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Chevy S10 - GMC S15 and Sonoma Care & Maintenance



  • Cranks, wont start...gets spark and puts once in a while.

    changed fuel filter, fuel pump, throttle position sensor, sending unit and fuel pump relay, checked release valve at engine (pump is pumping fuel) much pressure? I dont know, but it is enough to squirt out when i push in the nozzle valve.

    Is there a fuse for the injection assembly I can check before digging any further...also dont have alot of confidence in the sending unit (aftermarket)

  • I just bought a 2000 Chevy S-10 and it didnt come with an owner's manual does anyone know how to set the clock in it because its off and i want to fix it
  • Was doing routine spark plug change then engine would not start.Thought it was fuel filter it wasnt that.Then i changed the starter, it wants to turn over but wont fully engage.Give ay information what so ever if you can THANKS
  • I'm assuming your truck has the same radio as mine does. Press and hold the hour button [Hr] until it starts to move. Do the same for the minutes.
  • Two Questions, first question when i start my blazer i can hear it idle up and down like crazy, but when i drive it and get on it for about 15 seconds, the remaining drive is ok, it's just when i start it up. the second question is the little orange stick that displays when i am in Drive/Reverse/Overdive etc. is stuck in Park, but i can move the gear shift to the Drive position and it works just fine, but the orange lever shift is stuck, need help before i open everything up. mileage is 168,000, 1991 Chevy S-10 Blazer 4.3L, fuel injected.

  • My 97 Blazer suddenly the turn signals do not work, however the 4 way flashers do.....does anyone have a solution for this problem?? I'm having a difficult time even finding the flasher!! This is a HUGE pain!! Thanks for any help you can give. G
  • If its the one with cd player should be a hour and min. button in the bottom right hand corner
  • The fuel pressiure for the '93 4.3L CPI fuel injection unit is very important. These units require the higher end of the 62-64PSI to open the poppet valves. If you drop below 62PSI it probably won't start.

    Check that first.
  • For the PRNDL indicator, you have to remove the small panel under the steering wheel(2 screws) and you will look for a small cable with a clip on the end. This cable(usually made of nylon) could be broken, or it's become 'unclipped' from the housing.
    One end of it is connected to the PRNDL indicator in the dash. The other end of this cable just clips to the right side of the gear select housing drum which is on the steering shaft, just behind the wheel. The housing drum moves with the gear select lever and pulls the cable, which in turn moves the indicator on the dash.

    If you find it and it's not broken, just clip it back onto the right side of the housing, roughly in the 3 to 4 O'Clock position.

    You can adjust it by moving it's position on the housing until all your gears are indicated properly on the dash when you move the shift lever.
  • Check your map sensor! I had a simular problem when driving it would act like it was going to stall and never stall it ended up being my map sensor, you can have them plug in and the code should come up if its the map sensor! Hope that helps!
  • 2.2 is a great engine, with such a light truck it is a lot of power! You wouldnt have pulling power but as far as speed it is great! I have a 2.2 and it is pretty quick!
  • You can put some armour all on them to make them look a little better! There are different waxes that have color tints but I have never used them on mirrors or grilles, I do armour all my mirrors and door handles, even the bed liner when I am really ambitios and it looks great! You might try that as a temporary fix until you figure out something else!
  • I thought it was 100K that was the first time I had mine changed! Im not sure though! That seems pretty low mileage! But its always better to be safe than sorry! I would say its probably a little early I would suggest somewhere between 50-100 is more appropriate! You should call a different mechanic and not the dealership they always suggest unneeded maintenance!
  • My o2 sensor has been coming up on my check engine as long as I have owned my truck and when I went to get it replaced they said there was nothing wrong with it! lol whatever! But you are right it is not a maintenance thing unless you just want to do it! It either works or doesnt and my opinion is dont fix what isnt broken!
  • Sounds like a timing problem!
  • Dont know about your ac but it doesnt necessarily mean spark plugs my truck did this when the map sensor went out! You should have a code for it if its your map sensor!
  • prolly a bad ground somewhere!!
  • Hi,all.I have a 2001 s-10 blazer with an electrical problem.When I start the truck all the lights(head,tail,dash,dome,ect..) blink or flash.It isn't on-off but dims slightly and then gets bright again.It flashes fairly quick.It really isn't noticeable at idle.I am a truck mechanic and haven't ran into this problem on a big truck yet.I was leaning toward a ground or short but hitting a bump dosen't effect the problem.Could it be coming from the alternator?I have checked for past codes and found none.Any help is greatly appreciated.
  • webb3webb3 Posts: 5
    got a 95 s-10 blazer 4x4 with vortec v6.i ound the best way to change the stater was to remove the fly wheel cover.4 or 5 bolts the cover slides out and the starter has enough room to slide out.of course this took me an hour and half to figure out!!! chiltons says nothing about taking the fly wheel cover off.
  • Have a 97 blazer. Trying to change sparkplugs. Cannot get wrench onto #3 sparkplug, due to steering column in the way. Do I have to remove column and if so, how?
  • I have a ’93 S-10 Blazer which was hard starting. It would start sometimes after cranking by just flicking the key to the start position on and off very quickly. Now this trick has stopped working and it will not start at all. By the way, when it did start, it seemed to run OK except that a lot of carbon came out of the exhaust pipe. There is plenty of spark from the coil and at the plugs. After a lot of cranking, there is no smell of gas from flooding. I bought a fuel pressure gauge and connected it to the fitting at the inlet to the CMFI. Turning the key brings pressure up to about 55 psi. Doing it again will bring the pressure up to 60-62 psi. When the key is turned to start, pressure drops to about 40 psi and stays there while cranking (no start). After cranking is stopped, pressure goes back up to about 55 psi. Pressure holds for quite a while and sometimes overnight. Is it normal for the pressure to dip when cranking? How can I prime the engine to see if it will start?. I squirted a little ether into the intake (with the air cleaner hose disconnected) and got a backfire out the intake. If the poppets don’t open, how can gas (or ether) get to the cylinders? What diagnostic test can I do to isolate the problem to the CMFI or the fuel pump? Either replacement is nasty. :cry:
  • Alright, so I have a few weird issues. I bought the truck a little over a month ago, for only 700, so I am happy. At first I thought I had transmission issues, but I changed the 4wd switch on the dash, and that fixed that. Now, if I go 4wd on the fly, it makes a loud humm, but if I do it at standstill, it is fine. I am going to check transfer case fluid, hopefully that is it.
    My blinkers work, until I go to shift from park to drive. As soon as it moves through the reverse spot, the fuse blows. All my hazards work, as do the lights. Weird. I'm guessing a short somewhere, but any ideas?
    Next problem, my heat works sometimes. This just started two days ago. I can turn my car on, and the blower fan may go on, or not at all. If I turn off, then on, it may or may not work. Weird. Last problem for this post - my temp gauge does not work. ?? Digital dash, about 130k miles, 93 s10 blazer tahoe :) any suggestions.. Thanks
  • Can anyone help! My hood release cable under the dash has snapped. Is there a way to release the hood manually.
  • i purchased a 99 blazer yesterday. the girl i bought it from said it has trouble starting up in the cold. we started it up to drive home. it ran fine..when we got it would not start. we replaced the spark plugs, spark plug wires, o2 sensors. still no start. then we replaced the fuel started right up and ran fine. the fuel in the filter was gross. really dirty. we started it 5 or 6 times that night. still no problems. this morning it would not start. the battery cranks, but no spark. any suggestions?
  • I have a 94 that won't start; the fuse for the fuel pump & ECMB was fried, literally melted. I changed it, but the truck still won't start. It didn't blow the fuse again.
    Any ideas?
  • I have a 1990 S10 Blazer 4.3. Its had regular oil changes every 3000 miles. The oil cooler lines have already been replaced. It has about 112,000 mi on it. The motor makes no unusual noises and it runs great. it has lots of power. Out of nowhere it started burning oil. Currently it burns a quart every 100 miles or so. It doesn't smoke and has no other problems. what could cause this besides valves or rings? Thanks
  • Don't know if you still need help, but I'd suspect the oil pump has failed.
  • Have you found out what the problem was with the brake and abs light on? I have the same problem.
  • You might have to take the grill off to get at it. I had to do that to mine.
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