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Jeep Gladiator- People who want it built!



  • mhleithmhleith Posts: 2
    OK I just want to know if they really do plan on building this or not. I can wait til 09, really don't want to. But I do want to know if they actually are or are not going to build it?
  • erickplerickpl Posts: 2,735
    Rumors about have the JK 31 to join the JK family in 2009. JK 31 is a certain pickup truck.

    Add this up.

    This from a friend who has contacts inside DC and who has access to Allpar, but I'm trying to confirm it as well.

  • In the latest print version of Automobile Magazine (August Issue) they have a section of new cars coming to market in the next few years. And in this section they show that the Gladitor will come to market in 2007. The prob is that it is only a very small paragraph giving this info, so there isn't much info there. But they do have '2007' printed next to the gladiator.
  • nmertznmertz Posts: 27
    This thread is getting buried too far in the weeds! If we don't maintain interest DC will start to think we don't want it.
    Come on, DC. A small/mid-sized diesel pickup is EXACTLY what this country needs!
  • suds4mesuds4me Posts: 3
    That is exactly what I am waiting for,a mid-sized diesel PU.I have got the 4-sale sign ready to go onto my '99 2500 Dodge diesel. I have been reading in that DC is going to call this pickup a Scrambler. Anyone heard or read anything about that?
  • nmertznmertz Posts: 27
    Scrambler, huh? Jeep had a Scrambler in the early-mid 80's (pre-Chrysler years) when it was AMC Jeep. It was essentially a CJ with a 4' pickup bed on it. But I guess it's a closer resemblance than the old Gladiator J-series full size pickups.
  • brdhntr01brdhntr01 Posts: 7
    It is too bad that Jeep will not think with their heads and produce something exciting like the Gladiator to improve sales. The Compass is very ho hum and really does not meet the loyal constituents of the Jeep Brand. The Gladiator will certainly give people a reason to double take and generate excitement.

    Continuing to deny those of us that need this vehicle will not generate desire only loathing.

    So Jeep can either appeal to the group that consistantly purchases their products. Attend the events. Generate buzz with their family and friends or they can get lost in the crowd with the Compass.
  • My thoughts exactly. Nice post.
  • "So Jeep can either appeal to the group that consistantly purchases their products. Attend the events. Generate buzz with their family and friends or they can get lost in the crowd with the Compass"
    have you seen the compass ad on TV? ... BOBBLE HEADS! How about DR Z. or the HEMI REDNECK? Other auto makers use people in their ads that other people might relate to, creating appeal, DCC uses clowns in thier ads because thats who they think will buy their products. OR, thats what they think of the "group that consistantly purchases their products" OR, thats the current management style at DCC and they want their ads and products to reflect it.
    I dont think we'll be able to shame them into producing the Gladiator. They'll have enough shame to deal with when the the splash made by the belly flop of the Comander is matched by the soft shelled squish of the Compass.

    Bobble heads...nice work
  • Now that was a good post.

    Dave Becker
  • Does the Gladiator look a little to much like the j10 from the 1980's??? See article below.
  • Yea aint it great!!! Words come to mind like beautifull and stunning...
  • nmertznmertz Posts: 27
    "Does the Gladiator look a little to much like the j10 from the 1980's???"

    So what? At least it looks like a Jeep! Incidently, the referenced article (post #225)is about an Aussie Jeep called a CJ10, something a lot closer to the Scrambler than to the full-sise J10/J20 pickups sold from the mid-70's thru the late-80's .
  • We all know there was an aussie pick up version. Do you have one for sale? have you seen one for sale? how about a 1960s forward control jeep? A company in India, (Mahindra), was still making FCs until just recently, (they may still)but good luck getting one shipped here. This thread's not about the glory days of Jeep. Its about DCC producing a vehicle that is currently usefull and practical. C'mon DCC do you need a tap on the forehead to get that brain rattlin' around in there.
  • smilezsmilez Posts: 4
    If you need a Scrambler now, check out American Expedition Vehicles. Their BRUTE is a very nice, modern day Scrambler.
    They're the company that did the HEMI swap in the Wrangler.
    link title
  • erickplerickpl Posts: 2,735
    The AEV Brute's are generally cost prohibitive for a LOT of people who want a Scrambler. Basically you take your brand new Jeep and add several thousands (over 10,000) and let them do their work.

    While I love their products, I'm not willing to fork over a brand new Jeep to them to hack up, do their work to it, then give it to me. While it should still be warrantable, I wouldn't want to try and make a warranty claim with it.

    Besides, most of their stuff they put on it is available elsewhere or from them. AEV rockers and wheels can be bought through Quadratec. Even the pickup idea is done by other manufacturers, but I can't remember their name.

    Having a factory produced version is a MUCH better way to go and ups DCX's credibility and marketability.

  • navigator89navigator89 Posts: 1,080

    Guess that shuts down this thread.....
  • This shows how little DCX actually listens to its customers. There has been a lot of favorable reaction to the Gladiator concept, and Chrysler is ignoring it.

    A reason given for not producing the truck was that it would be "too expensive." How expensive can it be to to build an 07 Wrangler as a pickup? After all, everything from the front seats forward is same as the Wrangler. The expandable pickup bed is a concept feature which could have been left off of production models, saving some moeny.

    Another excuse from DCX was, "We have the Dakota." Well, the Dakota is a midsize truck, not a compact like the Gladiator would have been. In a world of $3 gas, the Gladiator with a diesel powerplant makes sense. The thirsty 3.7 in a Dakota doesn't.

    There hasn't been a Jeep pickup since Mopar took over Jeep and killed the excellent Commanche pickup. Chrysler was concerned then that the Commanche, which was a much better truck than the Dakota, would cannibalize sales away from the Dakota. Looks like that kind of thinking still prevails at DCX twenty years later.

    I've owned three Jeep Cherokees and one Grand cherokee. Now those of us who want a compact truck have only the Ford Ranger and Mazda B-series to turn to. It's just as well, because DCX will never see another dime of my money.
  • upiorupior Posts: 10
    tell you what, I was ready to buy this truck wether it costs
    twenty or hundred thousand, not that I'm a milioner, just would sell something or get an extra job to pay for it...
    Well... in that case, there is no sense to live anymore.
    good bay may friends ;-(((((((
  • migzmigz Posts: 2
    I hope that this is one of those reverse psychology things where they say, " Oh now we are not going to build it." and then see it come out in a year or 2. Man it pisses me off I been holding out on buying a truck hoping to see if this one comes out. Hay maybe is we start a letter writing campaign to DCC telling how stupid they are buys passing on this truck maybe we can change their mind.
  • "It's just as well, because DCX will never see another dime of my money."


    DCX says the dacota is "sufficient" , its a passing grade, a C-, its enough to get by.
    I wouldn't brush up against one in a parking lot for fear of getting that junk on me!
    Hey DCX, your the best sale staff your competition could ask for! I'll take the Frontier in red. Thanks for making that decision easier.
  • This is going to be a great loss to DC... I have been the owner of Jeep vehicles since I started driving my first car, and I have been waiting for the Gladiator.

    With the comments I have seen floating around the press, DC will be sure not to see a penny of my money. I have been looking at upgrading from my 83 cj-7 as I would like to use that as more of a 4x4 play vehicle... Guess its time to start looking at Toyota or Chevy.
  • My immediate family and myself own 5 Jeep vehicles. I am on my 3rd personal Jeep. Based upon the Jeep/DC current position in regard to the Gladiator, this is my last. My current Wrangler Rubicon no longer meets my needs. I had been holding off on a truck purchase but will not be waiting any longer. After attending the Jamboree that I have scheduled this fall the Wrangler is up for sale and a trip to buy a truck is in order. My visit will not be to Dodge dealer; most likely a Toyota or a Ford is in my future. Good bye Jeep. :sick:
  • Yea this news really sucks. I am currently doing a conversion. (I'm putting a VW 1.6 diesel engine into a 86 Samurai), the diesel's economy is really attractive. There aren't any economic trucks out there right now. A small truck with pulling power and economy would be sweet. I guess DC is sleeping with the Oil people.
  • Love the Gladiator. Hope DC builds it. They built the prowler.I would buy if they build it. But please build it in this country. Will buy new tundra soon if DC waffles on this one (Gladiator) that is. A current owner, I hope your listening DC.
  • odie6lodie6l Hershey, PaPosts: 1,173
    yeah, they built the prowler and it had NO power and was overly expensive. If DCX had originally put a v6 with a turbo, or shoehorned a small v8 into it, it would have done better. But then that leaves the price, they started the prowler at $40k, and then Ford turned around and did the same thing with the T-bird, but at least it had the power under the hood, just was WAY too expensive. If both cars had been started about $22-$24k they would have flown (err- driven) off the lots. But what do I know I'm only a little Peaon that would like to spend my money, just not that much money. So you know even if DCX had decided to build the Gladiator, they would have more than likely started it closer to $40k, or they would have rebadged it to look like a Dodge and called it the Power Wagon.

    Odie's Carspace
  • Sorry to say it but I told you guys there was no way this butt ugly truck was going to be built. There just isn't any need for it. DC already has more than enough truck models and in this age of rising fuel costs it just doesn't make any sense. :shades:
  • so nobody...I mean nobody from dealers to people at diamler and yes, folk in this forum don't seem to have a FOR SURE answer. Will they or wont they? Seems the overall feeling in no, the gladiator wont be built. I shake my head in disapointment of diamler. Go ahead, sell the company see if I care. you guys are a disapointment.
  • Yes, I do believe they will build the Gladiator or whatever they call the Wrangler based pickup. The success of the Wrangler 2 & 4 door will make them want to plumb the depths for profit and a pickup would be an easy cost effective money maker. I will buy one but don't want a diesel or V6 gas. The natural for me is the available 4.7 V8. Keep the weight below 4,500 lbs add a rubicon version with 9500lb winch and here is my 05 Power Wagon in trade. It will do all I need it to do and save me 5 mpg. Quit wasting time and produce it now. We want it, we will buy it. I predict more success for the Galdiator than the GM H3T.
  • jmorrowjmorrow Posts: 2
    Yes they are going to build it. I think we will see it for a 2009 line up it will feature a 3.8 v6 same as wrangler; We might see a small diesel 2.8. the price range from 22,000 to 29,000. with the new owners of chrysler we will see a lot of the new stuff built. I would like to see the Jeep Hurricane that would be to cool. Go to this web site and you will belive like i do "IF YOU BUILD IT THEY WILL COME."
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