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Acura TSX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • g4orceg4orce Posts: 1
    edited July 2011
    Hi, I am in SF Bay area -- visited 2 Acura dealers and asked them for their best possible price as I was ready to go, and wanted the 0.9% financing offer. There will likely be a difference - confirm this is their best offer, and confirm whether the price applies to ext/int color you want, what availability is. (Dealers may charge a processing fee to get the car from another dealer. But everything is negotiable. Watch the add-ons) Shoot to get as close to dealer COST price as possible.. Usnews/ TrueCar says TSX tech it is $30,700. Note this is not Dealer Invoice which is higher. Says Nationally price paid is around $31,600 but shows local prices too. Due to low inventory, you will have to pay above dealer invoice. For a well appointed entry luxury-sports car it is still good price. Good luck!
  • bigmouth1bigmouth1 Posts: 6
    Didn't buy a wagon, but Ticher Acura in Ft. Meade, MD quoted me a 2011 TSX base for $28,360. That's the best one I got so far...
  • newco21newco21 Posts: 1
    If you need some good advice on how to negotiate with the dealer check out this Car Buying Guide
  • hai509hai509 Posts: 1

    I am new to this site. Yesterday I went to see Acura and infinity Dealer.

    1- 2011 Acura TSX with tech package 4cyl include Tax/MV/Reg fee for $36000
    2- 2011 Infinity G25x with sunroof V6 include Tax/MV/Reg fee for $35800

    My question is which one is the better deal because I was mostly prefered to buy an Acura TSX 2011 so now I got a little confuse about these two i term of better deals.Also, all Acura dealer hold on their prices because of what happended in Japan they don't really want to do much in term of price.The infinity G25X at the begining was $39560 W/O Nav/sunroof ended up to $35800 but the Acura was held at $36000 for tech 4 cyl.Any advice is greatly appreciate.

    Thanks in advance!
  • acura203acura203 Posts: 2
    Top this deal!

    Picked up a brand new 2010 TSX V6 with Tech Package, Black/Black, for $31,450 which included destination cost. Dealer also included the Acura all season mats. Window sticker on the car is $38,760. I am curious to hear if anyone else has even come close to such a good deal. Car was brand new with 55 miles, not a loaner/demo, etc. I bought the car from Paragon Acura in New York. There are not too many 2010 V6's left in the New England area, but if you can find one, there are greats deals out there. I also found a finance rate of 1.9% using Navy Federal Credit Union. I believe Acura's best rate was 3.9% (The 2010's do not currently qualify for the .09% financing).

    Absolutely love the car. Very, very quick. You will not be disappointed buying this car.
  • areyes1010areyes1010 Posts: 19
    I just leased a 2011 TSX w/ navigation for $31,700, nothing down, including destination. However it did not include bank fee, first month, and motor vehicle. May I suggest you back out tax, mv/reg fee and see what your actual sales price is. Then you can compare it to mine which was very good. This is my second TSX and I just purchased a 2010 for my son last fall. We are very happy with Acura and this model.
  • I was just quoted 269/mo +tax with 3600 due at signing on a 2011 TSX base. Sale price is 29000. Is this a good deal? The dealer doesnt seem very willing to negotiate but I can always go elsewhere.

  • bigmouth1bigmouth1 Posts: 6
    Hey Redhawk, depending on where you are, I'm the DC/MD/VA area, and I got quoted $28k solid for a 2011 TSX base v4. they're right now unwilling to bring any acura price down... good luck. i hear try the end of the month.
  • biker4biker4 Posts: 746
    Long term, the TSX will cost you less. The initial price will come down once production gets back to normal next month. Otherwise, it is simply your choice in terms of drive and features.
  • abccabcc Posts: 10
    Getting on at invoice price, thinking to wait for Aug-Sept to get better deal when supply returns to normal.
    Or thinking to wait a little more and go for 2012 TSX-Wagon. Any idea when does normally next year model out for sale ?
  • Can you email me the name of the dealership?
  • I saw online that the invoice price is 30477. Im in southern california LA area. Anyone know of any dealerships that i could possibly get it for invoice or lower? i would pay more if i get maybe maintanence agreement and some accessories. i got quoted 31969 from southbay acura so far but seems a little high compared to what people of getting on here. Any help would be greatly appreciated. thank you@!!
  • biker4biker4 Posts: 746
    MY changeover for the TSX is usually around November.
  • ncleo08ncleo08 Posts: 2 helped a lot in our recent car buying decision. After three weeks of driving cars and weighing options, we pulled the trigger on an '09 TSX Tech yesterday. So time to give back to any potential certified buyers out there. So here is the scoop from NC:

    2009 Certified Pre-owned TSX Auto w/ Tech Package (Fully Loaded)
    Palladium (Silver) Exterior / Taupe Interior
    31,700 miles, Very clean ext./int., local car with clean carfax, dealer installed: new kuhmo tires, new brakes and of course full service/detail.
    Negotiated installation of splash guards and trunk tray before we took delivery.
    And now the important part: Paid $25,700 (sales price) + $771 (tax) + $398 (doc.) + $69 (tag)
    For a grand total of: $26,938 out-the-door
    Now, I should add we originally went to the dealer to drive a used IS-250 and the wife drove the TSX by my suggestion and loved it. So we walked away to think about it. Four to Five days later we returned, drove the car again and took some time to look it over. Walked out with the number of $26,500 plus tax/doc./tag and a "we will think about it." Returned 4 days later and spent about an hour in negotiation to arrive at the deal.

    Hope this helps with any buyers considering a CPO TSX. I think we made out OK when it was all said and done (TMV: Retail - $26,155 / CPO Retail - $27,992). Feel free to weigh in; just don't make me feel too bad. Good Luck!
  • biker4biker4 Posts: 746
    Getting confirmation of a good deal after the fact is not very usefull - be glad that you, and more importantly, the wife, found a car you like.

    Relatively speaking getting a CPO is rarely a good deal on a TSX compared to private party or new. Even the CPO process itself is a waste of money on a car as reliable as the TSX (especially at low miles). Used car prices are high at the moment but will go down once new stock improves.

    As a reference, when I got my 06 (NAV) in the fall of 09, CPOs like mine (20K miles) were in the 23-25K range - I bought it private party for 18,600.
  • solonorsolonor Posts: 1
    I'm shopping around for my first Acura. I'm looking for a new 4-cylinder 2011 TSX Tech. There seems to be a shortage of these cars due to the earthquake as the three dealers around here do not have many of them to sell and are not willing to negotiate that much.

    The best quote I've got on a silver/ebony is 33k ($500 less than MSRP). This car already has the body moldings package installed (I don't want it but have no choice, dealer says it's $350). What do you think I should do? Should I pull the trigger or wait for a better offer may be later this year?

  • biker4biker4 Posts: 746
    If you can, wait. When supply is ample, the TSX sells at just above invoice in the bigger markets. The MY12 cars are likely to show up in Nov - late Oct might be a good time to pick up a '11 model.
  • ncleo08ncleo08 Posts: 2
    Yes, this is very true. I will say to all pre-owned buyers that the longer you can wait the better. Regretfully, we needed a car ASAP. I am not a "CPO" fan by no means! However, in our area a used new body TSX from Private Party is rare. What is even more rare is one that has the right color, tech pkg and so on.

    There are plenty of '09-'10 lease turn-ins out there that become CPO vehicles. Since there were 5 matches accessible to us it allowed us to play that card when we were at the dealer. So if you want a CPO car, know there are plenty to choose from. Some are not well driven (because they are lease vehicles) so make sure you check for scratches/dents in person.

    Final word from our experience is that most of these CPO cars will sale for around the same thing. It is just a matter of who will go that few extra hundred off and your patience of course. If you get lucky and find that private party selling their 2 year old car and it checks out, jump on it.
  • Lowest quote for brand new TSX with tech around $28xxx (does not include any of the fees). Out the door $31xxx.
    Dealer refuses to provide quote in writing. Asking for $1000 deposit to hold the car (they don't have the one I want on their lot. getting one from a nearby dealer) I suspect they are playing the low-balling game with me. If not, is this is really good price?
  • biker4biker4 Posts: 746
    The real final price won't be revealed until you start the sales paperwork. That is a great price but you need to watch the fees - are they legit or just profit? Look up that model on to see how good a deal it is. Make sure the deposit is refundable if the car you get is not what is spelled out in the contract.
  • happy9zhappy9z Posts: 4
    edited September 2011
    What fees will they charge beside the final price of acura tsx i4 with tech package 2011?
    How about the 2010 model? will these fees are the same with 2011 model?
    How much are for the fees?
    I live in Southern California.
  • ken117ken117 Posts: 249
    The real price won't be revealed until the sales paperwork is started? Wrong! I have never bought a car without knowing the final price, that is the price of the car and all dealer and legal fees and taxes, and I have bought vehicles for forty years. All dealer fees are mostly profit for the dealer and are negotiable down to zero. For example, it does not take hundreds of dollars for a dealer to process the sale. I have never purchased a vehicle where the salesperson was not capable of discussing the legal costs (e.g., sales tax, registration) as well. If a sales person won't discuss, he or she is simply working the system which is never for the benefit of the buyer. Demanding to know the approximate full price before working with the dealer's finance people assures the finance people will not be able to pull any thing. Anyone who enters a dealer finance office without this information is a fool waiting to be duped.
  • While asking quote from dealers I came to know that if I've to order a wagon, it will be 2012 model. Does anyone know what changes do 2012 model is bringing in?

    In the quotes, the dealers are sticking to the MSRP with a lot prices on the accessories.
    If someone orders a car with required accessories, will it be built in factory by the manufacturer ? or one has to deal with dealers with the excessive prices?

    Does one have any other option(s) to get a good and fair deal?
  • biker4biker4 Posts: 746
    Wait till xmas - that's when prices usually dip on luxury makers. It depends on the accessory but most of them are dealer installed. Get the accessory online and have an independent shop install them to save some money.
  • Christmas usually brings special APR deals with Acura. Pricing really depends on supply and demand. The TSX wagon has been slowly produced and thus selling at or close to MSRP. We have been getting about 1-2 per month. They sell within a few days. Our first 2012 has just arrived and is waiting for our guest to finish paperwork at MSRP.
  • did you buy it yet? that's a good deal. What's your final pricing?
  • Looking for a TSX Wagon in Black or Graphite with Ebony, no Tech Pack. Not one at my local dealer, but two dealers, each about 2 hours away have the cars I want. First quote was for a 2011 Black on Black MSPR $31,825, dealer quoted $30,500. Problem is, the dealer admitted that the car suffered some hail damage in February, and was fixed at the dealership. Claims you cannot see the damage, as the car is now on the showroom floor. Since the price is around invoice, do I have any more negotiating room with the repaired hail damage? Thoughts? Thanks!
  • I'm shopping around now for the best price on this car. Currently getting price quotes from a number of dealers. What is a good price to get for this car? I'm thinking of asking for $30k out the door...won't likely happen but then again I did read a post that someone got this car for $27k out the door--which sounds too good to be true. Please help!
  • I'm about to buy this car, what price did you end up buying it at? Please let me know asap!!
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,042
    edited October 2011
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