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Toyota Yaris



  • rossm2rossm2 Posts: 96
    Thanks!! Any recent word as to when they will be available? My last visit to the local dealer (about 2 weeks ago) resulted in discovering that I know a lot more than he did about the 2006. All he could tell me was the 2005 5-door HB was still listed as "in production".
  • alb25alb25 Posts: 3
    Tentatively Scheduled Release is October, but we all know that can change.
  • rossm2rossm2 Posts: 96
    Thank you very much for the information. I hope that you are correct as I would like to purchase by the end of the year. Yes, we do know that, don't we? ;)
  • lexi4lifelexi4life Posts: 181
    I found something very interesting:
    Spyshots and an article about the new 3 door Echo/Yaris we're gonna get in Canada:

    There are more spyshots of the car at the bottom of the page on the right side!

    Seems like Toyota's getting ready to launch its new sub-compact here in both 3 and 5 door forms plus the sedan (that's going to arrive later)!
  • is all that needs to be said about this situation. It would definitely be nice to get the 3/5 doors over here in the U.S. before 2006. Now an RS 3 Door would be nice, especially if it comes factory turbo' ed. If that also attracts aftermarket support, the next echo would become quite a hot little car. Even if no, it is still shaping up to be an interesting car. And those spy shots question just what the new car will look like. Will it look like the Yaris? May be something new/futuristic (assuming the prius' futuristic looks inspired toyota to bring it down to their economy car)? Don't know, but like I said this will be very interesting. :) I also prey that toyota doesn't do something weird with the options list like they did with the echo. I mean come on, I live in MD and can't even GET power windows! yet people in NC can easily! :mad:

    Too bad they had to can the echo before bringing in the replacement. Even though it was ugly (most would say) and most critics didn't love it, it was still an interesting small car. One thing I will note is that Toyota brags about having 9 cars that get over 30mpg's. But when you click on the echo's link it states they no longer make it. Is it just me or does toyota need to update their website? ;)
  • sapoohsapooh Posts: 7
    oh... i also agree that they should have waited before bringing the new echo... i mean... it's still new here (even if they had it in europe and asia for years) people are still amazed here and there is gonna be a new one in few months.... c'mon give people a break! i'm somtimes thinking about keeping mine just because it will be famous and rare here soon! (BTW i'm in montreal, quebec, and here it's all over the place... selling 73,000 echo in 2005 only, can't get a new 2005 by now, they've stopped production... or imports for quebec... must wait for 2006) :shades:
  • rossm2rossm2 Posts: 96
    I was at the local dealer today, and got a printout of the specs for the 2006 3 & 5 door Echos. Both have on RS level of trim now. I'll just note a few of the changes. Feel free to ask if I don't include what you wish to know. BTW, the colours are as listed in a prior post.
    Engine is now ULEV rather than LEV :)
    CD player standard in all models
    Power remote mirrors are standard on all but the 3-door CE model
    Power windows are now part of the "B Package", at least on the 5-door
    ABS is no longer standard on 5-door - is part of "B package" (A/C, ABS, Keyless, P/Windows)
    60/40 rear seats only available on RS :(
    HB now seats 5 rather than 4
    Length is now 150.6" (3.5" increase)
    Width 66.7" (+2.3")
    Height 60.0" (+0.9")
    Wheelbase 96.9" (+3.6")
    Ground Clear. 5.5" (+0.75")
    Weights are up 166-184 lbs depending on model (2300-2385lbs)
    Net load capacity is up from 716 to 885 lbs
    Fuel capacity is DOWN from 45 litres to 42. :confuse:
    Fuel consumption rating is slightly poorer overall.
  • sapoohsapooh Posts: 7
    do you know if ABS will be standard on 3 doors CE? (really usefull in quebec winters)
    and do you know about the options? like spoilers, skirts, mags, leather wheel, sport pedals...?
    but most important, do you know when it will be for sell? (i just can't wait to get it) :shades:
  • rossm2rossm2 Posts: 96
    According to my information sheet, ABS is NOT standard on the CE (3-door) or LE (5-door), but is included in the "B Package" as indicated in the prior post. I suspect it is not available as a stand-alone option either, but I'm not certain. If you are interested in mags, skirts, leather wheel, spoiler, etc, just get the RS as they are all included. But, to answer your question, I haven't seen an option list as one isn't available as yet, but I'm sure they will all be available as they are now.

    As for when, the betting (from several sources) says sometime in October for the first arrivals. Hope this helps. ;)

  • carmen1carmen1 Posts: 19
    I almost got my new Echo but Hertz or some other rental company took the whole fleet so I have to wait for the next shipment. I was told it should be in by August. Apparently if a company takes the whole fleet, they get first dibs over other dealerships that were first in line. What a rip!

    I can't wait any longer, the transit system near my area SUCKS! and my cycling legs are giving out.

    Thanks to rossm2 for giving the specs on the 2006 Echo. I ordered my car but had no idea what the changes were. Why did Toyota change the specs to give less mileage? I was happy with the 2005 model. Why make it bigger when the whole point was to make a fuel efficient line? That could explain why the 2005 sold out suddenly at the North Van dealership when I went to buy it in June. I think people were aware of these changes.
  • rossm2rossm2 Posts: 96
    The change in fuel consumption is minimal:

    2005 Manual 6.7/5.2, automatic 7.1/5.5
    2006 Manual 6.9/5.5, automatic 7.1/5.8

    I suspect that the change in economy is partially due to the weight gain, and partially due to the change from being LEV (Low Emission Vehicle) to U(ltra)LEV. This also resulted in a decrease in torque from 105 lb-ft @4200 rpm to 103 @4200. For me, the change to ULEV is very significant while the fuel economy is still way ahead of anything else out there (except some diesels & hybrids).

  • sapoohsapooh Posts: 7
    i'm in montreal and was told by my dealership that it is now almost impossible to get a 2005 echo here because they stopped producing them, they already started to make the 2006. so here, you can only get what was not sold yet (read: not the color and equipment you might have wished for) i guess you're lucky you could get one!

    thanks alot for the infos. i agree with you that the changes in fuel consumption and size/weight are small enought to be unnoticable.
    i'm still not sure about the outside look for the 2006, especialy the front, but i so far saw only the japoneese model, hopefully ours will be a little different. but the interior is awesome and i'm sure gonna be the first one in line at my dealership to get it!
  • annie7annie7 Posts: 1
    thanks for your specs. Though Canadian, I'm living in Mexico and will be looking for a Yaris there. Do you know if the Yaris will be the same as your specs? Also what is the cargo space? Will the price be going up?
  • rossm2rossm2 Posts: 96
    Sorry, but I have no information about the Mexican situation. I can't even get pricing information for here in Canada. I'll only know that when the dealer finds out. :)

    As to the cargo space, that is interesting. The old Toyota Echo spec sheet had errors, so I don't know if this is error or not, but the cargo space listed has actually decreased from10.7-10.9 to 8.1 cubic feet. What I suspect (and hope) is that we will be getting the same fore & aft adjustable rear seat that is available on the European Yaris. The 8.1 figure would be with the rear seat adjusted for maximal leg room, and if adjusted for luggage, the figure should be considerably higher. Remember, this is just speculation on my part, but I find it rather hard to imagine significantly DECREASING storage space after increasing the wheelbase by 3.5". We will know soon though. ;)
  • ehcerbehcerb Posts: 1
    I have been lookin at purchasing a small economy car and my choices have been narrowed down to either the a smart car or the echo. Which i have rented both for a weekend and i think they are both pretty cool. However i have come across another Toyota that is in the market in Europe called Aygo. Does anyone know if this will be imported to Canada, and if so when.................
  • rossm2rossm2 Posts: 96
    The Aygo (I-Go) is the smaller cousin of the Yaris/Vitz/Echo HB. There is no current plan to bring it into Canada, and I doubt that there will be, at least for a few years. It would be nice to see however. :)

  • sapoohsapooh Posts: 7

    some toyota dealerships will import it (i know a guy in montreal who had a yaris imported 6 months before it was available here) but you have to pay for the shipment (arround 2000$) and it's not garanteed obviously because they don't keep the parts in stock here. so if you are willing to pay all the extras, yes, you can have your aygo in canada.

    i love it too, maybe we should all send complain lettres to toyota and have them change their mind! :shades:
  • rossm2rossm2 Posts: 96
    In the case of the Yaris, the engine was the same as the Echo, so it was certified for Canadian use (perhaps), but the Aygo engine is NOT used in any Canadian certified vehicle, so I would be very surprised if it could legally be brought in through that approach. Unless it is certified, you can not register the car.

  • justine1justine1 Posts: 4
    Having read some of the messages in here, one troubles me most, do you honestly think that there are no 2005 Echo LE left out there? I am in the Ottawa area and am thinking of purchasing this vehicle in the very near future. I have gone online and checked prices with dealers, however, there is no mention of there being a low stock of them?? Question - owners of this vehicle, are you sick and tired of people saying how "cute" it is or does the car handle great and it doesnt bother you? Many thanks! :)
  • rossm2rossm2 Posts: 96
    There definitely still are some 2005 Echo LEs available in Canada, it's the States in which they are not. I don't yet have my Echo, as I am waiting for the 2006 model, but after driving 9 different cars ranging from the Aveo (ugh) to the Jetta TDI, I feel that the Echo hatchback best meets my needs/wants. I think the handling is excellent, especially with the 15" wheels. I would not even consider the sedan. I could not care less whether other's think it is "cute".
  • sapoohsapooh Posts: 7
    i swear, i montreal, the only way to get a 2005 is what's left in the dealerships... they have stop producing them. so yes you can still buy one, but it might not be the color/options that you want... you have to pic from what's left. i'm sure it's the same for the rest of canada, and i have this information buy 3 people i know who work in dealerships. :cry:
  • micwebmicweb Posts: 1,617
    You said:

    "or does the car [Echo] handle great "

    I had a 2003 American Echo and it "handled" terribly. That is to say, it took corners fine and had a nice ride, but was EXTREMELY susceptible to cross winds. I was reminded of this yesterday when crossing a windy bridge and watching an Echo go across.

    I was able to correct the handling problem, partially, by replacing the stock shocks with firmer shocks (try KYB GR2's or Monroe Sensatrac) and adding slightly wider, stickier tires (Bridgestone 950's) but it was never completely satisfactory.

    I finally solved the problem by getting rid of the car and later getting a Scion xA, essentially the same chassis but much firmer suspension overall. Handled fine, but rode pretty hard.

    Now, since you are from Canada, your mileage may vary. European Echos (old Yaris's) were set up with a firmer suspension. Is the Canadian suspension the soft, problematic US suspension, the definitely ok Scion xA suspension, or the (probably) middle setting used in Europe? Only a test drive will tell. Try making turns faster than usual on a test drive (but not dangerously fast) and see how much the car leans. If it feels tippy, it will be susceptible to crosswinds. Try driving a Scion xA. If they feel the same, you are probably going to be fine.
  • rossm2rossm2 Posts: 96
    This is true - production of the 2005s has ended, but they are still available. If you really want the 2005 rather than the 2006, it would be wise to act quickly. I think my local dealer has 3 2005s left. They will be long gone before the new ones arrive, hopefully in October. Oh, and to address the other point, the Hatchback is virtually identical to the Yaris in suspension - very different from the sedan according to friends who have driven both.
  • snakerbillsnakerbill Posts: 272
    Is there a site that has pictures of the new 2006 Echo coupe? Fuel prices are driveing me out of my Honda Accord (V6), pun intended. Does anyone know what fuel mileage will be on an automatic coupe?? Any help appreciated. Also, what colors will be available?
  • jiletojileto Posts: 2
    I've been using this link to drool over it:

    The site requires Flash player. You don't have to install Japanese fonts. On the left hand side of the page, under the heading Vitz, the 5th link will show you the summary of the fuel mileage based on engine displacement and drivetrain (yup... they have 4WD which we're not getting here in Canada :cry: ).

    If you let your cursor hover over a link and observe the status line of your browser, you'll see the english names for the links. They might have weird names (the link I cited above goes under the heading "dynamism") but generally, the english names give you a good idea of the page the link is pointing to.

    I did not see any reference to a coupe model on the site while exploring the links.
  • micwebmicweb Posts: 1,617
    Although I am notorious for changing cars at the drop of the hat, I'd urge you to reconsider moving from a V6 Accord to an Echo unless you are planning to make a change anyway (age of the Accord, repairs, etc.). The amount of transaction costs involved are so great you'll never come out ahead on gasoline savings alone.
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Manson, WAPosts: 7,237
    the same one that is coming to America in 2006? If it isn't, what bodystyle is Toyota going to choose to bring over here?

    How will it be priced? Have we come to a consensus on that matter yet?

    micweb, instead of a new world order Scion xA you might consider a new 2006 Toyota Echo? If it looks like the rig in that link I couldn't blame you! That's a cool looking body style!

    2011 Kia Soul Sport 5-speed

  • carmen1carmen1 Posts: 19
    I received a flyer advertising the 2005 Echo Hatchback CE starting at $14,025.

    After calling and getting a lot of runaround he finally told me the drive away price comes to $17,915. I hate the way it's advertised.

    Anyway, I got a call that my Echo is in but it was a false alarm. They ordered a 2005 Echo Hatchback CE instead of a 2006 Echo Hatchback LE! Piss me off. I know I don't have any options but to wait till the 2006 gets in. Transit here (Vancouver) SUCKS big time. The increase in gas prices that I'll be paying better improve this crappy system.

    I was told that I will have to wait till the middle of September. Also, the manager quoted me a higher price than what I calculated on so he recalculated and gave me a better your homework!

    But for those who just graduated within the last 3 years you can get a $500 rebate off these 2005 Echos. I believe that means highschool, college or university.
  • alanyalany Posts: 10
    Thanks for the update. It's good to know the 2006 Echos will be available mid-September. That's earlier than most of us had hoped. With gas prices so high, I'm sure Toyota is eager to get the fuel-efficient Echo to market as fast as possible.
  • sapoohsapooh Posts: 7
    for those who just can't wait, here are some links to french sites (from france) about 2006
    the pics just speak for themselfs
    and for the colors... but not sure if it's what we're gonna get in north america. at least you can get a glimps at what's to come.
    i personaly ordered a 2005 on the last call because i don't like the futuristic look of the 2006 :sick:
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