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99 GMC Sierra



  • ckobashckobash Posts: 48
    g8tr: I believe you are correct in your opinion of the sierra looking better then the silverado, that is why i got the sierra, because it looked better. Same truck different skin. No offense silverado owners you come in a very close second in my opinion. Not looking to start an argument,peace
  • quadrunner500quadrunner500 Posts: 2,728
    Have fun with your Sierras, but Silverado much better looking! Ooohhh Like a Rock....
  • Who cares much about how they look...? ...if you need one right away as I's what you can get at least when it comes to the 2500 ExCab, 4WD, LB, 6.0, 3.73 and what you have to pay for it IF you CAN get one... and that folks... is why I am driving a GMC instead of a Chevy...and why I also got one in Maine of all places when I STILL HAVE NOT SEEN A SIMILAR 2500 CHEVY OR GMC in all of Phoenix or on any dealer's lot...
  • ckobashckobash Posts: 48
    Geez i should know better then to compare a sierra and silverado's looks w/o starting something, we are all brothers, but then again brothers do fight;) So what the hell, sierra's look alot better! TAKE IT EZ SILVERADO BROTHER'S JUST KIDDING:)
  • haulinhaulin Posts: 17
    Ordered my 6.0L 2500 4X4 extended cab longbed on 2/5. Just got a build date of 5/9. Sounds like the production line is moving again. Hope I can wait that much longer!
  • g8trg8tr Posts: 77
    I must confess. I was a Ford owner for 12 yrs. My F150 was a pretty good truck and I would have bought another one but the new shape wouldn't grow on me. Plus, when GM came out w/the new engines, there was no reason to go back. Comparing a Ford XL w/V8 and a Sierra SL w/V8 is a no brainer. The Sierra comes with more standard equipment and more power than the Ford. It definitely looks a lot better also!
    As for the Chevy's, I was going to buy one if my dealer couldn't deliver as promised. As fasteddie1 says, you buy what's available. I'm glad I didn't though, the Sierra has the looks. :)
  • jxyoungjxyoung Posts: 156
    I used to like the GMC's better in the old body style. Then when the new style came out I changed to liking the Chevy better. It is a matter of personal taste. I also do not like the painted bumper on the Sierra as it would get eaten up by the bugs down here! If I hadn't got the Chevy it would have been the sierra! Like he said we are all GM truck fans!
  • tungletungle Posts: 56
    Hi Guys,
    I only had about 150 miles on mine, but I really
    love it. Powerful but comfortable and smooth.

    But I do have a problem; I hate people pushing
    me from behind because I'm trying to break in
    my truck properly (not more than 60mph).

    Wish all those who are waiting get their trucks
    soon and enjoy it like I am.
  • quadrunner500quadrunner500 Posts: 2,728
    You need an extended hitch with two inch ball sticking out of that receiver to ward off those tailgating Neons.
  • ckobashckobash Posts: 48
    Tung, I agree w/quad , it would also be a good time to test those disc brakes and crumple a few hoods.
  • ckobashckobash Posts: 48
    Tung, glad to hear your having fun w/your truck. Still waiting on mine built on 3/22 and turned over to transport co. same day. Highlight of my day is coming home from work and cking phone answering machine and hopefully getting a message saying my truck has arrived.
    g8tr: i guess we can forgive you now that you have seen the light;)
  • nowickslnowicksl Posts: 20
    19.6mpg. on one tank of gas. 18.03 overall average on a holiday trip of 1000miles with my 99 5.3 4wd 3.73 gear Sierra starting with 800 miles. Smoote and comfortable, can't see why with a tonneay I can't get 20mpg. Unheard of with a gas engine?
  • I'm just browsing here to see how you guys and gals like the new sierra. I have just checked out and looked at the pictures of the new 2000 Yukon (at the NY auto show).

    I'm looking to buy one of the Yukons when it comes out and since it is based on the new sierra, I am interested in how you guys are liking your purchases. It sounds like I can't go wrong!

    I am curious about the 4x4 vs 4x2 ride. Did anyone do any comparison?

    I currently have a 1992 4x4 explorer and am getting less and less thrilled with the ride and have only had it in 4x4 4 times since I bought it new! (I just feel like I'm buying a big station wagon if I get a 4x2 though).
  • tungletungle Posts: 56
    Guys (for those who have not), take a look at topic #624 (GMC 99 trans vibration) and check on your truck and let us know. I called my dealer and
    will bring it in next Monday for them to take a look. I also mentioned that a lot of us noticed this problem. I will probably not let them to tear off my trans until they call and check with GM about the problem.
  • ckobashckobash Posts: 48
    Tung: you have the trans vibration or just going in to see if you do? I hope this is not a major problem Good luck
  • tungletungle Posts: 56
    I do have it. Even though it's not severe and
    as described before, it would go away passing 40mph. I just a bit concerned about the health
    of the trans. I have a habit of listening to my
    vehicles while driving just to early detect
    some problems. I'll let you guys know what the
    dealer says about this vibration.

    Talked to a friend at work who has owned
    a few vehicles, and he said that usually auto
    trans has light vibr at some synchronizer lock-up
    speed (if I remembered correctly) which could be
    at 40 mph on this vehicle. According to him, it is
  • tungletungle Posts: 56
    Filled the first tank Sat. night. Too few miles to
    report mileage, but just a note after 368 miles: average of 16.5 mpg; 60% highway at 55-60mph; 40% city. (I have 4.8L, 3.73 rear, ext. cab)

    Had fold-a-cover and Rhino's liners installed.
    Love the look and feel. Looks cool. Fold-a-cover
    is pretty sturdy but light in weight.

    Stopped by dealer this morning for the trans check-up. He said it's probably normal due to the
    torque converter lockup. I am still keeping an
    eye on the problem.

  • RoitanRoitan Posts: 6
    I placed my order yesterday (4-13-99). The stats are as follows:

    - SLE extended cab
    - Z-71
    - Towing Package
    - 3.73 Rear Axle
    - 5.3 L engine
    - 265 OBW tires
    - Black with Graphite Cloth
    - Limited Slip rear
    - Machined Cast Wheels

    I live in Albuquerque and couldn't even find a dealer to get as low as $1000 over invoice for an order. I ended up ordering from a small dealership in Oklahoma. I figure it gives me an excuse to go back and see some family.

    The wait begins.
  • alchavezalchavez Posts: 28

    I live in Albuquerque too and am interested to know which dealerships you tried and what was the best price each would do. I do know that the Westside GMC dealership retains a sales-staff of compulsive liers because I got a different salesman to tell me an outrageous lie each of the three times I visited them.

    Lie #1) "Oh.. we won't be getting the new Sierra for six more months." (They had them on the lot within the week.)

    Lie #2) "Oh.. you can't replace the radio with an aftermarket one because it contains a computer that is an integral part of the truck's electronics. Besides, it will void your warranty." "Oh.. and did you know that you will have to call a tow truck and have it towed to the dealership if your battery ever dies because the computer has to be reset in order for the truck to start."

    Lie #3) "Oh..Gm will never make a fourth door and never intended to because it makes the truck's structure too weak."

    Really makes you wonder if they really want you to buy a truck from them or not. I choose not.

    Sorry about the rant everyone, just had to get that off my chest.

  • RoitanRoitan Posts: 6

    I pretty much experienced the same thing as you with the Westside GMC dealership. I also checked out Reliable, Casa, Beverly Luna, and Viva Motors in Socorro. After getting down to not even 1,000 over invoice for an order I decided that I was going to go to Okalhoma and pay $300 over invoice.

    It seems like someone in one of these Chevy or GMC discussions said that they talked to someone in the Denver area that would order one for invoice. If that someone reads this please post the Dealer name and number as I am sure there are some poeple that could send them some business.

    Roi Tan
  • alchavezalchavez Posts: 28
    Thank you Roi Tan.

    I have a brother-in-law who works at Quality GMC and I'm counting on him to get me a good deal. However, I think I'll wait for the 2000's to see about that fourth door.

    Keep us up to date on your truck-ordering experience will ya?

  • dkwhitlodkwhitlo Posts: 5
    Alchavez and Roi Tan,
    You guys hang in there, and keep looking because
    there are dealers that will sell for 200 under invoice. Because of dealer holdbacks (typically 3%on gm vehicles) they will still be making $550 on a $25,000 dollar truck. I live in Huntsville, AL
    and found two dealers who would give me this deal.
    I am still waiting on mine that was orderd on 2/25/99.
  • ckobashckobash Posts: 48
    Hi everyone
    Just got a delivery date of 4/20 hope it's true, can't wait till i get mine and can write about it. keep post coming on how the truck handles not everyone got theirs and it's reassuring to read how you like your trucks, hell might be the highlight of my day ;)
  • ckobashckobash Posts: 48
    Hello everyone, hope everyone got their taxes done.
    My truck came in today and went down to ck it out supposed to be here4/20 but got here early and caught me off guard have to do some paper work hopefully i get it by saturday.
    Jus to refresh everyone memory slt 1500, 5.3,tow package, indigo blue ,pewter interior
  • I tried for weeks to get straight info out of the GMC dealers here in Phoenix with no luck...said I would have to pay at least retail and wait 14-16 weeks IF they could even get what I wanted. Went home to Maine for my mother's funeral and ended up buying a 6.0, 4WD, LB, EXT CAB, 3.73, Towing Package, etc. right off the transport truck for just $500 over... no waiting...they put in the sliding rear window and extra battery options I wanted at cost...go figure... the dealer told me that GMC sells more GMCs in Maine than in any other individual state... hard to believe...but he HAD the truck I wanted when no one else seemed to... After 4500 miles NO problems...12-14 MPG around town... 9-12 MPG miles towing...
  • kilgorekilgore Posts: 2
    We picked up my wife's Sierra SL 4/14 after about a 10 week wait. Ordered the base model short bed with A/C, Auto and cassette only. Fit and finish look good. We paid $354 over invoice in Charleston, SC. I shopped the other dealer in the area and telephoned 3 others within 60 miles. That was the best deal I could find. Originally she wanted an F-150 but the seats were uncomfortable for her because she is short, so went to GMC. Hers was built in Indiana during the week of 3/22. Hers has General tires and I wish it had Goodyears. The 6 cylinder is peppy enough for her to commute with. She will use it primarily as a passenger vehicle. She ordered an aftermarket A.R.E. hard bedcover which was $679 with the website $20 coupon.
  • tungletungle Posts: 56
    Congrats!!! Pick up your truck, drive it and
    tell us how you love it! So far, I love every
    mile I put on my truck.
  • ckobashckobash Posts: 48
    Thanks tung
    Got my paperwork in today, the credit union has to cut a ck to the dealor in ohio then he sends the title to the local dealer here(Hawaii)Hopefully by early next week i can take it, so far i've seen it, worse then going to a strip bar (see but don't touch ;) ) but i guess a few more days won't kill me
  • quadrunner500quadrunner500 Posts: 2,728
    That Sierra is nice, but you can't go to the party unless you wear the Chevy Bowtie!
  • ckobashckobash Posts: 48
    Hankt1: I agree w/dave, great choice
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