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Hyundai Azera 2006



  • snakeweaselsnakeweasel a Certified Edmunds Poster.Member Posts: 17,963
    yeah, that uneven "silhouette" drives me crazy this something that can be fixed with new bulbs, or is it just an inherent design flaw?

    Simple fix, only drive during the day.

    2011 Hyundai Sonata, 2014 BMW 428i convertible, 2015 Honda CTX700D

  • areza1areza1 Member Posts: 14
    Simple fix, only drive during the day

    hmmmm,i knew there had to be reasons why these cars are so cheap
  • mechanic80mechanic80 Member Posts: 122
    I changed bulbs when I got the car and I've never noticed a shadow or silhouette, I think I got Sylvania bulbs...much whiter light even if they don't last nearly as long, it's a much clearer view down the road.
  • 101649101649 Member Posts: 192
    Changed mine to Sylvania Silverstars after delivery...Brighter and whiter/ no shadows...I don't do much night driving, so bulb life is not a problem....
  • oldblokeoldbloke Member Posts: 22
    I looked at earlier posts and found one that added the mud flaps without removing the wheels. Also bought mine from Ebay,$56 for set of four from memory. The vendor was a Hyundai dealer.
    I added flaps to forward wheels without jacking the car. Trick was to use a stubby Phillips head screw driver with the right sized tip.
    For the rear flaps I jacked each wheel separately using a floor jack and a piece of truck tire retread on the jack platform with tread deep enough to accomoadate the lip at the bottom of the body. The jack in the trunk would work also. Could add the flaps using the stubby screwdriver again.
  • donvickdonvick Member Posts: 38
    My wife noticed the low shadow affect on the drivers side. We took it out experimenting on a dark country road (the lights), shurenuff, the left side was lower than the right. A line running across the upper portion of the beam as if it was looking under a wall.

    Dealer service dept. inspected and adjusted lights while she was at work. All is fine now.
    I do notice there does not seem to be much light scattered out and above the beam like in my old Ford and Grand Am. Its a definite line of dark and light. Hasn't presented any problems and not noticeable until we go over the undulations, a mild speed bump, at speed and car bounces up & down.

    Seem to have developed a buzzy speaker lately. Maybe its just the subwoofer "woofing". We have the Infinity system.

    Average mileage with 1437 miles is 24.6 so far.
    I'm going to try taking off that wind deflector like someone said prior.

  • chilliwackchilliwack Member Posts: 189
    Tight. Same as mine.
  • ray_h1ray_h1 Member Posts: 1,134
    "Seem to have developed a buzzy speaker lately. Maybe its just the subwoofer 'woofing'."

    The "woofing" should always be clean and low* - more felt than heard and never an upper harmonic of the fundemental frequency the driver's attempting to reproduce. Two possibilities: The bass driver is defective, OR, something in the trunk not completely battened down is sympothetically resonating at certain multiples of some specific frequency the driver is emitting. The latter could be very tricky to track down and it might even be the bass driver itself if it's not securely mounted. First thing I'd try would be to completely empty everything out of the trunk - spare, tools, jack, gramma's folded-up walker, side, rear, and trunk lid appearance panels and then fire up the audio system to listen for the buzzies. If they're still present, it's likely something with the speaker or mounting or perhaps one of the speaker leads that got wedged through one of the basket (speaker frame) openings and is in loose contact with the speaker cone during large excursions. (Ask me how I know about this one...) If not, then begin replacing the removed stuff until something buzzes. (Then figure out why it's buzzing...) Should be a pleasant project on a 110 degree day. ;)

    *If unsure what "clean" should sound like, note the horrendous buzzing at a stop light when parked beside some teenage audio genius wannabe's ride in which a bass driver never intended for average power levels in excess of 30 watts has permanently puked after having been regularly fed a diet of 300 watts that destroyed the alignment of the voice coil former to its gap with the magnet structure. This is an example of how an audio system shouldn't sound. (The owner of this tricked out rolling buzz-bomb doesn't mind one bit - he's permanently destroyed half his hearing and thinks everything's fine. He just wonders why everyone seems to be speaking so softly lately.)
  • mbhollambholla Member Posts: 37
    What Size is the bulb? I have wanted to replace my lightbulb but I was looking through the manual for a bulb size & all I got was the wattage. Unless I am not looking in/on the right page.??? :confuse:
  • wamba2000wamba2000 Member Posts: 146
    MBHOLLA, the size for both the low and high beams is an H7 bulb. I purchased PIAA bulbs for my wife Azera, after confirming the size with PIAA directly. Most charts that you find online don't have the Azera listed.

    The light is whiter and covers the road better at night for me. I think the headlight s could use an adjustment, just am not sure how to do it myself....this may be a dealer adjust when I need to take the car in for service. Luckily, haven't had a need to do so yet. selling dealer did not tell us about the settings that could lock or unlock the dorrs or the limp-home option. I went to a dealer that is close to my home (not my selling dealer) and asked about programming them. I got the old shifty shuffle, since I hadn't bought the car there, and how busy they were. (This dealership is new and not very active compared to other Hyundai dealers.) Then I was told it would be a $28 charge to re-program. Guess I will have to take the time to go back to the selling dealer and let them adjust things.
  • jim101jim101 Member Posts: 252
    So many interesting posts of late.

    Sunroof, should not leak period. Dealer should repair/adjust to correct problem.
    Wind deflector, most folks remove them for the improved looks and to reduce noise.

    Mudguards, easy DIY, become almost invisible when in place.

    Wax, I do after every wash, I'm a Mequire's kinda guy, for now.
    (That shine is deep, I see you own a VW, in the reflection.)

    Re-programing, this is a freebee any dealer that charges is pulling your leg, does not matter where you purchased.

    Adjustments, 12 mth, 12K miles, FREE, includes four wheel alignments and or any other adjustment you can think of, this is straight from Hq in CA.

    Speaker noise, we have noticed a similar sound, but only happens when we listen to radio stations and not when we spin a disc or two. I also agree with the options of removing everything as mentioned in a previous post. But not on a 110 degree day.

    Some 19 weeks and not so much as one problem of any kind.

    Now, I did notice that the two front inner wheel well plastic pieces fit a little differently. The left one does not come close to following the form of the bumper while the right side fits snugly. When I have some time I will remove both and compare. Look for future posts on the findings.

    Good day to all
  • allmet33allmet33 Member Posts: 3,557
    As most Azera owners know or will find out...those of us purchasing them here in the states were not graced with the option of having the reverse assist option. Well...there is an option you can pay for to add on and I'm sure it's much less than it would be as an add-on at a dealer. Check the link below. I'm sure there are others out there as well...
  • allmet33allmet33 Member Posts: 3,557
    Well...I've had my Azera Limited now for 5 months, I've logged just over 10K miles on it and no problems at all. The ONLY complaint I have is the lack of radio controls on the steering wheel. I mean...source, mute and volume control is a start, but disk & track control for CD's which could double for station tracking controls in am/fm mode. Other than that, no squeaks, creaks, thumps, buzzes, squeals, rubs, hums or anything.

    As far as fuel consumption goes...I've gotten 28 mpg (highway) on a trip to NC and this was with myself and 3 passengers, the A/C running and averaging about 75-80 mph and a loaded trunk.

    Living in DC, I generally do a lot of mixed driving and I've seen the numbers be from 17 mpg up to 20 mpg.

    These are numbers I was more or less used to with my '02 Sonata, so it hasn't been a big adjustment for me.
  • patpat Member Posts: 10,421
    Great report!!

    Be sure to post your mileage figures in the Real World MPG discussion as well.
  • 101649101649 Member Posts: 192
    My Black '06 came with spash guards and silver pinstriping to accentuate the wheels....all at no additional also threw in 2 shirts, cap and car cover along with oil changes for the 1st yr....I own 3 Hyundai's..
    Sonata, Sante Fe, and Azera...It appears that the only additions to the Azera for '07 (from the product brochure) is turn indicators on the side mirrors and tire pressure monitors...look out Lexus and Infiniti...
  • mechanic80mechanic80 Member Posts: 122
    It would be interesting to find out if the '07 mirrors can be fitted to the '06 with little or no modification to wiring. I'd spring for a pair! Any tech out there know anything?
  • ray_h1ray_h1 Member Posts: 1,134
    "Re-programing, this is a freebee any dealer that charges is pulling your leg, does not matter where you purchased."

    Unfortunately that's not true. Some dealers will do it as a freebie for customer cars. Some won't. Hyundai doesn't pick up the nominal labor tab for the procedure because, though the hardware is installed during build, it's not activated for some markets. The U.S. is one of them for some unidentified reason. Therefore savvy owners of Sonatas who found out about this stupid policy before they purchased their cars made a point of demanding that the autolock be programmed during sales negotiations. With the addition of auto power seat and steering wheel positioning in the Azera, they're a couple of other devices' programming that have to be negotiated during purchase - again some dealers will fulfill that programming after the sale for cars purchased from them, but it's a crapshoot. Getting a non-selling dealer to do these procedures free could well take the persuasive counsel of Messrs Smith & Wesson unless other routine services were involved at that dealership. Hyundai America should take note that what pecunary advantage the company gains from their stingy attitude will pay negative dividends to their image in the long run. Owners of any make note those attitudes long after the new car smell and gloss wear off.
  • donvickdonvick Member Posts: 38
    Okay, I removed the wind deflector this morning. It was indeed an easy upgrade to the looks. Held on with 2 screws and 2 retaining "J" clip type nuts. No scarring or scuffing of the paint finish, just wiped the collected dirt line off with wet rag and damp towel.
    Wife likes it better and can actually see out the sunroof glass now.
    Also there is less wind noise with it removed. She likes it much better.
    An $85 dealer add-on for future buyers to skip. Get the mudguards instead.
    Another thought here for those who like the wind deflector. You may want to remove the wind deflector on occasion to remove the dirt and crud buildup under the rubber seal. It will stay in there and chaff the finish otherwise.

    Haven't tackled the speaker buzz yet. Wife says its the front dash speaker on top.

  • bill_in_vabill_in_va Member Posts: 2
    After doing a lot of online research, and learning a lot from these excellent forums, I've decided to buy an Azera with the ultimate package. I am now looking for dealer recommendations (and/or dealers to avoid) in the northern Virginia area - Fairfax, Alexandria, Manassas, Springfield, Woodbridge, etc. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks, Bill
  • mbhollambholla Member Posts: 37
    Thanks, do you know what the bulb size for the fog lamps are?
  • allmet33allmet33 Member Posts: 3,557
    I've bought from Alexandria Hyundai in the past and have taken my cars to be serviced there as well. The folks there treat you great. I've heard Fairfax is pretty good as well. Haven't heard anything about Springfield, Woodbridge or Manassas.

    Good luck!
  • wamba2000wamba2000 Member Posts: 146
    mb, I didn't replace the fog lamps. If you want to be sure, look on PIAA's website and send them a question. They should get back to you within a day with a bulb part number
  • ratledgeratledge Charleston county, South CarolinaMember Posts: 233
    I tried the SilverStar bulbs, but 150 hours of expected life just doesn't work for me. I changed my high beams to the GE "NightHawk" bulbs, which have a 400 hour expected lifetime, and they are even brighter than the SilverStar's were. ;)

    I put Sylvania "XP" (I think? - eXtended Performance) lamps on the fishin' vehicle ('96 Blazer) and they give both more light and longer life. :shades:

    I've played around with the blue coated bulbs (i.e. RAzo, PIAA, etc.) but found they are both expensive and short-lived, not to mention that they blind on-coming drivers because they color temp is too high for direct-viewed lamps. They are designed to look like (i.e. color/temp match) HID bulbs, but they are a PIA, I think! :lemon:
  • ray_h1ray_h1 Member Posts: 1,134
    Agree. And add POS to that.
  • 101649101649 Member Posts: 192
    Don't even think about the fog/driving lamps...You will have to take the front bumper off to replace the bulbs.
  • ratledgeratledge Charleston county, South CarolinaMember Posts: 233
    I'm assuming you're talking about an Azera, right? Mine just twist out from behind... :P Remember - I was talking about the '96 Blazer in one place and an Infiniti I35 in the other - sorry, I know - TOT, Pat!
  • ratledgeratledge Charleston county, South CarolinaMember Posts: 233
    I know! :shades: Jeez - it's amazing what extreme people will go to put bulbs in their car that 'look' cool at the expense of actually providing better light... :surprise:

    If you really wanted to put a great bulb in place of the H7 high or low beams on an Azera my pick would be a Narva Rangepower+50 lamps which are hard to find, but relatively inexpensive. They should be around $28-30 per pair, which isn't cheap-cheap, but it isn't $60-$100 like some of those stupid JDM PIAA bulbs, either! ;) (For those that like to know - those bulbs marked "JDM" and sold by many folks here in the USA and "guaranteed legal" are NOT USDOT approved and therefore illegal for on-road usage and technically you could be arrested and fined for using them: JDM = "Japanese Domestic Market"... :)

    If you prefer something easier to find, look for a pair of GE NightHawk's. They are 20% brighter than "SilverStar" bulbs and have 250% the life rating (400 hours vs 150).
  • 101649101649 Member Posts: 192
    Yes...Check the Hyundai Tech website...You will have to remove the front bumper to replace the driving/fog lamps in the Azera..The Hi/Low lamps can be accessed easily and are "clip" secured...
  • patpat Member Posts: 10,421
  • ratledgeratledge Charleston county, South CarolinaMember Posts: 233
    Which means that switching/upgrading them should be a matter of removing the little round cover, taking the clip off, twisting the bulb counterclockwise and pulling it out - then use the retention clip (on the wiring harness) to release the bulb from the socket and reverse the process. Easy enough! :D (yes, I'm only talking high/low beams here - sounds like the fog lights are a little too much fun for your average DIY folk) ;)
  • 101649101649 Member Posts: 192
    Basically that is correct...Remember you will have to unhook and rehook the "hot" wire from the bulb to the socket..Also, make sure that you get the bulb "seated" properly in the housing..There are notches and tabs that you have to line up to properly align and secure the bulb; ohterwise it will bounce around inside the housing and not be grounded properly...once you've aligned the bulb, just simplly rehook the spring clip and reinstall the round cap and you're good to go...Good luck.
  • flashfieryflashfiery Member Posts: 2
    My problem with a buzzy speaker was caused by one of the child safety tethers on the rear deck vibrating on the speaker or housing in the rear sub-deck(only at certain frequencys). This was repaired after being told by my selling dealer's Service manager to "turn down the bass" , "something I'd have to live with" and "It's one of the quirks of the Azera".
    It was repaired only after I insisted the noise was not acceptable in a car of this price and threatening to take it up the complaint chain. He researched and found that there were numerous complaints and the fix was a foam cushion/spacer between the deck and speaker. Persistence pays off!
  • aljazeraaljazera Member Posts: 3
    My azera 06 has a driver door that is ever so slightly misaligned. When closed, the very top corner closest to the rear door is about 1/16" (or less) further out from the car body than the rear door edge. The right side doors align exactly and this is what I am comparing the driver side to. I am wondering if car doors can be adjusted back into alignment and if this is something the warranty covers.
  • jmjkjmjk Member Posts: 55
    Just read your message (I took delivery of my Azera Limited on Monday this week). I have experienced the same issue regarding the rumble, but more from the front end. It is very prevalent over choppy bumps, particularly at slower speeds. I too am very disapointed. Have you fixed the problem?
  • ricwhitericwhite Member Posts: 292

    I have experienced the same issue regarding the rumble, but more from the front end. It is very prevalent over choppy bumps, particularly at slower speeds.

    I strongly suggest you avoid all choppy bumps with the Azera. You will not have a pleasing experience.

    On smooth roads, however, the Azera is one of the BEST driving cars I've been in (including lexus and acura).
  • azerabluazerablu Member Posts: 2
    I bought my Azera last month and love it... however I think the suspension seems to be very loose over even the smallest of irregularities, especially at slower speeds.. anyone have or feel the same way?
  • chilliwackchilliwack Member Posts: 189
    I had the same issue with my car. Just take it to the service department. They will tweak the doors and they will be perfect. Mine are. Don't try this at home kids. :D
  • chilliwackchilliwack Member Posts: 189
    Get used to it. Sound from roadway imperfections transmit to the driver more so than I would like, BUT...this dang car is a hoot to drive. It is unique. I live in a large metropolitan and I have only seen one or two in 3000 miles so far. The car is fast, the sound system is kick-a** and it plays mp3 AND my golf clubs drop straight into the trunk! :shades:
  • aljazeraaljazera Member Posts: 3
    I also have NOT seen any Azeras on the road. What I did see is a car that looked strangley like an Azera, which, as we got closer to it, was actually an XG350 in beautiful condition. I can only suspect that the Azera is not a hot selling car, yet.
  • johnbaxter1johnbaxter1 Member Posts: 12
    at last
    my message 2429 May 15 2006;
    had yet to see an Azera on the road
    well'I finally saw one yesterday,sat aug 5.
    nice looking car:what is holding up their
    acceptance by the car buying public!
    as of today their website offers little
    in the way of incentives to entice buyers
    or leasers to venture into making a
    commitment:, a first year,poor resale,
    poor selling ,Hyundai!
  • ricwhitericwhite Member Posts: 292

    Yes, the Azera is unique. I live in the metro Salt Lake City area and have had my Azera for five months. I have yet to see ANY other Azeras on the road. None.
  • chilliwackchilliwack Member Posts: 189
    Yes, the Hyundai H is the same on both cars. As for slow sales, I can only speculate that buyers are taking advantage of the much cheaper Sonatas.
  • floridabob1floridabob1 Member Posts: 1,190
    I am now at about 2000 miles of a 3000 mile trip with my Azera.
    Most driving has been highway, and am averaging 22.5 MPG
    Ride is a little on the soft side.
    Rear sunshade has failed, and will no longer go up or down without assistance.
    Radio antenna seems weak in pulling in stations.

    No other problems so far.
  • azeradaveazeradave Member Posts: 42
    Hi Flashy

    I too had to insist on a procedure after this Baltimore dealer refused initially! After 5 months and 3K miles, I dropped my Azera off for its maiden oil change. I also requested them to input a program change to correct the "wide open throttle" (WOT) hesitation between 1st and 2nd gear (TSB 06-40-007 dated May 2006). I also requested them to input a 4 digit code supplied by me, for the Limp Home function (again a recognized adjustment per TSB 06-90-009 of March 2006.)

    I received a call indicating the oil change was done, but the WOT adjustment would cost me $45.00!! I even provided a copy of the above 2 TSB's for their convenience!! After I arrived at the dealer's, I insisted this procedure should be covered under some type of warranty. The TSB clearly indicates the affected vehicles are those made before 2/13/06...mine was made in November 2005 :mad: . After the manager reviews the provided TSB, he reluctantly told the Mechanic to test drive car and see if the car does hesitate. After 45 minutes, he said the car was re programmed, and so sorry for the inconvenience.

    The Limp Home function was not even addressed by this dealership. I have a copy of my work instructions regarding this, in case I have a problem with this function at a later date.

    The charge for this oil change was $42.00! Is this the going rate for a dealer oil change in Baltimore, Maryland?? After I provided my comp coupon, there was no charge. Have any other owners had this problem with dealers? :cry:
  • azerabluazerablu Member Posts: 2
    ric, I agree this is a great car on the highway as speed. But mine seems to be looser of the front right side then the left side... I have an appointment with the dealer tomorrow to see if perhaps something is loose ie. the shock or other components. I'll let you know what I find. Also thanks to everyone for the info on the door locks, I'll also talk to the service people about reprogaming them as well.
  • mechanic80mechanic80 Member Posts: 122
    I work at a KIA dealer. The new Sedona uses the 3.8 V6 that is in the Azera. We curently charge the same for an oil change on the Sedona as on any other vehicle: $29.95 which of course includes vehicle inspection and all fluids checked as well as tire pressure. I'll be getting my oil changed here if for no other reason than the convenience of not having to drop it off at the selling dealer and walking 2 blocks. Your dealer is taking advantage of the situation.
    Please don't take this as an invitation to move to Albuquerque. We have too many new residents as it is!
  • flashfieryflashfiery Member Posts: 2
    Sounds like my dealership in Gaithersburg is a lot like yours in Baltimore.
    I also had to tell them about the 1-2 shift hesitation TSB after I complained about experiencing the problem. They first asked me "if I had ever driven a Hyundai, because they all hesitate , it's something in their design of the tranny". After insisting on the re programming they tried to do it ,but then had to have me come back at a later date "because they didn't have the right card to download the re programming".
    I also had to tell them about the limp home mode code and the programing of the door locks(I wanted the doors to lock when shifting out of Park, which they insisted was not an option!). They gave me 10 mph locking. Geesh!You have to battle for everything.
    I guess some of these problems are part of the start up pains of a new vehicle line, but it does make this consumer"> nervous that he is the guinea pig.
    I will give them credit for not trying to charge me for any of these tweaks.
    I like this car(Azera Limited Premium) ,with 5 months and 6500 miles so far, but I still have a problem with throttle modulation and smoothness especial when switching back and forth between my GM vehicles and the Azera(my Wife's car!). The Azera takes more concentration to operate the throttle smoothly. It also needs retained accessory power for cell phone charging etc. and better door stop detents,as the door swings shut unexpectedly some times. Gas mileage is a bit disappointing, it has been in the low 20's in mixed driving. It's a very nice car otherwise. Not perfect but very nice
  • jnd17jnd17 Member Posts: 62
    I had a similar problem. When I took delivery of my Azera I noticed that the auto door lock was not programmed. I called my salesman and was told by him that it is Not an option with the new Azera. I called the Service Dept. and was told by the Service Manager there would be no problem programming the car. I stopped in and in a matter of five minuets in programmed the door locks to lock when taken out of park and unlock when key was removed. He also programmed the limp home mode. He said there are a multitude of programmable items and feel free to ask to program any that I feel necessary. He also stated that the Sale Dept hasn't a clue as to what can been done on the Azeri.
  • ray_h1ray_h1 Member Posts: 1,134
    "I can only speculate that buyers are taking advantage of the much cheaper Sonatas."

    At the rebated pricing of a Sonata, people are willing to ignore their inner voice and chance Hyundai reliability. At the sticker-shock and above of BMWs and Mercedes-Benz, people suck it in and pony up knowing they'll extract it out again at trade-in time. That leaves the Azera smack dab in the middle - a bit pricey compared to the Sonata, but no assurance of decent resale value later. Coupled with Hyundai's past reliability sins, they're understandably nervous. Even (especially?) current non-Hyundai owners are acutely aware of the less than glowing past commentary by Consumer Reports and various auto enthusiast magazines. Hyundai dug themselves into this hole over the past two decades in North America. I remain unconvinced that liberally sprinkling value-added goodies into the mix is enough by itself to extricate the automaker from its once deserved reputation. The old adage, "Burn me once, shame on you. Burn me twice, shame on me." applies.
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