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2013 and earlier-Acura TL Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • jmcmannisjmcmannis Posts: 39
    I think the SH-AWD's are getting a little scarce but the base TL is plentiful. Although it depends on area.
  • cebtebcebteb Posts: 138
    No shortage of SH-AWDs in the metro-Denver area. at least a third of the large current inventory at all three dealers are SH-AWD. There do seem to be few FWD-No Tech units available. I guess with those having the lowest price, they go first in a bad economy.
  • cebtebcebteb Posts: 138
    Looks like in metro-Denver the only posted offers are just the same financing offers (3.9% for 25 to 60 months) they've had for months now. Nothing exciting as many HELOCs can currently borrow at that rate or lower and itemize the interest paid.

    Of course, nothing is posted regarding the dealer incentive. Anyone know what the current dealer incentive is or do I have to pay CR for a report to find out?
  • mrjerriosmrjerrios Posts: 4
    I just got back from Acura Southwest in Houston and was offered $34.5K before TTL. Based on what they showed me they have $2000 dealer incentive with 2.9% financing for 60 mos. I didn't go for the hard push yet, but I feel like they can do better. Anyone else in the Houston area get anything better, manager using the talk like they were running short on inventory even though they had least 30 on the lot.
  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 10,290
    jerrios.....only one way to find out is to make them an offer. What's the worst they can say? No!
    2018 Acura TLX SH AWD ASpec
  • robertw477robertw477 Posts: 188
    I am getting ready to pick up my TL with Tech in South Florida. I will post everything shortly. I don't want to jinx anything as I had a tough time the other day with a different dealer. It was a sharp deal. 12/36 Only drive off costs are first month and Fla tage/doc fees which are nominal. No matter what I hear from dealers or others, the only way to get a lease is like this with no cap costs or major nonsense. Infiniti has a bank fee of 700. Some go as high as 800. Funny how people in this economy wanted to buy houses with no money down, but get a lease with a huge cap cost as high as 3-5K. The idea of lease is not to go with a big cap cost. Maybe there is this hidden factor. Somebody asks you how much you pay a month on your BMW and you saw 400.00 plus tax but that is after you paid 7K down on the car or something.


  • ChasboyChasboy Posts: 186
    Jerrios, graphicguy is right. You have the upper hand. there is always another car!!
    All that sales talk is BS. Make the offer you want to make, and if they don't like it, walk away. Believe me, I get just as excited as you must be about getting the new car, and the TL is one to be excited about. I still get giddy when it's time to go somewhere. :blush:
    They are short on inventory?? who cares about their problems? you want a deal!
    and...the 2010's are going to be coming in soon.
    Good luck kid, I'm pulling for ya!
  • harkyharky Posts: 13
    Hello All

    I live in Northern NJ, and seriously considering Acura TL Base Model. I got few quotes from various web-based car buying sites, but like to hear from the actual owners that what will be the decent price for the car? Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

    Thank You
  • kingpcgeekkingpcgeek Posts: 1,044
    Infiniti's bank fee is $595, not $700. Don't believe me look it up on their web site.

    2009 G Sedan RWD Journey w/Premium Package subject to availability to well qualified customers who lease through Nissan-Infiniti LT. Subject to Credit Approval. MSRP $37,065 incl. destination charge. Net capitalized cost of $32,497 includes a $595 non-refundable acquisition fee.
    2005 G35 Sedan
    2007 G35 Sedan
    2008 G37 Sedan
    2010 G37 Coupe
    2012 G37 Sedan
    2014 Q50 RWD

    2015 QX60 RWD - Black Obsidian/Graphite - Premium Plus
    2017 Q60 3.0t RWD - Majestic White/Graphite - Premium Plus, Driver's Assist, Leather, Illuminated Kick Plates
  • harkyharky Posts: 13

    Just got a quote from the local dealer- $32,230 (inc. destination + all season mats & trunk tray) for 2009 TL base. Do you think this is a good price or should I wait few more months before 2010 models roll out so that the price may further go down?

    Thanks in advance
  • robertw477robertw477 Posts: 188
    Just got the Acura TL with tech. Got black on black. Car looks very sharp with the chrome etc. Personally I think the car has a bold distinctive look. Definitely a mans car. 36 Month Lease 12K miles. Cost 480 a month in south Fla Plus 6% tax.

    Initial Fees first month and tax. No other bs. Transaction was smooth. I had been pretty disappointed with many of the Acura dealers I spoke to, and one trip to a dealer. This was a small dealer. Frankly who cares the size of the dealership? The largest dealer of Acura (so they claim) in south fla is also the highest priced.

    A few comments. The TL has new models coming in sept. Somebody may find deals next month on leftover 09s in regular and tech. I think this car really shines with the tech package. Without TECH this car loses a great amount of its appeal. This is my opinion, but I really believe this. I know the car business is soft. The dealers still want to unload the 09s so they can build people in the 2010s at higher prices. The car is basically the same for 2010 I think a little more interior space. So if you want this car I suggest get an 09 before they sell out if you want this car. Customers coming in will be pushed to the TSX 2010 or the TL 2010. It is always bad pricewise to get the new ones just as they roll out. Even in a lousy car market they will get some advance sales and they will be careful to hold the line on price.
  • robertw477robertw477 Posts: 188
    I believe you. I didnt check myself. Both dealers where I saw the car told me 700. I ended up getting the TL today. The TL has a very bold look. The G37 is a softer more neutral car. Seemed like an excellent build on both cars. If it means anything my salesman told me he likes the handling better on the TL in rainy South fla much over the G37 which he drives and a few friends. He sold the their cars. American Honda offers great lease support. At least 2 tires are covered when you return the car if they need replacement.

  • cman7cman7 Posts: 18
    I am about to offer $26000 for a 08 TL with 10,000k.

    The car is in great shape from a local non-Acura dealer. The car was pre certified at a Georgia Acura dealer in March. The had the TL on the lot for 3 months and could not move it due to the economy. So they moved it to one of thier group dealers in another area, is the claim. I checked car fax, and it concurs the history. I drove it a few times, and it drives great.

    They have accepted my offer. Do you think this is a good deal ? Hoping for some quick feedback from this great forum.
  • dash5dash5 Posts: 421
    Just going by the Edmunds car appraisal for an 08 TL with 10k miles 26,000 sounds fine. They have that as the Private Party TMV. sult
  • harkyharky Posts: 13
    Just completed a deal for base model at DCH Montclair Acura.

    Based Model + All Weather Mat + Cargo Tray + Splash Guard for $31,700. Financed through Honda Finance for 60 months at 3.9%.
  • vchadvchad Posts: 97
    Cman7, personally i WOULD NOT BUY THIS CAR. The 08 NON-navi, at the end of 08 were selling for msrp minus about 5k. My sister-in law got her NEW 08 NON-navi for 27.5. They had a big rebate to get rid of the older body styles.

    So for a car, thats now almost 2yrs old, and having 10k miles, NOT a good deal. They gladly took your offer because they "found a sucker". Id offer 23.5 :)
  • cman7cman7 Posts: 18
    How did you come up with the number $23.5K ? I thought the end of cycle rebate was $3000, not $5000.?
  • seifseif NJPosts: 44
    where are you getting 08 Non-Nav for $23.5K?

    i have been looking to buy a CPO TL and I am finding 2006 models with anywhere from 20K+ miles in the $23K's. all the 07's or 08's are at least $27K or higher. i would love to get a 2008 for $23K and change. (FYI: I am in NY/NJ area).

    if you can find me the right 2007 or 2008 around $23K i will offer a $250 fnder's fee.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,555
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  • seifseif NJPosts: 44
    if that guy can find me the car that he claims exists it will be VERY productive for both him and me. he makes money and i get the car i want. sounds like everybody gets what they want. unfortunately a unicorn could likely be produced before that car...
  • vchadvchad Posts: 97
    Unless my english is off, let me elaborate since so many of you found my comment so outrageous. before I begin, let me advise you to do your homework before you bash others.

    i SUGGESTED he pay only $23.5 for the car, i DID NOT say it was readily available everywhere. now i will explain why I came to that conclusion.

    A 2005 of lease, with around low to mid 30k mileage when returned on lease, is sold by honda, on average to dealers around 17k. The same Acura dealer advertises it for $25k on the lot, with cpo. How do i know? because my dealer, Ann arbor Acura did the exact same thing for me, i paid them 500 "service fee", and they resold it to me for 18.4 with cpo. Do they do this for everyone, NO..but it doesn't hurt asking.

    now my thought process on the 2008. At the end of 2008, there was a 3k rebate, and most dealers took around 5.5k to 6k off sticker, to move the old body style, in preparing for New bodystyle 09. If you are not aware of this, there are only about 25pages on this very own thread to read, if not, Read

    So the BASE non-navi(in my opinion terrible looking without navi) could be had for 27-28k Easily. once again, check the threads. So now your telling me, a car, thats been used for 10k miles, sitting on the lot most likely for 2yrs since factory, is worth 26k, then i'm not sure what more to tell you.

    A NEW 09, base, NEW BODY STYLE...can be had for 31k, and demo'd versions of those cars, can be had for around 28-9k. Now its your responsibility to FIND these deals, people have done it, and because you haven't, dont bash others.

    So with a 15second search on autotrader, i found Pohanka Acura selling two used 09 RL's (30,900.....having 250miles on it). now I'm pretty sure if you bargained with them, you can get it down to 29, being a NEW untitled can be readily bought for 31k, as clearly other posters have done so, WITh special APR rate.

    So in conclusion, if you think, a car, that has sat on the lot for 2yrs, with 10k miles, having no idea how it was driven, is worth 26k, then you buy it. But i promise you, that car isn't worth 26k. Take it to carmax, another acura dealer, see how much they give you, ill bet 22k, hence i came up with 23.5k figure(the trade in value, is according to Manheim)
  • cman7cman7 Posts: 18
    but Vchad, I'm asking you to find a certified preowned 08 non-nav with 10k miles for $23K. This is what you stated in your first e-mail. I am holding you to that ($500 finder fee).

    Thank You

    I did not want an 09. Do not like the exterior.
  • cman7cman7 Posts: 18
    This is going to be easy money for you VChad. The same Aura dealer(Pohanka) has the 08 TL that I am looking, advertised for $31K(same as the 09TL). Granted it has twice the miles I am looking for. . I want that car for $23K, as you stated. If you can negotiate it too $23K, you will be the great deal maker ( and $500 richer). Remember you stated $23k......

    Thanks in advance VCHAD
  • seifseif NJPosts: 44
    VChad - thanks for your extended version reply. it was much more informative than the glib few lines in the earlier posts. i can now understand your reasoning for coming to this conclusion. i still don't know if it works that way and if the cars we are looking for can actually be had at that price but at least you explained how you came to it.

    i am buying a 2006 MDX off my lease this Friday. it is a base model with 20K miles on it. the dealer has told me that they will make it a CPO for $500 as well. my payoff price is just under $23K. i have been told that this is non-negotiable but does anyone know if this is written in stone or is there anything i can do to get that price down?

    i am also looking to buy an '06-'08 CPO TL. where are you getting that number for what honda finance sells back off-lease cars for? is that documented somewhere? that seems like an excellent bullet to have in the chamber when negotiating for the car. where can i get it?
  • vchadvchad Posts: 97
    Seif, im glad you atleast had a rational response.

    I know what you mean tho, its is really TOUGH to find a dealer to budge, but it can be done, I am living proof. The TL is an excellent car but personally i believe a bad choice for in, it holds its value too much(even with age/mileage), according to a dealership, but they will ding you when you go to trade in. They can get away with it, especially in the TL cause people keep buying them at or close to there selling CPO'd price. (but i refused to pay that much, and did some research)

    Now with the MDX, i actually only found out about the lease turn in trick, through THIS FORUM! A while back i was reading the mdx forums(last yr), and he mentioned he turned in his mdx off lease to dealer, his NON-negotiable price from Honda Financial was I believe 23k approx. Honda financial, gives the dealer an opportunity to buy the lease turned in mdx, before its sold in Acuras closed auctions(for dealers only), then shipped off to public auctions(like manheim etc.)

    If i remember correctly, he paid approx 17-18?(not sure but i know its in that range) THIS IS what caused me to call around. I have been a lifelong Mercedes benz owner, and I bought a TL randomly and loved it. I kindly approached the Acura dealership, I nicely asked if they would do this, and to my surprise, they said YES! I was so appreciate of them doing it.

    So what im trying to say is, IT IS POSSIBLE. but it takes effort.
    -acura lease buyout is NON-negiotable to YOU
    -acura lease purchase is GIVEN at a DISCOUNTED rate to dealer(it is a fact)

    I know your dealer says it says in stone, but its NOT TRUE. he knows you have no way of bargaining, so he has no need to "hook you up". He's going to easily sell it to you making profit, doing no work. I know this is common practice, because my BENZ dealer has done the same for me, but ive been a loyal customer to them for years.

    I check these forums to help people, as others had helped me. I am not some evil person putting false information to mislead others, I am a busy doctor, but I love cars, and I love helping others get good/fair deals. If you have any more questions, send me a message.
  • vchadvchad Posts: 97
    What I dont understand is, if the same dealer is selling an 09, for the same price of 08, doesn't that tell you something is off?

    My reasoning, in suggesting 23.5k for the car, was based on how much a NEW 08, untitled could be bought for. Id hate to see you(tho your comments dont exactly make me want to even respond) spend so much. Just because a dealer advertises it for so much, doesn't mean its worth that.

    A brand new 09 Lexus Rx350, before the new 10 body style came out, was selling for 10k below sticker, a base rx, could be had for 31k(check the forums) as hundreds bought at this price. Now those same dealers, are selling used base 09 rx350's for 35-37k with 20k+ miles. I laugh everytime i see those ad postings. Yet people keep buying them at that price, because they are not educated enough of on the deals that were going on.

    Like the rx, TL is same scenario. If a new one could of been had for 27k end of 08, why pay 26k for a used one?!! I dont need your 500, and im not interested in helping you find it. this is a Forum, for others to share there opinions and wisdom, if you find it unacceptable, move on.
  • cman7cman7 Posts: 18

    Allow me to adopt a different tone, and apologize.You may have set the tone when you used the word sucker.

    It has been a couple of months since I began my search for a CPO Acura TL. I am one that thinks it is my duty to research correct pricing on anything I purchase.

    I priced out the year, and trim TL everywhere from Edmonds,Consumer Report, Autotrader,KBB, and many other used car pricing publications. I have even considered private party purchases. All have put me int the $26K to 30K range. The key to my search was a sub 10k miles TL. After all my searching , I was able to get this dealer down to $26K, from the typical asking price of 30K. Believe me, I have been in contact with all Acura dealers within 300 miles of my home. Even in different states. I even cross checked dealers to see if I could get them down below 27.5K. They would not budge.

    A quick check of Autotrader will verify the going rate for the TL in question. I did not want to chance of private party purchase for the obvious reasons.

    I agree we would be able to find a TL below the $26K target that is in question,but I live in the Atlanta metro area. I would not want to travel 600 to 800 miles to find that one dealer with a sub $26k TL. We are all aware of what can happen between a phone agreement, and actually walking into the lot.

    My point in total is that based on my extensive research this was the lowest price I found,in addition to the fact that they are within 100 miles of my home.

    Yes you are correct the TL is at the top of the list in autos that hold it's value.

    I did not want a 2009 TL for aesthetic reasons, in addition to the fact that it may never be a good idea to by the first year of a new model.

    What would be your bottom line for the auto in question ? I humbly ask you that question.

    I was being pugnacious when I suggested that you find a TL for me. I am very capable of finding my own car, at the right price. Though I am open to any input minus the the name calling.
  • 23109vc23109vc Posts: 218
    Vchad is 100% right.

    The Acura dealers are trying to sell the used 07s and 08s for MORE than they sold for when NEW!!! It's insane. I went to my local Acura dealer, they had a gorgeious 2008 TL Type S. 11k miles. it looked like it was new - but it's NOT. it's used. the car sold NEW for $32k. I almost bought oe of these new back in late 08 - adn I had multiple written offers from so cal dealers -= Cerritos AND Tustin, and Keyes - all willing to sell me a BRAND NEW 2008 TL Tpe S for $31,500 + TTL. Yes. a LOT of people got them at this price. read this site, or Acurazine.

    now, I see Tustin Acura selling two 08 Type S - and they are asking $34k. the car is NOT worth that much. but you know what - some stupid sucker might give it to them. so when I offer them 27k which is what i think is fair, they laugh.

    i showed them my written offer to buy it new in 08 for $32k. they said there were "incentives" back then, they don't have now. so I guess the car has magically gone UP in value over the last year and a half!! amazing!! i should have bought a fleet of them as an investment!! ha ha ha. the new car market must suck and these guys are now raping people on the used cars?

    i've also noticed pricing in CA is way higher than in other states... same car?!? but cost of living in CA is higher, so they just jack up the prices b/c they assme there are more people earning more money...

    My local dealer also has a CPO 2008 TL base w/navi. they want $28999 for it. OMFG!! that car sold NEW for $29k. amazing how now that it has 26k miles on it, it's only depreciated a $1000!!

    our problem is that the average consumer just sees the price on the sticker, negotiates from there, thinks they got agood deal and the dealer rapes them. if I go in there, armed iwth all the info, and offer them a REAL price - they know that they can reject it, and they might find some sucker to pay $5000 more the next day..hence they pass teh offer up..

    so in some ways are we both right?? the car shouldn't be worht these nutty prices they are asking.. BUT if people will pay that much - then doens't that mean it is worth that...if you assume that a car is worth what it can be sold for???

    maye I should have bought that 2008 TL type S for $32k last year...if I had, I'd have equity!!! :) hahahahaha
  • vchadvchad Posts: 97
    cman7, let me apologize as well, i should have used my wording more carefully. i totally believe you, and your absolutely RIGHT. That TL is a great car, and holds its value very very well, even with mileage etc.

    The frustrating part is, this is what bothers me, but its not much we can do, these dealers have the upper-hand on used Acuras because they get it at a discounted rate, and are unwilling to budge on there largely marked up price, knowing, someone WILL pay that price. it seems you've done your work, and thats a very important thing.

    I was practically pulling my hairout convincing my sister-in-law to buy the new 08 TL at that price of 27.5k, even tho, a USED 07 TL base being advertised on the same dealer lot for 29,999(it sat on there lot for 7 months, before they sold it, guess what price, 28.5(i knew my salesman personally, patient of mine, and shared it with me)). I was telling her, your getting a tremendous value, then she finally saw the light, and bought it.

    Now with respect to your car, I believe you said its at a non-acura store, been sitting there for some time. I know the new body style isn't impressing you much. Financially, 08 used one, still bothers me they want 26k for it. But in all my years of buying, I bought cars for the joy(but also tried, to make wise financial decisions), but sometimes it is what it is, and if you want it, circumstances/market dictate price.

    I sincerely still feel, you should suggest to them, "hey a new 08 end of year was selling for 27k, this is used, has 10k miles on it, how about we compromise?" Id suggest maybe 10% reduction compared to 08 should be a minimum. Personally for me bottom line, id go make $24.5k, maybe letting them know, you'll invest in a 1k acura warranty on your own, really making the purchase price 25.5, which seems close to there final agreement with you.

    in the end, buy what makes you happy, and economicaly wise for you. :)
  • vchadvchad Posts: 97
    Thank you 23109vc, i appreciate you sharing your insigh as well. I quickly recognized your username, i'm vinodc on acurazine. your obviously active poster on acurazine.

    I'm glad you share my frustration with these used TL's, when such bargains were had last summer. We should have bought a fleet last yr like you said!! there is a dealer in michigan(roseville acura), tried selling me, get this, a new 07 type s, 2008 december, for 3k off sticker. I laughed so hard. he said "doc, we'd be losing money, i need to get owners approval for anymoer"....i knew right then and there, no business for him. When NEW 08 s-types were selling for 6k less sticker.

    I hope people can really research thorougly armed with evidence, before they step foot in dealers, please dont get taken advantage of. I'm all for a FAIR/GOOD deal, both sides should compromise.
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