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Suzuki Verona



  • mm9351mm9351 Posts: 72
    Check out this link for a step by step procedure for removing / installing Verona door panels. Good luck.
  • Daewoo designed the car to use the ZF gear box. When GM took over that unit was replaced with a lower cost GM unit.
  • Suzuki is doing the right thing by discontinuing this car. It has really hurt their reputation
  • Does anyone know anything about the newest TSB that was issued on 9/8/06. It looks like it's for just about all Suzuki models from 1997-2007 model years.

    This is all the info I have from the pitstop site.

    09086 Pass-Thru Reprogramming Software Version
  • Verona runs a ZF 4hp16 automatic transmission (ZF is a german company), made by daweoo precision in Korea (under license). Not a GM transmission. Despite some clunky shifts it has so far performed flawlessly.
    Has anyone gone through the 30k maintenance? I'm going in next week (costs $375). They change all the fluids (coolant and transmission), fuel, air and cabin filters, plus new spark plugs, and they throw in a car rental for free!
  • I hate paying $2.40 for worthless information. This TSB is mainly for the dealer, and not the consumer. I would suggest you mention this if needing any service work done in regards to ECM and/or TCM. :sick:

    A new pass-thru reprogramming software version number, must be
    downloaded and installed prior to downloading and installing the database version
    2.006.0728 and any future database versions, unless notified of a change.
  • After several trips to a local dealer to fix various issues related to erratic idoling, surging, and transmission issues, I gave up and went to a different dealer. Their technicians isolated my problems to this 1) blocked throttle body (replace), 2) defective map sensor (replace), and 3) broken PCV valve(replace). After spending close to $600, now the car purrs like a kitten. Still thinking about dumping it though, but for now - it drives like it should. ;)
  • Hey, thanks for the link. But after looking over the texts, I decided not to take any further action in trying to replace the speakers myself. I'll just take it to a professional stereo shop and have them do all the work, including putting in a new stereo.

    Again, thanks for the link.
  • Why would you have to lay any money out of your pocket when your problems in my opinion seem to be warranty related.
  • Believe me, I asked twice if these items were covered under warranty, but was told they were not. I am in contact with Suzuki Customer service to see what action I can take.
  • Hey are you under 36,000 miles? if not good luck because i had the throttle body and map sensor replaced on mine at just over 40,000 miles when the engine light came on, and the dealer service department said tough luck, i had to pay. However; I got the labor free since I had so many problems with the car (I was one of the first in Illinois with the stalling at low speeds), that the district manager saw my name again getting a repair for the i think it was 8th time, and he helped me out a little. I finally dumped the car, with alot of negative equity and got into a demo 06 Grand Vitara, and is running great. Made in Japan by Suzuki, and not Korea by GM. After getting the new car, I called back to the dealer to see if they had sold the car, and they had. But then comes the kicker, it was returned the next day with the engine light on!!! Problem***Bad Oxygen Sensor**. So then I found out two weeks later that someone else bought it, and had it back in three days with a bad catalytic converter!!!(maybe some things to have a heads up on!!) That poor sap, I feel sorry for him, He kept the car. I wish him good luck on keeping it running efficently, it seems that GM really fu**** this one up good with this car.
  • I lucked out. I am getting reimbursed for my charges (with the help of the Suzuki Dist. Mgr). :)
  • I'm not sure myself if my above title is a pun. This car stalled out on me at 60 mph with an 18-wheeler trailing me on the freeway once. I am currently in a "Suzuki paid-for rental"....again. So far here are my list of garage work done during the first 3 months on a 2005: ECM reprogrammed, new O2 sensor, new ECM, new MAP sensor and today it is the throttle body. This my first post and I had a lot of time reading every fourth page or so from 2003 to today. The emotional level of posts over time could one day be a college student's thesis I saw the emotions go from: excitement before pre-launch :) , to new car purchase excitement :D , to a few new owners defending it against fewer owners with problems :( , to 50% satisfied owners arguing with 50% dissatified owners :mad: , to what we have now--people virtually "high five"ing each other over Suzuki buying back their disappointing product :shades: . My only question is how do I get them to buy back mine?
  • You don't happen to live in the Chicago Area do You Jpolwort? Just wanted to figure out if all district manangers were told to help out Verona owners, or if it the same DM that I have, His name is Roger Zack, a very nice guy.
  • Nope. I do live in southern Illinois, just outside of St. Louis. I would assume I'm part of that metropolitan region. I didn't receive an actual person's name.
  • My wife recently mentioned to me there was a noise in the drivers side door when she rolled the window up or down. I checked it out and she was right. It is an 04 EX model with power windows. I think all the models had power windows. Maybe not. Anyway, I checked it out and found that when the window reached the halfway point going down, there was a loud knock. Same thing happens when I roll it up. It works fine. It just knocks. Anyone else ever have this problem? I imagine the dealer will have to pull off the door panel and see what is happening.
  • My window also knocks halfway up and down, took it to the dealer today and they replaced the regulator..all is fine.
  • Thanks, Tony. I don't know what a regulator is but since I won't be able to get the car into the dealer for a couple weeks I guess we will have to live with the knock. I don't imagine we can make matters worse by using the window.
  • I own my 04 Ex 2yrs and 2 months and after having the transmition replaced at 7000 miles the car has been perfect[knock wood]. I was thinking of getting rid of it after reading all the complaints on this forum but the car runs so good I decided to get myself a new truck instead. The only problem I'm having right now is getting these rotten love bugs off the paint and windsheild. Come on is their nobody else thats having good luck with this car.
  • toymaker 1, I too am having good luck with my 04 Verona EX, bought 1/1/05 for 15k brand new. Buy a car on 1/1. Noone, and I mean NO one, is looking at cars. The salesmen look at you like you are mentally defective when you show up, but they can't sell free beer on 1/1.
    I just had my CEL come on for the first time at 25k miles, car running like a top. I find a dealer in PA (I live in OH), show up first thing Friday morning, they take it right in. Mechanic checks codes, checks the gas cap on a machine, tells me my engine needs new software, reflashes the engine, and I am gone. Car still runs like a top. I'm using synthetic oil, it doesn't use a drop, the leather looks like new, and so does the paint.
    If you want to stay in love with your car, DO NOT drive an 06 or 07 Hyundai Sonata. Especially the V6. My wife just bought one of these, and sad to say, it kicks the Verona to the curb. More size, more POWER, and better mileage. Oh well, 40 more payments of 247.00, and she's all mine!
  • carrinocarrino Posts: 42
    Hello all,
    Its been a long time since i have posted, but i wanted to let toymaker1 know that i love the verona. mine is a 2004 ex bought in dec 2003, and i have 48,100 miles on it. I do alot of traveling in my job, and i have no complaints at all. I did just have the throttle body replaced( at no cost to me), but other then that the car has been flawless. We have 3 suzuki's(2005 xl7(returned a 2002), a 2004 forenza and my verona. If suzuki was going to make a 2007 verona, i would lease one in a heartbeat, but it is not coming out till 2008, so i have to choose between a grand vitara or a audi a4. Audi will not take my verona back early but suzuki will, so i guess its the vitara even though i want a car and not a truck..
  • Why is Suzuki dropping the Verona in '07, and bringing it back in '08? I assumed it was dead in the water. Where's your source on that info? BTW: After getting my throttle body, map sensor, and PCV value fixed, mine too is running flawless - :) as of this writing...
  • I now have 13K plus miles on my 2004 LX Verona and the only problem I'm having is coping with all the negative reports on this site. It's scary! So far, the car is functioning perfectly.

    I took it to the dealer (Denver) last week for an oil change and any possible TSB updates. Though I bought it new in Dec. 2005, I learned that it was one of the early '04 production cars. It had the transmission TSB flashed previously while at the dealer before I purchased it, and that's it.

    While in service, I tried to get a Suzuki sales guy to open up about the car and any of the problems. He said he drives an '05 and has 30K miles on it with no problems and didn't offer any info whatsoever (understandable).

    I'm off on a sales trip to Utah this week looking forward to a comfortable trouble free experience :confuse:

    BTW, the only other Verona I've ever seen on the road or parked in the 10 months since I've owned the car was at the dealership last week.

    Lucky in Longmont, CO
  • guestguest Posts: 770
    I was told by my suzuki dealers owner that the verona is coming back in 2008.. to bad i need to turn mine in early due to mileage issues, or i would wait till then
  • guestguest Posts: 770
    I was told by my suzuki dealers owner that the verona is coming back in 2008.. to bad i need to turn mine in early due to mileage issues, or i would wait till then
  • I'm glad I drew out some happy owners this site was very depressing.
  • blkbobblkbob Posts: 36
    After reading a posting about 2008 Veronas I Googled it and I came across saying it is again going to be built at the Daewoo plant in Korea. Isn't this the same plant that Suzuki blasted for quality problems? In my humble opinion O2 sensors, MAP sensors, ECMs, transmissions and throttle-bodies being replaced at a high ratio on cars with less than 20k miles IS a quality problem. That being said I was wondering if Suzuki can turn that plant around being that GM now only owns a 3% stake in Suzuki instead of the 20% they once owned. I always felt that GM forced Suzuki to make the '04 Verona [everyone has to admit the only advertising you saw from Suzuki for this car was when you walked on the lot and saw it]. Hopefully Suzuki is now thinking that the 2008 version will be their baby and they can make it on their own terms. However, I can't find any confirmation that the 2008 version will be badged a "Verona".
  • I was told by the service manager when I got rid of my Verona that, they are redesigning the car with a new engine (japenese, not GMKorea), but that it will not be named the Verona due to the issues with the 04 model. the 05 and 06 models don't seem to have as many problems, but they need to rename the car to get themselves further away from the nightmare that is GM. The new Grand Vitara's (which I now own, and is running perfectly)sales are up 500% over last year, while the Verona Sales are down 48%. Right now the Forenza and the Vitara are Keeping Suzuki happy, and the new XL-7 and SX-4 Should bring in more buyers, and lets hope Suzuki can get that new midsized car rolling and people don't associate it with the "Verona".
  • Got my 04 Verona EX in Oct 03 while in Florida and now live in Alabama, and have had no problems to speak of. Have a bit of a problem with the idle pulsing when stopped with the A/C on sometimes. The biggest problem I have had is getting the proper oil -5W30- and the amount when having the oil changed at the dealer. Was told the 5W30 was for the cold climate. Two different dealers and I called Suzuki Customer service and they called the dealers and that got the proper oil. I guess the Suzuki dealers never look at the owners manual. I asked a Suzuki area rep how many qts of oil was required and he stated "until it is full", which I guess is an answer, but not specific. I have 20300 miles on the car now.
    Anyway, I still like the car and enjoy driving it, but will be a one time Suzuki owner.
  • Recommended quarts are 6.8. I actually had to fill up slightly over 7 one time.
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