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    Actually the computer network they're all on does tell a service department where the car was originally purchased.

    OK I may have misspoke on that one, yes they can look and find out but will they (or better yet will they even notice)? As you said they get paid the same way regardless.

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    I went to my dealership today to have a Ding taken out of my New Azera, which arrived with it. It took about 1/2 an hour by a Ding Dr. and came out Great. Also, last week asked my saleman about programming the door locks when operating the car. I was told by him that this in not a feature on the Azera. Spoke with the Service manager, whom I should have spoken to in the first place. Came out with a tool, plugged it in and programmed the doors to lock when I put it in drive and unlock when I shut the car off. So all is well for now and I am very happy with this car so far. JoeD
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    Something you might not have thought of: I have my doors lock when taken out of park but not to unlock automatically. Since the front doors open from the inside when locked, I find this to be the best from a security standpoint. No door is unlocked unless you want it to be. Remember, just because you're paranoid doesn't mean everyone's NOT out to get you. :)
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    Gracious! How could anyone want it to unlock all the doors when you put the car in PARK these days? I don't understand why anyone would prefer that over "remove keys from ignition"...

    Too many people are just too trusting these days - I'd rather disable the feature all-together than use that option! :surprise:
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    I wouldn't want it to unlock either if you put it in park. I have it so that the doors unlock after the key is removed from ignition. Maybe I didn't state it correctly. JoeD
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    No - sorry, I didn't state it clearly: I understood you, I just didn't understand why that would even be an option. Seems silly and asking for trouble to me! ;)
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    cn: I picked up my new azera on thursday of this week and I had the dealer install a remote starter. It seems to be working well and works up to 1000-1200 feet. It, of course locks and unclocks the car and has a panic button.
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    what type of remote starter do you have?
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    It is an Audiovox. Evidently this is what the dealer I bought the car from installed. You can look into their products at
    Incidentally, the dealer wanted $500. but at first I did not want it at all. While he was typing the papers for to complete the deal for my car he came down to 475 then 450-I still said no. When he was done typing I said I would give him 425. for the remote starter and he looked at me and said "ok" but he wished I would have said this before he completed the paperwork as he had to start over again. He did smile as this was all in good fun. Honestly, I don't know if I need one but for the 425. I think it is a good deal I did use it today when I started my car from the clubhouse after a round of golf with the temp. in the 90's in the boston area. My golfing buddies could not believe this was a Hyundai. I can't believe how good this car rides.
    Good luck.
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    I'm hoping they get the seat tracking fixed for better frontal crash results

    I think I recall that you've mentioned, on at least one previous post, that the seat track was the reason, or part of the reason, for the Azera not getting a better crash result. Exactly where did you find this information :confuse: ? So far, all I've seen was some speculation in this forum.

    I'm really not trying to start up the whole crash test results discussion again, I just want to know your source for this information. Thanks
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    Has anyone noticed any acceleration/deceleration when the cruise control is engaged? With my domestic cars, the car cruises at a "constant" level, as if the gas pedal is pressed down a certain amount and "stays". With the Azera, the RPM's may be 2K for a few seconds...1k for a few seconds, back to 2k, and so on. Is this normal? :confuse:
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    Doesn't sounds right, but not enough information. Are you driving on flat land or up and down hills? It would be normal if you are in a hilly area - and could just be the torque converter cutting in and out, again - which shouldn't be happening if you are on flat land on cruise control...
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    Can anyone answer this question firmly? I see the new Kia Optima, whose engine is reportedly a cousin of Hyundai's new Lambda family, has solid/mechanical lifters with no accommodation for easy shim adjustment. Does anybody know for SURE what the Azera has? :confuse:
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    FYI - The 2006.5 Optima does not use either of the Lambda (3.3 - Sonata / 3.8 Azera) - perhaps the 2007 might...
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    Here's what I learned studying the online versions of the Sonata, Azera, and Optima shop manuals at length*:

    1> The Sonata and Azera use different displacement versions of the lambda series V6 motors. These motors have cylinder heads with CVVT technology to vary intake valve duration. Hyundai has dropped the hydraulic lash adjustment used previously on its V6 motors in favor of non-adjustable "inverted bucket" mechanical lash adjusters ("MLA"s according to the shop manual) for their new V6 replacements. When it's eventually necessary to correct excessive valve lash, doing so will require removing the front engine cover, removing the timing chain, accessing the cylinder head internals after removing the cam covers, removing the camshafts and replacing entirely the MLAs which prove to be out of spec. (For whatever reason, Hyundai opted not to use simple, inexpensive, replaceable shims as is customary with inverted bucket lifter designs.) Replacement solid MLAs are available in 39 different lengths.

    2> The Optima's 2.7L mu V6 motor is a very slightly modified delta V6 engine block (the spin-on oil filter's adapter is oriented for vertical filter mounting) with revised cylinder heads which duplicate the CVVT function of the new lambda V6 motors described above. (The mu's heads appear very similar to those of the lambda in the diagrams, but I doubt they're actually interchangeable.) Like the delta motor from which it's derived, the mu V6 uses a timing belt rather than a chain. Like the lambda cylinder heads, the mu cylinder heads use MLAs, too.

    Both of these new Hyundai V6 motors (lambda and mu) promise to seperate their owners from a good chunk of cash when it's time to check and "adjust" valve lash eventually, though I found no reference in the shop manuals for the suggested mileage interval. Perhaps an Azera owner would check his owner's manual's "Maintenance Requirements" section for information about this?

    Hyundai WebTech

    KIA Tech-Info

    (The above links require registration (free) and Adobe Acrobat Reader. The Hyundai site also requires additional Adobe software which the Hyundai site will direct you to for downloading and installation. Click on the box labled, "Site Requirements" for the highlighted links.)

    (*yes - I have no life...)
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    Grat info...ray (thumbs up!!)

    A bit off-topic but to my surprise and to many others, the setup of the Optima is actually more similar to the Elantra than to the Sonata. The current Optima actually shares very little with the current Sonata, believe it or not...
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    I just happened to have my Azera nearby as I am reading same having purchased one three days ago. It says "valve clearance" should be inspected at the 60,000 mile interval under normal usage. It does not say anthing as to inspection under severe usage.
    I have 245 miles on it an it appears to be a very well built, sound car. I can't believe everything that is in it for the price. My sticker price was 29,120 and I traded in my Lincoln Contiental with 51, 500 miles and arrived at a purchase price of 20,800.
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    Cn, Another good dealership is Loren Hyundai in Glenview. I bought my Azera and my daughters Elantra there. Got internet prices and free lifetime oil changes on the Azera and 3 years free on the Elantra. King
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    Ouch. This is sobering.

    As a guy who tries to get 100,000+ miles out of his cars (and sometimes succeeds), this is really the first thing I've seen that gives me serious pause about buying an Azera.

    The cold fact is, Hyundai can't claim to have caught up to Honda and Toyota until their upper models have the reliability and serviceability of hydraulic lifters. To have had them, and ditched them for this arrangement, is a serious step backward.

    In the immortal words of Desi Arnaz: "ROO-see, you've got some ex-PRAIN-ing to do!" :mad:
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    Thanks king123, I'll contact them.

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    Ok so I have decided to get a smooth grill for my Azera (Venetian Blue); I cannot find anyone who has the grill in blue. Does anyone know of a place I can find it? :confuse:
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    As someone with a Hyundai that has close to 140k Miles on it with only one non routine issue I would say you really wouldn't have an issue with Hyundais reliability. Also both my wife and my daughter both have Hyundais with close to 100K on them with no issues at all.

    I don't think any of my sisters Toyotas can make that claim.

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    Howdy, below is the e-mail from K&N

    Listed below are the current K&N products for a 2006 HYUNDAI AZERA 3.8L. Please review the full application description including comments to ensure that the product will fit your vehicle.
    Year Model Engine Comment Product Type Part Number Description
    2006 AZERA 3.8L V6 F/I All Air Filter 33-2346 NEW! Replacement Air Filter

    Cost is around $42-43, but it's good for a lifetime.
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    I believe the better perspective isn't so much unreliability (which for the sake of discussion, I'll define as premature wear and/or breakage) as it is the necessity for a scheduled service procedure at around the 60,000 mile mark (and its multiples) that will be at least as, if not more, expensive than the previous routine timing belt changeouts on legacy Hyundai motors. Don't forget, either, that hydraulic valve lifters can be problematic if their mechanical innards and oil passages freeze/clog due to varnish deposits that develop from too infrequent motor oil changes.
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    I'd also like to add my thanks to Ray h1 for informing us on the technical details of the new Hyundai engine family. I like the Azera but have been hesitant to take the plunge into ownership due to operation and maintenance costs and potentially higher depreciation.

    To me, expensive long term maintenance costs are as big a deterrent as a lack of reliability would be. As a consumer, I have to look at the whole cost/benefit picture. The cost of replacing the timing belt in the previous gen Sonata 2.7 V6 every 60k miles along with the relatively bad gas mileage really soured me on that car. I don't see how much has changed with the Azera in that respect.

    If the valves are going to go out of adjustment on the new Azera around 60k and cost as much or more to fix as changing the timing belt, I think potential owners, like me, should be aware of that cost.
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    Ray, I'm not going to presume more knowledge than you after you did all the work here.

    You're right to say the real issue is the cost of the scheduled maintenance, not "unreliability."

    Of course, if the cost of scheduled maintenance is higher than that of some failures, many people won't stay on top of it. Then you'll have unreliability. As the Fram guy said, you'll pay them now or you'll pay them later.

    As for hydraulic lifters, the point there is that the solid lifters will eventually go out of adjustment even if you change your oil.

    Those quibble aside, we agree on the basic point: Hyundai's choice will cost their long-term owners a lot of money.
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    My numbers were a little off. After setting the cruise at 60, the RPMs are steady at around 2K. But even going downhill, there must be a "drag", which necessitates the cruise control to increase the RPMs to 2500-3000 for about 2 seconds, then back to 2K, then a 7 second delay, then an RPM increase again. Like I mentioned previously, my previous cars held a "steady" RPM rate unless I was on an upgrade. :confuse:
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    The only upkeep is scheduled maintance...Review the 10yr/100,000 mile POWERTRAIN warranty..."cylinderblock/head and all internal parts,manifolds,timing gears,timing chain,timing cover,gaskets and seals,oil pump, water pump, flywheel,oil pan assembly, and rocker cover and engine mounts." Section 6, page 19 2006 Owner's handbook and Warranty Information...Sounds like lifters are covered to me. ;)
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    I have been unable to find grille in anything other than or silver/chrome.
    My car is sage green.
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    Gee, if it was a 30 yeard old General Motors car, I'd say you have a leak in your vacuum reservoir tank! But everything's electronic nowadays.
  • tonycdtonycd Member Posts: 223
    Sounds like lifters are covered to me.

    Good point. Forgot about God's own warranty!
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    Lifters would only be covered if they were to "break" due to manufacturing or design defect under the 10/100 warranty. Any maintenance on the lifters due to going out of adjustment would certainly fall under the category of maintenance which Hyundai would not cover.

    In re: gas mileage, it is my experience that Hyundai most definitely does not possess whatever technological refinements Honda and Toyota are using in their engines to achieve superior EPA and real-world MPG figures.
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    I disagree...Lifter adjustments are not regarded as maintance/adjustment items such as brake pads, light bulbs,tires,belts, sparkplugs..They are internal engine components just as fuel injectors, cams, pistons, timing chains....Hyundai does not do maintance on these items; if they don't work correctly, then they are replaced..Maintance would cover such things as fluid changes/ top-offs, coolant recharges,filter replacements...I own 3 Hyundai's and they have covered all the bases with any warranty work that is applicable.
  • tonycdtonycd Member Posts: 223
    There should be an easy answer to this question:

    Owners, does the maintenance schedule in your owner's manual list the lifters or valve clearances as a scheduled service item at the 60,000 mile (or any other scheduled :confuse: ) mark?
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    I have a 2006 Sonata 3.3L and on page 5-4, item No 7 of the owner's manual says that the Valve Clearance inspection is part of the 60K, 120K, etc., scheduled service. I'll swing by my Hyundai Dealer this evening and ask the service manager how much the valve clearance inspection costs and post what I find out.
  • ricwhitericwhite Member Posts: 292

    Although "inspection" of valve clearance may be covered under waranty, I'm sure "adjustment" is not. And I'm not sure what "inspection" really means. I think "evaluation" and "measurement" may be better terms. I'm sure inspection does not include taking apart the engine.
  • rhduke00rhduke00 Member Posts: 129
    Earlier today I talked with my dealer's service manager and he acknowledged that the lifters on the Hyundai 2.4, 3.3, and 3.8 are solid mechanical. He said that the sixty thousand mile valve inspection is at no cost to the customer and if the valve clearance inspection shows that there is a problem with the lifters, they would be replaced (as they can't be adjusted) and would be covered under the power train warranty. I asked him if the valve clearance inspection required taking apart the engine and he said no it didn't. I also asked him about the 120,000 mile inspection and he said that replacing lifters at that point would not be covered under warranty. He added, however, that it would be very unusual to have to replace the lifters at 120,000 miles.
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    As I mentioned earlier....lifters are covered under the 10/100 warranty..Just be glad you aren't driving a Toyota..major engine problems a few yrs ago with cooling and warped heads, recently 6 sp tranny problems and the latest recall of >400k vehicles with another engine oiling issue....leaking and lockup...

    The 2.4, 3.3, and 3.8 have logged millions of miles of testing....including constant running, high and low ambient temps,regular hiway and stop and go conditions...
  • ray_h1ray_h1 Member Posts: 1,134
    Anyone old enough to remember "flathead" (aka, "L-head") engines will be aware that these had the camshaft, lifters, and valves in the block. The valve stem had to be ground to the proper length after a preliminary fitment and measurement with its associated lifter before final engine assembly to the cylinder head(s). It was unusual to ever need a replacement except at tear-down during a general overhaul - and at that, more often "jist cuz" than due to actual excessive measured wear unless one or more valve faces were burned. Hyundai may have gone back to the future in principle on this issue, though the camshafts and valves are now in the cylinder heads. In any event, knowing a valve adjustment will be considered a warranty item if necessary at or prior to the 100,000 mile mark should alleviate a lot of angst with owners and potential owners thanks to rhduke00's clarification with his dealer on the point. Well done, Sir!
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    No luck here either. I emailed & their reply was that 'hyundai mobis is no longer producing the grill with no "H".' What they have in stock is what it going to be sold & then thats all folks(for now).
    So I am thinking to buy an off color & just have it painted. What website did you find the white/chrome option?
  • mechanic80mechanic80 Member Posts: 122
    Maybe if we're lucky the attention that the Azera is getting will encourage more aftermarket manufacturers. Although the "no H" grille is nice, it's no different than the factory unit (with one obvious exception.) Maybe in a few months there'll be more options in aftermarket, like chrome wire mesh or aluminum billet.
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    I am curious why your dealer told you that the 60k valve train inspection would be at no cost to you? As somebody pointed out earlier via a quote from the car manual, isn't that valve train inspection part of the 60k maintenance inspection for the car? Most dealers make alot of their income from doing required periodic maintenance inspections which are clearly outlined in the vehicle owners manual.

    So what dealer do you have that does a 60k maintenance inspection for free? I will go to him.

    This doesn't sound right.
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    This forum has nothing better to do but to talk about unimportant things such as a grill with the attractive Hyundai "H" removed.. Get serious about important things ie Lifters oil filters high discharge bulbs Etc
  • patpat Member Posts: 10,421
    What would you like to know about those things? Feel free to ask! :)
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    Now we know why we love Hyundai beyond seat rails, solid lifters and all the no problem issues we deal with in this forum.

    Don't quote me but believe this is from AP.

    Toyota has more recalls worldwide than Hyundai.

    Recall woes grip Toyota

    As company quickly expands, it suffers through third vehicle callback this month.

    In its third vehicle recall this month, Toyota Motor Corp. is calling back almost 420,000 cars worldwide, including 34,700 in the United States, to replace a faulty engine part.

    Most of the recalled U.S. cars are Echo compacts, but they also include Prius hybrids.

    Toyota said it had no reports of accidents or injuries, but the recall caps a bruising month for the automaker renowned for its vehicle quality.

    Last week it recalled 367,500 sport utility vehicles, including premium Lexus RX models, because a piece in the front console area could come loose and lodge near the gas pedal.

    Earlier in July, Toyota recalled 24,200 vans in Japan.

    While recalls are not the only or best gauge of vehicle quality, Toyota has experienced a sharp rise that industry analysts no longer dismiss as an anomaly.

    "Toyota is growing so fast that they're starting to make mistakes that they avoided in the past," said George Peterson, president of Tustin, Calif., consultant AutoPacific.

    Last year, Toyota's recalls in the United States more than doubled as the number of recalls industry-wide declined slightly.

    The company says it is working to maintain vehicle quality, even as it increases production to meet worldwide demand for its vehicles.

    "Recalls are an example of opportunities we have sometimes where we can make repairs to cars before customers have failures," Jim Press, president of Toyota Motor North America Inc., said Tuesday in Washington. "Our quality is very high and always at the very top."

    Toyota is generally prompt to take action once it learns of a problem and doesn't wait for complaints to pile up, Peterson said.

    But the automaker's reputation may be tested by a criminal investigation in Japan of three quality-control managers who may have failed to act on steering-problem reports.

    That problem was cited as the possible cause of a collision in Japan that injured five people and led to a global recall of more than 1 million Toyota vehicles.

    In its announcement Tuesday, Toyota said it would replace the crankshaft position sensor on certain 2001 and early 2002 cars.

    Engine oil could leak into the connector because of a problem with the molding of the resin body of the crankshaft position sensor. There might also be a problem with the shape of the locking tab securing the sensor's wire harness connector.

    In the United States, Toyota is recalling 26,200 Echo compacts and 8,500 Prius hybrids from model year 2001 and early 2002.

    Now I ask you, DON'T YA JUST LOVE YOUR HYUNDAI! :)
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    don't care for non azera stuff in this board but i just like to say that the media is blowing up the toyota recall story because it gets people's attention. i don't think it means toyota is having big quality issues. plus, since they sell so many cars, its no surprise that they have a large number of recalls. what would be a better indicator is recalls as a percentage of cars sold.
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    i don't think it means toyota is having big quality issues.

    Since people love to go around saying Toyotas are bullet proof I think that all these recalls are a big issue.

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    Get Serious about important things??? This forum is just that; A Forum. Sorry that lifters may not be on top of my list of discussion priorities, but maybe when they need to be replaced I will worry about them. Since my car is under warranty & oil changes were thrown in with the total cost of my Azera, I am not worried about THE VERY IMPORTANT OIL FILTERS either. What YOU may find IMPORTANT & what others find IMPORTANT is not going to be the same. There is a subject line on almost every posting if you find it not to be IMPORTANT to you...DONT READ show some respect & move on to the next
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    I agree! I have been on this forum for some time now and through the help and suggestion of other members have learned many things about the Azera, including after market parts. I am one of those people who replaced the "H" Grill. If it where not for members of this forums suggestions and information on where to purchase it, I would have never found one. Everyone is not always just interested in the mechanics of a car, some of us like the thought of after market parts to dress up or down their vehicles to their liking.
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