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Volkswagen Passat 2006+



  • Our 2006 (purchased new in September) 3.6 did the same thing without backfiring. Enging would turn over without any of the cylinders firing, had to be towed, etc. Ours was kept for almost a week and we were told the dealership spoke with VW engineers over seas to trouble shoot the problem and find a solution. I can get out the old invoice, but I remember some fuel system gaskets and the attaching/mounting surface of one of the lines was supposedly the problem.

    No stalling after fueling since. Still have issues with the transmission.
  • www5www5 Posts: 4
    Well that's what the dealer told me today when I took it in for some recall work. He took off the cap on the oil case and showed me this milky substance and said I needed an engine oil flush (which VW recommended every 20,000 miles) I already have 30,000 on my car. I'm freaking out.......drove my 2001 passat for 140,000 miles before I got scared about sludge in the engine but I thought I was fine with the new engine... do I need to worry about this??!!??
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    Every time I've encountered an engine with milky oil the problem was either, A) that the car was only driven a mile or two after each cold start (latent condensation mixing with the oil and not boiling off), or B) there was a coolant leak (cracked block, cracked head, blown head gasket...). Given that your car already has 30,000 on the clock, it sounds like your car is driven enough to eliminate option "A" from above, so screw the oil flush and have that thing pressure tested. If and only if the pressure test comes back clean (unlikely in my mind) then work on remediation of the milky oil. However, if the pressure test fails, I think VW owes you a new motor.

    Best Regards,
  • v_dv_d Posts: 89
    And here it goes again.... :sick: :cry:
  • birdboybirdboy Posts: 158
    FYI- just received safety recall P6 notice. It seems there are defects in the wiper motor and also in the brake Vacuum Line. All I can say is that I am glad that VW for once is proactive unlike the coil nightmares most of us experienced in the past.
  • krzysskrzyss Posts: 848
    "FYI- just received safety recall P6 notice. It seems there are defects in the wiper motor and also in the brake Vacuum Line. All I can say is that I am glad that VW for once is proactive unlike the coil nightmares some of us experienced in the past."

    Fixed it for you.

  • kmurkmur Posts: 36
    Hello -

    I currently own a 2005 Passat. VW is currently offering $1,500 loyalty cash to current Passat owners towards the purchase/lease of a new Passat... which has me giving the matter some thought.

    What exactly is different in the 2007 model vs the earlier generation? I see it has more power... how about the handling?

    Would love to hear from people who have owned both generations of Passats.
  • More power but more problems...lots of returns to the service dept due to idiot lites (tire pressure sensitive lite 6 times, air bag defective light, recall on wiper motor, brake problems, loud noise when turning sharp to the left and when backing up (those two problems not yet resolved)! I may end up getting rid of this auto sooner rather than later! It is fun to drive though and looks great too (2007 3.6T All Motion Wagon is what i have)
  • krzysskrzyss Posts: 848
    What is this?

  • I took my '07 Passat Wagon 2.0T to the dealer for the brake vacuum recall. They fixed that and installed a patch for amp clipping in the Dynaudio system -- all works well. So far, I have no major complaints about this vehicle or VW warranty service.
  • I received my $1,500 letter from VW Corporate also (except I own a 1995 Passat Wagon)it did not help me on price as I already custom ordered a new 2007 2.0T Passat Wagon last November (still no VIN or delivery date from Wolfsburg Germany yet)and by going through a one-price dealer which I HIGHLY recommend I received everything including all options and extended warranty at invoice which was a better deal than the $1,500 off MSRP. I searched very diligently over 9 months for a new vehicle to replace my 95VW Passat and ended up choosing the 2007 Passat for many, many reasons...leading the list was mileage, technology, luxury, safety, style, price. I just spent 5 hrs at the Washington DC 07 Auto show last week still looking and comparing and it just reinforced my choice of the 07 Passat although if the Camry made a wagon it would be a major contender. Coming in 2nd place on my 9 month search was the Mitsubishi Outlander, Hyundai Santa Fe, Saab 93 Aero Sports Combi Wagon, and Toyota RAV 4....could not afford the BMW 328i Sports Wagon<<I think the fully loaded VW Passat Wagon offers all the bells and whistles at a fraction of the BMW price and much more leg and storage room.
  • thanks for the response. Yes, we had the same experience. The car was towed and at the dealership for 2 weeks. First they replaced a module in the starter/ignition and that did not work. Second, they replaced the manifold and that worked.

    After being without the car for 2 weeks, we picked it up, drove it out of the dealership and the tire pressure low warning light came on. We went back in and they said they put the car through a thorough check and that couldn't have happened. Now we have to put the car back in for a day. They say it takes 3 hours to fix the electronics. The tires aren't low, it's a glitch.

    It seems this car is too electronically sophisticated to maintain in the US.
  • dino001dino001 Tampa, FLPosts: 4,654
    It seems this car is too electronically sophisticated to maintain in the US

    What does that mean? If one can't maintain electronics in the most technologically advanced country, then when it could be? To be honest, I'm tired of those excuses, like "because it's so advanced, it is likely to fail". If they can't make it failure free, they should not put the stuff at all.

    My deep suspicion is that those failures have nothing to do with sophistication, more with cheapened designs/executions. Electronics and electric systems are the easiest places one can "cheat" the quality without appearance of doing so in the showroom - and that's exactly what they do. Poor quality plastic is visible on dashboard, rough engine can be easily spotted, but relays. switches and sensors can be done so they work first couple of months and then just die.

    2018 430i Gran Coupe

  • Hey Kmur,

    We also own a 2007 VW Passat Wagon 2.0T and absolutely love it! We haven't had any problems whatsoever with it and just took it in for the recall on the brake vaccuum line.

    Unfortunately, we will be moving overseas very shortly and have to sell our car. We are located in Maryland so let me know if you would be interested in purchasing it. We will let it go for $23k and it currently has 15k miles on it. In new condition! Just email me if you would be interested.
  • shipo, please advise. sounds like you know a thing or 2 about cars. my 2006 passat engine has been replaced by a factory rebuilt engine. I also put 30k miles in one year. I was told that a gear in the oil pump failed and therefore no oil got to the engine. I did receive a factory rebuilt engine. I still feel screwed. How do i even know that is what really happened. I never had a warning or indicator light come on to suggest something was wrong.
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    "shipo, please advise. sounds like you know a thing or 2 about cars."

    Ummm, three actually. ;-)

    All seriousness aside, regarding your post; for starters, and as Forrest Gump (almost) said, "Stuff happens". A broken gear in an oil pump will almost certainly cause an engine to fail with literally no warning. One moment you're tooling down the road, then next minute, your car is hanging from a hook or up on a flat bed. FWIW, over the years I've "heard" of a few such incidents happening to new cars, and pretty much to every manufacturer out there. That said, the problem usually rears its ugly head well before 30,000 miles.

    Regarding your "factory rebuilt" engine. Hmmm, usually those two words don't go together. Either it's a "Rebuilt" engine or it is a "Factory Remanufactured" engine. The difference is that a rebuilt motor has the parts that are out of spec replaced before the mill is summarily slapped back together. To that I will add the proviso "usually" as there are some VERY high quality rebuilts out there.

    On the other hand, a "Factory Remanufactured" engine is literally taken down to its component parts so that each and every one can be checked against NEW part specs. If any part(s) aren't to factory new, then they are either chucked or they are set aside for use in rebuilt motors (assuming they are still within operational specs). This is most likely what your dealership put into your car. It is, for all intents and purposes, a "New" engine.

    As for your feeling of being less than whole, I wouldn't worry too much about that or the post-mortem of your old mill. That said, with the clock effectively reset to zero on your new engine, you get the chance to make sure that the care and feeding of that unit is tip-top. For your oil changes I would recommend either you buy your own oil (more on that later) and have them put it in at oil service time, or insist that they use the same oil that they are supposed to use in the rare W8 and W12 engines.

    Engine Oil:
    502.00: This oil spec was originally developed for the regular version of the old 1.8T (i.e. the 180 hp version of the 1.8T, versions that put out 200 hp or more need a different oil). It is a relatively antiquated oil spec, however, VW maintains that it is sufficiently robust to protect the new over 200 hp 2.0T engine. Personally, I'm unconvinced. Oils: There are many Group III and Group IV oils on the market today that meet this specification, however, if you want the best for your engine, I'd give each and every one of them a pass, unless the next oil spec is on the bottle as well.

    503.01: This oil spec was developed for the high output (i.e. over 180 hp) versions of the 1.8T as well as the W8 and W12 engines. It is VERY robust stuff that will most likely be in pretty good shape and ready for more miles when your next oil change is due. Kind of nice to have a comfortable margin of error. ;-) Oils: To the best of my knowledge, there are only two generally available oils on the market in North America that are certified to meet this spec, namely Mobil 1 0W-40 and German made (says "Made in Germany" on the label) Castrol Syntec 0W-30. FWIW #1, I believe that the oil your dealership uses on the W8 and W12 engines is the Castrol Syntec with a VW label pasted on the bottle. FWIW #2, by definition, ALL 503.01 oils meet the earlier 502.00 oil spec as well. Said another way, these are the oils you should be putting in your engine if you want the absolute best for it.

    For a complete listing of VW oil specifications (current as of about a year ago), you can check out the following link:

    shipo, "Volkswagen Passat Oil Changes & Issues" #8, 10 Mar 2006 8:48 pm

    I hope this helps put your mind at ease. ;-)

    Best Regards,
  • That is pretty unfortunate. My question is, if they are warrantying it, how are they not standing behind their car? Did they not support you somehow?
  • asefasef Posts: 12
    Hi, I posted this same message over on, but didn't get any replies. I need to know by Tuesday!

    I am just wondering whether there is any reason why I cannot use snow chains on my 07 Passat Wagon with the 17 inch tires?

    The owner's manual (book 3.2 / page 81) says "snow chains may be fitted only to the front wheels, and only to certain tire sizes". But it does not say WHICH sizes!

    And here on

    It says

    215/55 R16 H, all-season tire with full size spare -- snow chain compatible
    235/45 R17 H, all season tires with full size spare

    Note 17-inch does not say "snow chain compatible".

    Does this mean I cannot use snow chains on my car? What are my options, then?

    Any help is of course much appreciated!!
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    I don't know for certain, however, I ran 235/45 R17s on my 530i SP and so shod, snow chains were definitely not compatible with my wheels, tires and wheel wells. My bet is that you'd be better served with a set of winter rubber for the cold and snowy months.

    Best Regards,
  • asefasef Posts: 12
    Thanks, Shipo. I'm down in San Diego, this is just for a weekend trip to the mountains. So of course I don't want to shell out for new tires just for this! I'll give my dealer a call and see what he says. Will report back.
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    Mammoth Lakes maybe? My lab partner from college is a police officer there. ;-)

    FWIW, even with winter tires I don't believe they'll let you up 395 past Bishop if you don't also have chains if there is some weather abouts.

    Best Regards,
  • When i purchased the car it was with a 60k warranty. I now have a "factory rebuilt engine" with only 30k mile warranty remaining. My feeling is at the least, VW should honor the 60k on this new engine. My concern is if another major repair is needed when i get to another 30k, and my warranty is expired when technically this motor only has 30k. In explaining my concerns to VW, their response was, "that is a risk you take when buying a new car." Is my request outrageous?
  • Thank you for your very detailed response. Thank God I was not driving along with my kids, and rather when I started the car (ironically to take it in for 30k maintenance) it sounded like a VW bug. I called my service dept, where i took it to religiously and they told me to try putting in oil. i think he said 5W i went to the auto parts store, the guy thought i didn't know what i was talking about, they didn't even carry it. So yes, my Azul 2006 Passat ended up on the back of a flat bed. To clarify, my warranty was not reset, I only have 30k left.

    Sorry for all the details, Im still venting.
    I was told that the engine parts were all new except for the block.(?) And 2.5 weeks later when i went to get my car, VW wanted to charge me for a $150 for a 30k mile maintenance! I am a woman, but Im not ignorant, and this did not add up to me. I still never got an explanation on that one. What are your thoughts/ideas?

    Anyhow, as far as service goes, I was told to bring it in at 35k for an oil change, and then resume my normal maintenance so the next major one would be 40k. I still dont get it, if it is essentially new engine, why am i NOT starting my maintenance over?

    One last Q: with the amount of miles Im putting on Azul (500 a week) should i be adding oil in between service? Shouldn't the VW service dept advised me of this knowing how many miles i put on the car weekly?
    Thank you in advance for your time,
    -No faith in VW service
  • robr2robr2 BostonPosts: 8,862
    They warranty the vehicle for 60K. Anything they repair is covered by the same 60K warranty. If they replaced a component at 59K under warranty, would you expect them to warranty that part now for another 60K miles?

    No manufacturer will willingly do that.
  • cosmocosmo Posts: 203
    You should check your engine oil level at each and every fuel fill-up, and add oil as needed. It doesn't matter if you drive 10,00 miles in a week or in a year. This routine is standard advice for every automobile and truck that uses oil for lubrication and cooling in an internal combustion engine with a crankcase. If you drive a car with a two-cycle engine or an electric motor (not a hybrid) you can ignore this advice.

    Please refer to your owners manual for guidelines regarding checking fluid levels.
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    "To clarify, my warranty was not reset, I only have 30k left."

    I don't believe any manufacturer on Earth would do anything different, so this isn't really a knock against VW.

    "I was told that the engine parts were all new except for the block.(?) And 2.5 weeks later when i went to get my car, VW wanted to charge me for a $150 for a 30k mile maintenance! "

    Yeah, that's considered a "Factory Remanufactured" engine, basically as good as new as it is extremely rare for the block itself to be damaged by an engine failure (if it was you'd know it because typically there'd be a big hole in the side of the block). Once again, this isn't a bad thing as you effectively have a brand new engine. Personally I prefer a used block as new blocks have a tendency to "adjust" in ever so slightly, typically leaving the cylinder bores ever so slightly out of round. A cleaned up used block rarely if ever suffers from that kind of issue.

    Being asked to pay for the maintenance "fair", however, I'm very surprised they didn't throw it in for free, you know, as a good will gesture. Mark one against your dealership for that one.

    "Anyhow, as far as service goes, I was told to bring it in at 35k for an oil change, and then resume my normal maintenance so the next major one would be 40k. I still dont get it, if it is essentially new engine, why am i NOT starting my maintenance over?"

    The 5K first oil change is as it should be by the book, however, IIRC, the next maintenance for your car should be at the 45,000 mile mark. I could be wrong here so you should check your manual and query your service department.

    "One last Q: with the amount of miles Im putting on Azul (500 a week) should i be adding oil in between service? Shouldn't the VW service dept advised me of this knowing how many miles i put on the car weekly?"

    Should you be adding oil between service calls? It depends. I believe you will find in your manual somewhere recommendations on checking your oil level and what oil to use when the time comes to fill it up. Five hundred miles per week is a fair amount (I do that too), but not over the top. Having a polite conversation with your service manager will probably yield similar advice as to what is in your manual.

    I hope this helps.

    Best Regards,
  • asefasef Posts: 12
    Well, it was sunny and warm in the mountains, so no chains needed. I did call my two local VW dealers, and they both gave me the same "company line" information: that VW does not recommend the use of chains or cables, period. But when prodded a little, they both thought that narrow cables would be fine. One noted that it might damage my rims, and perhaps the plastic lining of the wheel well, but that there should not be a clearance or safety issue.
  • saulstersaulster Los Angeles AreaPosts: 48
    I bought my '06 Passat (3.6 4 Motion, Lux 2, etc. ) 04/12/06.

    By 04/19/06, I was getting a message of "disc incompatible with system" ( the Navi DVD ) and I was told that a new DVD was being ordered. That took to 05/02/06 to arrive. Meanwhile, I was advised that the DVD actually was sent back to the "vendor" which was running diagnostics on it to try determine if the disc was the problem. On 05/03/06, the new DVD was installed. By 05/04/06, same problem, "incompatible".

    Back in for service 05/09/06 and 05/17/06, at that point, the dealer contacted VW Technical Assistance which recommended replacement of the entire Navi system. The parts were "special ordered" ( ie, Germany ). Parts in 05/25/06, installed, no problems since then - Until yesterday ( 02/23/06 ).

    New problem - Everything works except the Navi screen does not show the map, only the "hourglass" waiting symbol. Drove it right back to the dealer, left running and showed to service adviser, left the car with them to diagnose today.

    I am just sick at the continued failures of this equipment. I drive a lot ( just did 20M service ) and really use the Navi. I have a long trip planned starting 02/25/06....

    I hope it does not take so much time this time to diagnose and repair the problem(s). Last time, it took almost seven weeks. The service advisor called me this AM and told me they have already called VW Technical Assistance. Results to hopefully follow later today.

    Does anyone here have any similar experience, comments or suggestions regarding the Navi system?

    Aside from the multiple Navi problems, I have also had a major problem with the driver's 12 way power seat which also took quite a while to get fixed. This kind of major systems failure and long time not in full service is getting old. Aside from the repeated aggravation, once the car is out of warranty, this kind of problem would be very expensive to take care of.

    Once things are again settled and fixed, I plan to have a conversation with the VW "factory representative", express my concerns about the general quality of this car, and request VW at least provide extended warranty coverage beyond the normal factory 50M miles / 5 years at no additional charge. I am not in "lemon" mode, just quite frustrated that such a really nice car appears to be of such indifferent quality.

    TIA for additional information, comments, and suggestions.

  • I am looking to purchase a 2006 2.0 T manual Passat on Tuesday. I am curious if you could tell me what issues Passat's or VW's in general usually have. The 2006 recieved good ratings in everything but the Electrical. I am curious what electrical issues there are, how expensive they are to fix and when they usually are seen in VW's
  • saulstersaulster Los Angeles AreaPosts: 48
    Saulster back with an update:

    On Friday, VW Tech Line told the dealer they want additional diagnostics, to be performed next Monday and probably Tuesday. They are starting with the Navi DVD again which is very annoying and frustrating. The most recent DVD worked fine for almost a year and DVDs do NOT change or corrupt, do they? It appears that someone is just reading off a list of SOP for "Navi, Broken" without any consideration for history or situation.

    There is not much the dealership can do except follow VW Tech Line orders if they want to get paid for their warranty work. Today, the service adviser mentioned his shared frustration with the Navi breaking a second time. And, of course, despite this sillyness, VW will not provide a rental vehicle for my vacation ( one week starting Sunday ) to at least alleviate some of the pain and frustration their repeat offending vehicle is causing.

    So, I will be off in my other car, no bluetooth connection for the cell phone, no HIDs, no automatic wipers, and the forecast is of course rain plus more of the same the net few days.

    I'll update further next week when the dealer calls and lets me know what they are finding out about the broken Navi and what it will take to fix it.

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