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Infiniti QX56



  • benbobenbo Posts: 13
    I purchased a new 2008 QX56 2WD black on black with DVD and a few other minor options that listed out at $56,800.00. The complimentary oil change was thrown in but I refused to pay for the other dealer profit add-ons, ie.. paint and seat protection wheel locks etc.
  • mlevinemlevine Posts: 381
    Glad you obtained the QX56. Infiniti of Coconut Creek is not as far away from me as you. I dealt with the dealer in palm beach initially, as this dealership is where I leased my Q45. It is important today to use the internet when interested in a vehicle, as one has unlimited access to many dealerships in the country. To purchase a vehicle and have it shipped to you is quite common today. For maintence your local dealer should is readily available.
  • Hi all....I have 125K miles on my 03 Lexus LX 470; I am not ready to move on - it has been a good SUV though. I am not about to entertain buying an 08 LX550 with a sticker of $75K+...I am considering the 08 QX56 with a sticker price $20K less...most of the ones on my local dealer's lots retail at $56K.

    Everyone happy with the newer versions of the QX? I know the first years models were disastrous re: reliability.

    Ballpark pricing I can expect to pay if I negotiate well?

  • keg97keg97 Posts: 189
    Very happy w/ours. I think that you'll find that the vast majority of the '08 owners are very happy. Infiniti seems to have not only made the visual changes to the exterior/interior, but also "tightened" up the assembly. Everything fits well and feels substantial.

    You can expect to pay 1000-1500 under invoice. That includes a 1500 rebate that is due to expire the end of this month. I had several dealers who were willing to go a couple hundred over invoice and then take the 1500 rebate off of that.

    Good luck and let us know if you have any other questions! What else are you looking at?
  • johnhwjohnhw Posts: 111
    Very happy with my recent purchase of a 2008 QX 56. I got the base model, no options, 2WD and paid just under $50k while financing at 2.9% for 63 months from Infiniti financial services. This vehicle has all the options most would want in the base model with just Rear DVD and Intelligent Cruise control and 4WD as options, made buying it easy. Very nice interior and fit and finish. I like the looks of it over most other SUV's I considered. Mileage is low and it is big, but very happy with my decision as this is what I need for a two month 15+k mile trip with 5 adults, a small dog and my golf clubs late summer this year.
  • benbobenbo Posts: 13
    I must report that I am happy with my purchase of my '08 QX56. I paid about the same , under $50,000.00 including DVD. The purchase was a little tiresome but I am happy with my purchase and the vehicle handles well. I have under 1,000 miles so it may be a little premature but I can tell you that so far ,handling, appearance, and response from others makes me smile. I own a GMC Yukon, which I did not trade, so MPG was not a shock. I might add that you must be prepared to work on the salesperson but you should be able to close the deal with everything except AWD and Intelligence Cruise for around $49,000.00. Be careful of the dealer add-on because they can take the goodness out of the deal.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    When you state tiresome do you mean 2+ hours of negotiations?
  • keg97keg97 Posts: 189
    Read back b.c his negotiation story is great. He may even loan out his kids to help facilitate the process for ya....a great story!!! :)

    On the flip side, my negotiations were the dealer to move 5K in 20 minutes. I was very happy with my dealer from test-driving to delivery.
  • founderfounder Posts: 48
    Haven't heard that, but it is more then likly true. I read that Nissan is going to separate the platforms so that the QX will be totally different from the Armada. I think it may be true about the QX heading to Japan, but you never know. I must say that this truck while good ofr the value is a mixed bag in the looks dept. Sometime i see them on the street and they look nice and other times I go ughhh.
  • keg97keg97 Posts: 189
    Nissan has already said that production of the QX will be moving to Japan, likely based upon the Patrol platform.

    As for the looks, I'm there with you...and I own one! I LOVE the look of the Escalade in white...classy but with an attitude. My wife (a rather good judge of looks...except in the husband dept! :shades: ) still says that she really think that the QX looks nearly as classy and nice as the Escalade. There are days when I love the QX look and others when I'm not so into it.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    "Sometime i see them on the street and they look nice and other times I go ughhh"

    That could be especially if you looked at the driver first and not the SUV
  • mlevinemlevine Posts: 381
    Took our first long drive with the QX this past week. Traveled about 2-2.5 hour trip across the state mostly highway. Wife drove, threw out my back right before this vacation. One of the most enjoyable trips in a SUV. We have black exterior and of course the dirt was quite noticeable. Immediately had the car washed upon return, back not healed had to go to car wash. At times wished we had chosen another color, but black is my wife's choice.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    Black through a car was will leave a ton of micro scratches. After awhile you will notice a bunch of scratches when looking at it under the sun or daylight flourescent. Black is very high maintenance to keep looking new.
  • stevecfostevecfo Posts: 1
    Does anybody know when the 2009's are scheduled to be released?
  • shark715shark715 Posts: 382
    By James R. Healey, USA TODAY
    Nissan (NSANY) says it will stop making the Quest minivan and its full-size SUV, the Infiniti QX56, at its Canton, Miss., factory and use it to make "light commercial vehicles" starting in the first quarter of 2010.
    The automaker did not say when or where —or if — it will build next-generation versions of the minivan and big SUVS, which are slow sellers in declining market segments, when the plant switches to the unspecified commercial trucks.

    "The decision has not been finalized. The intention is to continue them, but we don't know where we will manufacture them," Nissan spokeswoman Frederique Le Greves said Monday.

    "When we get to the end of each vehicle's cycle, we look at the market" and decide the fate of each vehicle, she said.

    Quest is an also-ran in the shrinking minivan market, with sales down about 38% the first quarter vs. a year ago, according to Autodata. Its sales rank it eighth among nine vans currently in production, behind even the nearly invisible Mazda5 mini-minivan.

    The Infiniti QX, a luxury version of the Nissan Armada, had sales up 11%, but it sells in such small numbers that it ranks 80th of 102 SUVs currently in production.

    Canton will continue to make the Nissan Altima sedan and Titan pickup, Nissan said, and it will invest $118 million to expand Canton to build three commercial vehicles in 2010 for the North American market. The trucks will use Cummins diesel engines specifically designed for Nissan and manufactured in the USA, Nissan said.

    "They are not European vehicles that we already make. They will be designed, developed and manufactured in the U.S. for U.S. customers," Le Greves said.

    Nissan would not describe them further, beyond saying they will be in the under-8-ton gross vehicle weight (GVW) category. A GVW rating is the weight of the truck plus the cargo it can carry safely. If the GVW rating is 8 tons and the truck weighs 6 tons, it safely can carry 2 tons.

    Heavy-duty versions of conventional passenger vehicles, such as so-called 1-ton SUVs and pickups (for their cargo capability), have GVW ratings up to about 5 tons.

    A few Detroit models go further, however. For example, the beefiest of Ford's F-Series, the F-550, are available with GVW ratings up to 9.5 tons. Such vehicles generally use dual rear wheels on each side, instead of the singles on lighter-duty models.
  • keg97keg97 Posts: 189
    Any reason to wait for the '09? I highly doubt that it will get any new features since it is supposed to be redesigned for '10 and was just refreshed for '08.
  • mlevinemlevine Posts: 381
    Tried Mequires wash, then used the clay bar, then applied mequires deep crystal paint cleaner followed by polish. Truck looked very nice took out paint swirls and blemishes. Did not use wax as truck surface was very hot. My choice of mequires was based on ability to buy products at autozone vs ordering zaino products on line. Any comments appreciated.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    If you're satisfied with the results what more is there?

    I live 5 minutes away from a Zaino distributor which is closer than the nearest Checkers so I opt for Zaino. One of the advantages of buying from a Zaino rep is the ability to discuss problems that I have detailing the vehicle. He had a few good ideas something you can't get from the counter person at Checkers.
  • keg97keg97 Posts: 189
    agreed. if you're worries. I love Zaino and especially appreciate the durability.

    As for questions, I've emailed Sal Zaino a few times and have always gotten a prompt and thorough response. Who knows their products better than the owner!
  • mlevinemlevine Posts: 381
    Application of the paint cleaner really enhanced the black paint. I have noticed the truck does not show the dirt as much. To change the subject, we went out with two other couples last night. We went together in the QX56, total of six passengers. We did both city and highway driving. Everyone was quite impressed with the drive and quality of the vehicle, especially how it was so smooth on the highway.
  • scygigscygig Posts: 3
    Hi everyone, My son is wanting to purchase a 2004 or 5 QX and I would like to know what problems or concerns you owners have had. I have read that Consumer Reports rates the QX as a bad buy and I am concerned of buying someone else's problems. I would rather he get a FX but his heart is set on the QX56.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    The only major issue with the 2004-05 models are the brakes. Make sure that the upgraded brakes were installed before purchasing one of those.
  • mlevinemlevine Posts: 381
    My wife drove the QX56 2007 which was on the lot at the dealer, and tried the 2008.
    The upgrades to the 2008 and the drive was much better on the 2008 model. With gas prices the big SUVs are not moving as well. Your son may be able to get a good deal on a 2008. We have a 2008 and it is a pleasure to drive.
  • benbobenbo Posts: 13
    Prior to and after my purchase of a 2008 QX56 I read quite number of reviews on the Q56. It seems as though references are made to problems suffered in previous years models but then reference improvements made to the 2008 model. Yet the vehicle receives poor reviews from some consumer magazines. I read one today where the Q was given a "1" out of a possible "10" for fuel economy. It showed combine city/highway of 12.5 MPG. When I looked at the competition , Caddy, Lincoln,M/B, Audi , I see approximately the same MPG give or take 2 miles and those vehicles receive either a 5 or 6 rating. The Q is given praise for having an array of extras for less money than the competition but it does not seem to effect the ratings. I have just turned 2100 miles and I am getting combined mileage of 13.5 to 14.5 . Also comparison is made quite often to the Armada and being able to buy as good a vehicle in the Armada for less money.
    So far my only demerit so to speak is engine noise in the cabin. The more I drive it the less I seem to notice it. Is it me or does the Q get knocked around a bit in the ratings?
  • keg97keg97 Posts: 189
    I agree entirely that the QX is underappreciated by the automotive press and the general public. That does not bother me though. I like driving something that flies under the radar and does not attract the attention that a Escalade does.

    I would not consider a 04/05 QX. I think that the interior is quite unremarkable for the luxury SUV that it is and the general build quality/reliability is not consistent with the price. We would not have considered the QX w/out the changes/improvements that the 08 brought. The only option I'd like to have had would have been cooled seats. Some of the neat toys on the new EX/FX would have been cool too.

    Just to give another perspective to engine noise....I don't really notice it unless you get on the gas a good bit. At cruise, I'm surprised at how quiet this "brick" is.
  • Just getting into the blog. I am currently leasing an 06 QX56 which expires Sept 08. Just saw the 09 that Infiniti posted recently. I want another QX56 and am trying to decide for a better deal on an 08 or wait for the 09. Anyone have any suggestions?
  • shark715shark715 Posts: 382
    Where did Infiniti post information about the '09 model? I'm interested too.
  • and click QX and it will display a QX that looks like the 08 but it list as 2009. I also received a mail out that showed 2009. I wrote to the website and the reply was possibable release in July.
  • Are you a current QX owner?

    My findings form this blog indicate the 09 will be very close to the 08 and that the 2010 is likelly have major changes and could be produced at a different location than Canton, Ms
  • founderfounder Posts: 48
    I read that there will be no changes for 09 and that they will be out in the summer. Also the QX and the Armada is supposed to get a total redesign for 2010 if they are continued. The Armada i read will likly be continued. Although Nissan has not confirmed officially that the QX will continue on. It's been said that the QX will go in a new direction and no longer be on the same platform or a luxary version of the Armada. Nissan wants to go in a different direction with the QX. It'll be interesting to see what it becomes if it will no longer be based off the Armada if it does continue on.
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