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Volkswagen GTI Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • xinnekxinnek Posts: 6
    Just finding a 1.8t is going to be a quest in itself. You might try there are several people there looking to unload their low mileage 1.8t gti's to get the new MKV
  • 98jettadc98jettadc Posts: 10
    I got the GTI Mark V with DVD Nav & sunroof, Tipt trans, 18" inch wheels, leather seats and Ipod connector for $28k even. It was worth it.

    --> Notes for fellow music junkies:
    1. Only the CD changer in the dashboard will play mp3 CDROMs. The VW CD changer they put in the console between the front seats will NOT play mp3s.

    2. If you have the DVD Nav and you get the Ipod connector, they will use the CD changer input for the Ipod. They will DISCONNECT the CD changer in order to connect the Ipod cable, so the CD changer is disabled with the Ipod connector installed.

    3. The DVD nav stereo uses Ipod playlists to navigate the Ipod. 5 playlists max. It's the only good way to play what you want on the Ipod.
  • imontoyaimontoya Posts: 29
    Anyone get the DSG? I am seriously considering getting the newest GTI in August or so but there are a few things I don't like: 1) No mechanical limited slip differential. 2)I am unsure of VW reliability 3)The brakes don't seem to be all that great for a "sporty" car. Should I wait even longer before purchasing this car or is it unlikely that VW will make improvements anytime soon? :confuse:
  • fgslrfgslr Posts: 5
    I just bought the MK V GTI in Silver with the DSG trans and pkg 1 on 4/7/06. I have only owned manual trans cars for 37 years so was a little worried about DSG. Glad to say it is well worth the extra money for it. Much faster than I could shift with a clutch. The GTI acts like two different cars, a mild, automatic shifting, run around town car (that my wife loves) and a paddle shifting zippy sports car that I love. Best transmission I have ever had.

    Also love the rest of the car and other than the minor items already mentioned on this forum, radio weak and the passenger airbag light, have found no problems with the car.

    I owned the original GTI in 83 and this one is so far and away a better car in every aspect, that it would be hard to compare the two.
  • gogirlgogogirlgo Posts: 47
    I drove a red GTI yesterday and fell in love with the DSG. I have always owned manuals before and this car satisfies my need for driving in slow city traffic and fun on curvey mountain roads. I am so impressed by all the safety features on this car. It is a real drivers car. I did not consider the silver until seeing one yesterday. I thought it the most sporty looking along with the black. I can't make up my mind. The salesman said the gray was most popular color ordered.
  • I bought a Silver DSG w/ no package and so far I've been very happy with it. The DSG behaves more like a manual to me than an automatic. The gear shifts under acceleration can feel lurchy as in a manual trans. Also if you put the car in reverse and your nose is pointed down hill, the car will drift forward like it's in neutral. It sort of freaked me out the first time. All this said, the DSG feels to me far sportier than the average auto ESPECIALLY is sport shift mode.

    This is my first VW, so I had concerns about reliability as well. My last car was reliable, but I spent all my time in it wishing I was driving something else. So reliability isn't everything I guess.

    As for waiting...Word is this generation GTI will be replaced in 08, so don't expect to see many changes before the redesign.

    I bought my gti on 3/24 which was about a week before the end of the quarter. I got the car for 22300 and with taxes/tags I was out the door for 23650. Probably could have gotten it for a little less, but the dealership I got it from was highly recommended and I was on a tight timeline (previous car was stolen). All in all what's a hundred bucks in the long run?
  • jpierce26jpierce26 Posts: 60
    I am in the market for a new car. My existing 3 year lease is up on June 25, 2006. I hear there is a four door coming out in June. I would much rather get a four door. Where can I find pics and info on the new four door gti?
  • dl7265dl7265 Posts: 1,381
    try The best site for Audi/VW. As for delivery dates I read that production would start week 22, meaning June and deliver in say Sept... A little later than we thought on the 4dr's, Rabbit included. :(

  • imontoyaimontoya Posts: 29
    Maybe just shoot for the Audi A3 if you want more doors, it seems to be getting the better reviews too. One report I read said it handled better than the GTI (?).
  • haulin79haulin79 Posts: 7
    As with a manual transmission, is there a hand brake that you can pull to prevent the car from drifting when parked on a hill?
  • imontoyaimontoya Posts: 29
    All cars have such a brake and in this case it is indeed a hand-pull brake. It's called a parking brake. By drifting I assume you mean rolling? :confuse:
  • gold88x8gold88x8 Posts: 8
  • imontoyaimontoya Posts: 29
    Well, don't pay over MSRP. :surprise:

    Around here you can't get too many price breaks on these cars since they are so new. and's Autos section can give you an idea about pricing.
  • You might try going to and find the true market value of the car in your area. This should give you a good baseline for competitive prices. Also submit for dealer quotes from edmunds. Usually the first response you get that is not a canned message is worth following up. Internet sales departments usually are more interested in moving inventory so prices are cheaper and there is less haggling involved. Its how I got my GTI.

    Also check out:

    The guy who wrote it seems pretty twisted, but he raises some good points of things to watch out for.

    Lastly you can get a pricing guide from Consumer Reports that will break down invoice prices, any rebates, and options. For 14 bucks I found it worthwhile. Car salesmen hate it when you walk in and know their prices for everything.
  • gold88x8gold88x8 Posts: 8
  • Just remember a lot of dealerships pad their invoice with advertising fees and other stuff that is not on the true manufacturer to dealer invoice. Do your homework and check if there are any manufacturer to dealer rebates. These won't show up on the invoice...nor will the dealer holdback (dealerships get 4% of the car cost back after they sell the vehicle - helps the dealership cope with operating costs). Just make sure your good deal is indeed a good deal.
  • imontoyaimontoya Posts: 29
    Isn't getting any sort of "invoice" price a good deal on a new on the market car? I cannot get below MSRP here in the Seattle area. So do those aforementioned sites list true invoice price? Now I am confused. And gold88, turn off the CAPS lock.
  • In most cases invoice price is a good deal. In the GTI's case it's a new car with moderately strong sales with no manufacturer to dealer rebates (at least that I can find) - so invoice should be pretty good.

    However if the market you live in is showing strong sales expect to pay more. But if you were buying a car that was a bomb (say a pontiac aztec) invoice price would have been a terrible deal. Infact the Chrysler Crossfire is being offered currently with a 5000 rebate to the dealer, but the dealer doesn't advertise that.

    When a dealer shows you their 'invoice' this may not be the true manufacturer to dealer invoice. Dealer invoices have been known to include advertising fees or car prep fees. If you read the invoice and you see these fees, you know the dealer is padding the invoice.

    You need to find the actual cost of the car to the dealer, which is pretty easy with the edmunds tool or the consumer reports ... report. The only thing those resources exclude is the dealer holdback (typically 3-4% of the vehicle cost).

    While according to the dealer I 'paid invoice' I actually paid the dealer invoice which included an advertising fee and some other fee. The price I paid worked out to 4% over actual dealer cost for the vehicle (true invoice), which was fair for my market area. I was happy with the deal and there was no haggling. Since my previous car was stolen I was actually on a very tight timeline to buy a new car (but I didn't let the dealer know that!).
  • gold88x8gold88x8 Posts: 8
    Thanks for valuable info ! I think I got some idear on how to do my homework now !! :blush:
  • gold88x8gold88x8 Posts: 8
    finally we got the '06 new GTI pk-1, united gray for my son just in time for his grad ! we really happy with the new car, we quote the price from internet,through 5 dealership that really close to the invoice price, inspect the car test drive the car, got 10 miles on it,fair enough ! then pay for it and do 3.9% at 36 mos finance through the dearler ! pick up the car next 2 days ! things are going pretty smooth for us. thanks !!
  • redbrienredbrien Posts: 8
    Hey Guys I just Bought a brand new GTI(06) at Gallery Volkswagen. My Red DSG GTI also came with Package 1, and rubber floor Mats. They Took 1734.00 off the MSRP. I called around and finally went with them. All around, good buying experence from a big dealer. Later guys
  • tsx_gtitsx_gti Posts: 3
    Hey Guys, I'm looking for a White/Silver GTI MkV with DSG (no other options). My wife and I test drove the car and we were quite satisfied (except there is no auto-dimming rear mirror). The MSRP is $23,695. The quote I've got was 22,950 + floor mats + 36k miles free service. Is this a good deal or I could do better? :confuse: I'm in NJ/CT/NY tristate area. Thank you for all response!!!
  • guy1974guy1974 Posts: 119
    Just wondered how reliability has been since you bought your GTI earlier this year.
  • amoviefan1amoviefan1 Posts: 24
    Hello everyone. I bought a Silver with Interlagos Cloth, 2006 New GTI with the 2.0 liter, 4-cylinder, 200-hp Turbo and DSG (6-Speed Auto) with Package 1 and XM plus the rubber mats with trunk liner. Sticker price (MSRP) was $25,250. I got it for $23,000 plus tax, title and license. This deal was $340 less than Edmunds invoice price and $1185 less than Edmunds TMV.
    I love the car!!! I also got 3.9% for 5 years. VW is running 0% for 3 years, 2.9 for 4 years and 3.9 for 5 years through July 31, as long as your credit score is above 700. It's a great deal! The DSG automatic with the shift paddles is so easy and fun, I'm glad I didn't get a manual with a clutch. Good luck all!
  • tsx_gtitsx_gti Posts: 3
    Hi Amoviefan1, Congratulations on the new car! Could you share where did you get the deal? Did you get it via internet sales or in dealership? I am looking for the car very similar to yours. Thank a lot!
  • poopspoops Posts: 124
    I'd also like to know which dealer you purchased from. Email me if you want...

  • mbrashiermbrashier Posts: 3
    Saw one at my delaership today.
    I wanted a GTI (2 door). My wife wanted a 4 door Rabbit.

    Now we can have both. Stoked! Waiting for one with leather and sunroof.
    Hopefully I can talka good deal on it.

    Why doesn't VW have the 4 door GTI on Also no test drives on any car site I have been to. WTF?
  • raln48raln48 Posts: 30
    I was quoted a price today of $25,400 for a 2dr GTI with DSG and pkg #2 (Minneapolis area).

    Does anyone know if this is a competitive price?
    My sense after checking several area dealers is that there is a substantial inventory of 2dr. GTI's now.

    Are there any pricing incentives besides the 0% / 36mos?
  • storrnycstorrnyc Posts: 28
    On the phone a dealer in NY said he could get me a price in the 24s for the same setup. Of couse he also said id have to come in to chat. Not sure if hed try and throw some extra funny charges in person so....
  • > Just wondered how reliability has been since you
    > bought your GTI earlier this year.

    I'm at 3500 miles and I love my 2006 GTI. My only complaint is that it doesn't have a clock that passengers can easily see. The clock is displayed behind the steering wheel, near the speedometer. They should have put a clock in the center dash or included one in the DVD nav/stereo system.
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