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Land Rover LR3



  • The Boston Globe on Sunday had new LR3s at $395 per mo for 24 months with (roughly) $3000 down and a "cap reduction of $6000" (these figures are all from memory). Now, I'm no econometrician, but it seems to me that that the "cap reduction" is coming out of someone else's pocket, not the buyers.


    Has deep discounting just begun? Even if these were "loaners" thats a hefty discount. Is LR subventing this? Did I misread this? While I truly hope that the LR3 has a good launch, a bad launch can kill an otherwise good car. (Look at the Chrysler Pacifica. With its clean, nordic design and AWD, that car should have attracted lots of people who wanted to save 10K over a Volvo XC. But the launch stumbled, then discounting began --diminishing the brand in many eyes, and I haven't seen any Volvo types driving any. When will the Big Three have enough cojones to build a good car at the right price and stick to it?)
  • trm2trm2 Posts: 42
    emols -


    quick question. did you want the heavy duty package? i only ask because i wanted the se7 fully loaded except without nav. lr dealer called and said heavy duty was not available yet (early december) and so i bought it.


  • fbaerfbaer Posts: 7
    I do about 90% of the time.
  • I've owned a LR3 SE7 for 3950 miles now and have enjoyed it completely. I've taken it off road (moderate use) and it excelled to say the least! I've driven in it moderate to deep snow and had NO problems at all! I switched ESP off which helped a lot. Love that HDC and the fact you can adjust it's speed easily! The only thing I would like to change are a sunvisor extension and the ability to move the seats when power is off. My gas mileage has been between 14 and 18 depending of course on how I drive.
  • I truly, truly LOVE this truck! And I have to honestly say I was a TOUGH one to sell on "the new Land Rover truck"
  • I truly, truly LOVE this truck! And I have to honestly say I was a TOUGH one to sell on "the new Land Rover truck."


    Let's start with some history: I had a '98 Discovery, GREAT in the snow, wouldn't want to be in any other truck! Not so great in the city. I didn't feel it had enough power and zip, but it was my first "SUV" so what did I know? Then I went to the 2001 BMX X5 (V6) (also the first year model) and I have to say it was an awesome fast "little truck." I had not one major problem with the car and the upmost service from Nick Alexandar in Los Angeles.


    But it was time for a bigger truck as the X5 proved to be nothing but a Mini Cooper for my big ole German Shepherd! Let alone, anticipating the arrival of a baby seat. :) After much persuasion from my husband, with knowledge of the new 300 HP engine, we decided to give the LR3 a test drive. Although we were both quite impressed, I wasn't SOLD after the 15 minute test drive, as I was still so happy with my X5. So my husband arranged for a 24 HR test drive which allowed me to keep the truck overnight and do everyday things. (Hornburg Sunset was great!) We also needed to make sure our dog's X-large kennel fit in the back. (It does!)


    After zipping around LA streets and freeways, I was one happy little camper with a whole lot of horse power! :) Let me also state the only hesitation I had with the truck was how it handled in the city. Nothing to do with the reliability of Land Rover. LR South Bay serviced my '98 Disco just fine. Let alone, it only needed it's regular services. I had not one problem with the Disco, and LR South Bay always provided a loaner.


    Now the only problem was finding a LR3 HSE7 before Dec. 31, 2004, to take advantage of the accelerated depreciation. I called every LR dealer in California! Not one LR3 HSE7 to be found! Did I have to settle for a fully loaded SE7? Luckily, LR Anaheim Hills had one who's depositer didn't need the fully loaded HSE7, sad for her, happy for me! LR Anaheim Hills (also a great dealer) is some 60 miles from me, but it didn't worry me, because again I never had an issues with the Disco, and I knew how well LR South Bay took care of me.


    I always use the access mode after I park. So convenient in parking structures and for loading groceries.


    Love being able to hook up my IPOD, no more having to run it thru FM stations! :)


    During all the terrible rains in Los Angeles, I used the snow/gravel mode, you could tell how much more the tires grip to the wet roads. I felt so safe! Can't wait to take it skiing!


    FYI, HSE owners: Check to make sure all the window control panels in the rear have the panel with the AUX plug-ins. All of mine were there expect the right rear passenger. Called dealer, will order one for me.


    No stalls, no problems, minor or major! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this smart new truck! But I do feel for those who are experiencing difficulties with such a great truck!


    We'll keep our fingers crossed! Happy LR3ing! :)
  • Well, with the many troubled reports posted recently, I wanted to add my "good news report" to the mix.


    Still no problems and the drive gets better and stronger every day. I use most of the features every day (I'm becoming a LR "POWER USER!"), including parking at access height, off-roading, voice commands, memory seats/mirrors, navigation system, DVD, cold box, tow package, driving modes, iPod integration, and 7-seat configurations, all without any problems (again, except for the DVD-through-the-speakers bug).


    This is unquestionably the finest vehicle I have ever owned. I'm sorry that some of you are having a negative experience...
  • I have a LR3 HSE Fully Loaded On Order, and am

    still waiting for it. (Ordered Oct 30, dealer

    says it will be in late Feb)


    I insisted on the Factory DVD Player, Does anyone

    who has this know if the AUX port is still



    I am not sure if the DVD Player will use that AUX

    port, or is an AUX port is still available for

    other things like Satalite, or iPod's.


  • I have the factory DVD... and the audio auxiliary audio port is still available for things like an iPod. The DVD player also has auxiliary input jacks for connection of things like Playstations.


    The current issue with the DVD is that it does not currently play through the speakers of the audio system, but only through the supplied wireless headsets (or through the wired headset jacks).


    A few earlier posts attributed this to a change in the final model of the DVD and that a fix was coming...
  • Mine has 6000 km on it (almost 4000 miles). I love it too.


    The issues I have experienced include:


    - A total suspension failure Sunday (not repeatable; dealer still has the truck and can see from all the error memories [a lot!] that it happened, but cannot repeat, so cannot fix)


    - Steering wheel not quite straight - will be adjusted.


    - "The thump" when accelerating briskly from having just stopped - but I can work around it by babying it and accellerating slowly.


    - Groaning sound when I reverse and go over bumps in access mode (i.e. when reversing out of my garage)


    - Heating sometimes blows cold air out of the centre when it should be blwoing warm air - when this happens I close the centre outlets.


    - A rattle in or near the door somewhere when I go over rough terrain.


    This is a very complex truck and none of these are unexpected,. They will no doubt all be sorted out.


    Having read the manuals, I cannot help but think that this is more like an aircraft than a car. I assure you aircraft have issues like these all the time and need lots of work to keep them flying. That is not a problem, it's just what is needed. I am sure LR will sort out the issues, and provided they do, all will be OK.


    The dealer and LR need to handle it well. LR marketing told me they had never heard of a car with suspension failure. (Yeah right). I am now driving a Saturn (groan), had to leave my credit card imprint, and had to argue to not have to pay $25 a day for taht "rental". All that is NOT good handling.


    But no doubt they'll get it right eventually. The truck is great.


  • emolsemols Posts: 15
    no- I only knew I wanted 3rd row and tonga green. I do not have nav either.
  • ...more about "not the right way to handle things":


    Just heard from Budds service department (I called them, not the other way around):


    I am told they called Land Rover USA yesterday and are still awaiting a call back. So it seems I have missed my car for a day for no reason, and we are no further than we were - and I am still driving a Saturn.


    I am still happy about the car, but I must say, am less impressed by the dealer or by Land Rover USA/Land Rover Canada. I mean, a new car like this surely warrants at least a "We are so sorry" call from LR, or from the dealer's owner, and a rental Land Rover rather than Saturn? Not to speak about LR USA not calling back my dealer.
  • I am still waiting to hear back on my suspension failure too. Land Rover called a towing service in my area and they said they would be out Monday morning and to leave the keys on the front seat. Then LR called me again and said the tow company was busy and wouldn't get it until early afternoon. Then by 6, I called my dealer and asked if they received it yet. They said no. The dealer said they called Roadside Assistance themselves (good for them) to ask where it was and Roadside Assistance said that the towing people said they talked to me and were going to meet me at 3:30 - which was a flat out lie, though it was by the tow company, not LR. The tow company finally arrived at 10 at night and the guy says "suspension failure? did you check the fuse? did you reset the air pressure in the suspension (or something to that effect) and why didn't you just drive it to sudbury yourself?" For the record, the dealer in Sudbury (my dealer, and the closest one) is 45 minutes away. You do NOT want to know the discomfort of driving the car in this state, let alone for 45 minutes. He then said "sucks that you paid so much money for this and it breaks down already". Needless to say, adding to the humiliation was the fact that the huge flatbed tow truck pulls into the cul-de-sac with flashing lights ablaze so that the neighbors can gossip about how we wasted our money.


    OK, I am venting. Most of this is due to the tow company, not LR. Though the dealer did not call me this morning to tell me my truck had arrived over night.


    Still waiting back on how much the dealer will pay me to take my truck off my hands. Any bets? I am guessing on a $55,000 car with 2000 miles I will lose $12500. I would be better off selling it outright to another person, but I am dying to know what LR will give me and to make my point that I am upset.
  • I had the same "it's on the truck" experience. The truck took a week to arrive for what should have been a one day drive. And every day it was "on the truck", "here today", etc.


    In the end it did arrive though. I expect these mystery phantom trucks are a good way to handle impatient customers.
  • Yeah, the delays have been frustrating. Six months from order to delivery but the good news is the dealer just called and the HSE arrived this morning and is being prepped as we speak. Finally! On a side note, when I asked if the HSE delays were due to the fuel tank issue, the sales manager got flustered and asked how I knew about that and whether one of her staff had told me. I mentioned the various LR forums.....
  • hey folks,

    i'm driving my second 04 Disco loaner in the one month i've owned the LR3, dealer is still trying to correct air bag problem; after reading all the horror stories i'm starting to think an 04 Discovery fully loaded was the way to go for a couple of years.

    So far i've been behind the wheel of a Discovery as much as my LR3 and i'm actually starting to like it better ; less complicated , higher seating position, more compact in the city and much less expensive!

    let's put it this way three strikes and they're out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • grommetgrommet Posts: 445
    Just a simple correction... There is no "factory" DVD on LR3. It is a dealer installed accessory and can be added at any time to any vehicle, just like any aftermarket solution.
  • sontobsontob Posts: 13
    For those still contemplating purchasing an LR3 I took some photos of my Bonatti Grey LR3 SE7 fully loaded that can be seen through the link below.


    I paid msrp back on 12/25. Although, the dealer threw in and installed racks, mats, mud flaps and side moldings.


    For iPod people as seen in the photos I purchased a Belkin charger/line out device which has worked well. The flexible neck extension makes it easy to just move my hand slightly off the steering wheel to access the dial on the iPod.

  • Hey, of course you should buy one- it's a great car. The issues I and others have described are to be expected with any new car. As long as LR handle them well (and they have not done a great job on the PR side of this) we'll al be OK/.


  • cjdcjd Posts: 8
    Does anyone know what the deal is with using the access mode every time you park? I also own a 1999 Range Rover, and when I purchased it the dealer he told me to always lower the car when its parked (I assumed it was to have a longer life on the air shocks). When I picked up my new LR3, the dealer said its not necessary to lower unless I need easier access.
  • Sontob -- The Bonatti is really nice. It was my first choice, until the dealer I had "ordered" one from decided to play games (or whatever), and kept saying "next week", "two weeks", etc. So I cancelled that order and purchased a loaded silver SE7 from Dallas and drove it home to Los Angeles. Horrible sales experience with Hornburg (Beverly Hills).


    In terms of experience with the vehicle, I just got back from Mammoth this past weekend. Got there while it was snowing, and it performed like a champ in "snow mode". Over 2,000 miles, not a single problem. I do have the Heavy Duty package, if that has anything to do with anything in regards to the stalling issue some people seem to be having.


    So far it has been a fantastic vehicle. And it was fun to hook up a laptop to the Auxillary input and play a DVD through the car's speakers. Forget installing a DVD player if you have a laptop you could take along with you. Of course, the Auxillary works great for iPods too.
  • Just got a call from the dealer tonight and he said they had gotten the OK from LR to order 12 HSE vehicles. He was checking to see if I still wanted to order one. Said that the cooler box was not available for ordering at this time. That was on item I thought would be fun to have, but not a deal killer. I inquired about the PTI option and he said still not available. Told him to go ahead with the order. When he gets the build date, I will post. Looking forward to owning a Land Rover. Hope they have the stalling and suspension issues sorted out by the time they build my vehicle.
  • ..I have heard many stories as to what they did: reseated sensor connectors is what the service log says. It does NOT mention the ECU connector even though I asked. The reports says:




    So nothing actually found - we'll see how it behaves and whether it happens again -hopefully not.


    It's as much of a pleasure to drive as before.. missed it and may Inever have to drive a Saturn again :-)


  • Just thought I would relay my experience. I just got a loaded HS 7 seater, pretty much as close to a HSE as possible. Alveston Red/Alpacha interior, I liked the looks of the combo. Got rid of my Land Rover Freelander, which I did like and never had any major problems. Anyway, one of the larger dealers in the area agreed to give me over $3500 off MSRP and when I checked with other smaller dealers they couldn't even come close. I feel I got a fair deal and the HSE only has minor differences as far as I am concerned-adaptive lights, rear stereo controls, memory seat. I have no problem paying for a car that makes me smile every time I drive it - it is not about the destination, it's about the journey.


    Since I leased through a third party, I also saved over $200 dollars a month when compared to Land Rover Capital group-other leasers can still refinance and save a bundle.


    The truck is spectacular - utilitarian design, ride, space, visibility, gadgets. Unfortunately, the manuals are not 100% accurate in their information provided - front park distance control, rear stereo controls, certain stero functions.


    I had checked with vizulogic, who makes the DVD systems located in the headrest, if they were going to release a version for the LR3 and they replied "I am sorry but we will not be making that vehicle due to a safety feature that can not be removed". Damn shame, would have looked great in the car. Any other ideas out there?


    As far as any potential future problems with the car, I am concerned but not paralyzed by fear. I do feel for those members who have repeated problems, the treatment by the dealers is something which can be controlled, the problems of the car can't always. Anyway, the posts on this board did help tremendously in my determination to obtain an LR3. I hope I don't regret it.
  • 1k on the HSE today and its running better and better. Seems so anyway. Oddity #1: I had turned off the mirror dip thing a couple weeks ago and for some reason it returned. Then went away again. Beats me. Oddity #2: I noticed when I changed the electronic person to a female voice, she doesn't seem to understand me as well as the English fellow did. Story of my life though. Mileage (actual) has been around 16, a mix of city and rural highway. iPod with the Belkin auto adapter works like a champ. Laptop for DVD's ditto. Man I love driving this thing. Itching to get off-road, but have yet to do so. Anyone else in the NW Florida panhandle? We have hundreds square miles of of wilderness, too bad it's reserved for the USAF to blow things up. I am learning of some good 4wd friendly places though, and if anyone is interested in a short excursion, let me know. I'm green at this and going it in tandem would likely quell the fears of getting in too deep...Jeff
  • nwxnwx Posts: 21
    My brother-in-law and I picked up his SE yesterday and took it on it's maiden voyage today. I did most of the driving and was very impressed (but not suprised!). Definitely felt more "truck-like" than my MDX and had a bit more engine vibration; something I noticed right away during the test drive. Steering was much tighter and more responsive than the soft, vague feeling I get with my car. Tried not to wring it out but it cruised effortlessly at 75 mph on the highway and accelerated briskly at any speed. Feels like it's got loads of power at all rpms! Cabin was kind of tight but controls nicely laid out. Love the dual (driver/passenger) climate controls, something I need desperately on my Acura (wife: "It's freezing in here!"). Handled the snow on a 3000 ft. mountain pass back road effortlessly.


    All in all a wonderful ride. This is the new "family car" for my foreign in-laws when they are here in the States so I will have ample opportunity to drive it. Will keep posting my experiences, positive as well as negative.


    Here's some links to a couple pics I took:
  • grommetgrommet Posts: 445
    Using access mode is optional on the LR3, as it should be. There would be a big obnoxious warning before exiting if lowering to access mode was "mandatory." ;) Are you sure the '99 Range Rover required this?
  • iiiiii Posts: 6
    I had a 98 rangey - it was a terrible car & swore me off land rovers - particularly the new range rover which i think they have got right with the 05 model (i know people with problems on an 03). There was never a requirement to lower the car to access mode & it is optional on the lr3.


    Before the rangey, i had a 95 disco - for me it was a great car. After the rangey, i had a 2001 x5 4.4 with sport package - great on dry roads but terrible in the snow - (if i wanted an update to that i would have got an audi a8)


    I am 1800 miles into my lr3 (i spent 2 weeks in australia since i got it) - it's been great. I've done a 600 mi trip & 3 trips to mountains near here (seattle) - when we had decent snow (the ski areas are all closed here until we get more).


    I've had no trouble (no stalls - i have gone up & down a few hills in seattle...)- the only issue i have had was when i accidentally pressed the yellow descent control button. I wonder if retrospect will show the dsc & mode controls to be in a really dumb location.


    Interestingly, while in Australia, the Sydney Morning Herald had a review of a number of 4wds - including the lr3 (or disco3 down there) & x5. in that review the lr3's hydraulic system failed & it lost the review because the guy didn't trust land rovers "this time we got it right. no really. really, truly, we did" type comments. Unfortunately ,the review is not on their web site.


  • "I am dying to know what LR will give me and to make my point that I am upset."


    Sorry to hear about your suspension failure. Hopefully the dealer can identify the exact problem and it won't recur. Good luck and let us know what they find out.
  • finmanfinman Posts: 21
    I don't know what your dealer is talking about. The cooler well as all the options for 2005 are available to be ordered...and have already arrived. I sat in an HSE yesterday that had both the cooler box and adaptive headlights...firt time I've seen either. Don't accept this ignorance from your dealer...


    Mine has been on order since late October...and now I've just been informed my arrival date has been changed from December (original) to January, to March...and now to May!!! It's a bit ridiculous and I may need to go hunting for one myself if this change to May is not an error.
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