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Nissan Armada



  • I was interested in your outcome from the lemon law. And what kinds of problems were you experiencing.
  • hapakathapakat Posts: 10
    I had problems with the brakes going warning. I don't think they ever mailed out recall notices for this problem because I never received one! I leased my car so I don't know what I can do to get rid of it...I think I have one more year left. I took my car in four times. I hate to even drive far because I never know when it's going to go out again. It's a pain in the butt. I also hate the rattling in the car. My husband hates driving my car because of it. I'll never get a Nissan again because of this! I have never dealt with calling someone regarding the lemon law but would love to hear from someone who has~
  • rshershe Posts: 236
    Nissan Announces New FFV Model at NEVC Meeting

    Jefferson City , MO – During the just concluded Summer Meeting of the National Ethanol Vehicle Coalition (NEVC), Harland Reid, Senior Director of Government Affairs of Nissan North America, Inc., announced that the Nissan Armada will be produced as an E85 compatible vehicle in 2007. The vehicle will be manufactured at Nissan’s Canton, Mississippi plant.

    “Yes, the Armada will be the newest of Nissan’s E85 compatible line for 2007,” stated Reid.

    Nissan began offering the 5.6 liter Titan truck as a flexible fuel vehicle (FFV) in 2005. The company plans on producing approximately 55,000 flexible fuel Titans this year and plans to produce about 20,000 FFV Armadas in model year 2007. The 2007 E85 full-size SUV Armada will have a 5.6 liter V8 engine, offer three-row, eight-passenger seating and up to 9,100-pound maximum towing capacity. Both the Titan and Armada will be available in North Central, South Central, South East, and Mid-Atlantic regions where there are the highest concentrations of E85 stations.

    Nissan is also the newest automaker to join the NEVC and Reid was named as a member of the NEVC’s Board of Directors at the recent meeting. General Motors, Ford Motor Company, and DaimlerChrysler are also members of the NEVC and serve on its Board of Directors.

    “We are excited to see Nissan add the Armada to the growing list of automobiles and light trucks that are being manufactured to operate on 85 percent ethanol,” stated Phil Lampert, Executive Director of the NEVC. “The NEVC has been the nation’s leading advocate of the production of FFVs and development of E85 fueling infrastructure and we believe that the market incentives provided to automakers to produce such vehicles are working. The recent announcement by GM, Ford, and DaimlerChrysler committing to double production of FFVs clearly demonstrates the commitment and investments that automakers have made in regard to production of E85 capable vehicles. We applaud Nissan for this announcement and look forward to working with their management and staff to promote this exceptional vehicle.”

    Reid also praised U.S. Senator Thad Cochran for his leadership as Chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee in the Senate’s approval of $213 million in new federal funding for research and development of renewable fuels. “Nissan shares Senator Cochran’s commitment to achieving the tremendous environmental and energy security benefits that result from increased use of renewable fuel in flexible fuel vehicles,“ Reid added.

    Senator Cochran was pleased to learn of Nissan’s plans to produce the E85 capable Armada at its Canton, Mississippi plant. “We have been working hard in the Senate to provide funding and incentives for clean, renewable transportation fuels that lessen our dependence on foreign oil. I appreciate Nissan’s decision to expand its production of flexible fuel vehicles in Canton, Mississippi through the introduction of the FFV Armada,“ said Cochran. The E85 capable Nissan Titan is also produced at the Canton plant.

    A complete listing of all E85 compatible vehicles and E85 fueling stations can be found at

  • chazmanchazman Posts: 3
    I would like to know reading about all these brake issues if any body buying the new 06's are having these same problems.
  • autoboy16autoboy16 Posts: 992
    :mad: I'm shocked that you didn't mention the armadas 317 hp and 395lb gt of torque (same as titan) for 2007! :mad: I read that last week but the link was removed so i can't post it. I think E85 is a waste. Nissan should introduce a diesel Armada and Titan. Add ULSD to the mix and it'll be great.

    For the Acronymicly challenged like myself, Ulsd is

    and only has 5-15% sulfer. Thats great when told the old diesel had 95% sulfer. Now you'll see waaaay less black smoke coming from it. I think a diesel version of the Armada/Qx56, Titan, Fx 35/45, Q45, Pathfinder and M35/45 would be a great idea seeing its only 4 engines(5.6v8, 4.5v8, 4.0v6, and 3.5 v6). :) :shades:

    -Cj :shades:
  • rshershe Posts: 236
    I am looking to get the extended warranty on my 04 before the factory warranty expires.. Does anyone have any recommendations?
  • hapakathapakat Posts: 10
    I called Nissan Consumer Affairs to complain about the brakes. My brake warranty expires in October so I told them that I'm tired of taking my '04 Armada in for a "band aid" fix. They are going to call me next week to let me know what they are going to do. I'm going on my 5th brake job and I only have 27,000 miles on it.....
    Call them at 800-647-7261. See what they can do!!!
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    You may find Extended Warranties helpful.

    tidester, host
  • aggiedogaggiedog Posts: 238
    I took my 05 LE out on the beach at Assateague Island MD this week. It performed well (i.e. I didn't get stuck :) ). There were a few Titans out and one other Armada. Also lots of Chevys. My question for you off-roaders. I kept mine in 4 wheel drive high, which the manual says is fine for sand. Anyone with experience have other recommendations? I'll certainly be going back before my yearly pass expires.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Did you air down your tires at all? That helps on some (most?) beaches.
  • aggiedogaggiedog Posts: 238
    Yes. Park Rangers recommended 15 psi but the regulars said anything between 15 and 20 would be ok which is where I had mine, 17 to be specific.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Now all you have to do is watch the tides:

    mac24, "Land Rover LR3" #3746, 12 Jul 2006 11:23 am

  • hapakathapakat Posts: 10
    Just be careful. I've had my '04 Armada in the shop for brakes 5 times. I have less than 28,000 miles on it! It's been in the shop three times this year (it's there now!). It went in the shop in January, then May and now August. The first time it went out on me was at 18,000 miles but I hear 15,000 is pretty much when they start going out. My brother in law has a Titan...he's going on 3 times for his brakes!! The brakes will grind and the steering wheel will shake hard! I don't drive long distance because I don't know when it will go out.
  • rshershe Posts: 236
    Good to see another Armada out on Assateague... I go there all the time.. Will be there again in a couple of weeks. The only other thing I can add is, I turn off the VDS switch, to keep the the brakes from chattering.. I find it really isn't that helpful in deep sand and the noise gets annoying.

    If you are going to go there a lot, get the power deflators.. They are a godsend. You just install them on all 4 tires in they will stop at a preset PSI... I usually run around 18-20..

    I get out there early on the weekends and set up camp.. Screen enclosure (for flies and sun) , portable outhouse (I have 3 small kids) from Sportsman guide. I have been going there for several years and I love it...
  • aggiedogaggiedog Posts: 238
    I had my first brake fix at about 8,900 miles. They supposedly put on the permanent fix then but I was back at 15k for the real fix. Currently at 34k with no brake issues. My only other issue is the ticks and noises coming from the roof. I can usually push up on the area of the noise and it will go away for a while. No other issues at all.
  • aggiedogaggiedog Posts: 238
    Thanks for the tip on the power deflators and VDS. I'll be getting those deflators real soon. I think we'll be regulars too. My wife and kids wanted to stay all day and all we had was water and chips. We went down for a stay at Ocean City and they all wished we would have gone to Assateague first. We went down toward the Virginia end and the first thing we noticed was how many people had those huge screen enclosures. They are currently having a Campore right now. They have a mini city on the beach. Really cool. Horses on the beach during high tide is also an interesting site. We just stumbled on the off-road part. We went initially just to see the wild horses. I'm glad we found it.
  • rshershe Posts: 236
    Funny part I have to admit I have never been down that far.. I usually get about a mile of so down and the wife and kids are screaming for me to park already...I got my deflators at performance products. It is mainly a Toyota site, but has a lot of good offroad stuff.

    Stop by and say hello.. Mine is the Dark Gray Armada with the Yakima Mega Warrior Rack on the top and trailer rack on the back.

    Also, don't go to the picnic areas to eat your lunch. The horses hang out there and literally jump you when you put the food out. I saw them clean a family's entire picnic in under 2 minutes. Potato chips and all. LOL...
  • aggiedogaggiedog Posts: 238
    Now that's funny LOL! The only reason we went down as far as we did is because that was our first time out and we didn't want to turn around and get stuck. So we just kept going. Then I saw others turning around so I knew I wouldn't have any issues. Not sure when we're going back but I'll certainly stop by if I see your truck.
  • rshershe Posts: 236
    Got rear ended this AM by a Denali... The Armada held up pretty well considering he was going 25MPH and I was stopped...Bent the bumper and hitch under the truck and tweaked the frame, as all 4 doors scrape when they open now... Should be interesting to see what the insurance adjuster says...
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Bummer. :sick:
  • That messed up, I don't think the quality of material on the Armada is made to withstand any type of impact. My spouse ran into the side of my truck with the riding lawn mower and it made a little dent for me $700. I didn't want to go through insurance you know it would have went up. :mad:
  • :confuse: Does anyone know if the problem still persists. I see some people on here say that they still have problems with their 04's and 05's. Does anyone know if the 06 is affected? By all this, I might just opt for the new Chevrolet Tahoe. :confuse:
  • I heard that the '06 is just starting to have the same problems. I would stay away from the Nissan altogether!!!
  • I have a 2006 Armada SE, and I am currently at 8500 miles. Except for occasional squeaks from the dashboard, I have not experienced any problems at all. I love this vehicle because of the interior and exterior styling. Lot of interior space... especially with the second row leg space. It also handles well. I have not yet used it in winter, and so cannot comment on winter handling.

    I have not experienced any brake problems yet. I am surprised to notice that even after 8500 miles there's no brake dust at all...the wheels seem to be extremely clean just with occasional regular car washes. The mileage as expected...13/19 without running the air conditioner.
  • You'll have brake problems at some point. I read about some people having them as early as 3,000-5,000 miles. Mine started at 18,000 miles and it happened without any warning. Your steering wheel will shake really hard and the brakes will grind metal to metal!!! It can be pretty scary. When it happened to me, I had never heard about this problem so I wasn't expecting any problems...then I drove it to the dealer and there were over 70 cars waiting for brake parts that were on back order. I have tons of squeaks also. Keep an eye on the alignment. My car constantly veers to the right and it wears the inside of your tires. Even after getting the cars alignment done, it will still do it. It's another defect! I can't wait to get rid of the car. If you start having problems, keep track of the paperwork. It's considered a lemon if you take it to the dealer for the same issues more than two to three times! Then contact the Better Business Bureau to deal with the lemon law issue. You'll end up going to arbitration court and dealing with the issues you have. That's what I did....they are finally buying my car back from me! If you go to a lemon law attorney, you'll have to wait a long time to go to court! People don't realize this!!! With the BBB, you don't pay any out of pocket expenses!!!
  • From 8500 miles I have driven my 2006 Armada, it seems the vehicle is well built. If I remember correctly, Armada was introduced in 2003. So, Nissan had almost three years to iron out all the issues with Armada. If Nissan is not able to fix all the issues including brakes within three years, I think no one will trust Nissan any more. What ever experiences I had with 8500 miles has been really good and I love the vehicle overall.

    Recently I was responding to J D Power survey on new vehicles, I didn't have any thing negative about Armada other than the occasional squeaks from the dashboard on bad roads. Also, looking at the recalls and TSB's, there are no any recalls for Armada, and no any major TSB's. I am still very positive about Nissan took care of all the Armada issues in the 2006 model.

    I will keep posting on my experiences as I put more miles on my fun to drive Armada.
  • I think I know the best way for nissan to fix the brake problem!

    The Armadas since introduction have used only disk brakes. BIG MISTAKE on nissans part. The armada should have vented(ventilated) disk brakes front and rear. That should fix the brake problem and thus achieve shorter stopping distances!

    The only acception to this rule is the smaller Suzuki Grand Vitara that has disks in the front and drums in the rear. Thats OK since it is much, Much, MUCH smaller than the Armada.

    Just my .02¢

    -Cj :)
  • rshershe Posts: 236
    Just an update... The bodyshop called and we just hit the $10K mark in repairs.. The frame was so badly damaged they are going to replace the entire ladder frame of the Armada...The body shop guy told me that the entire body of the truck was pushed forward and will have to be taken off of the frame and re assembled. This should be interesting... Supposedly the guy in the Denali that hit me was going 25MPH.. Seems like a lot of damage for that low of a speed... I was told that part of the reason was that the bumper attaches directly to the frame...
  • brad701brad701 Posts: 20
    Hapakat, I don't see how you can so definitively tell Thomasn that he will have brake problems with his Armada at some point. While it's clear that there was a design issue with the early model years, there are plenty of Armada owners who have had no brake issues whatsoever, even going back to the 2004 models. My brother has an '05, and over the weekend we put new front pads on at 31K miles. This seems more than reasonable given that it's a heavy truck and he frequently tows a heavy boat (boat and trailer are about 7500 lbs.). He's never had any vibration problems, the pads were simply worn out as one might expect. The only issue he has has was that the driver's power window stopped working when the truck was a week old, and the dealer promptly replaced the motor. His only complaint is that the interior is spartan, and the truck overall is noisy compared to other full size SUV's. Based on his experience, my other brother bought an early '06 QX56 just about a year ago. He really piles up the miles as he is an outside salesman, and at 22K miles he has has no brake issues either. The only problem he ran into was the check engine light coming on. The dealer did fix it although it took two visits for them to get it right. He loves the truck although his recent gas bills have been a killer.
  • I agree with Brad. I have an early '06 with 19,500 miles, and while the truck has not been completely problem free, I've experienced no issues with the brakes. Before I bought mine I did hear about the roof and brake problems, but assumed they were a "first model year" type issues as two of my friends both have '05's and have not experienced either problem. Two of my co-workers bought '06's after me, and I checked with both of them, neither has experinced any brake or vibration issues. One has 14000 miles, the other 9000. Sounds to me like the early Armadas did have some teething issues, but they have been worked out for the most part, although it sounds like they are not quite as problem free as I've experienced with Japaanese cars in the past.
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