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2013 and earlier-Acura MDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Best pricing I'm getting for a base model in DFW area is $41-ish. About $2000 off the MSRP. In the OKC area the lowest quote we've gotten was $40,300 on a base model.
  • thanks, seems i forgot about the state registration. I was thinking on the smaller items such as if you bought a lcd tv out of state and could save the state sales tax on a 2500 dollar item......thanks guys/gals
  • sascsasc Posts: 14
    just had a dealer in ri give us a complete brush off, not even a civil reply, when we got an email from him telling us he had some due to arrive soon, we have one on order with a great boston area dealer, but asked him if he could do better than 44,030-we got back a 3 worded reply!!! no nice salesmen like reply or sorry we can't -so am wondering if this is a fluke, or is it just business as usual with inskip acura??? really 3 words-better buy in boston.......
  • Pretty much set on getting a 2010 Acura MDX w/Advance Package

    How would you suggest soliciting the best prices from dealers? Is it wise to pit dealers against each other? I have 5 in IL that pretty much are the same distance from me.
    Anyone know what the CostCo price is w/Advance Package?

    Of course I plan to negotiate price first before even talking about my trade in or financing. Pretty much plan to walk in with preapproved financing most likely directly thru Acura & dont expect a problem. I have just had some bad experiences with dealerships pulling my credit reports in the past & plan to secure my own.

    I do have some time on my side but looking to this in the next month or two...
    MSRP $51,855 Invoice $47,504
    What Others are paying $49,149
    +$810 destination charge +TTL
  • coffeerequired: I would definitely pit dealer against dealer if you far that is how we've gotten our best prices. One of the dealers we've been talking to asked if I could actually forward him the email from another dealer, and within ten minutes of getting the email he had beat that offer. It may seem slimy, but I'm afraid with car buying it's the name of the game. I don't really feel any loyalty to these people, I just want the best possible price! I think it is smart to deal over email alot in the beginning-documentation is a good thing.
  • I have been checking the price of 2010 MDX tech+ent for last 2-3 weeks. One dealer was offering it at $43,650 (including $810 destination charges) but now asking $45,650 in San Francisco area. I spoke to him and offered him my last price at $44,000. I haven't heard from him yet. Meanwhile another dealer is offering it at $44,800. Has anyone bought this make/model with same trim in last couple of days and what price? Any suggestions would be really appreciated.
  • Which dealer gave you $43,650 for tech/ent? Sounds more like a mis- quote.
  • Did anyone hear from dealers saying that the invoice for a new mdx+tech now is 43268 not 42919 (seen on Edmund) anymore?
  • for $41,100 from broker, including destination charge. Hope that helps.
    Went to dealer and they would not budge from 42,000. Gave a call to broker and got 41,100 after he searched around. APR 2.99 from Honda finance.
  • dvricedvrice Posts: 73
    I have two questions that Iwould like feedback on:

    1) Has anyone dealt with or know the reputation of Acura of Manhattan? They seem to have ridiculously low prices on MDXs in their pre-auction inventory. If something seems to good to be true is normally is.

    2) I have done a lot of research on purchasing a used MDX. I have found a deal from a private owner for a 2008 MDX with the Tech package and it has 21k miles. The vehicle is a one-owner with no accidents in excellent condition. The bottom line price I have negotiated is $31k. I believe this is a very good price and I plan to purchase the vehicle. I would really appreciate feedback on how good this price is for this vehicle.
  • Hi Folks
    I just got a mail from RADLEY that there is a $2000 incentive till Feb month end.
    Hope that solves the mystery. ;) Now I will look around to buy in next few weeks.
    I am looking for MDX Tech, My local dealer sent quote for $43568 for the same.
  • I have a private owner offer me a 2009 MDX SPORT ENT with 11000 miles for 40800. Not sure If it is a good deal, espcially now with the transmission changes etc for 2010 & the 2.9 APR from Acura for new cars(2k incentive just announced).
    Guys, Please let me know your thoughts, I am still un-decided :confuse:
  • Redwood city dealer.
  • Update: just haggled him a bit more, he threw in cargo net and floor mat.

    so $41,100 + including floor mat, cargo net, dest charge + $55 doc fee + $610 dmv fees + Tax of 9.75 percent for Los Angeles area. 2.9 financing from Acura.

    Hope this helps others. You can probably do a little better.
  • jayg6jayg6 Posts: 14
    I don't see the $2000 incentive on as yet. I got a $44000 quote from a Bay Area(San Francisco) dealer a couple of weeks ago. Was the quote of $43568 you received for the MDX Tech after a $2000 discount?
  • jayg6jayg6 Posts: 14
    Just wanted to clarify that the $44000 quote was for a MDX Tech. If SHAURYAVIR received a $43650 offer for a tech+ent, then am I correct in assuming that the MDX tech would for for around $42000?
  • MY local dealer in Jacksonville quoted 43568 for MDX TECH.
    He hasnt told me anything about 2000 incentive(I think they like to keep it hush hush until we know). I heard about 2k Incentive from RADLEY ACURA.
  • Just put down a deposit on a 2010 MDX base model in Tulsa for 40,000 even. This includes wheel locks and mats. This does not include TT+L but our understanding is that in the state of OK, you do not pay this through the dealer like in TX. (Obviously I'm aware that we still pay it, just through the DMV.) After much research and some negotiating we feel like we are getting a good deal! I am so excited to pick it up this weekend. Only negative-I'm a Texan and I'll be stuck with Okie plates for a while. :)
  • got another offer for base in So. CAL for base model.

    40500, includes dest charge. getting better every hour it seems lol.

    i think i'll give a little more room and ask if incentives are coming in feb.
  • Last week, I traded in my 2008 MDX base (only 9,000 miles) for $32.5K at Tarrytown Honda in Westchester County. I think you're getting a good price for your MDX w/ Tech package. I have some accessories from that car if you're interested (all weather mats, cargo tray, cargo cover and NIB roof rails on Craigslist).
  • I'm looking at a privately owned, very clean 2005 MDX. I can tell it's been well taken care of and the seller is the second owner (bought it off lease) purchased the extended warranty--81K or 4/12. Only thing is the asking price is high--$22150. I'm very interested in the car, and I don't want to low ball the seller, but Edmunds TMV is 20,335. Granted, I would not have to pay sales tax, etc, so I'm saving over dealer price...what do you think? Thanks!
  • How many miles does the 2005 MDX have? Acura tends to be a great car. I have a acura tsx 2004 it has 110000 miles on it and it still drives like when I purchased noises or rattles like I hear in other brand of car that are newer then my car.
    In your position you need to know mileage....was this mileage highway mileage or stop and go on local street mileage. reason being the stop and go mileage comes with more wear and tear on a vehicle then highway mileage.
    look on ebay and see what other poeple are selling their 2005 mdx for on there and you can get an some information on the price you are about to pay for the mdx 2005.
    Hope this has help has helped me in the past.
  • Thanks. The MDX has 52,200 miles. I looked at CPO MDX with slightly higher miles for $22,987 at a dealership, but would prefer to buy from a private seller.
  • Anyone have anymore information on the 2010 MDX Cash Back or is it just misinformation? Getting ready to purchase.
  • fumdxfumdx Posts: 7
    That's just misinformation. I purchased the car in jan 2010. There are
    financing options which start: 01/15/2010 End: 03/01/2010
    1.9% APR Term: 24 months
    1.9% APR Term: 36 months
    2.9% APR Term: 60 months
    Hope this helps.
  • dvricedvrice Posts: 73
    I'm interested in the accessories. E-mail me at

  • Caprice, Looking in NW FL & may need to journey over to Jacksonville. What is the dealership name? I know there is one in J-ville and one in Orange Park. Any info much appreciated!
  • fumdx,

    What kind of discount did you get from ur 2010 MDX? I am also looking for a 2010 MDX Tech/entertainment package. Wonder if I can get $4k off the MSRP.

  • ACURA OF ORANGE PARK gave quote of 43568 for MDX TECH
    You probably can haggle some more
  • fumdxfumdx Posts: 7
    I got the x with the tech package. I personally think the entertainment system is useless. If you're planning to get it you might as well just get the advance package. I paid 800 over invoice and got all weather mats.
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