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Lexus RX 330 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • At the end of last month, for $37,595.00 I bought a used demo RX 330 w/ less than 1800 miles. It came with a premium plus package. This was the best price we could get on it after mucho haggling. In view of the fact that a new 2006 RX 330 with the premium package is in the $42,000 - $43,000 range I am satisfied. I purchased a nearly brand new 2006 suv with very little mileage, not yet broken in. There was probably some room to negotiate for one of the new 2006 RX 330s because the dealor had the RX 350 models available and on the floor. But we concentrated our negotiations upon the used RX 330 that I eventually bought. Additionally, the dealor during the haggling threw in mats and a cargo net. BTW, the dealorship was Lexus of Manhattan in New York.
  • dmalldmall Posts: 1
    Planning to buy 2007 FWD RX 350 with Nav soon. I live in Texas and was wondering what is the lowest price anybody got from Dallas or Houston dealers. I would greatly appreciate a response.
  • I bought RX350 at Ray Catena for $41,850 AWD, premium package, nav, rear camera, tow package, etc. (Pretty much everything but the DVD player and the suspension option).

    I got the price over the phone after haggling with several dealers in NY and NJ. That being said, I paid cash so didn't have extra fees for leasing, etc. They were fabulous!
  • In DC area lowest we could negotiate for 2007 RX350 AWD was $42,200, with these packages:

    - FT 18" Aluminum Alloy Wheels
    - HH Heated seats with rain sensing wipers
    - NV Navigation System with rear Camera
    - PT Premium plus package
    - TO Tow package
    - C1 & WL, accessory

    Got a lease with money factor of .0027. We bought at Lexus of Silver Spring which was a good experience, straightforward and nice people.
  • Could you tell me what terms you got the lease for (i.e., 12k/15k 36mo/48mo). Also what residual value did they offer you. I was initially in the market to get the RX 330 AWD w/NAV, then thought of getting the RX 350 (after driving it) and now am close to finalizing a deal for the 400h w/Lexus of Silver Spring. I have to say after a terrible experience with Rockville the people at Silver Spring have been very upfront and honest. Thanks in advance.
  • Can I ask you what you think of it ? My research says it now has a six-cd player and trunk cover as standard equipment...therefore the real amount of the new price is around $500.

    Can I ask what you much over invoice ?

  • Please help - the EOM clock is ticking....Has anyone heard that you can get a 07 RX 350 with a MSRP of $42215 (Premium Plus, 18" Tires, Heated Seats and Wipers) for $38,000 plus Doc Fees,Tag and Tax. By my calculations it's $910 over invoice. Is that a good deal ?

    It's from an ATL dealer who works in the Internet department.

    Thanks in advance for any help in this deal.
  • nwtnwt Posts: 10
    Do most people keep the standard wheels or pay for the upgrade to 18" wheels? Thoughts?
  • wbtg, I dealt with the Internet Business Mgr. at Nalley on Hwy 41...very nice young lady. Very straightforward and direct--highly recommended. Our deal was on a 330 shortly before the 350s were to arrive but your figures on the 350 look very pretty aggressive--just ask! Tell her CoachRick says hello!
  • nwt, My search for a 330 earlier in the year showed 'zero' standard wheels available on in-stock vehicles--everything had the upgrade to 18". There might be some out there but I never saw any. Funny to see all these RXs out there with exactly the same wheels!
  • deymayordeymayor Posts: 13
    Just accepted an offer for an RX-350 AWD with NAV and Premium Plus package for $41,750 from Ray Catena Lexus. Excellent service all the way. I brought my wife and we test-drove both the 350 and the 400h and she preferred the 350. The stiff steering on the 400h from time to time did not appeal to her and she said it feld weird when the truck switches from battery to gas. for me, the price tag on the 400h is the deal-breaker ($46,000 for the same options.) Anyway, their internet sales manager was very patient with us despite the fact that we had to change color and options throughout the whole process. Ended up getting the Bamboo Pearl with Ivory interior. Highly recommended!!!
  • sjsharkiesjsharkie Posts: 9
    First new car in 13 years...felt I deserved it :)

    2007 RX350 AWD
    Flint Mica
    Grey Leather
    PT Premium Plus Pkg
    NV Navigation System
    FT 18" Aluminum Alloy Wheels
    HH Heated seats with rain sensing wipers
    TO Tow package
    C1 Cargo Mat
    WL Wheel Locks
    XM Satellite Radio (dealer installed option)

    $42,260 before TTL ($41,760 without XM option)

    Great experience, no pressure at Serramonte Lexus (Colma, CA). Sure helped to have all the prices posted on this board. Went in, took less than an hour to finalize the price. I ended up paying $500 for the XM option. Probably would have gotten cheaper if I went somewhere else and did it aftermarket, but didn't really want a non-dealer messing with the new car. (They told me $650 was their cost, but that seemed a bit steep).
  • seanh2oseanh2o Posts: 27
    I got the following quote. Is this good? My mother wants a ivory white. Is that the bamboo pearl or crystal white?

    RX350 FWD with
    Navigation System with Rear View Camera, Bluetooth, Voice Activation and Compass
    18" Aluminum Alloy Wheels with 235/55R18 Tires and Full Size Spare Tire
    Two-Level Heated Front Seats with Rain Sensing Wipers and Headlamp Washers
    Premium Plus Package includes leather trim interior, power tilt/telescoping steering wheel with memory, roof rack with rails, illuminated entry system, one-touch open/close moonroof and HID (High Intensity Discharge) headlamps with AFS (Adaptive Front lighting System).
    Cargo Mat
    Wheel Locks
    Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price (MSRP): $45,023.00

    CURRENT INTERNET SALES PRICE: $40,187.00 (From S. CA dealers)

    I also got another quote for 40128.

    Is this a go or no go?
  • Hi, I got the following quote:

    On a 2007 RX350 AWD

    - Nav System
    - Premium Plus
    - 18 inch alloy
    - Heated front seats + wipers
    - Towing prep package
    - cargo mat
    - wheel locks
    - 695 destination fee
    MSRP = 46,583
    Invoice ~ 40,800

    My first quote (waiting on 5 more) is 42,583

    What price should I aim for?

    Also, can someone explain to me the whole buying from a dealer from another state thing? the taxes work..and how the car actually gets to you?

  • turbodog3turbodog3 Posts: 8
    I just need you guys' opinion on Black RX330 CPO with 40k miles, Performance package, NAV, Dynamic cruise control, no RSES/Heated Seats. Dealer asking 34K. Good deal or bad deal? Houston area. Thanks.
  • lv350lv350 Posts: 2
    I also just purchased a 2007 RX-350 for my wife. The MSRP was $42,373. I paid $40,000 out of door in so cal. The car consists of:

    - FWD
    - Premium Plus Package
    - 18" Aluminum Alloy wheels with all season tires
    - Multi-stage Heated front seats w/ rain-sensor wipers & headlamp washers
    - Cargo mat
    - Wheel locks
    - silver exterior with black interior
  • livebaitlivebait Posts: 2
    I just picked up my RX350 AWD tonight from Coliseum Lexus of Oakland. They are a wonderful group of people to do business with. It was a quick, painless process with no pressure whatsoever. I met with a sales person on Saturday and test drove an RX. I said that I did not have my homework with me, but if we could come to an agreement on a price, I would committ to buying it from him. Yesterday, I gave him a figure of $41700 to beat and within an hour got back with me with a price of $41000 plus TTL.

    Thanks to all of you who posted on this site with the prices they paid. Without your help, I wouldn't have had a clue as to where to begin.

    2007 RX350 AWD

    Millennium Silver Metallic
    Black Leather Interior
    PT Premium Plus Pkg
    NV Navigation System
    FT 18" Aluminum Alloy Wheels
    HH Heated seats with rain sensing wipers
    TO Tow package
    C1 Cargo Mat
    WL Wheel Locks

    MSRP = 46,583
    Price paid before TTL = $41,000
  • neverestneverest Posts: 5
    For anyone who has access to the lease numbers for June, I would love to know based on 36mth/15K lease on a RX350 AWD w/ nav. I have been quoted the following figures from Prestige Lexus in NJ - not their dead final offer, but their second one:

    2007 RX350 AWD w/ nav:
    Cap - $41842
    Residual - 57%
    MF - 0.001550, or 0.000650 with 5175 MSD

    Do those figures seem right to people in the know? How, if any, will these figures change for June? I feel that the MF is fairly aggressive and am ready to buy, even though it's a month or so earlier than I had wanted to. I know the cap can be done better and if I can get the guy down to 41.5K even I'm in, but not sure what the next couple days may entail... I have not seen 41K figures from anywhere in the east coast quoted yet so I think I've been doing all right thus far.

    Thanks to anyone who can comment/help!
  • beemertimebeemertime Posts: 20
    Hi I received a quote from a dealership in CT on a 2007 RX 350 fully loaded with nav and etc

    MSRP 46524, offered me at 41,700. about 11% off.

    is this a good offer or should i ask for more?
  • lvn098lvn098 Posts: 26
    If this is AWD then I think it's good price, eventhough, some ppl have posted that they got the car for around 41.2k.
    I've tried to talk them to match the 41.2k, but all 3 Dealers here can't do it.
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