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Kia Sorento Maintenance and Repair



  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 58,461
    Please be advised that Edmunds does not permit solicitation of members in these Forums for the purpose of joining a class action lawsuit. Thank you!

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  • regos11regos11 Posts: 3
    Thank you.

    We did not put any gas in the car yet because the KIA dealer filled it up before we drove home with the car.

    I don't think you understand what I am saying. The car is a lemon and we were tricked. it is a 2013 brand new car that shakes and makes noises like crazy.
    There are so many people on this forum that have so many different problems with this car that it is appalling.
  • regos11regos11 Posts: 3
    I am not a solicitor just an upset customer and I was just replying to the other person who brought up the class action law suit.

    Here is the quote from your website about the KIA Sorento 2012.

    What Edmunds Says
    No longer simply just a good value, the 2012 Kia Sorento is now an excellent pick for a small or midsize crossover SUV.

    I used your website for research in order to make an educated and good desicion before I ventured into byuing a new car.

    I am really surprised that with all the overwhelming negative reviews since 2003 on this site, you still reccomend this car as "an excellent pick."

    Thank you
  • I completely agree!!! I bought a brand new 2005 and I have had nothing but problems with the vehicle. I have spent thousands and thousands of dollars in repairs not to mention the time invested and lost work bringing the vehicle back in forth to the garage for repairs. it is sad the every Kia repair shop in a 60 mile radius knows me by first name. I orig thought it was a great warranty as well however I drive so many miles to work that all the warranties were not covered. I fought and fought to have this car classified as a lemon but was unable to make that my full time job but again because i drive over 60k a year they kept telling me it was because the miles. Everything from the brakes, to replacing my whole engine, replacing headlights every 6 mo, to especially even the electrical system issues this car would def not be a recommendation to ANYONE. i have talked MANY people out of buying ANY type of KIA product. I still LOVE the looks of this car and it is perfect for me with re: to the size, the seats folding completely flat etc. However not worth the time wasted sitting at the garage and the time off work trying to get it there before they close (esp since no Kia dealership within 40 min of me). Being a female I hear so much crap from all of them. Trust me I do my research before I go in and told them I was not their typical "female" who knew nothing about cars nor was I gullable to their BS and stories they made up over the years. i could write a book on all their dumb [non-permissible content removed] stories I heard. The prob was I refused to leave until something was fixed properly or until I had the bill correct ie refused to pay labor on them fixing my brakes,etc 4 x in 9 mo (and it would have been sooner if i could have gotten car in to them). I love the looks of the new Kia but I refuse to buy another one due to fear of another lemon. But again, when u have SOOOO MANY LEMONS.....this seriously needs to be investigated. I hope everyone is able to get the class action going for you guys. think its too late for me!!!! good luck
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    edited August 2012
    We have "problems" discussions for most every brand here, just like every dealer you go to will have service bays so they can work on cars.

    Reliability ratings are good and other Consumer Reviews here look good too (I just picked '05 for the link).

    I think class actions are great for the lawyers or for consumers if you like getting a coupon for $500 (or less) off a new car. Otherwise it's better to work with the dealer yourself to get recurring issues fixed or go the small claims or BBB arbitration route. If you go the lawyer route, it'd likely be faster to go it alone with your own lemon lawyer. For safety issues, sometimes the NHTSA will do a recall if there's enough complaints and they are make the vehicle unsafe.

    The Secret Warranty may help in your dealing with Kia.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 58,461
    edited August 2012
    I realize it is a monstrous disappointment to buy a new car and have trouble with it---I think the problem with making new car purchase decisions based solely on owner forums is that these forums are something like the ER room at a hospital---if you judged the condition of the human race only from the ER room, you'd have a pretty grim picture of our overall health.

    Hopefully, whatever inherent defects automotive reviews may miss, the factory warranty and the factory "fixes" through TSBs can take care of all that. (hopefully).


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  • I do understand what you are saying, but, without giving the dealer the opportunity to resolve the problem, it winds up becomming a mute point.

    You must give the dealer the opportunity to diagnose fix the shaking. If after that, the problem still exists, then you have options.

    There are so many things that can cause shaking (even on new cars). Something as simple as a bad set of tires can cause shaking while driving, certain electrical malufnctions can cause constant shaking. It could even have been a computer update (which is extremely possible) if before you drove off with the vehicle the dealer brought it in to be cleaned, etc. There is an update that was pushed to the Sorento not to long ago that I believe increased the transmission pressure. This caused the Sorento to "jerk", in some cases caused shaking, but mostly cause a "jerk" when the vehicle was started and made it sound like the transmission was banging into gear. If this is the case, they have to reset the transmission pressure back to the original ("factory specs").

    All I am saying is, you can't consider the vehicle (or any vehicle - brand or otherwise) a lemon until the dealer has had the opportunity to resolve it.

    If the vehicle was miss-represented in any way, you would need to show/prove how.

    Also, you can't always go what people say on any forum because you don't always get the whole story.
  • I've actually read 90% of the posts here, maybe more than I should have... I think alot of the people posting here work for toyota or some other car company.... Just seem unreal that dealerships and the manufacturer would go out of there way to screw people ... All I'm saying :) I lOve my KIA, it's a 2011 with 52k on it ( AWD With a 4cyl. )
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    It's not that; it's just that happy owners like you rarely take the time to post that their car is running fine. And such posts really wouldn't be much on topic in a maintenance and repair discussion.
  • Hi Steve,

    I agree, there is an inordinate number of complaints here versus other forums...don't get me wrong...I feel for the folks who have issues with their cars...we've ALL had issues with ALL of our cars...give the dealers a chance to honor the warranties...then escalate it above them..right to the VP of American KIA Sales if you have to...Both KIA and Honda are poised for historic growth..they know that bad references can kill the golden goose...

    I remember when Honda and Toyota just started to take market share from the Big Three way back when...same types and frequencies of complaints came through at first....

    Hyundai and Kia are driving Honda and Toyota crazy because they can move faster....

    I love my 2013 Kia Sorento EXV6 even more than our Highlander and our 4Runner..but good news and good references rarely come to these types of "problem forums"...
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    edited September 2012
    Part of the problem is that a good dealer can make even a lemon tolerable. But dealers are "independent" of the manufacturer and the quality of service that you get varies widely. And there's only so much the manufacturer can do to keep their dealers "in line".

    Meanwhile the manufacturers tell the dealers how much they will pay for warranty work and often it really doesn't cover the dealer's cost.
  • I agree with this statement as well. I've had some very great experiences (Like the one I 'm having now with my local Kia dealer who is part of a larger very reputable chain in the Boston area. They even hired the Honda Service manager from his store down the street to make sure the new Kia customers are having a good experience. The Service Manager is not seeing a fraction of a fraction of the types and volumes of issues this forum is seeing.

    On the other hand I've had very bad experiences with Toyota and Nissan Dealers and Service Managers who were always more concerned about their margins rather than keeping a new customer satisfied.

    Way back when I sold F&I and Service software to Dealers and I am still shocked as to how thin the operating margins were for the Dealers and the pressure on the Dealers to avoid honoring Warranty work as much as possible.

    I spent months asking other Kia owners how the Sales and Service was at this Dealer before I bought my Kia. Last week I had a minor issue with one of the outside door panels coming out...the minute I mentioned it to the Service Manager, he asked me to see the car and fixed it right on the spot..very, very pleased with not only the car, but this Dealership as well...
  • Why would a one year old 2012 KIA Sorento with 9,800 miles having engine failure?

    We bought a new 2012 Kia Sorento for our daughter in college in 08/2011. She put 9,800 miles on the car so far with all the normalized services being up to date. This Saturday 10/27/2012, she drove from Miami to Naple, and this car died on I-75! Thank the Lord that neither she nor her friend got hurt! She had it towed to Fuccillo Kia dealership in Cape Coral, FL. This dealership did the initial evaluation that day, but could not diagnosed the reason why the car died! Thus, my 20 year old daughter had to leave the car in the Cape Coral Kia dealership, and no one at this dealership offered to help her getting a loaner/ rental car through Kia warranty coverage! My daughter had to ask her friend to drive from Miami (an hour and 45 minutes away) to pick her up and bring her back to Miami that evening!
    Of course, nothing was done on Sunday. On Monday, the Cape Coral Kia dealership had to ask that we should contact our Kia dealership in Clearwater to fax all the service records to them as all the Kia dealerships'service databases are separated with no connectivity or sharing capability among them. I called the National Kia Customer Service to ask for help as the Clerwater Kia dealership did not respond initially to our request. The toll-free National Kia Customer Service lady said that Kia National headquarter does not have any data on services at any of their dealerships, but she gave me a case # and her extension to call back or communication, which I thought initially as being very nice and helpful ( I even did a survey for her and gave her high marks!)
    I have to call the Clearwater Kia dealership's service manager to ask for help in faxing the service records to the Cape Coral Kia dealership to finally getting this done. After reviewing the well documented 3 services (on 08/11/11, 1/13/2012, and 06/11/2012), the Cape Coral Kia dealership agreed that we have had the car well-maintained by a Kia dealership during our short ownership, but th engine died fro unknown reason. The service manager there suggested that they will have to rebuilt the engine! We asked if this issue had been reported on other Kia Sorentos, and he replied that he does not or aware of any national recall nor issue with the Kia Sorento having premature engine failure. We asked that the engine should be replaced with a new engine from Kia factory in the Atlanta, Georgia plant in USA, rather from a rebuilt engine. The manager said that he will try to request for that. We requested that while the car being serviced under a Kia warranty-issue if my daughter could get a rental or loaner car for her to get to class at college. The dealership reported that they could do a rental car up to $30/day coverage only. However, since our daughter is 20 yo, she could not rent the car from any rental companies! The dealership insisted that they have no loaner car available for her to use! I called the Kia toll-free national customer service four times (twice on Monday 10/29/12 and twice on Tuesday 10/30/2012) using the previously given extension # to the service lady, Melinda. I was not able to get in touch with her either time, and upon calling back other customer service agents reviewed our case #, reporting that nothing was in our case report! So why created a case # and giving me an extension #!?
    At this time, we are waiting for Kia's decisions to replace the engine, and to consider helping our daughter a way to get back from Miami to Cape Coral!
    With this occurence of the failed engine on a new 2012 Kia Sorento with 9,800 miles after one year of ownership, I have to say that I am very disappointed in this car and with the above service issues from Kia National Customer Service Center! Thus, I would NOT recommend this car nor this car company to anyone at this time! Hopefully, this automotive company will learn to improve their quality and service in the future!
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 58,461
    Probably a manufacturing defect. It happens now and then, even to Rolls Royces and Ferraris. That's what warranties are for, to take care of completely unanticipated defects.

    If you genuinely believe that these engines are defective, then you'd probably want them to rebuild the old one, rather than take a new one.

    Of course, I haven't seen the damage, so I have no idea what actually happened. It could have been as simple as an unseen water or oil leak that destroyed a perfectly good engine.

    We'd need more details to comment more intelligently, but keep us informed!

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  • I agree with Mr_Shiftright if you had more info on what happened, did the lights on the dash come on, or, did the car die flat out with nothing. A rebuild and/or replace of an engine seems a bit extreme for a vehicle with only 9800 miles on it. They should have been able to diagnose an existing condition as to why the engine failed.

    I always keep my service records in the car and a copy at home (I am anal-retentive, but, if there are ever any questions, I have everything available)

    I would check all the service records also, they could have applied an update that could have screwed things up.

    After a year of owning my Sorento, there was an update that was applied that was causing mine to jerk. Brought it back to the dealer and it turns out it was an update that changed the transmission pressure. The dealer reset it to factory specs, then all was well. Even the cpu updates could have caused something.
  • No light notification at all. The car sputtered n died on the side of I-75 as our daughter pulled over to the side! She kept the maintenance papers in the glove compartment of the car. When the KIA dealership in Cape Coral asked for them, we told them that the maintenance papers were in the glove compartment, but they said that those were not enough! They wanted the KIA dealership in Clearwater where we live and where our daughter had the car serviced, to fax the papers to them! I felt this request was done as a barrier to get the car repaired so I call the KIA Toll Free Customer Service for help! However, this national service desk was not helpful at all! I still have not had any return call from the KIA Toll Free National Customer Service despite my calls n left 2 messages with the assigned agent! The other customer service agents would say they were not responsible for our case number, and when they look into our case number's file, it was blanked - nothing in it!!!
    Update: on Friday 11/02/2012, our daughter left Miami and came back to the Cape Coral KIA dealership on her own to pick up her car - by catching a ride from a friend as the dealership would not send her a courtesy car nor pay for a cab, even though she could not rent a car as she is only 20 years old! (The dealership did offer to let her rent a car through Enterprise at max. $30/day, but she could not get this as Enterprise and all the other rental cars required the rental member to be at least 25 yo! We explained this matter to the KIA Cape Coral dealership, and they said that they would not help our daughter to obtain any ways of transportation back from Miami to their location in Cape Coral!)
    Anyway, they said that they put a new engine into our daughter car, and she drove the car back to Miami without incident. However, our daughter called us today, Saturday 11/03/2012, reporting that her "Check Engine" light came on! Thus, we will have the car to be checked out next week by a Miami KIA dealership.
    With this experience, I will NOT purchase another KIA anytime soon! I will not recommend KIA to anyone either!
  • Yes...minor. I just bought a used one (8K miles on it) and turned the Sirius Sat on from a subscription leftover from my previous car. The reception is horrible and drops, and or searches, many times during any ride. I had Sirius on my previous vehicle for 5 years and only lost reception in garages and under gas station roofs during fill ups. This car loses it constantly on city streets, neighborhoods, freeways...I will take it in when I have a chance. Hopefully it will get corrected. I read others having issues with only one person having the dealer find an "open connector in the antena" being the corrective action. I will update when I take it in and see what they tell me...Otherwise, I love the vehicle!
  • WOW! Sorry to hear that you went through so much trouble.

    I have to question the dealership that you had the repairs done in. It is very rare that an engine will fail so quickly and then to get a check engine right after the repair.

    I am hoping that the problem gets resolved and your daughter won't have anymore future issues.

    I was trying to figure what would have caused the engine to fail. Usually it would be a part of the engine due to other problems, like an oil leak, etc. For the diagnosis to be that the engine died is a little scary.

    The check engine light could be coming on if they didn't match the engine serial series to the transmission serial series. When she gets it back to the original dealer, have them check that out.
  • You were right - The KIA dealership in Miami reported that the reason for the "check engine" light coming on, was because the existing oil cap was not compatible with the new engine so we have to wait for about one week for the new oil cap to be arrived from the plant in Atlanta, GA!
    Still no word from the KIA National Customer Service yet on why the engine failed!
  • Hello neveragain272...
    I would like to know about what happened because it sounds like the exact same thing just recurred to me again last night on the side of the 400-series hwy up here in Ontario, Canada.
    Would you be kind enough to share more details about the sequence of events that happened to the Sorento with me (us)?
    I too am getting the corporate line towing from the service dept. However, I will deal with that aspect at a later date, right now I just need to get the darn vehicle fixed so I can return to work tomorrow.
    Many thanks! L.
  • Hi L.,
    To this date, we have not heard from Kia about why the engine failed! KIA just replaced the engine and send us away! I think that KIA is trying to hush it up so no recall would be done!
    I need to report it to the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to be included in a national database!
    Good luck.
  • I have mixed feelings about KIA. My father has had three different ones. Two vans and one of the luxury cars. While he had minimal issues with his my former mother in law had the wagon, (Rio I think). At about 99,900 miles she started getting a noise in the engines or transmission. She took it to the dealer in Duluth, Mn., (40 mls from home). They changed the tranny fluid, filter at charge and sent her on her way. Two days later, just over 100,000 mls the transmission failed completely. Needless to say they didn't want to repair it under warranty, but offered a good deal on a newer KIA. Well she scrapped it and bought another brand.
  • eo64eo64 Posts: 2
    Just found out my 2007 Sorento threw a rod, i.e. new engine needed. 105K miles, 5K over their infamous 10/100K warranty. Had all the regular maintenance performed at their over-priced dealership service centers. Now, a paid off car, worth roughly 7K (according to Edmunds) is now a worthless pile of crap.

    Kiss my a$$ Kia.

    Thank you for allowing me to vent.
  • eo64eo64 Posts: 2
    "Well she scrapped it and bought another brand."

    Good for her, she made the right decision.
  • eantoneanton Posts: 1
    You are a genius! Your reset procedure seemed too bizarre to actually work, but I tried it anyway since I had nothing to lose. Worked like a charm (although with the EX model I had to shut the drivers door in order for the door lock to operate). I also allowed 30 seconds for the "Body Controller" to fully power down before I started the vehicle back up.
  • I bought a new 2013 Kia Sorrento on Sept 2012. From day one, the ECO System has not worked causing the transmission to kick while shifting to second gear. This also causes the MPG to be even lower than listed by KIA America.
    I took videos and had a Service Manager ride along experiencing the same problems which he acknowledge. I have left the car with the dealer for over 15 days and they tell me that they are not able to recreate the problem in order to repair it.

    I contact Kia America and after sometime they also told me the dealer is not able to recreate the issue. I told Kia America of the videos I had shown all the mechanic and how the Service Managers had ridden and experience the issues with me in the car. Again their excuse is that they can't recreate the problem. Needless to say my car now has over 22K miles and the Lemon Law in the state I live will not apply.
    These problems continue and in addition, now the steering wheel is peeling as well.

    Can anyone suggest how I can get these items repaired under the warranty?

  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Lemon law likely isn't your only "legal" remedy, but a lemon lawyer could advise you on that. You can also complain to your local consumer protection agency or attorney general's office.
  • I have already spoken and written the Sate Consumer people. I am truly trying to avoid hiring a lawyer.

  • What you might want to do is see if they ever did the transmission pressure update. On the V6 models, it causes a "kick" at start and 2nd gear. I had the same issue, the dealer wasn't able to recreate it, so the service department took a chance and reset the transmission pressure update and that solved the problem. The ECO System may be an unrelated issue. Without the ECO system on, yo are only getting 15 mpg if you have the V6. Have the transmission pressure checked first and have them reset to factory specs, as opposed to the update. That might fix both issues.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    edited October 2013
    Can't blame you. :-) You might get some more ideas from the How to Effectively Complain about your Car Problem discussion.
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