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Lincoln Navigator Maintenance and Repair



  • I have a 2000 4WD Navigator with 70,000 miles. Occassionally when I make a right turn, I can hear loud vibration noises coming from the rear of the vehicle and sometimes from the front left of the vehicle. It happend more often when it is wet and when I tow my trailer. These noises have a thumping sound.

    I have taken the vehicle to Lincoln and they checked the air suspension. They do not see any problems. Does anyone know what the problem may be?

    I recently seen an advertisement for a product called Strutmasters. Should I replace my air suspension with this product?
  • a weird problem with the Navigator. I can't get any aftermarket navigation unit working. 3 different systems were installed (VDO-Dayton, Pioneer and Alpine) and none of them does it right.There is always a difference of about 3 seconds, with all the 3 systems. A company has determined that it isn't the systems, but something in the car is disturbing the electronics of the nav-units.The speedsignal was taken three ways: at the radio, ath the CAN-bus by a convertor and old fashion way with a magneto on the driveshaft. Neither way did solve the problem. Has anyone ever experienced this problem?

    An other problem is the 'service'bulb, which a allways burns.

    An another new problem arises: since a few days the central doorlocking doesn't work anymore. The fuse blows when I close the car. When I replaced it i tested if it would blow when a opened the car, but this works fine. It only blows when I close the car, the alarm still works with it, also the runningboards light up. Any one in this department?? :confuse:
  • The noise I'm describing is a ticking sound, that does it thru the entire RPM range. Does that sound right? When you replaced the manifold, did that fix the problem?
  • I have a 99 4X4 Navigator. Been fine since new. Now has 75000klms on it. Everythime it rains on the truck, the Climate Contorla or Radio come on and kill the battery dead if not caught, not sure if connected but the AC is also now nolonger cold. Any one have a possible solution? Have the car in Mexico right now anf the dealer here doesn't get what the problem is. :cry:
  • I have an opportunity to purchase an '03 Nav at a great price through a company auction... Although I haven't actually seen it yet, it was a company vehicle, well maintained and driven relatively lightly. I've read every thread here, and will certainly look over the obvious trouble spots regarding the running boards and the back gate, vibrations, etc... But can anyone specify any other target areas for review that aren't so obvious -- anything that may have stopped you from buying a problem vehicle had you known to look?

    The reality is, its more $car$ than I need, but given the good deal and the fact that I have a deep love for things beyond my financial strata I'm really tempted to buy. But not if it will come to considerable maintenance costs down the line. I'll likely be driving this thing for the next 5 years, and would like to think it'll live the duration with some degree of reliability. Little gadgets goin -- well, I could deal with that one way or another...

    Do I do a 3rd party warranty? Do I look elsewhere if I even have to think twice about maintenance costs? I think I just want someone to tell me its ok to buy it... I just hope it doesn't become an anchor.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    The main thing I'd do, is check the manufacture date on the inside of the driver's door. If it's made in 03, you're probably ok. If it was a mid 02 manufacture date, those were very early in the brand new series, and had more problems. If it's made anytime in 03 (like mine), you should be happy with it. I have been very pleased with mine.
  • My navigator was parked in the garage and I heard the air pump cycling for the air suspension. I jumped into the truck and started it to look at the message display. The display said to check the air suspension. I warmed up the vehicle, reset the message which did not reappear, then drove around the block. I parked the vehicle and the next morning the battery was dead. I jumped the vehicle and the message did not reappear and I have not heard the air pump cycle. What would cause this to happen and why is it intermittent?? I want to cure this before I get stuck somewhere without a jump...and I know the dealership will start guessing without a message to decode.
  • I would agree, I have an early model and I've had numerous electrical problems. Mirrors would fold all the way out (replaced both mirrors), stereo would blackout (replaced 2Xs), numerous ABS, air suspension and stability messages coming and going.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    Well, the pump will occasionally come on when the truck is off, to level. I've been sleeping in mine, and had the pump come on in the middle of the night, and level the truck. Not altogether unwelcomed, BTW. But if it's doing a lot of that, it will drain the battery. As to what would cause it, no clue, but you may have fixed it with your defacto re-boot. You can always turn it off in the rear, left panel behind the little door. The switch is there. If it's chronic, shut it off until you can get it serviced. These are the little things that can drive you crazy, but they're really a small malfunction.
  • I have a 00" Navigator, I recently had my traction bar adjusted because the back of the truck was tilted tot he side, after a couple months my truck is handling very bad, altough the back seems to go up just not as far up as the front..a pebble will make it seem like I'm going over a speed bump, I plan on taking it in as soon as possible but I'm afraid cause I keep hearing about how much the air bags cost, could it be something simple???
  • I have a CD error message on the stereo display and I can't play or eject any of the CDs (the AM/FM still works). Does anyone know an alternative to bringing it into the dealership to fix?? :sick:
  • I just bought my 2003 Navi with 69,800 miles on it. I have driven it 1000 miles in the last 2 weeks and then took it in to the dealer to question the Navigation System not tracking properly, the compass is off, the left headlight comes on sometimes and sometimes it doesn't while it's in auto mode, the navigation system doesn't keep the time after the truck is turned off and then back on, and it has a rear main seal leak. What a list after only owning this truck for 2 weeks and already the dealer is trying to charge me $1453 and my warranty company (First Choice) only will cover the rear main seal leak by reimbursement only.

    Help !!!!

    Does anyone have any insight or solutions for these problems?
  • I have a 2005 Lincoln Navigator and intially when going into reverse, the side miroors would go down along with the warning system beeping. Now, the warning system still beeps, but the mirrors no longer go down prior to reversing. The dealership tells me the SUV never had this feature. Do any of you have a 2005 Navigator and your mirrors have this option???
  • Did you try reading the owner manual that explains how your $55,000 vehicle works?
  • Hello i have a 2000 Navigator with 77,000 miles and it has an internitted problen sometimes when you turn off the engine and take the key out the heater defroster comes on full force and runs down my battery has anyone else ever had this happen? :confuse:
  • I recently got a 06 navy and its one of the best cars ive owned. :)
  • Mike,
    I have a 2001 Navigator with 26,000 miles that up 'til now has not given me any major problems. Got to my job this morning and the exact same thing happened.. turned off the vehicle, took the key out and the blower motor came on! I took the fuse out and got it stopped.. put the fuse back in and it's still off...but when you start it back up and then turn it off and take out the key...back to stuck on. When the truck is running, all seems fine. Did you find out what it is yet? Thanks, Jan
  • The Ford Expeditions have same problem. Water leaks tin through driver side windshield into fuse box and shorts out electronics -- including the GEM module which will have to be replaced for around $600 to $700 in the Expedition. I do not know what Navigator's cost. Just found resolution to this question today. An auto body man told me that if you remove the windshield, you will find a joint that manufacturer did not seal. If you seal it and then replace the windshield, the leakage will stop. I would assume maybe not correctly, that since the Expedition and Navigator are same body, the same would hold true for Navigator although I am not positive. Just an idea.
  • I have a Lincoln Navigator 1999.
    It started in winter of last year and went away in summer. Now its back!
    Only in cold weather I have a really hard time starting up! That too only in the morning then thru out the day it seems to be fine when fired up at 4 hr intervals any thing else i.e 8 hrs or more and I have the same issues.
    I have NO Check Engine Light (SERVICE ENGINE SOON or SES) at this point. Running a OBD software II via my laptop I found that I am Lean on Bank 2!

    Here is a history of the issues.
    We changed the Plug on coils all 8 of them! 3 and 5 died so we changed them all to save cost of changing remaining one by one.
    We changed the fuel filter, as part of routine maintenance.
    We changed the PCV valve, routine maintenance.
    We changed the throttle position sensor, while trouble shooting and the part was cheap.
    We changed the air temp sensor, while trouble shooting and the part was cheap.
    We changed the oil pressure sensor, there was a Dash DTC code DTC 5284 saying it was bad.
    We changed the O2 sensors (the first 2 of 4) as they were burnt up had a SES light.
    We changed the MAF (Mass Airflow Sensor) as it was felt that this was the last component that reflected temperature!

    Still the issue persists.
    Someone on the web said that they had similar problems and they had the same issues. So they changed the IAC (Idle Air check valve). That’s going to be my next move.

    If need be I will take to a Dealer and get scalped if that the only alternative, but would like to see if there is anything minor that we are missing. Besides just because I own a Navigator doesnt mean I am loaded! Appreciate any help that anyone could be provide. Thanks
  • navi01navi01 Posts: 2
  • navi01navi01 Posts: 2
  • I currently own a 02 Ford Excursion Diesel (Big Monster) I have 3 small children. I was thinking about getting a Navigator. How is the gas mileage? What is the best year 05 or 06? Any ideas? Thanks for the help.
  • Hey Jan i have not a clue what is going on but my proplem just went away for now but this is the 2nd time this has happened in the 3 years i have owned it . {mystery machine} :confuse:
  • I spoke to a friend who is a service writer at a Ford dealer.. did your's do this on a rainy day? The small leak issue that we see in some of the other posts could be the culprit. Just makes a relay stick on and cause the problem... mine cleared up too... between my husband giving it a slight smack and a dry day. Other than that, my Navigator has been a great vehicle. We'll consider sealing that spot in the future or getting a carport for her. As to the person who wanted to know how the gas mileage is... don't give up the diesel if you're concerned about that (mine averages 11 mpg which is mostly driving to work and home 5 miles each way in the suburbs), however if you're looking for a vehicle that can haul everyone and get them there in style and class with creature comforts, then a Navigator's the way to go. We test drove a Cadillac before purchasing this one and it won hands down! Even with this issue, my next vehicle will still be a Lincoln... liking the look of that new Mark LT. The quality of the Ford vehicles we have owned has been much better than any of the GM's except for the old hot rods...
  • Hi Jan yes this did happen on rainy days . You could be on to the problem solution thanks for the info . MIKE :)
  • Hello I own a 2000 Navigator and today when I got in and started the car there was static coming from the speakers. When I started the car the radio came on fine, however when I put the transmission in drive the radio stops and turns off. Any Idea what is wrong?????
  • toolfxrtoolfxr Posts: 15
    When I had my '04 Navi, I got 9.9 city and 15 hwy. If you have the new 6.0 diesel, your better off staying there with that truck. Just look at all of the problems that other people are having! That's why I got rid of my Navi! Ford has nothing but problems with these SUV's. I wouldn't buy another one. The diesels are more reliable. I've got a new F-350 diesel Super Cab with the long bed and I love it.
  • toolfxrtoolfxr Posts: 15
    The dealer is jerking you!!! All models with reverse sensing had the outside mirrors tilt down for parking assistance. You need to find a better service dealer and contact Lincoln Customer No-Service to let them know about this service person. My '04 Navi had this feature. :mad:
  • I too have this exact same problem. I did indeed have an after market VIPER alarm which I have taken back to the installer and since had removed. It is become a more and more frequent problem now and happens almost every time I turn the ignition off. The alarm installer is now saying that it is a problem with the ignition. ANY SUGGESTIONS???
  • Hey Mike,
    Since the last post, my husband bought a tube of marine silicone clear sealant, cleaned out the area just above the driver's side where the joint comes together, lifted the gasket and shot a little bit in there... didn't gunk it up too much though. No excess or anything oozing out. We've been through 2 major rains and no issues! I think we caught it early enough before any damage to any electronics.. all working perfectly! A friend who works at a Ford dealership says that he's seen this before so I think we're good to go... at least it was an easy fix... if it hadn't worked on the first try, I priced a local glass shop to pull the windshield and seal, $125... good luck with yours. Jan :)
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