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  • gator72gator72 Posts: 115
    I just installed a grill on the lower section of my front bumper and it looks great. (I have an '01 QC SLT-Plus with H/D and T&H package; 4.7L auto tranny, 14K miles).

    I found it at but had to order it from their distributer in San Diego. The total price with shipping was $119.00. Several other companies offer these grilles but none look as good; and none offer the on-line instructions showing how to install it.

    If I knew how to post a photo here I would. If someone will let me know how to do it, I will.

    FYI: I decided to install the grille as a protector for the radiator and the A/C thing. I was noticing a lot of pings in the fins from road debris. It was just a matter of time before something sharp got up in there; if you know what I mean.

  • gator72gator72 Posts: 115
    In October of 2000, I bought a new '01 QC SLT-Plus with HD and T&H package, 4.7L, auto tranny, sliding rear window, folding mirrors, buckets and metal folding tonneau cover; white with light beige interior. I just rolled up on 14K.

    Would I do it all over again? Absolutely! In spite of a few small problems, there is nothing on the market that comes close; big engine, roomy inside, quality, fit and finish. In over 30 years of buying vehicles (yes, I am that old), I have found that none are perfect; whether it is Dodge, GM, Ford, Toyota, Mazda or Nissan.

    I see a lot of posts by other members with similar problems. For "newbies" reading these posts, do not get the wrong idea. I believe most of the other members would also buy another Dakota.
  • I ordered a quad cab from Jefferson, Pa two weeks ago. I understand that all dakotas are assembled in Warren, MI and that the quad is the most popular truck in assembly at the moment. Can anyone who has recently ordered a quad cab shed some light as to how long you had to wait for your truck to be delivered? Thanks.
  • I live in east central Florida. I was told 6 weeks and damn if it wasn't six weeks on the button. Maybe shorter wait for you since shorter distance?

    Please tell us why you opted for the Dakota over other options. The Dak. bashers have been very active lately. We need some good press. On that note the most recent Truck Trend garage section has a piece on brake problems with.........Toyota Tundra! I will post details on this soon, got to hit the road for now. Good luck with your Quad Cab!
  • dustykdustyk Posts: 2,926
    My son has a 1991 Dakota with 240,000 miles on the original drive train. Yes, he's had some problems with it. One water pump, radiator, battery, 2 sets of shocks. The General Motors built rack-and-pinion steering units go bad every 80K. But he's only put 2 sets of rotors on it and he's never touched the front-end components. In terms of overall cost he's got less than $2500 in repairs. There's one spot on the entire truck that's rust perforated, and that's on the tailgate. Around here (Western New York State) you see a lot of Dakotas and only see serious rust on the mid-1980s built. Comparatively, Dakota's appear to be superior in this area.

    What you're going to see here in these posts are angry Dakota or ex-Dakota owners who want others to hate Dakota's just as much as they do. That goes for non-owning Chevy, Ford, Toyota lovers as well. You're also going to see others who are so in love with their Dakotas that nothing can ever be said bad about them.

    My advice, read between the lines....carefully!


    P.S. We have a 1999 Avalon with 38K and were on the second set of rotors. Everytime I'm at my Toyota dealer's I see nothing but Tundras in for service. I've seen one already getting a warranty transmission replacement. Lot's of brake problems with them, according to my Toyota Tech. My daughter has a 1998 Ford Explorer with 80K and 6 sets of rotors and brakes. She's spent enough money on brakes alone to buy two transmissions rebuilds!
  • txyank1txyank1 Posts: 1,010
    my '72 Demon (great car). I seriously considered a QC Dakota in '01 but I just couldn't get as comfortable in it as in my '99 Sierra. I never actually drove one, but everything I had read at the time and evrything else I could see (and feel) I liked. I passed on a Ford S'Crew for the same reason. Maybe it's just a matter of having to get used to it but I ended up with an '01 Sierra. And unlike many I'm not disappointed. I still like the Dakota and there may still be one in my future.
  • "read between the lines....carefully". I've been driving for 38 years and I've owned Ford, Chevrolet, Pontiac, Mercury, Dodge, Toyota and Nissan. If money was no object I would be driving a Chevy Suburban. Unfortunately I can't get past the purchase price and the POOR gas mileage. We have worn out 4 3/4 ton Chevy Suburbans and 1 1 ton GMC Crew Cab here at work and have NEVER been stranded because of a breakdown and we don't baby our vehicles. However Gas mileage has never exceeded 13.5mpg (interstate at 65 steady )and is usually closer to single digit.
    I bought a Quad cab as a compromise. I needed a passenger car that could carry 4 adults comfortably but liked the ability of being able to carry cargo or a large dog in the bed of a pickup (with a camper shell). I felt that the 2000 Quad Cab was the best compromise of what was available for what I was willing to spend (we have a fleet of 4 vehicles right now, Dakota, 2 Neons and a Nissan Altima, all have been reliable and generally satisfying to own). I don't drive as aggressively as in my younger days and consequently I have less problems with items prematurely wearing out and my gas mileage is also much better. My Dakota in 21 months of ownership has been virtually trouble free. I've noticed that there are some people who have axes to grind and hammer away at the problems they have with their vehicles, over and over till you just ignore their headers and skip to the next message. It is not just Dodge, you can see it to a certain extent in all the forums, including the German and Japanese Luxury vehicles. The original group of people who started this forum were a support group for people ordering and waiting for their "brand new Quad Cab". The general tone of the forum has been changing as the "old-timers" gradually fade away and the newcomers bring their own agenda. Not complaining, just stating my observations over the past 2 years. Rick
  • mopar67mopar67 Posts: 728
    Try paying 22K for a truck that averages a trip to the service bay about every 1 1/2 months. I hate to mention this, but that is NOT acceptable especially since I am the poor slob who has to make payments every month and still deal with the problems.
    You stated you have had no problems, congrats and I am happy for you. You are one of the lucky ones. I just wish I had your luck on my Dak.

    Maybe the tone of this forum is changing because a younger group has higher expectations for our hard earned money and DC might very well be cutting costs in the hopes that no one will notice or care. In other words, perhaps the build quality of Daks has been going downhill.
  • You weren't the person I had in mind when I wrote the above message.

    I feel sorry for your bad luck with your Dakota.

    Point I was making was when this group started, actually I mean the owners forum for the Dakota Quad Cab, we were like kids waiting for their first date.

    Lots of expectations of wonderful things. We supported each other while impatiently waiting for our trucks to be built. We bought our trucks without benefit of rebates other than Farm Bureau membership.

    Now the first date is over, we are married and like real marriages there are troubled ones, some leading to divorce. I don't understand the love turned to hate relationship because I fortunately have not experienced it in any of my relationships.

    I do agree that there seems to have been corner cutting and also I seem to perceive more problems being reported for the newer Quads.

    I am not defending Chrysler or the Dakota but rather trying to point out that the problems being complained about the Dakota are not unique to just the Dakota.
    Some of the problems are industry wide and some are directly related to government regulations.

    For example the removal of asbestos from brake pads which is directly related current brake problems.

    Another example is the problem in the late 80s/early 90s with paint peeling that is directly related to government/EPA regulations.

    Can Dodge build a better Dakota? I'm sure they can.

    Does luck play an important part in Dakota ownership? Apparently it does, just look at henne if you want to see bad luck, 3 problem Dakotas in a row.
    Henne reminds me of the character in the L'il Abner comic strip from years ago that walked around with a small cloud over his head that was always raining on him.

    Dealership can also make or break your happy relationship. I have 2 dealers I work with, one is 5 star and the other is aspiring for 5 star status. Both have provided quality service when required so I'm doubly lucky.

    Keep in mind that we here in the forum can only offer support, we cannot change your vehicle or your relationship with your dealer. If we can offer constructive help we do, however, like a constantly nagging wife or a whining child, a constant source of negative input gets tuned out or gets non supportive replies.

    Its human nature!

    I can only suggest if you can't get the dealership to address your problems with your brakes you might try another dealership.

    Correspondence with Chrysler might help however I doubt you will have much success in that approach.

    You might also have to bite the bullet, find a good independent shop and get your brakes fixed with aftermarket parts, than maybe take Chrysler to small claims court.

    I'm sorry you can't enjoy the same relationship with your Dakota that I am currently enjoying with mine. Rick

    ps I feel like a marriage counselor
  • hennehenne Posts: 407
    Gee thanks. Actually thats what everyone says about me. I can attest as much or more as anyone that the Dakota has its problems but I agree so does everyone else. But I will admit I am going to do what the local DC rep has suggested and that is to cut my losses and buy something other than Dodge next time. (True words out of his mouth.) Its too bad that the truck is so perfect in so many ways but the ones that allow me to do my job effectivley and safely. (Safety reference to dying in traffic 3 times since may and brakes getting mushy and not stopping like it should. parts on order for the brake part)

    I for one have tried to be supportive of everyone here, and to give more honest rather than emotional answers on here but I will admit a few times I have vented and I believe most times I admit in my postings that it it just that, venting.

    So, as my storm cloud has taken position over my head, I can be an optomist and just be thankful that with all this stormy weather above me, thankfully the birds arent pooing on me too. hahaha

    The wet one.

  • zonkzonk Posts: 208
    Well, I guess I'm lucky I don't have a little cloud over my head, but I got your birds! (or rather their poo).
    By the way, the only gripe I have had is a brake squeal at times. Three times into the shop to have it checked because I don't like paying this much for something irritating. Both the 5-star Chrysler and the regular (no-star?)Dodge dealer say there is no problem with any of the brake equipment. OH, and for some reasom can't get 5w-30 oil, both used 10w-30.
  • steve234steve234 Posts: 460
    If a dealer told me that he couldn't get the required 5w30 that the manual calls for, I sure would get another dealer. I had a mechanic tell me recently that they were out of my oil and that I had to use something else or come back another day. After the manager and I had a little talk, the only thing it cost me was an extra few minutes wait while the oil was delivered.
  • mopar67mopar67 Posts: 728
    Sorry if I ranted but before I typed up my manifesto, I was informed by my dealer that no, sir, your truck is NOT ready. Seems they've had a slight issue with the steering knuckle in that in the process of removing the caliper, they stripped off the bolt and are awaiting a new knuckle to replace it. They are also baffled by a situation called "caliper flex" which they believe is causing the pads to shift when I step on the brake thus the loud clunk. SIgh......OH@
    the good news is this, they found a TSB for flashing the TCM (not PCM see if anyone is paying attention!) that "enhances shift quality" of the 45RFE!!!!!! Woooooo hoooooooo man did I almost do a back flip right then and there!
    WOw, does this mean I will have to eat my words I have uttered about that monstrosity of a transmission? DOes this mean FINALLY I can drive and not have coffee spilled on me on the 2-3 upshift? WIll I still cringe when the tach hits 2700 and ready to hit 3rd gear?
    Oh, the dreams I have.....of smooth solid shifts...of not hearing my poor 9.25 axle taking a beating from the xmission.....oh dear whatever will I do?
    THe possibilities...................

    Stay tuned.
  • qc2001qc2001 Posts: 30
    havn't posted in a long time but i plan to catch up. 01 dak, 4x4, 4.7 auto., 28000 mi and little problems. new rotors once but learned my lesson about just whipping into the car wash, allow your rotors to cool first!!! anyways lesson learned. i have a grinding noise in the right front while turning right and is very pronounced under parking/sharp turning manuvers. any help is appreciated. i just can't read all 1333 posts. i am hoping that there are still informative people on this site. i remember the days of the amberfire back order(wish i could remember your handle.) love this truck. evan
  • gator72gator72 Posts: 115
    I've been reading these posts for about 1 1/2 years; prior to and after arrival of my 01 QC. Iowabuggy is right, lots of folks seem to have drifted off. Seems to have fallen off dramatically after Edmunds changed the access method to this part of the website - got more difficult 'til I figured out a shortcut.

    About to roll up on 15k; still love my QC. But, wish I could get the idle to stay above 500 rpm when stopped at a redlight (A/C not on) (auto tranny in D). If I tap the gas, it comes back up to @ 600. If I move steering wheel, idle drops below 450 then bounces back up to @600. When A/C is on, it stays at 750; never deviates. My 5-Star dealer told me a couple of months ago that I was overfilling the gas - something about gas getting into the recovery cannister. I've never overfilled; and, have been EXTRA careful since last visit. I believe that something is sticking OR its a computer thing.

    Does anyone out there have any ideas or suggestions to improve idle?
  • hennehenne Posts: 407
    I had this same problem with my 2000, 4.7, auto and now with my 2001, 4.7, auto. My dealer has said over and over that a flash should fix it. Well it usually does but once the truck learns its and my habits it goes right back again.

    So as far as I can figure, update, update and update again. I have thought about unhooking the battery and see if that would reset everything back to default. If it would, I wouldnt have to go to the dealer 3 or so times a year (Amoungst other things) for an update. Anyone else have ideas on this?

    Thanks and good luck,

  • gator72gator72 Posts: 115

    Read your post about the TSB for flashing the TCM. Did you happen to get the TSB number? If so, would you post it for the rest of us?

  • mopar67mopar67 Posts: 728
    ahahser had a similar issue and he has the TSB for this, my dealer neglected to put that on there.

  • hennehenne Posts: 407
    Well im not sure of the TSB number but my service manager said he is expecting a new flash this week. I am scheduled to go in to finish my issues when it comes out. I will let everyone know what info I can get out of him.

  • Wow my last post really generated some responses! Anyway the info. on the Tundra brake problems is in the March/April edition of Truck Trends Garage section. Rear brake vibration on 2000 and 2001's. Perhaps the difference between Toyota and DC is that Toyota has at least acknowledged that the problem exists and has issued a TSB. According to TT though even after the prescribed repair, some trucks still exhibit the vibration. I commented on this not to bash Toyota but to back up some of the Dak defenders who have stated that no vehicle is perfect. At least Toyota is working to alleviate the problem. The real question we should be discussing here is how widespread is the Dak brake problem and what does it take to get either a TSB or recall? To all you brake sufferer's out there I would be more than happy to do my part (sign the petition?) to help. I'm still a new owner though and knock on wood no problems yet. Is there an industry standard for how and when a TSB must be issued? a government standard?
  • slr9589slr9589 Posts: 121
    Hey Guys,
    Has anyone experience with the Dayton Timberline series of tires ? They make an A/T and H/T series that I am considring for my 00 QUAD.
  • ahasherahasher Posts: 236
    ok been lurking for a while but here is the idle TSB that cured my (our) roaming and unpleasant idle problem. Been almost a year and no return of the symptoms..

    A direct quote from my service receipt;

    HESITATION - TSB 18-08-96
    152 W40
    FC: FM
    PART # 4275086
    and at the bottom:

    good luck
  • I've got a 2001 QuadCab 4WD with 11,500 miles. My only complaint is a clunking noise coming from the front end when I make left turns or hit bumps. Dealer told me
    they "think" it's due to the torsion bar not "floating" like it is supposed to. Their
    solution is to remove the torsion bars, apply anti-seizing lubricant and reinstall them.
    I was told this should "minimize" the problem. Anyone have similar problems?
    Otherwise very satisfied with the truck.
  • gator72gator72 Posts: 115
    I had a very similar problem with my '01 QC SLT-Plus, 4.7 with T&H pack, and HD pack; (auto tranny and rear drive). Every time I made a slow right turn, I'd get a popping or clunking noise at the front.

    After several trips to my 5-star dealer, they replaced all of the bushings on the front torsion (stabilizer) bars. Dealer said bushings for that model with torsion bars were defective during that time frame. Mine was built in Sept. 2000.

    Most of the noise is gone now. However, sometimes when going at slow speeds, I hear a slight noise coming from the driver's side front when I apply the brakes; (like metal straining under pressure).

  • After driving a '98 Dakota SLT 5.2, 5spd,3.55 LSD
    for 78,000 mi. and counting. I ordered my Quad for $200.00 over Dealer INV.
    The only differance will be 4 doors. Then I'll add spray on bed liner and tonneau cover. Once I get my add ready I'll add a pic of '98 in owners site. Then one of QC when I get it.
    Dealer said 6-10 weeks, if time is same as '98 it'll be about 4 week's.
    Has anyone put oversized tires on a QC with the 3.55 LSD 4.7 5spd ? On my '98 I'm running 30-9.50x15 on two piece American Racing wheels. This set up has been pretty good with the 5.2, 3" dynamax cat back exh., K&N filter.

    sorry for the long post,
  • beatwisebeatwise Posts: 2
    Well, after 10 years in a little Mazda pickup with no A/C, no PS, no frills... I've gotten my first brand new car, the '02 Dakota QC SLT Plus, and so far I'm beyond pleased. Of course, I've been reading of a few issues and if something happens, I'll at least have a clue! Meanwhile, I'll be enjoying a cool V-8 in the Southern California heat.

  • jebsdaddyjebsdaddy Posts: 52
    Welcome to the club beatwise
  • beatwisebeatwise Posts: 2
    This is a very minor thing to get excited about, but I just discovered my stock CD deck (RBK) plays CD-RWs which I can burn on my computer.
    Pretty cool.
  • furrydog1furrydog1 Posts: 35
    I was about 2 days away from giving a glowing update on my '02 4.7, 4wd, auto QC but then my check engine light came on this morning at 4800 miles. Unlike a lot of posts here I haven't had many problems except for a minor starting problem (only happens in really cold weather). I was getting ready to gloat when that little engine icon went on in the instrument panel. I have read that it can be caused by a loose gas cap so I immediately checked that, but the light stayed on. I have heard that it is usually a simple computer adjustment by the tech's but it is still annoying that I have to take the time to bring it to a dealership. I have an appointment Friday so hopefully it will be a minor adjustment. Other than that I am really stoked about this truck (this coming from a Toyota diehard). Perfect size, great looks and plenty-o-power. Haven't even bothered to check the gas mileage, but then again I probably don't want to know.
    BTW, for any of you new '02 owners who haven't changed the oil yet...have fun getting the factory filter off. I also recommend using the 2 liter bottle approach to catch the oil from the filter. Works great.
  • sunburnsunburn Posts: 319
    (furrydog1) - There are a couple of things to do. You can get the OBD error code out by switching the ignition on and off three times very fast, ending in the on position. This will cause the error code to be displayed in the odometer. Be patient. It may take a few times to do it just right (at least it did for me). After the last code is displayed, a "PdonE" will be displayed. The error codes can be decoded by looking at

    If it is showing a small leak in the evaporative emissions system, it is usually (at least according to my dealer) a one time occurrence where a fault was detected. To test this, you can clear the check engine light by removing the negative battery cable and switching the ignition to on for 30 sec. If after restarting the engine, the check engine light stays off, you should be good to go. If the check engine light comes back on and the same code is displayed, then a trip to the dealer may be in order. At about 4000 miles, my 2002 QC had the check engine light pop on. After going through the hassle of taking it to the dealer, they told me that it was a small problem in the evaporative emissions system that happened once, 39 starts ago. Apparently, it takes something like 50 starts to clear out a one time error from keeping the check engine light on. So, without disconnecting the battery, it may take a while for the check engine light to go out on its own. Hope this helps.

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