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Toyota Camry Solara Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • cappy4103cappy4103 Posts: 48
    Better than the deal I could negotiate. The 2005 Solara I was looking at was an SE convertible with the SZ pkg as well as floor mats/cargo net, $28,321 MSRP. I was offered a deal of $26,625 which I didn't accept. Now considering a new Mazda RX-8 as an alternate "fun car" instead of a convertible Solara.
  • lfmlfm Posts: 35
    Newark Toyotaworld. Also check out New Holland Toyota in PA.
  • lfmlfm Posts: 35
    Check out Fitzgerald Auto Malls. Do a search for a web site. They have about 22 different dealerships. They have 2 different Toyota dealers, 1 in MD and 1 in PA. They list their Internet sales price on line, and if you contact, they may give you a better price on the 2005's they still have left.
  • lfmlfm Posts: 35
    You don't say where you are? If you want a good deal let me know if you are in DE, MD or PA.
  • ronjcnjronjcnj Posts: 12
    I don't have a convertible Solara but l do own a convertible Porsche Boxster. No issues whatsoever and i park all over the streets in the city when I go and hangout.

    As far as pricing I got a quote for a Toyota Solara conv. SLE 2005 for $30,026 and they said they couldn't budge from the price, he did inc. his offer to pay for my trade in from $11,000 to $13,000 but that's probably just to make me feel I gained something when all the while they were going to offer me $13K anyway.

    Somehow I saw a red one Glen Toyota, converbitlbe SLE and brown top and it was more money sticker price wise than the black one it was $31 and change.

    Hope I got to help.
  • deckboat1deckboat1 Posts: 12
    I paid for 2005 sle w/o navigation 27415 plus tax. Msrp was 31246
  • ronjcnjronjcnj Posts: 12
    Finally got it!!! What a pleasure it is to drive this Convertible Solara. I took mine home tonight a black ext. tan int tan top and what a drive on this. Enough power to get you over take some big wheeler but yet the feeling of a big cruiser as you said. I got mine for $32K which is very close to if not just about the sticker price but had to bite because they offerred to payoff my 97 Porsche Boxster which at trade in price would have cost only $13K but they offerred to pay off my remaining balance on it which is $17K. Couldn't believe it!!! Anyhow, bec. they were buying off my Porsche I didn't care anymore if I was going to get the top of the line SLE Solara Conv w/ Nav. at sticker price.

    Happy driving to the Solara drivers and to those who are unhappy with their cars....ooopppsss that was a big mistake, should've test drove it more before your purchase.

    I later found out there's a minor scratch on the back window glass on the soft top. I complained about it and Got the Customer Service person involved, he promised to have their glass guy fix it next week. I''ll keep you guys updated if they follow up on their promise. This car is from East Coast Mazda/Toyota in Woodridge, NJ.
  • ronjcnjronjcnj Posts: 12
    Mr. Southern WI price

    Is this 05 SLE a convertible? If it is, you got a very good price. I've had trouble getting dealers to come down on the MSRP.

    Ron, JC, NJ
  • deckboat1deckboat1 Posts: 12
    yes it is a convertible sle. No navigation. I felt the price was real good. Appears to be about 1000 under invoice. That included a 700 rebate. Still, the price was 300 under invoice. No complaints. Love the car. I got the white with ivory interior and tan top.
  • jeffwxmjeffwxm Posts: 3
    Got a 2006 Toyota Solara SE V6 Sport 2D Coupe for $25738 in Philly, PA. Is it a good deal?
    Leather Seats
    Alloy Wheels
  • buster6buster6 Posts: 132
    I am looking for an 06, was at 2 dealerships--the first offered 3k over msrp--no negotiation, then went to a volume dealer and was offered 1500 over invoice--but the car will have to be ordered or dealer traded with up to a 6 week wait. Is that a decent deal? msrp was about 32500 with a sales price of 30500 ($2,000 off sticker).
  • natenj1971natenj1971 Posts: 174

    I'm thinking of buying a 2005/06 Solara Se or Se Sport 2.4 with 5 speed. While I am waiting to hear what the insurance will be I would like to find a reputable dealer. I live in Northern NJ and there are a few local dealers but some feedback would be appreciated.

    Also - any opinions about options or the car in general area appreciated. I drive a 2001 Accord Coupe EX V6 with 34k on it and the Solara seems to have most of the same standard equiptment (and more).

    Thanks for any information.

  • otownbabeotownbabe Posts: 1
    I bought my '04 Solara new off the floor. No problems on the purchase, but the repair shop is the worst I've ever encountered. They do horrible work, forcing me to contact my insurance agent, who recommended that I bring my car to David Maus Toyota, have them do the work, and they'll bill Toyota of Orlando. So that's what I did. The body shop manager from TO actually told me to just "live with the problem". On a $22,000 new car? I don't think so! Now they have to eat the cost of the rental plus the cost to repaint my entire car, since they did poor work the first time around.
  • I get a deal from toyota of hollywood in a 2005 solara se , sunroof , leather seat , back spoiler for 349 a month, tax include . with 1000 dollars down. that include the first payment. this is a lease. the price for the car was 22250. is this a good deal ?
  • scottshivscottshiv Posts: 2
    What are the differences between the 2005 and 2006 SLE - V6?
  • kellykkellyk Posts: 5
    I paid $26500 before tax on '06 SLE V6.
    It's with all options possible except navigation and convertible.
    Is this good price? I bought it without research.
  • therose400therose400 Posts: 20
    Can anyone tell me what the ADM on the Solara's mean? A Ft. Lauderdale dealer has this charge of $1,995 on the window sticker and told me every dealer charges it but wouldn't explain what it was!! It was on an '06 Solara SE. I want to buy an '05 and want to know if it's applicable to that year also. :confuse:
  • stevehollysteveholly Posts: 26
    If it's an extra line (not on the factory sticker) then sounds like, "Added Dealer Markup"
    A not-so-subtle way to charge more for an in-demand car...
  • gokadengokaden Posts: 28

    I was wondering if anyone has any prices for an '05 Solara SE Sport Auto with Leather in Baltimore? I'd like to get some prices so I can submit online quotes in the Baltimore area.

  • coopdavecoopdave Posts: 2
    "a58" Which dealership did you get your car from? I'm in north west Tampa.

    The wife and I have pretty much decided on the 06 SLE convertible, but we still need to drive one before we take the plunge. One of the salesman we've been dealing with has told us that the closest car sitting on a dealer lot is in Key West.
    I'm not sure I quite believe him.
  • fangyifangyi Posts: 11
    I am going to buy 2006 SE V6 Styles in July or Auguest in Cincinnati, OH. How much should I pay for it (without any option, invoice: $19,539)? Is it a good deal if I pay $200 over the invoice?
    I appreicate your help.

  • fangyifangyi Posts: 11
    I am going to buy 2006 SE V6 Styles in July or Augues. How much should I pay for it without any options(inovice:$19539). Is it a good deal if I pay $200 over inoice?
    Appreciate your help
    Cincinnati OH
  • fangyifangyi Posts: 11
    Please share your experience on SLE 2dr Coupe (2.4L 4cyl 5A). There are a lot of discussions on SLE V6, but not much on 4cyl. Thanks.
  • fangyifangyi Posts: 11
    I paid total $23,441 for 2006 Toyota Solara SLE 2dr Coupe (2.4L 5A) last Friday, no options added but floormate ($117)included. But I have to wait for about 6 weeks to get it from factory.
  • mark59mark59 Posts: 1
    In the Maryland area, what would folks say is a fair price with the GY, NV, RF, and VS options (Includes front and rear side curtain airbags; touch-screen DVD navigation system with JBL® AM/FM CD with XM Satellite Radio capability, 270 watts (maximum output) and FM diversity reception; rear spoiler, Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) with Traction Control and Brake Assist)
  • adam10adam10 Posts: 7
    Difficult to get much off the MSRP here in St. Louis this time of year. Did get $1,000 off by buying just before they order their cars at the middle of the month. They had a Black/tan top on the lot for 2 weeks that didn't sell (asking MSRP+), and couldn't order another untill that that one was sold. So I got it for $30,500, and 1/2 price on a remote starter in the future. The Avalon can be bought with a remote starter, does anyone know if that same system fits the Solara? Even the toyota dealer didn't know.
  • After doing all my homework and ready to go for a manual 4 cyc, SE Sport, then find out from 5 diff dealerships that they have NEVER seen any manual in 2005 or 2006. Kind of disappointed. So try to find out whether any one of you have seen a 5sp manual out there, or even own one yourself? I am in CA.

  • toyotakentoyotaken Posts: 897
    At least here in the New York Region, I've never seen a 5sp sport model close by. Hope you have some luck.

  • Toyotaken,

    Thanks for your input. I actually found one this evening. They are asking for invoice. Since it's a 05 model, I can also get $1,000 rebate. I guess that's not a bad deal.

    Thanks again.
  • alan_dalan_d Posts: 13
    Re 2006 vs 2005 SLE-V6 differences, according to

    Minor upgrades accompany the Toyota Camry Solara into the 2006 model year. All Camry Solaras have power lumbar support for the driver this year, and convertibles get new "donut-style" rear headrests that improve visibility whether the top is raised or lowered. Solara SLE models receive new wood trim for the interior that replaces the reddish tint of the previous decor with a lighter-colored brown hue.
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