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Lexus GS 300/GS 430



  • chrisg1chrisg1 Posts: 16
    I thought it looked fine but personally I prefer chrome wheels on my cars, adds that extra bit of sparkle to it. No other rim options other than chrome as far as I know.
  • mks4mks4 Posts: 6
    I ordered my GS300AWD a while ago, just came in, I got 18in tourmalines because the wheels that come standard just didnt sit well with me. I am wondering now however if getting 18in wheels is not smart for the AWD, if it will make the car less effective in the snow? Anybody else get the awd with the 18in wheels?
  • stern4stern4 Posts: 6
    I also have the 18" wheels but I opted for the spider wheels. I don't think Lexus would offer these wheels as an upgrade on the AWD if they were not effective in snow. Just be sure you have all season tires on the wheels.
  • azbuyerazbuyer Posts: 11
    What did they charge you for the spiders?
  • tinypoemtinypoem Posts: 26

    TOS here does not allow me to reference names. All the staff at Glendale Lexus was great. I first requested a quote thru their internet sales group.
  • idoc1idoc1 Posts: 2
    Don't know about the wheels but had an opportunity to drive my AWD in a snow storm. Got the first one on the lot here in New England and had a pretty good snow storm ie. .6" about three weeks ago. Had to try it. Took it out at 9:00 PM.. in the middle of the storm. Cannot tell you how impressed I was . My other car is a 2004 Pilot. With the "snow button" on, it was incredibly stable. Couldn't get it to slide when accelerating. Difficult to get the tack over 2000. God I love this car.
  • stern4stern4 Posts: 6
    I paid $500.00 off list which I believe the list is $2450.00. It was a dealer installed option, not original equipment from the factory. Otherwise I paid list price for the car, no discount but negotiated a great price for my trade in.

    The wheels are georgeous, makes a huge difference to the apperance of the car. The picture of the wheels in the catalog does not do the wheels any justice.
  • howardg1howardg1 Posts: 14
    Just about to purchase a GS-300 AWD. Would appreciate opinions from those that are lucky enough to already own this car:

    Anyone have experience with using regular gas in this car, or is that not worth trying and just stick with premium?

    Opinions on the standard sound system vs the ML would be appreciated. Trying to decide if the upgrade is worth it.
  • gs4lifegs4life Posts: 6

    Thanks for your info. I will contact them this weekend and hopefully everything will workout great for me. :)
  • azbuyerazbuyer Posts: 11
    My 430 is to be delivered in 2 to 3 weeks. Went with Flint/Black. Can't decide between stock 430 wheels dipped chrome or Spiders. Thought about aftermarket 19's but don't want to compromise the ride.

    Any opinions anyone?
  • bartalk3bartalk3 Posts: 692

    Why do you want AWD? $2,000 more expensive, 200 pounds heavier, lower gas mileage, slower acceleration. An alternative: Get RWD and snow tires in the winter.

    Regular not recommended, will hamper performance. Alternative: do what Andy Rooney of 60 minutes does: mix half 89 octane with half 93 octane and get a perfect blend of 91.

    Standard sound system is excellent; ML is even better. Is it worth an additional $2,000 to you? By the way, depending on where you live, you may have trouble getting the ML without the NAV, if that's the way you want to go.
  • lexusguylexusguy Posts: 6,419
    A set of those snow tires will set you back almost a grand if you get ones that are any good. Even if the car is RWD, you shouldnt "half mount" tires, I've done this in the past with pretty poor results. RWD with snow tires is not AWD. If you live in an area with lots of snow, I would still recommend AWD.

    Howardg1, you should never use regular in a car speced for premium. The engine will "deal" with the crappy gas by losing horsepower and your mpg will suffer. If you cant afford 15-20 cents a gallon, dont buy a car that needs 93, plain and simple.
  • billdavbilldav Posts: 18
    I'm using the Motorola V551 which was the first recommendation by dealer. The other was a Nokia. They told me there were some issues with the Blackberry so I passed on it.

    The V551 was easy to setup and works great. At my age, hearing is not as good as it used to be and I can hear conversations clearly.
  • loucopitsloucopits Posts: 103
    I stopped by the local Lexus dealer to check out the 2006 they had outside the showroom. On the passenger side back window there was a sticker to the effect that the tires might not last 20,000 miles. Any idea why? My wife's 2000 GS300 has 22,000 miles and the tires look like new.
  • bartalk3bartalk3 Posts: 692
    Why the sticker? Bigger tires, performance tires. And, I believe, Mercedes originated this sticker business, so Lexus decided to follow suit.
  • 00boxsters00boxsters Posts: 202
    Because, depending on the driving conditions, it is true. Performance tires are generally softer for better grip at the expense of wear. I got about 8,000 miles with Pirelli Pzero's. My wives RX330 needed the OEM Badyears changed at 18,000 miles. (I rotate my tires and check the pressures as appropriate, fyi.)

    Funny how this post made me recall how absurd it was that the then brand new Acura NSX was getting only 5K to 8K on its custom OEM Yoko's. I remember the dealer was explaining to me that was the only complaint from his customers.
  • lexusguylexusguy Posts: 6,419
    The old GS300 came with 16s standard, they werent super performance tires and had a higher sidewall, hence the longer life. The treadlife warning isnt new. The old Lexus GS400 and 430 with the optional 17s had a warning that said to expect a life of 15K miles or less.
  • dpjdpj Posts: 16
    Have been looking at the GS300 but the trunk space is a big problem for me. I am now looking seriously at the LS430 and am wondering if there are any recent prices paid or lease deals for the LS430 in the Southern California area? Sounds like Longo and Glendale Lexus are the two to pit against each other.

    The best I have seen on the GS300 w/ ML/Nav packages (the $50,209 MSRP version) is $47,995 from Lexus of Westminster. Lease rate of 0.0017 and with $2000 drive off $666+tax for 48 months w/ 15,000 miles/year based on same car and sell price.
  • lexusguylexusguy Posts: 6,419
    Keep in mind that a CPO '04 LS will have everything that the current car does.
  • mister8mister8 Posts: 5
    What is the residual value of the car on the lease?

    (GS300 w/ ML/Nav packages (the $50,209 MSRP version) is $47,995 from Lexus of Westminster. Lease rate of 0.0017 and with $2000 drive off $666+tax for 48 months w/ 15,000 miles/year based on same car and sell price. )

  • dpjdpj Posts: 16
    Residual is $21,589. Didn't do the calculations but assume the numbers will add up pretty close. Let me know what you think and if you have seen anything better.
  • florida1florida1 Posts: 42
    I believe its been suggested that it's possible to lease a 2005 LS for less than a 2005 GS430 comprably equiped--

    Does anyone have validation of this? Is it an overstatment or true? Thanks for the help-----
  • 00boxsters00boxsters Posts: 202
    I can validate that I leased a 2005LS for less than a 'comparably equipped' 2006 GS300awd. The GS300awd had a lower list price than the 2006 GS430 so I would presume the same claim may be made for the GS430. See my above posts over the past month.
  • mister8mister8 Posts: 5
    Using the payment calculator on this website, leasing is better by about $50/mo.
    (Buying vs.leasing)

    If you purchased and financed at 5% for 48 mo. with down payment of $21589 (lease residual value after 48 mo), the payment comes out to $715.88.

    I have not seen any resonable lease yet. This one might be best for now.
  • florida1florida1 Posts: 42

    Thanks for the replies guys--It's helpful in to me--

    I'm a real fan of the new GS and couldn't wait for it to come out etc---Have driven twice and still am fan. Additionally, I've never been interested in buying an LS---will likely buy a GS430--

    Until the Lexus sales rep suggested I test drive one, and I did.....Wow---it's with out question a step-up from the new GS----in just about every way. The interior blows the GS away and the performance kills the GS 300 and just about rivals the GS 430----

    Net Net--Given that atttractive leases can be had on 2005 LS 430, in fact less than GS 430's isn't it a no brainer? I understand the GS is a different car and sleeker etc--But the gap between the two cars seems considerable to me---I guess the stigma of the LS being for "older" people is something to consider---

  • hpowdershpowders Posts: 4,301
    I drove both about a month ago. The salesman was pitching the GS 430. Hard. Couldn't blame him. MSRP with a 15% spread above invoice. Turned off by the small sunroof and ridiculously small trunk. Not very roomy up front. My left leg was leaning against the door. Felt I had more room in my 325i.
    The LS 430 was very roomy, had good seats with seemingly unlimited adjustment possibilities, a normal sunroof, a roomy trunk and as much power as the GS 430. Its steering was much lighter but for such a big vehicle, I thought it handled okay.
    I'm sure I can get the LS for a cheaper lease than the GS.
    Forget the age thing. The Lexus salesman said many of the professional football players in the area own the LS. That's good enough for me.
    For me this is a no-brainer!
  • lexusguylexusguy Posts: 6,419
    If you can manage to find an LS430 with the "Eurosport" suspension, give one a try. I think you'll be surprised just how well this big car can handle with the right shoes.
  • drtraveldrtravel Posts: 395
    Like I mentioned in a previous post the biggest competitor to the GS will come from Lexus. The upcoming GS 460 will compete against the LS 460 - same engine, faily close handling but the LS is much more comfortable and practical - I would choose the LS in a heartbeat. The upcoming GS 350 will compete against the ES 350 - same engine, fairly close handling and styling but the ES will be more practical and affordable - need to actually drive the new ES before making any bold statements though.

    The GS just isn't sporty enough (or BMW like) to distinguish itself from the other Lexus products. This has plague the GS since it's inception - unfortunately Lexus stll hasn't addressed this issue. They were stupid to bring over the 300 engine (instead of the 350) and I think many of the advanced features found only in the GS 430 should have been in the 300 as well.

    Comparing current prices between the GS and LS is suspect. Wait until the normal discounts apply to the GS and then run the numbers. The GS will depreciate significantly for those who insist on buying it now at MSRP (or close to it). Just wait and see what happens to it's value when the new LS, ES and GS 350/460 arrive.
  • dpjdpj Posts: 16
    Any recent lease experiences for the GS300 or LS430? Looking for car sell price, residual, money factor for a 36 or 48 month lease and 15,000 miles.
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    I think you're making a far too sweeping statement about the GS not being sporty enough. There are a lot of drivers who needn't BMW amounts of road feel and precision but still appreciate crisp responses. And to this end, the GS provides in much better fashion than the LS, and especially the ES. The ES is a very non-sporting car and to presume that the next ES will handle similarly to this new GS is a *WILD* leap of faith, given the responses of the current generation ES that I drove last year.

    I feel that if the new GS was as soft as you claim, how would Car and Driver be able to remark "Despite the supple ride, there is discipline in the chassis. An adaptive damping system and keen steering help the Lexus hurry through the canyons at speeds most people would not attempt"? To me, that indicates that the dynamic capability is there, it just doesnt speak as loudly as it would in a 5-series, for example. And for what its worth, I dont feel that any ES would appear in the same breath as the phrase "hurry through the canyons".

    Finally, you are incredibly dramatic with respect to depreciation and value.

    Q: What happened to the ES300 depreciation when it became the ES330 in 2004? What happened to the GS300 when the ES became the ES330 in 2004?
    A: Nothing, from what I've observed. Why would it be any different this time around?

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