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2013 and earlier-Acura MDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • cp0861cp0861 Posts: 2
    Try Price Acura in Dover, DE. Ask for Roger Hinkle. They are a "no haggle" dealership and offered $2600 off msrp. From my research, I doubt you'll find a better deal, and if you do, it won't be by more than maybe a couple hundred bucks.....and in this area (MD/DE/PA) I really don't think you'll beat that deal. Good luck.
  • mrmonty1mrmonty1 Posts: 6
    edited August 2013
    Courtesy Acura (Littleton, CO) might be negotiated down by $1500 for the base model. I haven't pulled the trigger yet though.
  • pete2815pete2815 Posts: 20
    I have bought 3 MDXs from same dealer/salesman. Currently driving an '07 with Tech/Sport pkg. Dealer offered me a low trade value and weren't discussing anything beyond sticker. Rumor has it that Acura will be flooding the dealerships this Fall. I plan to wait until their lots are full and the early buyers have bought. May go shopping the week after Christmas and see if there is a better offer or wait until 2015 models arrive.
    Please keep posting here as this forum saved me a lot of $ in 2006.
  • bought three from them and they still look to burn you. You're right, wait till they are crying again in a couple months.
  • As I recall it was 60,500 list with TT+L and I was out the door at with a 4k trade in( very fair) at 55k.
  • In Los Angeles area-

    Last night I bought a 2014 MDX 2WD Tech 1 Package, Diamond White Pearl/Eucalyptus

    $1,900+ off MSRP Where: Acura 1000 Oaks. I got my deal working with Sam. He is the internet sale department manager and has worked at Acura for 16 years. If he is not there, day off or something…..wait. I don’t think that I would have gotten as good a deal from the other salesmen there.

    Never had any dealing with this dealership before, but they are part of a large dealer group in the area. I made the deal on the phone and the paperwork at the dealership was smooth and straight-forward. They even let me put part of the purchase on my Airline Miles credit card. How great is that. Sam hooked up our phones and went over the the NAV and Audio system. We would have been there all night, but the security guard kicked us out so he could lock the gate

    This is my 2nd Acura. First on was new 1987 Legend. When I bought it in '86, no one had even heard of Acura. I kept that one for 17 years- 245k miles. The Legend was an amazing car for it day and this 2014 MDX look like it will be just a great.

    I had no idea what the new IDS system was about when I first test drove the vehicle. There is no way a 15 minute test drive on city streets/Freeway will demonstrate how great this works, I live in the hills, several miles up a windy road. Switching the IDS to "sport" changes the whole steering, throttle and handling characteristics and makes the MDX preform remarkable well for it size in the curves and hills. Switching back to the "comfort” setting on the freeway makes it ride like old Lincoln, soft and mushy; but that is a good thing for long road trips.

    I would write more, but I want to go out and play with my new "toy"

    Thanks to all who posted to this and similar threads here on Edmunds. I got a lot of help and I hope this pays it forward.

  • dwm4dwm4 Posts: 2
    I ordered a blk/parch adv/ent in June that was supposed to be in any day. Still don't have it, production keeps getting pushed back. Feeling very frustrated. Anyone having a similar problem and know the deal?
  • pete2815pete2815 Posts: 20
    Your dealer should be able to provide you with the assembly date and approximate delivery date (which may be a week late). My dealer is receiving the cars that were ordered in June or July. MDXs seem to arriving here weekly. Salesman that I talked with yesterday in Lexington KY has a delivery date for 1st week in October for his personal MDX; he didn't say when he had ordered it.
  • Not only that, they should supply you with the VIN number of your ordered vehicle. Chances are they have had buyers paying more than you and they have had your ordered car and sold it figuring they have you on the hook.

    Speak up and don't be a wuss
  • beach15beach15 Posts: 1,305
    Not remotely true. Advance/Entertainment orders have been in very small supply since the intro of the 2014 MDX. I have a client who placed a deposit the day before the 2014 went on sale for a certain AWD Adv/Ent, and at that time the first on order cars anywhere that I could access not already sold, had end of July build dates. The original 7/27 has come and gone, and the build dates have changed repeatedly moving back day by day now to 8/16.

    We have no control over this, however Acura is trying to balance model production and colors and when the build dates get pushed, the most we know is the latest projected build date and order #. Vin # is not assigned until it is actually produced and headed for shipment, usually a few days later.

    If you've been waiting for your Advance, give it patience. Everyone is waiting and as a rare configuration always produced in low numbers, it will take time but be worth the wait. If one location can get the car or the order, stay with it as no one else will be able to get it any sooner, watching production time to come. Most all 2014 MDX Tech/Ent and Adv/Ent models in existence on order or in transit for the next few months are still all sold orders. Worth the wait for a reason.
  • sebring95sebring95 Posts: 3,241
    edited August 2013
    Surprisingly, my dealer has three Advance/Ent but none with just Advance. That's out of 45+ sitting on the lot so they're definitely a small portion.

    They had five '13 models remaining which is what I stopped to talk about. Deals on them aren't as strong as I expected and he thought they would be gone this weekend. I had a chance to trade up from my '12 to a '13 for around ~$5k difference but I just decided it wasn't worth it. Mine has been flawless for almost a year and 23k miles so I'll just stick with it.
  • I believe the Advanced and Ent are now one package. I want an Advanced, I have no need for the ENT nonsense.
  • sebring95sebring95 Posts: 3,241
    You are that explains it! I agree on the entertainment...seems to be a totally outdated feature and it sucks being forced to buy something that expensive. In fact we had an '11 Sienna Ltd before the MDX that had the entertainment package (pretty much forced into buying it) and when we sold it the headphones were still in the bubblewrap. Kids don't have any interest in watching a "DVD" since they all have their own personal devices with netflix, etc.
  • I spoke with my dealership this morning about getting a 2013 MDX with Technology package only. I'm in NJ and was told they're all sold out. Checked on the internet sites for various dealerships and it seems true. Guess I missed the boat on the model year closeout.

    Of course, the dealership wants me to come in and drive the 2014 MDX. My lease is up in February 2014 and they're offering to get me out of my lease early. My gut tells me I'll get a better deal later in the year when the hoopla of the new design dies down.

    Any thoughts on is it worth it to spend extra $$ on the AWD w/ Tech package as opposed to the FWD w/Tech package???
    What can I reasonably expect to pay for the AWD w/Tech? It seems like right now they're selling very close to MSRP.
    Thanks for any help you can provide.
  • sebring95sebring95 Posts: 3,241
    I would certainly think the deals will be better later in the year. I wouldn't be surprised if the resale on the later models rebounds a bit once all the '13 models are cleared out. I would start looking a few months before you lease is up. Surely you'll be further ahead on a '14 vs today. AWD vs FWD is far too personal of a feature to provide input. It all depends on what you need.
  • beach15beach15 Posts: 1,305
    Advance with Entertainment is your only choice now, if you must have Advance.

    Of the small number of Advance models sold before, Acura plans that small number to continue and the top tier model should be top tier with Entertainment as well, so it does have it.
  • beach15beach15 Posts: 1,305
    This is a give and take. The residuals right now on 2014's are incredible, in the mid 60%'s. Any few hundred dollars more off you get later will mean nothing compared to the trade value you can get now, combined with the residuals making your lease cost truly standout.

    Either now or then, I go with the highest residual and least depreciated trade/lease turn in right now, and make the move.

    FWD vs. SH-AWD, many of my clients have had AWD and never seen a used, and we're moving more and more to FWD models.
  • Beach15...are you saying that the residual value can change in a few months?

    Also...what is the deal with a "trade value" on a lease? Can dealerships apply money for a trade in on a leased car? I will be returning a 2011 TL FWD w/tech package with ~21,000 miles on it. The car is pristine do you think a dealership can give me a trade in allowance? (that may be a really stupid question...but I'm asking).

    Good point on the FWD vs. SH-AWD...I may be paying for something I don't use. We live in NJ....where we've had awful winters and winters with no snow at all...something to think about.

    All information is appreciated.
  • sebring95sebring95 Posts: 3,241
    In case beach doesn't come back soon....yes you can allow for equity on a lease. Basically they'll find out what the current buy-out amount is and then if that number is less than what they're willing to give you have equity in the deal. They'll buy-out the lease (same as paying off a note) and then own the trade.

    You can also call Acura and find out the current lease buy-out and then compare that to current trade-in values. It would be valuable to know that before attempting a trade so you can let the dealer give you their trade number BEFORE they know your buy-out. Many will try to just give you the buy-out since many will be happy to just walk away from a lease with no equity.

    As for residuals, they can change at any time. Whatever the leasing company decides to use basically. They could come down later but it's also likely the selling price will come down as well. Beach has a point know what the deal is today and if that's acceptable perhaps you pull the trigger. There's no way to know for sure what will happen down the road.
  • beach15beach15 Posts: 1,305
    The residual will absolutely change.

    As a vehicle goes through its model year, it is 1 month older at a time, and as you can imagine, a 2014 model starting today has absolutely the highest residual value of its model year at the beginning. As time goes on, the manufacturer has to continue dropping the percentage to balance that end value when the time comes, in conjunction with other factors.

    A deal today on an all new 2014 MDX with the best residuals and still great pricing, on top of your car/trade/lease trade being worth the most it ever will be (remember vehicles do not appreciate in value) is the best scenario. If it doesn't work for you now, it won't necessarily be any different or better later on, as a lower MDX cost will be met with an even lower lease trade value.

    See if you can button it up now, make a deal that works for you, and enjoy the MDX. Even in PA, we have more and more clientale moving to FWD for lack of use of past AWD vehicles. Ground clearance is key. If it's worth the extra cost, get AWD. If not, save the money. Nice to now have the choice on the MDX.
  • pzzdogpzzdog Posts: 15
    edited August 2013
    i went to acura sunday tested drive ,they offer awd with tech MSRP$49460 + free Protection Package
  • vikkuuvikkuu Posts: 9
    I got a offer of 42200 for 2014 MDX AWD base version (including destination)...I think it is very close to invoice price. Pls suggest.

    Should I buy base or technology package.
  • dlin928dlin928 Posts: 12
    I would go with tech package.

    I am in LA and looking for a AWD tech, but can not find deal near invoice.
    Can you please share your location?
  • mu8318mu8318 Posts: 20
    Can please share your location?
  • acurabmwacurabmw Posts: 11
    I got $1,200 over invoice on AWD Tech from Josh at Acura 101 West.
  • Thank you all so much for this information...looks like I've got about $1898.00 equity in my lease with $1795.00 in payments to go, so the trade in allowance is probably a wash.

    I'm doing a test drive on Friday...will go from there. (I think I'm gonna need a lot of "stars to align" in order to get what I want.)

    Does anyone know if there are any "factory to dealer incentives" on the MDX at present?
  • See my post 12992 above for answer.
  • dlin928dlin928 Posts: 12
    Thanks for the info, I will check with Josh at 101 West.
    Did they add any ad fee?
  • acurabmwacurabmw Posts: 11
    edited August 2013
    No ad fee at Acura 101 West but Doc fee was $80. I think all the other dealers quoted $40 Doc fee. BTW - $1,200 over invoice was a price match to what I got quoted at Center Acura by sales manager. Can't remember his name but the sales person was Daniel.
  • sum13sum13 Posts: 1
    Does anybody know where I can get a reasonable deal in Chicago area? I'm looking for AWD + Tech package. Best quote I got is $500 under MSRP. Thanks in advance.
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