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  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    They were obviously refering to the EES (EvaperativeEmmissionsSystem). By overfilling the gas tank, it is possible to suck raw fuel into a hose that is supposed to have just gas fumes in it.

    This causes the myrid of sensors, solenoids, servos...etc to get confused. The ECU then would attempt to compensate by "dumping" this raw fuel into the intake manifold at idle.

    I hope this simplified explanation is sufficent to explain how overfilling the gas tank COULD affect the idle quality.
  • Picked up a '02 4.7, Auto, QC Sport last night! After being a silent observer to this forum for the last year and a half I can finally put in my 2 cents. I wanted the Toyota Double Cab b/c when we buy a car we keep it for a long time but my wife prevailed with the Dakota. (Can somebody reassure me that I made the right decision?)

    The whole dealership process made me feel like I had been violated. The funniest part was how the sales people said what a great truck it is and then the Extended Warranty salesman asked me if I had read Consumer Reports and seen the terrible repair record of the Dakota (I had). My wife thought the whole process was amusing, but realized how important it is to be prepared when facing these people. Just a quick note for future buyers, I used as a valuable resource before going into the dealer. Also, I found that had a lower price than a similarly equipped Dakota with Edmunds TMV! (I actually used the price as my final # and I actually got it. My wife and I walked out and the salesman came running after us and gave us what we wanted)
    Sorry about the long post but I guess I'm a little excited. One last thing...I will be buying a cap and probably a spray in liner, any ideas on websites or research places for these items would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for listening.
  • bookittybookitty Posts: 1,303
    CB, I think that you and your wife made a good choice (especially since your wife persisted) in that you bought a Dakota. I love mine (2000 Quad) and it is my second Dakota (1995) and i have been very satisfied and happy with them. Good luck with your truck and a happy and safe holiday to you and yours.


    PS Do you know how to tell if a dealership person (sales/service) is lying? Look closely, and if their lips are moving: They're lying.
  • txyank1txyank1 Posts: 1,010
    I resemble that remark! I sold new and used cars for a few months then worked at a small used truck lot for about a yr. Two things I discovered, the Customers lie just as much as car salespeople do and you can't make it in sales if you are totally honest. Needless to say I'm no loger in sales. Happy Holidays y'all.
  • mopar67mopar67 Posts: 728
    If your experience resembles mine, (and I hope it does not) then plan on getting new rotors about every 8-9,000 miles. If and when the dealer does not want to work with you, go out and get some Raybestos or Powerslots and be done with it. Then fax a copy of your bill to Daimler Chrysler HQ in AUburn HIlls MI with a nasty but direct note. Personally I would like to take a you know what in the hat of the bozo who had any input whatsoever on the brakes and then pull that full hat down over his ears!
    Then buckle up and motor on!
  • Not much traffic here lately. I buy a Dakota and everybody takes off.
    Anyway, tomorrow I am getting a Line-x spray in bedliner put in and then on Friday we'll get the bug shield put on. We still need to put a topper on but haven't decided who to go with. The only names I can come up with are Snug Top and Leer. Anybody have some advice on these things? (Brand preference, cost, is price negotiable, etc)
    So far so good, 600 miles and no problems. I told my wife that if we have any problems within the first 20,000 miles we're going to trade it in and get a Toyota. Hope that doesn't happen.
  • bookittybookitty Posts: 1,303
    CB, you may also want to look at A.R.E. I currently have their fiberglass lid (it is my second purchase as I had one on my '95 Dakota). The quality is there, and the paint match was perfect. Their site address is They make various models of caps as well.


  • bobs5bobs5 Posts: 557
    I have an ARE CH model cap on the truck. No problems with it.

    See which brand caps are available in your area and then decide. I originally wanted a Snugtop but they were not available through the local cap dealers.

    Also have a Bedrug bedliner in the truck. Real nice.

    Now I'm looking for a ladder rack for the truck. Not many available for the Quad cab. There is the Renegade XT and one by Hauler Racks. Still waiting for a few more responses from manufacturers before deciding on one.
    Good luck,
  • gator72gator72 Posts: 115
    Hey, BPebbles, Thanks for the response. Sorry I haven't gotten back to you before now. But, my wife and I took a "road trip" for Christmas.

    The idle only fluxes while in "drive"; when stopped at a traffic light or stop sign; (engine is warmed up - normal operating temp.). (The A/C has been turned off since early November). Occasionally, it will hover around 600 rpm while idling in drive; but, that's the exception - not the rule.

    For the 1st year, my 2001 SLT-Plus 4.7 WAS as smooth as glass; never felt any vibration - whether the A/C was engaged or not. Since the end of the 12th month it has been a different story.

    The dealer/mechanic says I must be "overfilling" when refueling thereby "dumping" raw fuel into the hose that recovers fumes. If that is the case, I wonder why this problem just started after a year of refueling the same exact way?

    This might be classified as a "dumb" question, but why the heck would the recovery hose be placed in such close proximity to the filler neck; almost guaranteeing an overflow???

    FYI: Sometimes I'm guilty of "rounding up" to the next "5" or "0"; but, most of the time, when the auto-handle shuts off, I stop there.

    One more point. I love my QC. There is nothing else on the market that approaches the looks, engines, size and quality of the Dakota Quad Cab. I bought my 2001 QC in October 2000; special ordered it with all the bells and whistles; heavy duty everything. If I had it to do all over again, I would still buy the QC!

  • kojak3kojak3 Posts: 25
    Does anyone have Dodge HQs address to write to someone at the top?
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    I hope your dealer can help you out on this one... it is NOT normal for the idle to "hunt" as often as you suggest yours is doing.

    I have found that my dealer ALWAYS trys to "blow me off" when I first approach them with a problem. Unfortunatly, it must be "Standard Operating Procedure" to tell the customers that it is their fault and see if they come back again later.

    I have taken to insisting that they formally "log" my complaint in their computer each time. This way, there is a record of when I came to them with a problem. This seems to keep me from being "blown off" and they actually LOOK at my problem.

    To answer your question;
    ..why the heck would the recovery hose be placed in such close proximity to the filler neck...

    The vapor recovery is in the filler neck since this is the highest part of the gas tank.
    The filler neck should NEVER have raw fuel sitting in it. (completely full gas tank) Instead, the raw fuel only "passes thru" the filler neck on the way to the tank. The vapor-recovery hose is designed in such a way that raw fuel will not enter it under normal conditions.
  • Well, I read the Consumer Reports reviews, read the posts by disgruntled Quad owners and even went against my best judgement and caved in to my wife and bought a Dodge. With 1000 miles on it I am having my first problems. I got a call from my wife at work and she couldn't get the truck started. It kept turning over but wouldn't start. I had had the same problem a couple of days ago but got it started after depressing the gas pedal half way down and cranking it for about 15 seconds straight. I had her call raodside assistance that Dodge offers and she was on hold for 3 HOURS and finally hung up as the work day was over. (Can you frickin' believe that!! What if she was stuck on the side of the road in a snowstorm, I was livid!) I ended up starting the truck by pushing the gas all the way to the floor again. The dealer can't fit me in for about a week and a half so I have to deal with this problem until then.
    What really upsets me is that the whole point of buying a new vehicle is for peace of mind for three years, and now I have to treat this vehicle like a used car that could break down at anytime.
    So last night for New Year's Eve, I end up taking out my '86 4Runner with 215K miles so we don't get stranded.
    Making I'm getting worked up and it is simply a minor adjustment, but it sure isn't a good way to start a relationship.
    Sorry about the long post again, but I sure need to vent. AHHHHHHH.
  • Hey man, I can feel for you... I have been very interested in buying a 02 QC. I love the look of the truck and the spacious interior and the excellent handling. But I checked very carefully the ratings and reports and the comments of owners. I could not in good conscious buy a $23,000 truck that I can't feel I can rely on. The fricking rotors go very 7-9000 miles, and the all-around mysterious dodge ailments have scared the crap out of me. I will not lay that cash out unless I am very reasonably assured that I won't have to continually deal with the nasty dodge service people who repeatedly rape owners who bought their product in good faith. Seriously man, make the move and go with toyota. I'm leaning that way myself. I am passing on dodge.
  • toadmantoadman Posts: 39
    Sorry to hear about your problems with the QC. I also had been thinking of getting a QC last year. The styling is great as is the 4.7l engine but after reading all the reviews and hearing the complaints about mostly minor problems, I decided against the Dodge. (My brother-in-law just took his Durango in for brakes on a recall.) Anyway, I settled on the Toyota Double cab SR5 package with 4WD and have been very pleased with the vehicle to date. My wife who said she would never drive it is always driving it. I figured if I had bought the Dodge I would have wanted the extended warranty for peace of mind which would have brought it in at the same price as the Toyota. I hope the dealer works with you. You might find that after owning the QC with the larger interior and engine that "downsizing" to the DC is not to your liking.
  • If there has been a brake recall on Durango, why not the Dakota? Aren't they basically the same vehicle? Anyone?
  • If it is a choice between the Dakota and the Toyota buy the Toyota. Now with that out of the way keep in mind that most of the posters have an had a problem with their vehicle and need to vent. Any vehicle, regardless of brand can have problems. Yes the domestics probably have a higher share. I have a 2000 Dakota Quad Cab. It is 2 wheel drive with the 4.7l v8 and the 5 speed manual. It has been back to the dealer once because of a faulty remote door opener which was replaced on the spot. I have been fortunate to have purchased my Dodge from a 5 star dealer who deserves the rating. I also have a Dodge dealer a mile from my home who is aspiring to 5 star status. They do the service on our 2 1999 Neons and all our warranty repairs. My parents both drive older Toyotas that they bought new. They have provided exceptional service although they have had parts break over the years. The Toyota dealer is adequate and they they are fair as they seem to overcharge everyone equally. I am on my second Dakota and have not had unusual problems with brake pads or rotors. I suspect that is the case with the majority of Dakota owners. So buy your Toyota and I hope you enjoy driving it as much as I enjoy My Quad. Rick
  • Toadman, thanks for the sympathy. Iowabigguy, I am having second thoughts on the QC but I am definitely being realistic about this. One minor problem, which I think this is going to be, won't make me throw in the towel. Unfortunately I didn't buy the QC from a 5 Star dealer so I hope that isn't a problem. They too are striving to be a 5 Star dealer so maybe they will go out of there way to make this problem right.
    I also agree with you that this board is probably skewed towards disgruntled Dakota owners who need to vent over their problems but it seems that the Toyota site doesn't have as many unhappy owners griping. I hope that my future posts will be positive and will focus on the QC's nice ride, power and passenger room and not the little things that give it a bad name.
    I drop the QC off on Friday so I'll give an update on the diagnosis(the engine turns over but it won't start unless I push the gas pedal to the floor) and the dealer experience.
  • All may be well at the Toyota love fest site you visited, but problems do exist. Visit to get a real view of what's happening.
  • bookittybookitty Posts: 1,303
    CB, one of the reasons that one may see more problems is statistical given the greater activity of the Dakota's owner group and the number of sub topics. This is an extremely active site. I am on a Jeep Wrangler topic subscription as well, and have not seen a post in months (including any answer to a question I posed some months ago). I continue to be a happy Quad owner and think it's a great truck that meets my particular needs. Will I ever incur problems (other than a faulty air bag light)? I am certain that I will because it is only a product designed and manufactured by human hands. Do I love this truck? Darned right, I do!

  • gregp5gregp5 Posts: 51
    from Bobsyvee, do check out
    You'll find brake horror stories galore, almost incurable front end shimmys, piston slap, sqeaks n rattles, premature interior fabric wear and a heck of a lot of terrible Dealer service or non service, if you will.
    BTW....This is NOT meant to start any kind of Dodge vs Toyota thing here, just relaying what the Toyota owners are alreay saying about their trucks.
    That said, I still think they make a pretty good product, BUT they have NOT re-invented the wheel as some might have us believe.
  • zonkzonk Posts: 208
    I used to have a Toyota Tacoma extended cab, before I upgraded to a Dakota QC. I had severe tire wear problems and a pull to the right that never got fixed in the 3 years I had the truck. I also had some seat fabric wear. That said, it was good basic transportation, just too costly for the tire problems, too small and too underpowered. And the dealer didn't seem to want to fix the tire/pulling problem. But I checked out the 4 dr Tundra, too. It was OK, but it seemed very cramped in the back seats, and I did not like the back doors at all.
  • Well, they couldn't reproduce the starting problem in the QC. Yesterday it happened 3 times where the engine wouldn't start until we pushed the pedal to the floor and now today it starts every time for them. They ran it through the computer and started it 15 times and no problems detected. Maybe I will luck out and the problem has magically disappeared but with my track record I am sure this problem will continue. If anybody has any ideas please let me know.
    One more thing... I have about 1500 miles before I change the oil so I was wondering what everybody's experience has been with this? Easy access to the filter, drain plug, etc? Thanks.
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    If you encounter the problem again, Your dealer should be able to connect a device to your truck that monitors all activity and "logs" any failures. (such as no-start condition)

    The idea is that you drive around with this device connected to your truck for a week or so and then return to your dealer. The gathered information can then be "downloaded" to your dealers diagnostic computer and anaylized. Your data can even be fed to the "main office" for further diagnosis by engineers trained to do this kind of stuff.

    A failing sensor, relay or solenoid should easilly be detected using this diagnostic method.

    I know this sounds pretty HI-TECH but keep in mind that all Dodge dealers are supposed to have the diagnostic computer and training to do this.
    (It is not a lack of TECHNOLOGY but an apparent hesitation to USE the available technology that all the Dodge dealers have at their disposal.)
  • It might be the crankshaft position sensor; I used to have a Saturn that showed the same symptoms and that was the problem. Also, I seem to remember that 1 or 2 QC owners have posted about this.
  • Has anyone found anybody offering a high performance chip for the 2001 dakota 4.7?
    I talked to mopar and they said they would
    not be developing a chip. This sux because
    the truck is sporty but is restricted to 100
    mph. Now I don't drive around at or above
    100 mph. But occasionally I might need to
    exceed that limit. If anybody has heard of
    some news on performance computer products
    please let me know. oh by the way I have
    25,000 miles on my truck and the only
    complaint other than the lack of support
    on the computer is the brakes squeak
  • whiattwhiatt Posts: 4
    Well, my electrical problem came back today. Here is a detail symptom list:

    1) Radio stays on with key out
    2) Courtesy lights do not function when doors open
    3) Lights on A/C control on when headlights are off, off when headlights are on
    4) Cigarete/power adapter not functional when headlights are turned on, when turned off, they are functional. Eventually they stop working
    5) Power door locks click at CTM, but no lock/unlock (Even with transmitter)
    6) When you turn the key in between the Start and Off position, you can hear the blower motor make a whining type sound.

    Anyways... Any ideas guys?

  • bookittybookitty Posts: 1,303
    Chris, I have but one thing to say to you: Amen!
  • ahasherahasher Posts: 236
    2000 4.7 auto QC 43,000 miles. a couple of problems fixed quick enough (crankshaft position sensor and a BBQ'ed fuse box via an aux fan relay failure and an idle issue which was finally resolved). Tires still look almost new (mostly highway commute), steers true, no brake issues. altho I know they continue to plague several folks here..NO squeaks or rattles inside, and the clearcoat keeps the shine soooooo well :-) and I still get compliments on a "great looking truck". I often open the windows on acceleration away from my house just to listen to that 4.7 make it's music...
    Love my QC... but like with this site.. I wouldnt go stand in a FORD dealership and complain about Ford products ( I own a 93 E150 conversion van) and how much better I like my QC ... my point is I also get tired of the complaints here about the Dakota and how brand X is soooo much better for one reason or another.

    now: IMHO...The problems people experience are unfortunate of course, but also help the rest of us learn some technical info that will help with potential maintenance issues, but, for me anyway, with preventative maintenance, and understanding how this complicated engine/tranny actually work, and what aftermarket parts do or dont work, such as plugs, thermostats, brake parts, cold air intake mods and (mopar67.. thanks for the heads up.. I will follow the TB info closely)things like TB upgrades us shadetree mechanics would do.

    Ok long post but had to add my .02 worth to agree with your post (1258)... Bill
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