proceduces! It just really pisses me off that he didnt even have the common courtesy to advise me that the parts were advised--I found on Ebay the original factory parts and thought I was getting a great deal when all I was buying was the same old "deformed" parts that were revised in that TSB....

    I am taking them to small claims court and see what happens--my car has been at the dealership for twice and still there since January.

    I have filed complaints with just about everyone along with a lot of other upset customers, I dont understand why nothing is being done....

    thanks again, guys, it is great having someone to listen and care.

  • I have a V6 6M and I just had a harrowing experience regarding my clutch/flywheel.

    It went out the first time at 2200 miles - which was ridiculous enough. I noticed some anomalies when driving it about 6 months later but the service folks couldn't find any problems with the clutch. Now, at nearly 15,000 miles a year later, it goes out again.

    Like some other posters the service rep said I needed to pay $1800 for a clutch/flywheel due to the way I drive the car, which is ridiculous. I asked to speak with a manager and evidently because I reported the problem at six months and that I came w/in 10 miles short of being 12,000 miles of the first clutch replacement the manager was able to get me the repair on warranty.

    While this is good, I had no idea (until now) that so many others have had this issue. It infuriates me more.

    I am considering my next car and won't buy a Hyundai again. Hello, Toyota and Honda. I'm coming back.
  • xg350guyxg350guy Posts: 28
    Is a convertible version of the Tibby on its way?

    Just interested to know if Hyundai is finally going to admit they have a looker and performer here, and that they will fully exploit the personality of this car by offering a drop top.

    Anyone care to respond, with their knowledge?
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Manson, WAPosts: 7,234
    of the Tibby is being jointly developed now by both Hyundai and Germany's Karmann. They have many years of convertible coachmaking under their belt. I would expect word on the convertible Tiburon any time now.

    2011 Kia Soul Sport 5-speed

  • guytonguyton Posts: 1
    I have owned my Tiburon since May of 03. I purchased it new, and I have really enjoyed the vehicle. It is a beautiful vehicle, and I still smile when people compliment me on its sleek lines. I have had 22,000 miles of good times in my Tiburon. Whether cruising Daytona’s beach front or commuting back and forth to the hospital, I am glad to be at the wheel.
    I feel that Hyundai's build quality is solid, and I am very satisfied with the vehicle’s safety. Last year I was involved in a motor vehicle collision, and I sustained no injuries. The Eclipse that was attempting to pull a U-turn into the liquor store in front of me was totaled, and the passenger sustained a badly fractured leg. My vehicle was back on the road in two weeks.
    As for performance, the handling is tight. I appreciate the good response the Tiburon provides in turns. However, I feel that the Tiburon could benefit from a few more horses. For a sports coupe, it is a little sluggish off the line. I am looking forward to installing some aftermarket upgrades once the vehicle hits 60,000 miles- cold air intake, supercharger, clutch, and exhaust.
    Many of the posts I have read mention issues with the factory clutch/flywheel. The clutch response was actually an issue for me since I first bought the vehicle. It just doesn’t FEEL like other manuals I have driven Now, I refuse to drive an automatic, just my control freak side rearing its ugly head I suppose. However, I had never driven a six speed before, so I figured that the unusual clutch feel of the Tiburon was normal for the transmission.
    I am fully expecting to replace the assembly with something more robust. However, after reading the TSB and other anecdotal posts regarding the Tiburon, I am concerned that current clutch/flywheel will not make it that long. That brings me to my question. Should I bring it in to the dealer and have the new assembly installed per the TSB I read posted on this forum, or just drive it and hope it doesn’t give out on a road trip? A third option would be upgrading to an aftermarket clutch/flywheel now, but I believe that would void the warranty on the engine. Something I am hesitant to do until the vehicle is paid off. Any suggestions are appreciated.

  • w2323w2323 Posts: 60
    Wow this is interesting, so if I get this right everyone that buys needs to buy an automatic. This refusal to cover a clutch at that age is inexcusable. Thanks for waking me up about the manual transmission. It's safer to buy a car with an automatic. That way the dealership has no leway. When you think 10/100k warrenty you don't think about the clutch going out prior.
  • fboylefboyle Posts: 1
    After reading all the problems with the clutch assembly in the Tiburon I felt compelled to add my story the list.
    My son and I purchased a 2003 Tiburon new in July of 2003.
    He is a soldier and in October of that year he was deploed to Iraq. The car sat until his return in March of 2004.
    In June 2004 his clutch went. Only 15000 miles on the car.
    He was deployed again in July and this past January I decided to have the car fixed so that he could drive it upon his return in March 2005.
    It went into Atlantic Hyundai for a diognostic where it was determined it was the clutch. Unfortunately, I accepted the dealers claim that the clutch wasn't covered under warranty. My son paid $1100 to reapir the car.
    I need to note that I had to go back to the dealership 4 times before the car was drivable. Believe it or not every time I went to Hyundai the dealer had broken something on the car. The speedometer, the window, the door, it was a nightmare.
    My son returned home on March 14 and drove the car from the 15 to the 19 and then an unbelivable thing happened.. the clutch blew apart, right through the transmission.. Hyundai is giving me a hard time with this... any suggestions?
  • Costin, The clutch on my '04 Tiburon was defective and was replaced at 7,500 miles. My dealer replaced it under warranty with no quesions asked....they even gave me a loaner. I would contact Hyundai directly. Don't take "no" for an answer.
  • Has anyone experienced leg discomfort from the position of the gas pedal? I know it sounds crazy but my right knee has been giving me problems ever since I bought this car. I've moved the seat into every postion I can think of. Having the seat all the was back seems to be best but it's a bit of stretch to reach the wheel.
    It seems like the pedals are sitting too far forward. I feel constant pressure on my knee. It clears up after driving the Accent for a few days. I love the car but hate the pain. She may be headed for the dealers lot if I can't fix this.
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    I had some initial right leg pain with my 03 Tiburon. I discovered it was being caused by the rather stiff right side thigh bolster pushin in on my leg. I think the bolster pushes on a nerve that sends the pain down to the knee area. I was able to alleviate the pain somewhat by adjusting the tilt of the seat downward in the front. It eventually went away after the seat bolster loosened up. Try tilting your seat down and push on the bolster towards the console to loosen it up. Good luck and let me know if the bolster is the source of your pain.

    By the way, I also compared the seat's comfort to a previous 2000 Accent which I thought had one of the most comfortable seats in the automotive world.
  • tracydtracyd Posts: 4
    I am in the process of buying a 2005 Tib GS, 5-speed, tidal wave blue. Can anyone tell me if they are still having the clutch/flywheel problems??? I am not about to buy this car if the clutch's are failing that quickly and then wont be covered under warranty if you go over 12000. That is ridiculous. My sale may be final in a day or two.....PLEASE, if you know the answer, let me know :)

  • beliverbeliver Posts: 155
    any of my fellow Hyundai geeks out there heard anything as to whether there will really be Tibby convertable and if so when?

    with the impending launch this summer of the Pontiac Solstice and the Saturn Sky a little later the folks @ Hyundai had better get in in gear. There will no doubt be a "spillover" of buyers that will not want to wait for these cars (and the required price gouging that will certainly take place ala the Miata & PT Cruiser.) and will look at the Hyundai offering which will probably have a price advantage as well as a leg up on quality and value.

    Tibby convertable ? I'll take one in red please LOL !

  • mikeyb72mikeyb72 Posts: 3
    As far as I know , 2004 did not have clutch issues like the 2003 models. I have a 2005 Tib GT and so far it has been great. I think it would be safe buy as long as you dont drive it like a crazy person. ;) Good luck with your purchase.
  • mikeyb72mikeyb72 Posts: 3
    As far as I know , 2004 did not have clutch issues like the 2003 models. I have a 2005 Tib GT and so far it has been great. I think it would be safe buy as long as you dont drive it like a crazy person. ;) Good luck with your purchase.
  • tracydtracyd Posts: 4
    Well, I bought the 05 tib last night and today when I went to move it at my work place, one of the dash lights came on. Not even a day is the light that looks like a motor. I read the book and it said something about an exhaust component problem. Now I get to take time off of work and take it in to get checked!!! How lucky.....

    I pray this isnt the beginning of a nightmare :(

    p.s. funny, when the finance guy was telling me of the warranty, he said that it DOESNT cover clutch. I thought that was kinda funny after reading these posts.
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    Don't freak out yet. I'm sure it's probably because whoever filled up the tank before delivering it didn't install the gas cap correctly. Take off the gas cap, and reinstall it, making sure it clicks at least 3 times. Then drive it around to run some errands. If this is the problem (95% of the time it is), after a certain number of starts, the light should clear on its own. Give this a try in order to avoid taking time off work and souring your new car experience.
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