Volkswagen Passat Maintenance and Repair



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    Thank you for the info. :)
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    I have a 2000 GLX with 107,000 miles on it. I get the exact same problem, I hav asked for help, and have contacted dealer, but they want a lot of money to take the transmission apart and inspect the problem. My passat always "lags/thumps/hesitates" when accelerating. Since we have the same vehicle and same problem, we could consider checking with the Volkswagon customer care about TSB's or transmission computer updates. I have also heard that there is a way to restatrt the computer before starting the engine, does anyone know about this???
  • evan93023evan93023 Member Posts: 4
    Does anyone know of any TSB's for 2000 PASSAT GLX V6 for the transmission?? Mine lags upon acceleration from a coast or stop!
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    I have a 2003 Passat that does something similar but have yet to find any fixes for it. I will be taking it into the dealer next week for the 35k service and will ask them to look into it. It has done this from the time of purchase but very inconsistent. Sounds like you have similar problems. I am not able to force it to replicate though... so will likely be hard for the dealer to diagnose.
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    I have A 1999 VW Passat 1.8L Turbo 5sp. Manual

    Yesterday I Go To Lunch, Come Out Of Mcdonalds And My CLUTCH PEDAL
    is On The Floor. No Pressure Whatsoever! Called My Friend, Took Off Dash , Confirmed That It Is A Hydraulic Clutch.. Anyone Else Have A Problem Like This?.. I Do Not Have A Owners Manual As I Bought The Car Used. Any One?
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    I just baught my Passat in January, 2002 1.8T w/ 55K on it now, and a month ago it started making an very obnoxious buzzing sound every once in a while for about 5 seconds when I first turn it on (kinda sounds like a broken fan or something). Just recently the check engine light came on, and hasn't turned off. I went to VW and inquired, where they said that I should try tightening the gas cap, and it should turn off shortly. I drove it around for about 20 minutes since then, and it hasn't turned off yet. I am just worried that something big might go wrong. Anyone have any suggestions, or similar experiences???
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    See Post #971. Yes I have a similiar issue - I have 99K on a 200 GLX and it just started doing it about 3K ago, at the same time as yours does 2/3 gear. Had my mechanic (Vw, Mecedes, Porsche, Audi only) look at it and he said not to worry. If you have under 100K get it in to be checked.
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    Have an 05 Passat 4motion 1.8T wagon. Love it...a great SUV alternative. Brought my car in for its 5K service. Dealer service dept. said VW is advising that synethic oil is recommended for it. Does that mean I can go longer intervals w/o service, or is this just to improve the life of the car. Just want to check if my dealer is throwing me a line of bunk...if so, I'm heading to another place!

    Thanks! :shades:
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    Just bought a new 2005 tdi wagon, Car is great but on arrival to the dealer I noted that the driver door was a shade difference than the rest of the car. My wife could not notice it and neither could the salesman. We did a fax attack and there was no other wagon to choose from. I specifically asked the sales manager if the car had been painted and he said no. This is were I should have walked away.

    Got the car home and the driver door and front fender had been indeed painted. Not a bad job but is is just a shade off and has a very thin color coat with clear blended to the back door. I have been on the phone with the dealership and VW of America. The regional rep has been ok but only states that they will repaint the car. It is the reflex silver and is very hard to match. Also, I did not want to buy a car that had paint work. It is not as good a factory paint.

    VW stated that they are responsible and that is was probable done at the port or at the factory.

    I want a different wagon but I know they will never agree to that.

    What should I do? Open to all advice. They state I can file a claim with the BBB but we all know were that will get me. The car runs great but should not have cost as much as a new one.

    Please advise on how to get some results from them.

    Thanks. On a positive note the first door ding will not bother me as much since the car has already had paint work.
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    I have a 2002 Passat with the 1.8T engine. I had the check engine light come on and went to the net to find out what problems might be common.

    One thing I did find is that there is a known problem with the 1.8T engine running way too hot. Synthetic oil, 3000 mile oil change and VW oil filter only should be used. The extra high temperature of the turbo breaks down the regular oil prematurely possibly causing sludge to build up in the oil pan. The sludge blocks the oil pick up and reduces oil flow to the engine. Engine wear and turbo failure are a possible result.

    The oil changes should be documented with receipts in case you need to go to VW to make a claim against your warranty.

    Search the net for "VW 1.8T engine sludge" should get you some interesting info.

    My local VW dealer was vague about the above info, but did not outright deny any of the above information.

    Hope this helps :)
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    Zscottie - it's real. It's mandatory, in fact, if you don't want to invalidate the warranty. Basically, the 1.8T engine turned out to sometimes develop oil sludge, and using synthetic prevents that problem. (As I understand it, the turbo runs really hot, causing the sludge with dino oil; synthetic can handle the heat so doesn't form sludge in the 1.8T.)
    The good news is that VW also extended the warranty against sludge (is it 8 years? -it's in my files at home but it's about that) - BUT the warranty only applies if you follow the outlined procedures. You gotta be sure to use one of the synth oils on the approved VW list or else you'll also invalidate the warranty. Also, don't go past the recommended 5 K interval or that'll invalidate it.
    The issue has been discussed a lot on the Edmunds Passat boards - if you search you should be able to find the list of approved oils. (I now use Mobil1 0w40, and am really happy with it. Previously I used Valvoline SynthPower 5w40 - also real good.)
    Basically - no, your dealer is NOT selling you a bill of goods. Actually, the fact that they realize that using synth matters is a good sign, suggesting that they're on top of things.
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    FUEL FLAP LOCKED IN THE OPEN POSITION. I stopped to refuel my (2001) 1.8T Passat estate (SW) I opened the fuel flap by pressing the fuel flap release button as normal, however for some unexplicable reason while filling up I remotely locked the car before closing the fuel flap. This resulted in the fuel flap lock locking without the fuel flap being closed. I have tried to resolve the situation by unlocking the car remotely/manually and by depressing the fuel flap release button, to no avail. Does anyone out there know how I can release the locking mechanisum and reset the fuel flap.

    Hornet in the UK.
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    Auto Zone carries Mobil 1 0w40, Valvoline SynthPower 5w30 & 5w40, and now the ever elusive Castrol Syntec 5w40 (which I use). So it looks like the availability of VW 502.00 spec oils is improving - without the need to special order them. :shades:
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    Also, I saw a Pep Boys ad for Mobile One Synthetic for $3.99 per Qt. I usually get my 0w40 at AutoZone as well. They charge somewhere in the neighborhood of $4.89 per qt.
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    BTW: The service interval for the 1.8t is 5,000 miles...not 3,000
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    You wrote:
    "Auto Zone carries Mobil 1 0w40, Valvoline SynthPower 5w30 & 5w40, and now the ever elusive Castrol Syntec 5w40 (which I use). "

    Despite the fact that Valvoline Synpower 5w-30 is listed by VWoA as 502.00 compliant, Valvoline insists that it isn't! Valvoline's website doesn't list it as 502.00 approved in North America. I wouldn't use it or recommend it for 1.8T duty.
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    I only use the 5w40 oils from the VW 502.00 oil list (Castrol Syntec 5w40 in particular). I had the list with me while shopping for oil, and I'm just reporting what I saw there. I'm surprised that there's a 5w30 oil on the list at all...
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    My quote was given by Autohaus in Lancaster, PA. I checked at Frank Boucher Volswagen in Racine, WI where I bought the car and was give a similar quote.
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    Thanks for the info. I'll check the fuses tonight. Can you get me the source for a reman pump? I have an independent mechanic looking for one, but no word yet. I'd appreciate it if I could pick one up.
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    Great, thanks for the info. The dealer used 5W40 synethic...glad to hear they're on top of things. ;)
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    I have a 2000 Passat with 124,000 miles. The last few days I have received a similar ABS Brake message and STOP display as you have described. I think I have fixed the problem.

    I First I checked the fuse and noticed that the fuse in slot #41 was missing so I put one in there. About 10 days ago the dealer flushed my brakes so I thought it might not be a coincidence.

    After continuing to get the ABS Brake message I decided to add some hydraulic oil to the hydraulic resevoir under the hood. It was marginally low so it seemed worth a shot. I believe the problem is gone now having driven the last 70 miles without a warning message. One thing I did was remove the hydraulic resevoir cover overnight to let potential bubbles subside.

    Good luck.
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    I am experiencing a recurring problem with water / wetness in the front footwells. The dealer has cleaned the AC drain tube, the sun roof drain holes, replaced the pollen filter and re-sealed the fresh air intake. None have proven to be a long term fix.

    I see a vapor emanate from the center vents intermittently and currently have moisture on both sides of the center console at the top of front footwells. The dealer technicians have reached their limit on possible solution paths.

    Rain is not a variable. The mileage is 107K+. The car has been exclusively maintained by the dealer and all done on schedule. The car runs great and is paid for and I'd like to keep it for another 2 years.

    Does anyone have an idea for a plausible next step?
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    I have a 2003 Passat GLX. I took care of my 45k mi. service last week. Two days ago I was on my morning commute when I suddenly lost all ability to accelerate (as if I ran out of gas). I went from 70 MPH to a complete stop . . . in the second lane of the 10 FWY in Los Angeles! There was no way for me to manuever over to the non-existent shoulder. I was extremely lucky not to have been rear-ended and am amazed at how the CHP and AAA took care of the situation.

    The dealer diagnosed the problem as a defect in the fuel pump and promptly replaced it at no charge since the car is still under warranty. The service department was so busy that I really didn't have a chance to ask any questions about what caused this problem or if it happens often. Has anyone else had a similar problem?
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    this may be of some help. Ask dealer to check heater core for possible leak it possible would cause leaking and steaming in the compartment. I know you said rain was not a factor, but my daughter recently had huge amp for stereo installed when they drilled through firewall for wiring they created a hole for rainwater to find. Best of luck to you!!
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    My daughter went to refuel tonight and fuel door won't open. I checked fuses and all appear to be good. Is there emergency release somewhere? or some way to release the door? Any ideas appreciated. Direct emails appreciated. Thanks.
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    I have not checked my Passat but my other car has an emergency release in the trunk direclty behind the filler door and behind the trunk liner. It is a German car. Maybe the Passat has the same set up.
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    Thanks for the thought but there is no sweet smell or greasiness. It is a water based moisture problem. The windows do not exhibit coolant leak related filming. I have a note into VW and a manual on the way via the mail.
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    Anyone have their self-dimming inside rearview mirror self-destruct because the interior got too hot? I have a 2001.5 Passat, was parked in the sun, and the LCD or whatever inside the mirror separated or something, a bubble formed inside the mirror and grew and grew until... no more self dimming and I could barely see back. The replacement cost was going to be $300+ so I bought a slip-on wideview mirror from an autoparts store for $11.
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    After another day the ABS Brake messages resumed and has gotten worse. I went to the dealer and was quoted $1,050 to get the ABS module replaced. At this point with 124,000 miles I may put up with the warning messages until it won't matter anyway.
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    We had water in the glove compartment in our 2002 Passat wagon (but unlike your problem it was associated with rain as far as I could tell). Under warranty, the dealer had the "VW water leak specialist" check it out. They resealed the front windshield which fixed the problem.

    The water leak specialist spreads his time over a large numbers of dealers. Has anyone else heard of this?
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    Thanks for the note. Shortly after taking initial delivery on our 1999 Passat, we had a windshield leak on the passenger side, which the dealer fixed.

    I sent VW USA a note via their web site regarding my recurring water in the footwell problem. They have been very responsive thusfar. They called me about 24 hours after I launched the message to them. I received two follow up calls overall and they have coordinated with the dealer. I will be taking the car to the dealer on Monday (5/23) and the VW will work with the dealer technicians to hopefully get to the root cause. My gut is telling me that the AC drain hose is chronically clogging due to mold/mildew. I will pass on the results of the service and VW USA's overall response.
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    Hi Pollack,

    I'm having the same ABS+Break light warning. And the STOP sign is also on the dash board. Can you explain me how to check the ABS fuse? I really appriciate your reply.
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    We have a 2002 Passat and also have had a water problem for a long time, it may or may not be the same problem, but it may be worth a check. We have found that water accumulates in a cavity around the battery up to 5-6 inches, it is a drain next to an air intake and underneath what looks like a pump or brake thing that get clogged.
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    I have a 2003 Passat wagon 1.8 turbo that did the same thing this weekend. 65 mph on the highway at 12:00 am in R.I. when all of a sudden nothing... after dangerously negotiating my way to the sholder under the power of momentum only the vehicle would not start.

    More alarming than the car failure was the 24hr. roadside service failure. $80.00 out of pocket later, I was taken care of, not by the road service that was part of the car sale, but by the service the state police were able to mysteriously conjure up in a matter of minutes. After the VW road service had just admitted there was little hope that they would be able to enlist any service for us. In reading the VW literature on roadside service, I noticed I was to be given an authorization code when they are unable to provide a tow. This is the authorization code that is required in order to be reimbursed for providing your own service. The roadside service manager met the request for the authorization with the equivalent to "hunh what's that" 15 minutes later he was able to produce some kind of code. Although I have to admit I'm not that confident it will even work now.

    To further erode my confidence in VW, I had my car towed to a dealer, the service was actually great considering they are only open for a few hours on Saturday morning, they couldn't look at the car until Monday morning so they set us up with a rental... a 2005 Jetta. The next morning upon embarking on our 2hr. trip home leaving our car a few hundred miles behind, we make one stop with the rental and the car will not start. If there is a VW hell if found it this weekend...

    I hope the problem is as simple as replacing the fuel pump and that takes care of it. But that will not fix the weak link in the 24 hr. road service. If there is a time you need the service the most it is when you are stranded on the highway in the middle of the night. Not durring convenient business hours on weekdays.
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    A reporter is looking to speak with owners of Chrysler, Saab, Toyota or Volkswagen vehicles who did all the scheduled maintenance on their vehicle and still experienced engine sludge within the warranty period within the past year. If this describes your situation, please respond by 6pm Eastern on Monday, May 23, 2005 to [email protected]
    Thanks for your consideration,
    Jeannine Fallon
    Corporate Communications
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    Thanks. I checked the under-battery drain area after the dealer had also done so and it is clean and clear, no blockage. The area around the fresh air intake was also resealed by the dealer which ended up being a "red herring" service as my recurring problem was not solved.

    The problem I am experiencing is water accumulating in the footwell when running the A/C on a dry day. Car is in the dealer shop now along with a container of water I shop vac'd from the carpet last Friday.
  • dhfddhfd Member Posts: 22
    How long has VW been aware of the problem w/ the 1.8T and non synth oil? I had to have the micro screen replaced on my 02 Passat, had a little over 48K miles.
  • 600kgolfgt600kgolfgt Member Posts: 690
    The technical service bulletin for sludge came out around the first quarter of 2004.
  • fish8fish8 Member Posts: 2,282
    What's a micro screen?
  • dhfddhfd Member Posts: 22
    That's what the service tech at VW called it...I think its on the part that pulls up the oil. I haven't seen one before, but understands its roughly the size of a quarter maybe?
  • dhfddhfd Member Posts: 22
    Is there a link to check for these? I don't remember getting anything about it? Was something sent out?
  • altair4altair4 Member Posts: 1,469
    You wrote: What's a micro screen?

    Just from the context and description, I think it's the mesh on the oil pump pick up point, in the oil pan.

    Seems from what I've read, the oil sludge thing is really mis-named. The oil cokes (forms hard coffee ground-like substance). The coked oil clogs up the oil pick up screen which reduces the oil pressure, eventually to the point of starving the engine for lubricant. Non-synthetic oil is more likely to coke, especially if run on long oil change intervals and with improper turbo cooldown. It doesn't help that the oil sump is rather small on the 1.8T engine in the Passat (due to the sub-frame and the longitudinal placement of the engine).

    If you were reading the European car magazines in the 1980's, you might recall that hot running, high revving 4 cylinder engines with long oil change intervals formed sludge. They called it the "Black Death" back then. If you removed the valve cover on some of these engines, the would literally be filled with a gooey sludge. What's going on in the 1.8T engine is different.

    To combat this, VW is mandating synth oil meeting VW spec 502.00 (mostly in 5w-40 flavor). They've also increased the total engine capacity by digging into their old parts inventory and finding a larger oil filter.
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    Has anyone experienced this: the back bumper of my 2004 Passat looks terrible. Any little tap from parking takes the color right off of the bumper. It looks like someone has taken a cheese grater to it, and it's garage parked, both at home and office. VW's response to my complaint: First we've heard of it, so sorry, but you are SOL. Anyone?
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    This past weekend when waxing my 2003 Passat, I found a small spot on the rear bumper where the paint had come off. I assumed it was from someone hitting me very slightly, although I do not park in spots where this is likely to happen. Maybe there is something else going on with the paint.

    In any case I used the VW touch-up paint to take care of it for now.
  • sluggo3sluggo3 Member Posts: 6
    The is the follow up to service performed by the dealer to repair the water problem. There were two issues. One, the AC drain tube was blocked again and two, the repair the dealer did initially to reseal the fresh air intake was not done properly and had to be re-done. As an aside, the repair order documentation did not include the drain tube blockage and had to be added.

    Also, VW USA did follow up with me and did a good job of following up with the dealer but, in the end, the sense I had was that they only wanted to close the ticket and were not interested in whether I was satisfied with the service result or experience. Neither the dealer nor VW USA covered the customer care details very well. It may not be in their DNA.
  • opengateopengate Member Posts: 2
    Thanks for the reply. It would take several gallons of paint to touch up my bumper; not sure how it would adhere to the plastic, but I guess I'll try it. I actually have several holes in my bumper where people have nicked me while they were parking I guess. Not pretty.
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    I had my car at the dealer this week. When you turned the ignition, it made a clunking/rattling noise twice then idled ok, until you pressed the accelerator, and it would make a rattling noise like something was loose.

    At first, the dealer thought cleaning the throttle body would do the trick, but that didn't least its only clunking/rattling once when you turned the ignition.

    they kept it overnight, and then determined that the serpentine belt tensioner needed replaced. At first, dealer tells me it'd be $300. then calls back, apologizes and said he thought it had 59K miles...

    the car has 49600 miles. Anyone else experienced this? Is that normal for VW/Passats?

    I can't wait to sell this car.
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    I just bought a brand new 2005 1.8T Passat, and it clunks down into first gear (Automatic tranny) when I do a rolling stop and then hit the gas. It's horrible and the dealer has looked at it and says there is northing wrong. Jettas do not do it. Its horrible!
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    I am considering buying a 2004 1.8T AT Passat. Leftover new from the dealer. The salesperson says the the electrical and motor sludge problems they experienced are behind them. Is that true?
  • ellyelly Member Posts: 8
    Oh, where to begin!

    I have been searching for a good compact / mid size car for ages. A great certified car is ideally what I would spend the money on. In a nutshell, this is what I have learned:

    * and Consumer Reports are wonderful resources in researching a car / SUV.

    * VW's - Consumer Reports (CR) has rated this as, basically, a not-so-great car since 1999. It is "unreliable" and just all-round a bad buy in comparison to other cars in its class. It's a great shame. I LOVE VW's for it's price and class. I'm not happy about this at all!!! C'mon VW - fix it!! Are they really this bad as people are saying?? The Jetta's are made in Mexico, but I belive the Passats are still made in Germany? I've seen loaded low miles 2002's for $14k. After what I have read, it makes me suspicious. Am i overanalyzing CR?

    Mazda 3: Ok, it's Mazda. It's about $19k for the Mazda 3s ($16k base), (and $15k for the Mazda 3i) but it's a beautiful car for its class. Personally, I think 19k is overpriced, but still, it's a GREAT car, the dash lighting (for all you VW lighting lovers) is just as awesome (red with a little blue backlighting) and it's just a great car inside and out. It's really worth checking out.... ABS and side / curtain airbags don't come standard, and nor does an auto tranny. Bummer. Bumps the price up another 1900 for just those two.

    * Toyota - Well every man and his dog drives a Camry, and although it's apparently a great car, the inside is, in my personal opinion, "cheap" looking on the inside and lacks any really modern touches. I know it's a great car, but c'mon. If you buy a car, you want to love it, right?.

    * Honda's - Again. Great car, but ugly inside if you are looking to spend under $20k.

    * Scions: Can't haggle. Bummer. It's fixed pricing.

    * Nissan's - Didn't do great in CR and also pricey.

    I'm still deciding. I'm so sad VW's suck in their ratings from all reliable sources, b/c I would have loved one. If I was willing to pay $20k for a Mazda, I would definitely do it.

    Do you have any suggestions??

    Do you VW owners recommend not buying a VW now since your problems?
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