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Audi A3



  • andys120andys120 Loudon NHPosts: 18,882
    Is there a less expensive way to get sirius?

    Yep, don't go to the dealer, price it a Best Buy, Circuit Cuty or and Indie.

    2000 BMW 528i, 2001 BMW 330CiC

  • jxbst15jxbst15 Posts: 21
    With the birth of our first child, my wife stubbornly realized her precious JCW Mini S was no longer the practical car it managed to be when it was just the two of us. She was really heartbroken over having to get rid of he Mini...she loved that car almost as much as I think she loves me!

    Since she is something of an enthusiast, SUVs were out, as were mini vans, hybrids, crossovers, any acura, and just about all american cars.

    Anyway, she tried and denied just about every car she drove - the BMW 328 and 335 were too expensive equipped to her tastes, she found the G35 unsightly, the IS250/350 a poseur's car, the Mini Clubman a frankstein masquerading as a car, the Volvo lineup disappointing to drive, and the Subaru too much of a mom car.

    On a whim she drove an A3 and to my surprise loved it. A week later we bought a misano red 2008 A3 with sport package, open sky, heated front seats, ipod adapter, and Sirius. details to follow
  • cdnpinheadcdnpinhead Forest Lakes, AZPosts: 4,142
    Glad to hear it turned out well -- enjoy. The A3 was my first introduction to Audi in the summer of '01 in Europe. I came home & have followed several of the Audi boards to this day.

    However, I was (still am, really) a RWD snob & only recently came to grips with the notion that getting what I wanted in a car meant I had to let FWD back into the calculation. So, Audi was one choice and the Acura TSX (European Accord) was another. I ended up with the TSX & have something over a thousand miles on it -- nimble, great manual transmission, excellent fuel mileage. I'm very pleased so far. What issues does your wife have with Acura? The TSX cerainly feels like an enthusiast's car, at least to me. I (used to) think I'm an enthusiast.

    Anyway, I'm sure you'll continue to enjoy your Audi. How long are you planning to keep it? Any concerns regarding reliability?
  • jxbst15jxbst15 Posts: 21
    The 09 TSX redesign is out now or will be out very soon, and a quick look at the redesign says all (imho). Not sure where Acura is going with their whole product line but they seem to be making some ugly, underpowered, and overpriced vehicles lately.

    Reliability is a concern, so we got the Audi Care to make sure some of the expenses will be offset. I have no plans of keeping the A3 past its warranty period either unless it turns out to be a maintenance dream. This is our first Audi, so I hope it doesnt turn out to be a bad purchase (i have heard too many horror stories about VW reliability).

    The wife loves the A3 so far...her only regret is not getting the xenons. She said it handles like her mini but has more power .

    I have read a lot about the A3 and people thinking it is a car with no market in the states (too high end for a hatch, too small to compete with wagons, too expensive for its target market), but I have to believe cars like the A3 will grow in popularity in the US over the next few years. It is the ideal marriage of sport, luxury, practicality, and fuel consumption. Outside of its VW cousin I found other options limited, particularly if you want a wagon or hatchback.

    I will be kicking myself if the BMW 1 series hatch ends up over this way in the next two years though!
  • cogneurocogneuro Posts: 5
    in the consumer reports eval of the audi 3, everything seems hunky dory except "owner satisfaction" which is very low. Why would this be?

    potential buyer
  • rascal99rascal99 Posts: 54
    That's interesting. From everything I have read there is universal love for the A3, both from professionals and current owners. I'll have to check out CR.
  • andres3andres3 Southern CAPosts: 9,511
    The A3 was at or near the very top of the list for all existing current models in terms of owner satisfaction. Everyone loves their A3 purchase. It's a no brainer; if you can get a good deal on it.
    Toy '16 Audi TTS quattro AWD, Commuter '16 Kia Optima LX 1.6 Turbo FWD, Wife's '17 VW Golf All-Track SE 4-Motion AWD
  • diggydoc1diggydoc1 Posts: 22
    I noticed the 2009 A3 has Meteor Grey as a color choice. Has anyone seen this Audi color in person on other vehicles? I know that sensible people will differ on matters of taste, but I'm just interested in any impressions.
  • huntzingerhuntzinger Posts: 356
    I know that VW has a shade of grey that is fairly close. Might give you some insight.

    FYI, the 2009 has dropped the Ocean Blue; the new color is "Aruba Blue", and while it is supposedly a bit darker, the color swatches delivered to the Dealerships are supposedly a lot ("too much") darker. The A5/S5 comes in Aruba Blue, so I'm waiting to see one of those to see how much of a change it may/may not be. Here's some images of A5s in Aruba Blue I found online:

    Also, another change for the 2009 A3 (USA Spec) is that cloth interior is apparently gone...leather only now.

  • diggydoc1diggydoc1 Posts: 22
    Thanks for the info and the link, hh.

    I noticed they dropped Deep Sea Blue for the A3 as well. I was interested in that color.

    Quattro with the 2.0 engine is what will probably sell me on the '09 A3.
  • andres3andres3 Southern CAPosts: 9,511
    Where are you getting your new information on the 2009 model A3's?
    Toy '16 Audi TTS quattro AWD, Commuter '16 Kia Optima LX 1.6 Turbo FWD, Wife's '17 VW Golf All-Track SE 4-Motion AWD
  • diggydoc1diggydoc1 Posts: 22
    I've been talking with a few dealers. They've ordered some 09s for August/September(?) delivery.
  • huntzingerhuntzinger Posts: 356
    Same as what diggydoc1 said: from a local dealership.

    We have a 2009 on order ... as of Friday, it has been accepted into production, but there was a "call Factory" note on it that needed to be resolved.

    Heard back from our salesman on Saturday - - the note was because the color of Azure Blue is going to be a "Delayed Introduction".

    What "delayed" that means could be Oct 08, or January 09, etc. Simply don't know right now. My salesman is going to be calling his regional representative this week to find out more.

    BTW, I got a quick verbal list of the colors that will be available in the initial 09 shipment (eg, Aug/Sept delivery)...salesman was hoping that my wife's #2 color choice was a close second and would be willing to switch; can't blame him for trying.

    Overall, it was an IMO downright uninspired list... I didn't write it down, but I recall that there was a red, a white, some type of black (probably metallic?), something called "ice silver" (replaced last year's silver) and some shade of metallic grey.

    In thinking about this color list while writing this up, it reminded me very much of the color list that VW puts on the GTI...and checking VW's website, I see:

    Candy White - Tornado Red - Black Magic Metallic - United Grey Metallic - Reflex Silver.

    Yup, same 5 basic colors. Thanks Audi, but if I wanted a car that looked just like a GTI, I'd go buy a GTI and save $4,500.

  • diggydoc1diggydoc1 Posts: 22
    Brilliant Black
    Brilliant Red
    Aruba Blue Pearl Effect
    Lava Gray Pearl Effect
    Meteor Gray Pearl Effect
    Ice Silver Metallic
    Ibis White
    Misano Red Pearl Effect (S-Line only)
    Monza Silver Pearl Effect (S-Line only)

    There's no green or tan in there, but otherwise, it seems to cover it. Or what am I missing?
  • andres3andres3 Southern CAPosts: 9,511
    Green and Beige/Tan are the two colors Audi needs to add most!!! and it's the colors most blatantly left off... bad decision!
    Toy '16 Audi TTS quattro AWD, Commuter '16 Kia Optima LX 1.6 Turbo FWD, Wife's '17 VW Golf All-Track SE 4-Motion AWD
  • huntzingerhuntzinger Posts: 356
    I have my salesman's color list at home. There were only 5 colors on it for 'immediate' delivery, so it differs from this.

    Since I only recall one shade of gray, either the Lava or the Meteor isn't initially available (another "delayed introduction").

    The two colors in the S-Line weren't mentioned as I wasn't looking to order an S. Don't have any particular insight on those.

  • andres3andres3 Southern CAPosts: 9,511
    Murano Green, but in a slightly lighter shade!!!

    Dakar Beige, both of these are beautiful colors.
    Toy '16 Audi TTS quattro AWD, Commuter '16 Kia Optima LX 1.6 Turbo FWD, Wife's '17 VW Golf All-Track SE 4-Motion AWD
  • f8u1ef8u1e Posts: 7
    Does anyone have up-to-date info on any changes to the 2009 A3 options packages and interiors. Colors seem to be covered. Thanks
  • diggydoc1diggydoc1 Posts: 22
    Like what specifically?
  • f8u1ef8u1e Posts: 7
    We are in the process of ordering a 2009 A3 w/S-Line, Open Sky, BiXenons, Heated Seats and Convenience Pkg. based on 2008 data. Our dealer does NOT have either the information or pricing. Any significant change from the 2008 information will impact the order.

  • f8u1ef8u1e Posts: 7
    Does anyone have 2009 A3 prices?
  • sunilbsunilb Posts: 407
    so, I just read that the '09 A3 will offer the 2.0T engine with quattro... excellent, i thought but then I went to Audi's website only to find out that, in Audi's new fashion, they are only offering the quattro with the automatic transmission (sorry, DSG or whatever... it's missing the third pedal).

    Lame, as I was hoping to put this in my consideration set... I love the size and the really want a wagon/hatch but don't want FWD.
  • Audi’s diesel-powered R10 has captured the hearts of many enthusiasts whose veins may pump fuel but their minds think green. Even better, the wait for the first modern diesel Audis to hit the American market is almost over so long as you’re looking for a large SUV with consumption in the mid-twenties. If you want something more frugal than that, say some of our Audi contacts, your wait may not be as long as some fear. Enter the A3 2.0 TDI.

    No, this won’t be the most potent 2.0 TDI sold in Europe, which even powered this year’s Worthersee-inspired A3 Clubsport quattro TDI show car. That engine would necessitate the added cost and weight of the A3’s Haldex-based quattro system and federalization of a whole new drivetrain, which would price the car out of the market. Instead, say senior German sources, Audi of America is considering the use of the same new commonrail 2.0 TDI drivetrain that’s currently hitting the market in the Volkswagen Jetta.

    This North American 2.0 TDI drivetrain is produces 140-hp and 236 lb-ft of torque and, in the Jetta TDI, provides and estimated EPA fuel economy of 29 MPG city and 40 MPG highway. The EPA figure only tells part of the story though as Volkswagen contracted a third party certifier AMCI to test the Jetta and the study netted real world figures 24 percent better…. Figure 38 mpg city and 44 mpg highway. Given similar size and weight, don’t expect an A3 2.0 TDI to deviate far from these numbers.

    The 2.0 TDI has already been certified with a 6-speed manual transmission or a 6-speed S-tronic (also known as DSG at VW). Just which powertrain will be made available remains unclear, though Audi may choose to simplify and sell only the S-tronic. While manual gearbox loyalists may grouse, we find S-tronic to be well suited for use with this particular engine. The low red line and immediate torque make the fast-shifting dual-clutch setup ideal.

    Even better, Volkswagen is making headlines pointing out that their 2.0 TDI offerings are eligible for a $1,300 Federal Income Tax Credit that was recently announced. In the case of the Jetta and Jetta SportWagen, the only two cars in which the 2.0 TDI are currently offered, the Internal Revenue Service recently issued a certification letter that confirmed both Volkswagens qualify for the Advanced Lean Burn Technology Motor Vehicle income tax credit. There’s no reason to believe an A3 sharing the same drivetrain would be any different.

    As near as we can tell, the decision hasn’t been completely finalized. The car is up in the air, but prospects are likely. Even better, once the nod has been given from Ingolstadt, production of the A3 2.0 TDI could begin immediately and mean cars in market within a year. For Audi, this would be a welcome draw of attention to their diesel market and a much more luxurious competitor to the wedge-like Toyota Prius – the perfect runabout for green-focused, higher income earners and TDI enthusiasts alike.

    This would be great!!!
  • Don, after I bought my 2.0T A3 in June I emailed Audi of America and suggested they take their 2.0TDI engine from the new Jetta and put it in their A3 for the US market. The Jetta and the A3 are about the same weight. I received a call back from Audi of America and the representative said nothing has been finalized yet except the Q7 diesel and A4 diesel. I hope they bring the engine to the A3. However, if the don't offer the 6 speed manual they will lose my business. All I know is my next car will be a diesel hatchback unless the cost premium for the diesel can't be returned over a reasonable amount of time. I am eager to see what fuel efficient, performance cars become available over the next few years. A few possibilities have grabbed my interest for my next car--Fiat 500 Abarth, Ford Feista, Ford Focus (European), Mini Cooper D, A3 TDI, Suzuki Swift Sport, BMW 120d or 123d. Who knows if any of these will become available in the US. Time will tell, but the future looks interesting.

  • dino001dino001 Tampa, FLPosts: 4,646
    And how much do you think they'll ask for it? I just optioned 2.0T (of course has to be DSG) quattro with s-line, sunroof and convenience. $37K MSRP! For that much I could have stripped 328xiT with manual, which I prefer by the way! They must be on crack :sick: Granted, I would need a fe grand more for options on the Bimmer, but it would be a bit larger, sweet six-in-line, better depreciation, etc. I just don't get that line of pricing. The base versions are indeed OK, but some of those options are really excessive, to say the least.

    2018 430i Gran Coupe

  • I couldn't agree with you more. The car is overpriced. The head of the Audi Dealers Association in the US said the car is not moving because it is priced 10% too high. Sales of the A3 are very weak this year. My car was a 2006 pre-owned so I didn't get killed. I was offered a 2008 base model at $2000 under invoice but I decided to go with the fully loaded pre-owned. If they bring the diesel and hold the line on price increases maybe the car will sell better. There are not many cars that are exact competition. The Mini really is not--different target market. I wanted the Mini but with two young kids and car seats it was a no go. I think the Volvo C30 is the only other luxury hatchback in direct competition with the A3. Bottom line--if you have $37K to spend I would definitely get the BMW.

  • Is everybody who would like one, having as much trouble as us in ordering an A3 2.0T w/6 sp. manual and Sport Package? Audi America continually refuses to accept the order as apparently one or more items in the package is in short supply.
    Why will they not accept the order and activate it when the parts are available?
  • dino001dino001 Tampa, FLPosts: 4,646
    Is it Audi of America or just your local dealer?

    2018 430i Gran Coupe

  • The local dealer - Harper Audi, Knoxville, TN - tells me that Audi America will not accept an order that includes PPS - Sport Package with sport seats, sport suspension and 18" wheels w/225/40 performance tires. I have also been in DIRECT contact with "Malcolm", a Customer CARE advocate at Audi, who is telling me much the same thing. I would appreciate any help as I have been trying to get this car ordered since early June when the prices and option packages were announced.
  • andys120andys120 Loudon NHPosts: 18,882
    They have probably stopped producing '08 models and started changing the factories over to the '09 specs. Have you tried ordering an '09 specced the way you want?

    2000 BMW 528i, 2001 BMW 330CiC

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