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Corvettes and all things about them



  • bhill2bhill2 Posts: 1,819
    To respond directly to your question "Would you say it is easy enough getting in and out of the C5 to use it as an everyday driver?", I am 56 yo, 6 foot 2, 210 lbs, and never was particularly athletic (OK, I was and am a klutz), and a C5 is my daily driver. I have no problem whatsoever. Part of it may be that I know that once I get in I'll get to drive it. In any case, entry and exit should not be a worry, and it is a truly great car to drive.

    2009 BMW 335i, 2003 Corvette cnv. (RIP 2001 Jaguar XK8 cnv and 1985 MB 380SE [the best of the lot])

  • m1miatam1miata Posts: 4,556
    Thanks for all your replies. Looks like the best Corvette to get would be a C5. It will be on the upper part or the list of cars I am considering. Due to not having a garage at this time, I may have to delay purchase of a Vette for a few years. Will have to weight in the possible damage of sun, dirt and rain parked in the driveway, to having such a great car now instead of latter. I guess another option is to buy something like a Pontiac / Camaro, or Mustang for now, then get a Vette later on.
  • kyadkyad Posts: 1
    Hi, I'm considering an 03 ZO6 with 10K miles on it. The dealer is asking 36,900. Is this a good deal.? Also what is the tire life on these cars driven normally, no frequent burnouts. I heard that they only last 10 to 12k and are very expensive to replace. Thanks very much.
  • starrow68starrow68 Posts: 1,142
    I have a C5 coupe, but I run Z06 wheels and tires sizes when I take the car to the track. The GY supercars are good for grip and performance and have a wear rating of 220. Compare that to the Michelin's I have on my stock wheels which are all season run flats and have a wear rating of 400. The GY's are not going to last as long driven the same way as the M's, simple info available on Tire Rack web site. I would guess, and it is a guess that you should get mid 20k miles on the GY's, and they are around $1,500 a set. I went through a set in about 4 months and 6 days on track, the tire store guys know me by first name and do give me a pretty good discount. I now run Kumho's on the Z06 wheels, several hundred cheaper and about the same performance as the GY's, there are alternatives.

    But, if you want a Z06, why worry about tire wear, it's a performance car. Just from talking to other's with Corvettes the Z06 is a fantastic track car, a great weekend driver and works as a daily driver. Several I know put the Z06 in the garage and drive they C5 coupe or vert when the want to go on a trip, it is not set up for touring ride. Even the Z51, performance suspension, in the C5 is a better ride than the Z06, until you get them on track. FWIW
  • ruking1ruking1 Posts: 18,561
    I have a 2001 Z06, I don't track it. I use it a lot for long and longer distance touring. While indeed it is a bit more performance oriented ie probably not as smooth for more comfortable touring, the Z06 seems to just eat up American roads. The longest I have gone at a sitting was 963 miles in 10 hrs of driving time. I had actually wanted to keep going, but I had arrived at my destination :( :)

    As Starrow 68 has said, the tires are more expensive, low of 700 to a more normal high of 1500. . Tire wear can range from a few track sessions to 60k . After the GY E F1 SC's I got a set of Toyo Proxes T1's. They are great for the trips that it "never" rains in the desert" times to Las Vegas and Las Vegas, NV to the Grand Canyon, AZ. :) I have driven the GY E F1 SC's many times in the rain and also in the snow. I would not recommend driving in snow if you can help it :) I am pushing 70,000 miles! I have almost loved EVERY one of those miles.
  • c5_4func5_4fun Posts: 59
    I have a 2001 and its been eating batteries? I generally drive it on nice weekends, and from one weekend to the next my battery will be dead. Seems as though if I leave it unlocked, the battery survives so I'm thinking it may be tied to the alarm....but wanted to see if anyone else knows of such an issue on these cars before I give it to the local mechanic at $100/hr to try to "duplicate problem".
  • starrow68starrow68 Posts: 1,142
    My OEM battery on a 2002 went dead at two years and I was trying to not use it as a daily driver, it was trying. I've read about battery issues with cars not driven regularly but no real data and I've had no issue since I started to drive the car daily. That doesn't prove a thing, I know. On the Corvette boards most swear by the Optima Yellow top or even the Red top if you want less chance of a leak into the electronics below the battery and better life. Most say the red is overkill.
    Good Luck,
  • ruking1ruking1 Posts: 18,561
    less than half of that for oem supplied equipment

    I think there is something to be said of the constant drain on Corvette batteries. Mine just gave up one day with almost NO warning at app the 4.25 year mark.
    While I do not use a trickle charger, it makes logical sense that automatic recharge when needed, tends to let the battery last longer, but there is not a lot of anecdotal data, let alone side by side ( more) scientific testing.

    On other cars, I am used to batteries going app 10 years before dying. So would a trickle charger use let this battery last longer? up to 2.35 x longer or 23.5 years? :) Good ones can cost from 45 dollars on up.

    So basically, I just replaced it with a 40 dollar, 3 year full replacement, 100 month prorate, Johnson Controls made battery. (Johnson Controls makes Optima batteries, among many others) So according to the warranty paperwork, if this new battery dies again (at the 4.25 year mark), I basically have to pony up a prorated 20 dollars for a new one. By that time this 2001 car will be 10 plus years old.
  • c5_4func5_4fun Posts: 59
    Randy and ruking, thanks for the response. I guess its time to try a different brand of battery.

    I have now gone through 4 mid-level "die hard" batteries over the past year none of which would take a charge when I returned them for replacements.
    I bought an "on-board" trickle charger that I used for a while, but I had two batteries go dead with that plugged in. I switched to disconnecting the battery after the weekend which works, but is an aggravation.
    With the original factory battery, I could leave the car sit 3 weeks and start it right up without a problem. Now it only takes a week and the battery is dead.
  • dustyonedustyone Posts: 262
    On my wife's 50th AE convertible, battery died at 23 months, 8500 miles. Dealer replaced it with a 6 year, professional Delco at no charge. They give the story that batteries are wear items and not covered under warranty. The assistant service manger told the shop to replace the battery anyway at no charge. Stated on the service ticket that the battery had a bad cell, even though the Tech told the service writer that nothing was wrong with it. It will be an Optima soon for my '04 Z06 Z16. It has 9000 miles and 18 month on it. Will replace it before it dies
  • starrow68starrow68 Posts: 1,142

    Pretty amazing, say $70k with what you need to run on the track without any of the extra weight that might just slow you down. Of course that's in Blue, extra cost option!
  • gbjerkegbjerke Posts: 158
    Agreed, a TON of content and I just hate drooling all over my keyboard with my absolute lust for this sled...and I will have one...just depends on how greedy (read instant gratification) I need here. Jump in early and pay list, or hang in there for the discounts/rebates.
    Of interest here is the fact that a number of dealers are selling at sticker..NOW!
    When the first Z hit in '01 it was sticker+. This one is a gonzo upgrade and to see the C6 version at sticker is a bit surprising. Suspect discounts will be early. GM is pricing real close to 911 territory and that is some serious competition from a resale standpoint as Vettes historically drop like a rock.
    I'd love to be driving one this fall...then again, next spring may not be all bad if I can save 5k+.
  • starrow68starrow68 Posts: 1,142
    I don't think the price is really the issue. I, at this point, don't know that I could handle this rocket. I put oversized rubber on my coupe and I have very little oversteer issue and although I pass most everything at HPDE's it is still something that a modest driver can control. This C6 Z06 is a race car for the street and I'm thinking many with money will take it out and wreck it very soon. Like the Carrera GT that lost it at Pomona a week ago I think this may just be too much for many who have the money but not the skill. Call me a kill joy but I'd want to be very careful in one of these and I'm not sure I'm all that disciplined. Think I'll watch for a bit and I'm guessing that there will be some garage queens that sit around mostly for a year and may be on the market, of course there will be lots of buyers.
  • jmessjmess Posts: 677
    I'm with starrow68, there are going to be some bent Z06s. The C5 and C6 are plenty fast and need to driven with respect/fear and good judgment. Add in more power with the C6 Z06 and you need to add in even more respect and judgment. The stability control system should help keep some folks on the road at rational speeds; as long as you don't find something that can't move out of the way.
  • gbjerkegbjerke Posts: 158
    Well, I'm not a street racer but do enjoy HPDE's. However. I am old enough to be fairly conservative. Would love 505 ponies for the straights and the idea of having 6 piston fronts and 4 piston rears sure will help in the slowing down bit.
    Old boys and toys----can't beat it.
  • starrow68starrow68 Posts: 1,142
    Guess I'm going to have to get just a bit older. The $65.8k base cost with needed options will get very close to $70k before tax and licence. When you compare that to a C6, Z51, and similar options you can get it for under $50k, say $48k currently and that $20k+ premium is a lot for lower lap times. The prior Z06 was about $7k for 55 ponies or 15%, vs. 105 ponies or 25%+. I don't even consider the street view as a factor, if I've got it I'm going to use it and don't much care what the outside view is. Interesting analysis, but my basic view is that some who can afford it will not take classes and hopefully do no more than put it in a wall learning on the job. Don't get me wrong, the price is a fantastic deal compared to similar performance rides, the base C6 is just a little better "deal" currently.
  • ClairesClaires Chicago areaPosts: 1,222
    Video: 2006 Corvette Z06
    When the 2006 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 hits this fall, General Motors says it will be the quickest and fastest production car it has ever produced.

    Follow-Up Test: 2005 Corvette Convertible
    2005 Corvette Convertible: Still blazing after all these years.


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  • starrow68starrow68 Posts: 1,142
    The muted praise for the C6 on the other hand is underwhelming. Of all the vert reviews that is the first I remember with complaints about the flex in the body. Since I don't have experience with 'better' shifters I guess I don't know what I'm missing. As cool as the no syncro shifting is in the formula mazda, upshifting doens't require a clutch after a day of practice, but I still think I'll take the Vette.

    VIR looks like a kick of a track, hope to some day get a try there.

  • lastc4lastc4 Posts: 12
    Starrow68 - Your 95 C4 comment caught my eye. Just bought a 96 C4 LT1. When you put it in reverse there is a huge (Loud) clunk coming from what appears to be the Driver side wheel.

    Kinda like in the early C4 years when you were missing a caliper clip. I pulled the wheel and inspected the clip and caliper. Rotor seems fine. No one, No one can seems to find the cause.

    New to GA so I don't have a good wrench. Have you seen or heard of this issue. Bought the car from American Sports Car here locally and they are stumped.
    All/Any Help welcome - LASTC4 :confuse:
  • starrow68starrow68 Posts: 1,142
    I don't know any cars that well, especially the C4 which I drove for a year and sold with nothing more than oil changes. However, try the Magazine Vette, I think the site is vetteweb, but not sure. They seem to answer lots of questions on older Vettes and have experts since those cars are now going the way of the hot rod in some cases. Good Luck,
  • lastc4lastc4 Posts: 12
    Thank You Sir, that was my plan also - to drive for a year and trade up. I can't believe I am the first to encounter this. Searched all recalls and bulletins. I will try Magazine Vette.

    I'll be back, maybe we can get a C4 Thread going. Last C4
  • bigmike5bigmike5 Posts: 960
    Geez-- I saw an ad for a Mecum Auction in the latest Corvette Enthusiast mag, and looked at them on the net. They had an auction coming up that must have had 75 of the greatest looking Vettes I have ever seen. Wish I had the money to bid on a few. Awesome older Vettes. Love the coves. :shades:
  • xkssxkss Posts: 722
    The race was great to watch on the Speed channel.

    The Corvette C6-Rs went 1-2 for the fourth time in the last five years.

    They beat one Ferrari 575 GTC, several Ferrari 550s, and two factory Aston Martin DBR9s.

  • starrow68starrow68 Posts: 1,142

    Got some typically dry British humor in the comments. Good read.
  • lastc4lastc4 Posts: 12
    L. - I own a 96 C4 and it is my 5th Vette the first in this generation. I wasn't ready for the 97 C5 being a Vette lifer.

    Read cover to cover "All Vette's are Red" several times, in an attempt to get similar guidance as you requested. All comments here are fair. There in No question, the technology of the C5 is wonderful and artfully applied.

    Be careful of low miles 97 - 99 models. To gain lower drag Cof. in prototype years the front end was lowered to tight specs. The development team did achieve their objective however the resultant drive train angles in some veh. has been problematic.

    Heck the C4 platform is a great start if you are new to this sports cars. Normal Maint. cost to be expected. I do get 19/24 MPG in a rocket ship so I am pretty well pleased. Water pump - 40K, Wheel Bearing, tires the only real issue I have.

    Good luck in your search - LAST C4
  • dl1003dl1003 Posts: 2
    Hi, was wondering what the best way to store my second roof panel for my 2004 Vette was? :confuse:

  • ndmike88ndmike88 Posts: 155
    Glass top or painted???
  • starrow68starrow68 Posts: 1,142
    Probably either/or, since if you have two you might want the clear when it's cooler and the painted when it's hot, at least that's what the wife is doing. We just stand the off top in the closet with a beach towel over it. No issues for the past year.
  • jmessjmess Posts: 677
    I bought one of the GM top bags so I can hang it up on some hooks in my garage. So far I haven't got around to installing the hooks. The wife made me move the top out of the living room. So I found the next best place to be our bedroom :-)
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