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2013 and earlier-Honda Pilot Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • kru15kru15 Posts: 3
    It seems a good price! if its OTD all inclusive, make sure if you can get side step rail at a decent price from the same dealer, if u have a family then this is a must have!
  • njpaindocnjpaindoc Posts: 5
    edited January 2013
    They will write off the old loan, I start anew, my payments are about $125/ less than what I am presently paying , I drive extensively, about 20k miles / year and hence and not keen on lease options, The way I look at this I am paying 575x60 = 34500 for a 2012 model with zero miles on the clock, I pay $0 down, only payments are $575 for 5 yrs. I am hoping to keep this car for longer, the whole process of contemplating a trade in began when a dealership called me inquiring if I was interested in doing so and hence kindled my interest. Appreciate the feedback. NJPAINDOC
  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 11,586
    Gotcha. We seem to be in the same boat. We also do about 20K per year driving. My wife's 2011 EXL w/ Navigation (purchased in May 2011) currently has just over 30K miles on the odometer (our principle balance is now $26,436.33). I think you did well with the leftover 2012 for $575/ month. We're paying $678.66 per month (2.9 financing). I'm thinking of refinancing this May.

    2001 Prelude Type SH, 2015 Infiniti Q40 AWD, 2017 Honda Pilot Touring AWD

  • novo4novo4 Posts: 3
    Ok we got a 2013 Pilot EX-L for $32,725 otd with all taxes and fees. Let me know what you guys think...
  • joesoljoesol Posts: 6
    looks like a solid price. What dealer?
  • joesoljoesol Posts: 6
    looks like a solid price. What dealer?
  • novo4novo4 Posts: 3
    largo Honda in florida city. Best Deal by a lot from 5 different dealers.
  • I got pricing from the closest 4 dealers and the lowest quote for the 2013 PILOT 2WD EX-L is $31,7xx before TTL. This is Southern California (Anaheim area) sales tax is 7.75% and unknown title/license fees as of right now. I also contacted one of the dealers to price additional options such as the roof rack, side steps, door guards, all-season floor mats which will be on top of this price. I believe there is room to negotiate down the total price considering some previous posters are getting the same model without these options for ~$29,xxx. My plan would be to use the lowest quote to get the dealers to beat each bid successively, or if I hit a 'floor' price that still seems high, I plan to look in a further are for other dealers and try another round of quotes. I would be ok with an OTD price around $31k with all those options I listed, but how likely would that occur?
  • azjigsazjigs Posts: 6
    It's hard to compare OTD prices with other posts (due to geographical area & sales tax involved) so, I'm trying to get to what others have paid in base price?

    The invoice price I want to offer to the dealers is $31700 (including destination fee of $830) + tax (8.8% - $2800 to 9.3% - $2950), title & registration ($600) & doc fee ($400). With everything added comes out to approximately $35500.

    Every dealer I talk to in Phoenix, AZ is laughing at this price and closest price I have gotten is still $1,000 more than what I'm willing to pay for this model.

    Has anyone recently purchased this vehicle in AZ and at what price?

    Should I stick to the price I want or do I need to increase by $500 or so?

  • Looking to buy 2013 Honda Pilot 4WD Touring with accessories: Side Step - Chrome and All Season Mats. The quote I got from a local dealer is OTD price: $38570+$3330(tax) =$41900

    Is it a reasonable price? or shall I continue shopping around? Thank you very much for your opinion
  • Might be reasonable for what the dealers want, but that price is very close to the base price for an Acura MDX. With the incentives they will be offering on the MDX (because the all-new 2014 MDX was just announced), the prices might be almost the same.
  • You can do better. Antrim Way Honda in Greencastle, PA sold a 4WD EX-L for $31,700. (Price was reported at:

    I would try to get the dealer into that ballpark or start talking to some other dealers.
  • azjigsazjigs Posts: 6

    Any luck getting to price you want?

    I'm in the Phoenix, AZ area and the best offer I have gotten so far for 2013 Pilot 2WD Ex-L is $32,000 + TTL. This price does not include anything extra such as door guards, tint, roof rack, side steps.
  • jocastajocasta Posts: 9
    edited January 2013
    They (the fleet dealer reps) keep calling me (I dont pick up because I would rather have everything in an email) and also emailing me to ask if I am still interested. My strategy was to wait closer to the middle-end of the month to see if they get the 'end of month' desperation to make a sale. But these are the fleet sales so they say they get paid on quantity of sales rather than markup per vehicle like a normal salesman. Still I would like to get as close to the best deal I can.

    My $31,7xx 2013 Pilot EX-L 2WD price was the base price (options were quoted much higher, probably because they were inflating prices and installation charges, than the sales prices). I may be going in this weekend to test drive and try to negotiate at the closest Dealership A. I have no qualms with walking out if they are not willing to deal as I am in no immediate rush to buy today. Also by having email quotes I can use Dealership A to outbid Dealership B, then use Dealership C to beat them all, then go back to Dealership A for 'match or beat' negotiation since it is the closest dealership to my house. That was my strategy for my 2005 Honda Accord and it worked out fairly well. My only question was how some posters were getting quotes on the 2013 Pilot EX 4WD base price around $29,xxx. Again, I am in no serious rush, but if the price is right I can buy now. Also I was planning to pay cash instead of keeping the money earning 0.1% interest in the bank.
  • Where are you getting this price? I am getting a higher quote for the 2013 EX-L 2WD. I guess I should look at the invoice price of the 4WD EX first, I was focused only on the EX-L 2WD so my judgement is off.
  • azjigsazjigs Posts: 6
    I'm in the same boat as you. Not in the hurry to buy but, if deal is right I will buy right now.

    I saw somewhere that Honda Pilot 2014 was going to get make over and the exterior was going to be redesigned. Have you seen anything in this regards?

    If this was the case I was thinking about waiting until summer to see what the 2014 looked like and if I didn't like the looks then stick with 2013 model and get better pricing.
  • fatofato Posts: 3
    I've just joined and would like to consult with you guys regarding the choice of a car.
    Now I'm thinking of buying a new Honda Pilot (Denver location).
    How much does it cost? and where can I buy this vehicle?
    want to find the CHEAPEST and the most RELIABLE place to buy it in US...
  • a1000monkeysa1000monkeys Posts: 3
    edited January 2013
    Price I got was 33,909.17 including chrome step-ups, roof rails and cross bars, which I believe was quoted at $1,270 (the options were about $200 cheaper than quotes I received from 3 other dealers), so base price of around $32,639. A bit more than I wanted to pay but they gave me $500 trade in for my junk car. I think I might have been able to do $800 better if I shopped around more but in the end they got me the color I wanted from another dealer so I took the deal and made the newbie salesman's day (his first sale on his first day). Also got 0.9% financing for 60 months.

    This was in NorCal Bay Area.
  • azjigsazjigs Posts: 6
    Did you mean 2WD - Ex-L at price of $33,909? or was that for 4WD?
  • azjigsazjigs Posts: 6
    I would recommend signing a subscription with Consumer Reports. Org for about $33/year that includes Car Best Deals Plus and get the invoice price with all available vehicles. You maybe able to find all of the information thru other websites but, just makes it easier at CR.
  • a1000monkeysa1000monkeys Posts: 3
    edited January 2013
    Yes, 4WD EX-L. $33,909 includes chrome step-ups, roof rails and cross bars. They did require my trade-in for this price. They gave me $500 for it and I assume they expect to get $1,000 for it at auction. Price did not include TTL. OTD it was $36,750 after my trade-in (sales tax was nearly $2.9K).
  • Can you clarify? When you say OTD was "after" your trade-in, does that mean you are subtracting $500 to arrive at $36,750?
  • lisa951lisa951 Posts: 2
    edited January 2013
    We are in the market for a 2013 Honda Pilot. We were quoted today for 37,125 for a Honda Pilot Touring 4WD. Adding TTL it will be $41,023. We are in Southern California, Riverside County. Does this sound like a good deal?
  • Yes. 37,250 less $500 trade in = $36,750 OTD
  • Have you gotten quotes from all the local dealers? Where did the low end put you on the edmunds 'what others paid' ? I am in the OC so we are in the same area and tax rate, but I was looking more at the 2WD and getting ok quotes, but nothing to jump on right away. 2 dealerships that quoted me are both claiming the '#1' volume dealer in the area, which how can both be #1 unless its a tie? I made the mistake of giving them my phone number and I still keep getting calls, 2 weeks after my inquiry.
  • Yes..I have. We have received quotes from all over. The OC, San Diego County...We were getting quotes for the EXL 4WD and the Touring 4WD.
  • Hi, thanks for posting.
    I am also in the process of looking for the EXL 4 WD and possibly the touring. Could you please post some of the price quotes you have been getting, excluding T,T &L? I am hopeful that there may be some additional incentive available starting February 1.
  • Just purchased above model on 2013 Honda Pilot 2WD - EX-L 1/31/13. Base price was $31,745.04 + TTL. This includes the pro pack for tint, door edge guard and wheel locks.

    Tax @ 9.05% = 2872.93, license & registration = $583.53, Doc = $399.00, VTR = $199.50

    Total OTD = $35,800 in Phoenix, AZ

    Good Luck everyone!
  • I just got a quote on an EX-L 2 wd for $31,706. I live in Florida so 4 wd is not an issue. I am concerned about driving an old model if they do a re-design in the summer.
  • Took the test drive 2013 2WD EX-L this past weekend. Internet sales person tried to sell us at a certain price, then we added the options we wanted and got a new price OTD. Told her we were going to resubmit online price quotes with options priced in since her price was higher than what was quoted here. Submitted blanket request to all local dealers asking for the best OTD price for model/options with a closing date of ASAP for best price. Plan to use the lowest price to negotiate either additional options or match/beat at local dealer. Should have my new car by the weekend if all goes well. And hopefully priced under $35k OTD. I will update after the deal closes with additional details.
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