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Volkswagen Passat 2006+



  • birdboybirdboy Posts: 158
    I have been driving the 2.0T is 90-100 F temps in NYC. I have found the system to be fine after I discovered that the vents in the glove compartment box, center console and rear seat console were taking away from the front power. When I closed them all was so much better. Also, FYI I discovered that I could move the dial between upper vent and lower vents and have the air come out from both upper and lower.
  • jefferygjefferyg Posts: 418
    I agree totally with Mark about the VW rep. But I'd go a step further and fire him if I were his GM and found out he said something so stupid to a customer. You always brag on your product, and when it comes to cars you only berate a model to get the customer to step up to the next higher priced model.

    As far as the A/C goes, our car is black with black interior and we live in South Mississippi, and the A/C works GREAT! Our afternoon highs have been in the upper 90's to low 100's lately and if you leave the sunroof or a window cracked to let some of the heat out, it hasn't been a problem. AND, if the car has been sitting in the shade the air is cool the instant you turn it on.
  • georgekgeorgek Posts: 50
    Glad to hear that the B-6 Passat AC is good. The weak AC in my B-5 Passat was one of the very few things I did not like about that car.
  • prasannprasann Posts: 6
    While I'm generally satistifed with my 06 Passat 2.0T performance, I'm terribly disappointed with the cabin noise. I hear squeaks/clicks/rattles from every corner (dashboard/controls/doors/passenger side seat...) when I hit smallest of the rough patches. Even on a very smooth surface, I can hear this wind noise coming out of the driver side window (above 60/65 mph) which tells me something isn't sealed properly. Anyone having similar issues?
  • larmenlarmen Posts: 22
    While fit and finish are visually excellent VW needs to improve noise-suppression. While overall my O6 is certainly not as tight or as quiet as a Lexus it is not objectionably annoying.
  • asefasef Posts: 12
    I have a very similar wind noise at freeway speeds on my 07 Wagon 2.0T -- passenger side only, like you said. And I also have various random squeaks (like the "cricket" noise mentioned elsewhere that seemed to have something to do with the backseats). They're subtle, mostly, but the perfectionist in me can't help but notice them!
  • georgekgeorgek Posts: 50
    The much noisier ride is one of the principal reasons I did not replace my 2000 Passat wagon with an 06/07 wagon.
  • xando05xando05 Posts: 42
    I hope the CEO of VW of America and VW Worldwide reads my post and all the other posts from unhappy Passat owners. My wife and I purchased a 2007 VW Passat Wagon 3.6 4-Motion with Luxury Package 2.

    I only have 600 miles on the car and it has been in the shop for almost a total of 14 days. If anyone has read my earlier post, it becomes quite obvious what kind of vehicle I'm dealing with. The car is unsafe to put it frankly.

    My "ride" started off with the following:
    1. creaks and rattles from the B-Pillar in the driver's side door. OUTCOME: After 4 attempts to fix and locate the problem the Dealer removed and reinstalled rear door panels and lubricated door seals.

    2. Slow air leak from front right tire. Dealer patched tire. Dealer pointed finger at me. The tech who serviced the car found a screw from a AUTOMOBILE DEALERSHIP license plate bracket. In addition, all other tires were overinflated.

    3. The car at 350 miles was difficult to start. The refused to crank over on various occassions. A warning light and message appeared on the dash display. MY wife and I looked for the warning in the auto literature but nowhere to be found. OUTCOME: Dealer replaced battery.

    4. Car leaked oil at approx 250-300 miles. Car spent 7 days in dealership before dealer and VW could diagnose and fix problem.
    Outcome: Oil leaking from high pressure fuel pump. Replaced Cam Roller and Fuel Pump.

    5. Car has delayed acceleration/pause when starting at standstill and when rolling. Outcome: Service technician experienced acceleration delay during test drive. No codes detected per dealer service department. Dealer placed call to VW to try and solve this issue.

    6. Drum roll please....Car stalled on freeway today. Attempted to restart car for fifteen minutes on side of road. Restarted car after 15 minutes. This is very scary. Called dealer to make appt.

    I need a full time job just to take care of this car. I have kept very detailed documentation from day one regarding the poor customer service from my local dealer and poor quality from VW.
  • larmenlarmen Posts: 22
    Why don't you write them directly with your complaints?
  • gruaud54gruaud54 Posts: 4
    My new Passat Wagon (Luxpak#2, Dynaudio) has the intermitent interior squeaks and rattles described by others. Dynaudio has "surged" a time or two (become very loud for a couple of seconds; AC "surges" on occasion also. Has the minor hesitation on acceleration (I guess it's the turbo). I have an appointment with my dealer tomorrow. That being said, the vehicle rides and handles excellently with enough power for my driving habits. I also have a 2005 GTi and a 2005 Passat (both 1.8T tiptronic) -- both vehicles tight and not troublesome. I hope the new wagon is not an ongoing aggravation/recall-in-waiting.
  • Hi there, I am looking to lease a 2006 VW Passat ~ msrp $24,655, doing 48 months to keep my payments low. mileage 15,000. I was given the following from my dealer: dealer cost: 23,128. They said the money factor would be .00153 which translate to 3.67 interest. first they said it would be $333 per month, then down to $322 ~ i'm looking to go down even more. Don't need the extras. Any thoughts on how to proceed? I'm not the best negotiator. So any thoughts would be awesome. thank you for being available! i am planning to meet with a dealer tomorrow. i just learned about you guys last night!
  • larmenlarmen Posts: 22
    I bought my passat for dealer invoice. with the new model year lurking in the shadows I would find out what invoice is for the car you're looking at and negotiate down from that price. use the edmunds site to find out invoice and any tips regarding leasing. also, certainly there are others who post at this site who have been successful leasing and will advise you as well. good luck!
  • fbaroja1fbaroja1 Posts: 4
    Looking at same car; Edmunds test drives say they averaged 16 mpg, you say 32. Any thoughts or guidance. I LOVE the car, but am concerned with problems, etc.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    You should also ask this here: Volkswagen Passat: Lease Questions. Good luck - let us know how it goes!
  • jpi2jpi2 Posts: 14
    Does anyone know if the 6th gear is activated in the "Sport" (not "D"...Drive) mode? The highest I could achieve was 5th.

    Also, does anyone know the actual percentage of the tinting in/on the windows from the VW factory on the 2006 VW Passat 3.6? Even though, in MD, legal is 35%, it would be interesting to know what came from the factory. Even the small percentage that is there.
  • kzamelkzamel Posts: 11
    I've just test drove Passat 2.0T with package 2 for the 3rd time. I like much the feel behind the steering wheel and love the exterior design that makes it a distiguished car compared to other Japanese and even german cars. I was too concerned about the aircondition when I drove it 1st 2 times on very hot & humid days. Today I felt it's a little better but I have to say that all Japanese cars I drove have a stronger aircondition that you feel even at slow fan speed. I'm too concerned though about the reliability of this car. I've read some reports about recurrent electrical problems, squeaks & rattles. Consumer report list it in the bottom 5 cars in term of reliability. While driving it, I felt the plastic peices inside are very weak & flimsy such as the sunglasses case's door or the small draweres in the dashboard. even on the outside the gas tank door feel very weak. I loved the ride otherwise and love the Passat design. FYI.. I was offered a great price of $23,000 for this 2.0T with package 2 ($24,715 OTD)\
    I'd appreciate any feedback.
  • kzamelkzamel Posts: 11
    Do any one know about the bluetooth feature. When I asked the sales rep he said "yes, you should be able to connect but have to buy a special motorola phone". I aske for the car manual and there a supplement issued 11/05 that describes how to connect your phone to the blue tooth system and control from the steering wheel button. It did mention a cradle that obviously is not in the car and I wonder what are the costs to get this started. Thanks
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    S will engage 6th.

    Beats me.
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    The cradle will cost $200-ish (from VW) -- make certain you know which cradle, which phone.

    Activating BlueTooth is no biggie.

    When you use the cradle you get the roof antenna and the power from the car battery.
  • kzamelkzamel Posts: 11
    THANKS, Mark. Would you know if the cradle is only limited to certain models? The dealer didn't sound knowledgable but told me that he thinks it has to be a Motorola. Thanks
  • fadilfadil Posts: 21
    Hi, kzamel! I am writing this comment because I feel, probably the same way you feel. I get hot to buy passat but when I read what kind of horrible problems people are having with them I back off. Nice ride, German engeniaring,relatively inexpensive (base models), but steel if you are not a type of person that likes to visit repairs shops very often and does not have extra money for those expensive visits (like me), I would stay away.
  • krzysskrzyss Posts: 848
    This new Passat is new ;-)
    It is first model year(maybe even 2nd) available and as such it is prone to problems.
    Now history:
    1.sludge issue caused by:
    a. VW not stating strongly that 1.8T engine requires not only synthetic oil but synthetic oil that meets certain VW criteria
    b. VW not telling dealers what real oil requirements are or not stressing enough to pay attention
    c. Dealers interpreting original specification of oil as convinient to them as possible or just ignoring it
    d. Dealers ignoring what finally VW put in writing what should have been done in the beginning (proper oil specification)

    2. coil pack
    Bad batch of coil packs causing major headaches for people affected. Car died in the middle of the road for example.
    VW probably did everything they could to address it but since it was widespread problem they did not have enough replacement parts. When car is out of commision and waiting for parts it is sure way to have unhappy customer.
    I do understand VW but if it happened to me I might be not forgiving.

    I think that is all for widespread issues.


    PS If you want Japanese car with similar to VW Passat driving dynamics you may want to consider Subaru Legacy GT. It is AWD and its biggest issue is fuel consumption.
  • kzamelkzamel Posts: 11
    I called VW parts/service. They had absolutly no idea about how it works stating that they had customers requesting i-pod connections but no body before asked about the bluetooth feature. After some research they said no need for a cradle as it's wireless/bluetooth but that I would need a "harness kit" that will integrate the phone to the built in system. The harness costs only $56. Still waiting for an answer on which type of phone would be compatible with their system.
  • robr2robr2 BostonPosts: 8,862
    The 1.8T sludge history is old news. The new Passat uses a 2.0T engine and the oil requirements have been known since introduction.

    Coil packs are also old news. There hasn't been an issue with new vehicles in 3 years. Bosch admitted they coil packs were faulty and replaced them.

    The Legacy GT has similar dynamics but is smaller than the Passat.
  • kzamelkzamel Posts: 11
    Ok.. Here is what I got.. This is very frustrating. The 3 VW dealers (sales as well as service departments) in my city either are very ignorant about the features in the Passat or basically they're trying to deceive me. All were clueless when I mentioned bluetooth connectivity. They suggested that I purchase a harness that will help connecting to a hands-free kit that I'd need to buy from any phone manufacturers. I called VW help number (1-800-Drive-VW). The first rep hang up on me when I asked about the cell phone feature!!! I called again and this time a nice guy with german accent eventually told me that this small phone button on the steering wheel carries no function what so ever. He told me the only way to connect is to contact Motorola to install a system that would cost about $1000-1500 !!!!! I gave up with VW.
  • larmenlarmen Posts: 22
    absolutely correct: sludge and coil packs are history. alternatively, if you've ever looked at Consumer Reports reliability histories then BMW, Audi, and M-B are pretty unreliable. Why I settled on the Passat was that it is a terrific value and after almost 3 years my wife's former car--a Jetta was completely problem-free. that said, my wife now has an '05 outback and, truth be told, the odds are very good that her subaru will be more reliable in the long run. the outback is perfect for her but small for me. while the passat is a better driving car [highway] around town it's a tossup. her outback wagon is quite versatile, great fit and finish, and of course has AWD. my passat is our travel car and while the fit and finish are good it really shines as an excellent highway car. my passat gets much better mileage than the outback but also takes premium.
    still and all I bought my 2.0 [not the value edition] with tiptronic, moon roof, sat radio, etc for exactly invoice. no way could I bought a comparable Accord or Camry for invoice and the Camry is really not a driving car. If properly equipped, the Accord can be. hope this helps.
  • bill3777bill3777 Posts: 6
    How much did you end up paying out the door?
  • bill3777bill3777 Posts: 6
    Just got an offer from a dealer for a 2006 Value Edition Passat for $19842. Is this a good price? I never owned a Passat, always owned a Camry. Is there a big difference between the Value Edition and the regular 2.0T Model?
  • fbaroja1fbaroja1 Posts: 4
    Read all posts over and over; spoke to about 6 Passat owners at work, all of whom love the car and had few problems. Persuaded by the argument: Some problems are worth it to experience that ride. I bought V=06 V6 with Sport One, and thing is a rocket in family garb, with lots of safety features. Might have bought a TL IF I wanted to pay 8k more--paid 27.4. Will let all know if problems in the future; now, trying to decide whether to pay 800 to buy a 6yr72k extended warranty. Advice?
  • fish8fish8 Posts: 2,282
    That extended warranty sounds like a complete bargain, especially on a VW. Good piece of mind in my eyes!!
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