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    Earlier this year, I attended the Cleveland Auto Show and signed up at the Hyundai display. Unfortunately, the Azera was not on display. I received a flier in the mail from Hyundai mentioning my visiting them during the auto show, and offering a $50 certificate for gasoline if I test drove a new Sonata. I went to a dealership in my area to try out a new Sonata but really wanted to see the new Azera. As I got close to the dealership it started raining hard and had been raining hard there for some time as I stepped into 3" of water getting out of my car. Clogged area drain, no wonder that space was empty... Really bad day for a test drive. With wet feet and glossy brochure in hand, my wife and I went into the showroom and found the Azera. It was closer in size to a BMW 7 series than my 97 5-series that I was contemplating replacing. I expected a big difference in handling and was looking forward to see how much I would lose with the Azera. I like the Azera's folding rear seat that opens up to the trunk. The interior looked a bit less than my 6 year old 528i, but perfectly fine. Fit and finish looked very good for the few minutes I spent in the Azera on the showroom floor. I'm use to the little luxuries on my 5-series, like the driver and pass powered seat adjustments, powered adjustable steering wheel, 3 memory settings on driver seat, powered rear window shade, 6 disc CD player in the trunk, radio and cruise controls on the steering wheel. The Azera seemed to have most of these creature comforts. But when it came time to find a sales person to take a test drive, there were none to be found. :confuse: It might have been the brochure in my hand that caused them to disappear. I plan to visit a different dealer this week. The story of "Reasons Customers Leave" comes to mind.

    1 68% Indifference and Non-Caring :lemon:
    2 14% Product Dissatisfaction
    3 9% Price
    4 5% Friends'Recommendation
    5 3% Move
    6 1% Death

    Cleveland, OH
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    Stan, there is a Hyundai dealer in Streetsboro, OH that has Azeras listed on Ebay. I have read positive comments on this board from people that bought from them.

    Don't know how close they are to where you live, but it might be worth a look.
  • stan1911stan1911 Member Posts: 12
    Thanks for the link. I'll look into it.
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    Well. I don't think that the car should lean to one side. Unfortunately, once you notice something like that.. .It just kind of sticks out. The other Azera's in the dealers lot were also lower on the drivers side. Dealer was going to check with Hyundai for resolution. :shades:
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    i live in ann arbor, MI now, and i see more azeras than any other states i've been to.

    how many azeras do you see on the road. i'm seeing about 5+ a day. and it's a very nice car to look at.
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    I live in the San Diego area. I purchased my Azera over Memorial Day weekend. Since then I have seen one Azera on the road.
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    Here in Albuquerque, NM since February, I've only spotted maybe 3 or 4 other Azera (there may be 1 double sighting in there.) It IS a nice lookin' car on the road....when I see one I think; I'm drivin' THAT! ...
  • wamba2000wamba2000 Member Posts: 146
    In the Scottsdale/Phoenix AZ area, I see an Azera on occasion, but definitely not multiples every day. It sure does look good going down the road.

    One of the dealers I shopped (didn't buy from though) said many people come in to look at the Sonata, if they have an eye for design will look at/drive the Azera, but incentives are so much larger for the Sonata that they end up buying the Sonata.

    If we lived in a world without the rebates, I think the Azera would be selling in larger numbers. Does anyone know what Hyundai expectations on Azera sales was for '06? How many Azeras have been sold for this model year?

    ;) BTW, I will be picking up my new Honda Accord this Honda dealer sent me my official letter to bring in with my own "secret number". I will compare it with the list posted, and of course I will win it. The odds are only 44,000:1. ;)

    Have a great Labor day everyone
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    Here in Richmond, VA, I saw one go by me in April.
    I bought my Azera in July and have yet to see another one on the road since April.
    But, that's ok, I get a lot of attention in mine.
    If I pull into a busy parking lot, I'm certain to get asked questions about it.
  • dgxnavydgxnavy Member Posts: 10

    Here in the Boston area the Azera is just about as scarce as it is in the other parts of the country. I just bought my Azera on the 11th of August. The first one that I saw was on the day I bought mune, just after i told the salesman that I hadn't seen any.

    As another bit of information for all of you new Azera owners or future owners. I had my eye on the Azera since last August when I first started reading about it. I kept :):):):) checking with the dealers, they didn't even know anything about it. By November the dealers started to get information on it, but didn't have any idea when the would be arriving. By this time I was getting impatient, I had a 99 Lincoln Continental with over 100k on it. I went out and bought an 06 Acura TL. In January of 06 one of the Hyundai dealers called me an said he had just received a new Azera. I told him that already bought a new car. At first I was very happy with my decision to buy the Acura. After driving it for over 8 months I decided that the Acura wasn't for me, too small, couldn't see out the rear, couldn't see along side when wanting to make a lane change, the trunk was too small. It just wasn't the car for me. I decided that I wanted the Azera after all. To make a long story shorter. I bought the Azera and have driven it only 500 miles and I love it. It rides better than the Acura and also the Lincoln I had before. I do agree with all of you that seem to believe that the dealers don't know anything about the Azera. I had to inform them that they were supposed to have provided me with my imobilizer code when it was delivered to me, also they were supposed to have decreased the tire pressure down from when the tires were inflated to for shipping. Mine were at 39 pounds. I also got them to reset the door to lock when going over 10 mph. They wanted to charge me for the latter,but informed them that it wouldn't look good when I filled out the new owner survey when I get it.

    Long enough??? but you are hearing from a happy Azera owner
  • wolverinejoe80wolverinejoe80 Member Posts: 337
    i can't believe there aren't many azeras on the road. but i think it will do better and better when people keep seeing it on the road.

    anyway, i just came back from the hertz at the detroit airport and they had at least 25-30 azeras as a rental! maybe that would help the sales number
  • floridabob1floridabob1 Member Posts: 1,190
    They will only improve their sales numbers if they take the effort to train their sales, service and customer relations people more about the models they are selling.
    Almost all of the Hyundai people that I have encountered know little or nothing about the Azera.(both 2006 and 2007)
    Although the sales brochures for the 2007 are at the local dealerships. even the Hyundai USA people informed me that they nothing about the changes.
    I have had one Customer Affairs person inform me about upgrades for audio controls and side mirrors, and when following up on those issues, the others can give no help, and refer to local dealers, who also have not been informed.
    If Hyundai wishes success in their Flagship model, they must be able to supply more and better information.
  • smahssmahs Member Posts: 3
    According to this press release: 6/0004408087&EDATE=

    There were 2,569 Azera's sold in July in the USA, and for CY2006, there were 16,487 sold.
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    I live in Cass City (the Thumb Area in Michigan) but drive a lot in the Saginaw/Bay City area. Haven't seen a single Azera yet. Of course, this is GM country over here and Pontiac is the leading make.

    I did test drive an Azera a couple of weeks ago. Nice car. I don't like the shallow slant of the dash (too much glare) and the tires were way too overinflated, resulting in a lot of noise and vibration. To be honest, I wasn't all that impressed, but it was still a very nice car. The Sonata, on the other hand, impressed me for a mid-sized, mid-priced sedan. Given a choice between the two, I'd go for a fully loaded Sonata and save a few bucks. I'm sure either one would be very reliable (I have an '05 Elantra 5-door GLS and haven't had a single problem in well over a year now).

    I talk about Hyundai every chance I get and I inevitably get raised eyebrows, but no longer get "yeah're just cheap". :)
  • americanamerican Member Posts: 16
    THANK YOU :):)
  • vjk6666vjk6666 Member Posts: 29
    There are no new interior or exterior colors offered in the 2007 version... Your dealer should have the 07 brochure available to you.. The wood trim is not shown in the brochure at all so one should only assume that Hyundai will make up the combinations available..
  • stan1911stan1911 Member Posts: 12
    I took an Azera for a test drive earlier this week. Picked up the 2007 brochure. Exterior color chips in the booklet were Powder White Pearl
    Golden Beige
    Sage Green
    Bright Silver
    Steel Grey
    Venetian Blue and
    Ebony Black. No idea what the 2006 color choices were. The dealer had all the colors on his lot except Aubergine.
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    I have to agree to floridabob1. As a hyundai 2006 azera myself, i too am little disappointed in service and HMA consumer affairs. I have written a letter to them about my problem but no one responded to me as of this today. I really like this azera and other than minor sound issue from right passenger side, I feel rich and expensive in this car. The only problem is that every time I go to hyundai service center here in Bayarea San Jose, I feel like I bought an expensive car from a cheap dealer and service. This will turn away alot of potential near luxury buyers out there. I know it's not fair to compare current hyundai status with Lexus, but I think I know why Lexus owners feel that they are treated like a king. Their service center and their auto mechanics are top notch, a truly something to be really desired. Only if I could afford 10K more money to get that service and treatment. Dear Hyundai HQ management, Please stop selling Azera or Kia Amanti, at your hyundai dealer. You really need to set up a separate luxury brand and dealer network, if you want to grab a share of $30K + market buyers. Hyundai or Kia dealer as they are are not going to work.
  • chilliwackchilliwack Member Posts: 189
    Hello Zentraud...I too am from the Bay Area. I have my car serviced at the dealership on Capitol Ave. (no names here, but there is only one). They seem to do a fairly good job. Their shop is clean and professionally run. I also had a noise on the right side and it was identified as a loose strut tower bolt. They were re-torqued and it seems to be better. There was also a report in these forums of a suspension part (stabilizer bar?) being incorrectly installed, causing a knocking sound. I don't think this was the case with my vehicle.
    I have visited other Bay Area dealerships that had less than professional looking service areas. To be fair, I did not use them, but I wouldn't want to leave my car there.

    Try another dealership if yours is not satisfactory. Good luck.
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    With around 700 miles on the odometer my Azera developed a hard shift when going into 3rd gear. The car will actually jerk slightly when engaging third. It has been at the dealer twice with the technicians actually on the phone with Hyundai representatives. Finally a decsion was made to change the transmission control module. I picked up my car and took it out onto the highway just to find out that the hard shifting problem was unchanged.

    The dealership is asking for me to bring it back one more time. I have a bad feeling this is not going to get resolved. Has anyone else experienced this problem?

    Thanks in advance.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesMember Posts: 18,946
    Another solution, other than the expensive step of setting up another dealer network, is for Hyundai to set high standards for dealers who want to sell the Azera. If they don't meet the standards for sales and service, they don't get the Azera. That would probably raise the overall quality of Hyundai dealerships, which would be a good thing for Hyundai and for customers.
  • 54gradsteds54gradsteds Member Posts: 102
    Well said, Backy! You've happened upon the simplest, most cost-effective, and, from a public-relations/advertising standpoint, the absolutely perfect solution for Hyundai America. Now, if only someone there monitors this forum, and delivers the message to the right corporate official! Wanna' bet what happens, though ????
  • floridabob1floridabob1 Member Posts: 1,190
    Has anyone been able to get an Azera 2006 Shop manual?
    If so, where and at what cost?
  • ray_h1ray_h1 Member Posts: 1,134
    The 2006 Azera Shop Manual can be ordered through a dealer's parts department. When I purchased the shop manual for my '03 Sonata, the cost with tax was nearly $70.00. I doubt the pricing has gone down in 3 1/2 years. ;) I've yet to find a Haynes or other unofficial manual for my Sonata, so the odds aren't that good for the Azera at this point, either. You can also access the official shop manual online at HMAService. Registration is free, but a caveat: Pay close attention to the "site requrements" section. Even if you already have Adobe Reader or Acrobat installed, there're a couple more plug-ins that are required before you can access the diagram graphics. There're automated links that will take you to the respective sites and start the installation process. As always, the system works - ya' just hafta know how to work the system...
  • smams1smams1 Member Posts: 2
    I purchased my Azera in April this year. I've see about 5 in the Chandler/Scottsdale Arizona area. However, I have never seen one like mine - silver exterior, black interior, with chromed factory wheels. Mine is limited / premium.
  • floridabob1floridabob1 Member Posts: 1,190
    Were you wheels a dealer option?
    I have not seen chromed factory wheels at any local dealer or even been offered on any of the "regular" wheel sits.
  • snakeweaselsnakeweasel a Certified Edmunds Poster.Member Posts: 17,890
    The 2006 Azera Shop Manual can be ordered through a dealer's parts department. When I purchased the shop manual for my '03 Sonata, the cost with tax was nearly $70.00. I doubt the pricing has gone down in 3 1/2 years.

    You might be able to go directly to Hyundai to order the manual and save any dealer markup. The problem with the price of manuals is that you tend to be a captive market and if you need one you will pay for one.

    2011 Hyundai Sonata, 2014 BMW 428i convertible, 2015 Honda CTX700D

  • shawalshawal Member Posts: 38
    Just spent the afternoon fitting the Headlight Protectors and Weathershields...also got the LED Stop lights working on the Rear Spoiler. :):):)
  • americanamerican Member Posts: 16
    thanks 2 vsk6666 & stan 1911, i was hoping for some new colors. the reports of poor service has me thinking twice . i've been going to my buick dealer for over ten years and never had a complaint. it means a lot to me not to worry about service. thanks again.
  • stan1911stan1911 Member Posts: 12
    Brunswick, Ohio, 20 miles south of Cleveland:

    Saw 1 Azera on I71 (I need to get out more...)
    Very nice looking, coming or going..
  • areza1areza1 Member Posts: 14
    last weekend i went back to the dealership where i bought my Azera in late May (other side of town from where i live)...this was the 2nd time i had gone back to try to have the programmable settings set...i assumed they must have learned SOMETHING about how to do the programming in the last few months, but NOPE...service guy still knew nothing about the EZ-Out feature...and knew nothing about any Un-locking options....he was vaguely aware of the auto-locking at ~10mph, but not the auto-lock when put in gear

    anyway, at least this time they had the sense to call their sister dealership and had a more knowledgable tech walk them through the programming my doors now lock @ 10mph....they also claimed they had turned EZ-Out OFF as i had requested, but as i soon as i stuck my key in the ignition to leave the dealership, whiiiiirrrrr there went the steering wheel

    also, as i was paying my bill (i also had other work done), the service rep. mentioned how the invoice listed something about having the remotes re-programmed, which he explained was how they were able to avoid CHARGING me for the programming...he meant well, but to think they would even consider charging me for something that THEY couldn't do right the first time was just ludicrous :sick:
  • youbeeyoubee Member Posts: 4
    It sounds like your problem is resolved but I was looking to have my seat move back when the key was removed from the ignition. When my wife gets out of the car, I can't get in. Hell, my 3/4 ton pick-up truck has this feature but my dealership was telling me the Luxury Azera does not.

    I posted a message on looking for someone who had this EZ out feature added to their car. I received a reply and was provided the name of the dealership with phone #. I then told my service department to contact them in order to get this programmed the way I wanted.

    Previously, my service department had contacted Hyundai to verify what I wanted could not be done. Now I was telling them it could be done and who could teach them how to do it. Apparently the tool they use is NOT user friendly and the option for EZ-Out to move the seat back when exiting is NOT well worded. However, the service rep I told my dealership to call did something most dealerships don't do. He experimented with the tool to figure out what it does.
  • floridabob1floridabob1 Member Posts: 1,190
    The "tool" is a computer code reader and programer. If your dealership does not have or know how to use one, I suggest that you immediately change to another servicing dealer
  • chilliwackchilliwack Member Posts: 189
    Yes, the "tool" is called a Hi-Scan Pro and it is used to read the car's computer and do all the programming/re-programming. Call around and if they are not proficient with this item, which they should be, move on.
  • ray_h1ray_h1 Member Posts: 1,134
    )) "...the service rep. mentioned how the invoice listed something about having the remotes re-programmed, which he explained was how they were able to avoid CHARGING me for the programming...he meant well, but to think they would even consider charging me for something that THEY couldn't do right the first time was just ludicrous.." ((

    This bit of "creative invoicing" (technically, fraud) allowed your dealership to bill Hyundai under warranty. It's not right that Hyundai expects dealerships to put a tech on this work for free or bill customers just because Hyundai refuses to program these features for American-bound cars at the factory. I've expressed my less than complimentary opinion about dealerships in general numerous times, but this is one case where Hyundai dealers are caught between a rock (Hyundai's unyielding attitude) and a hard place (the car owners' justified expectations to have included features available for use).
  • richwoodsrichwoods Member Posts: 53
    I live in the Scottsdale area , 52nd st between Greenway and Bell - I supposedly got the first one in the state (dec 17,2005) - I have seen maybe 2 or 3 on the road - well actually one wqas parked and I saw one at the safewayas station opn greenway and tatum.

    And I do not see any advertsiing anymore for the Azera.

    Scottsdale Hyundai has treated me well - took care of a leaking tire - quoted me $140 for tinted windows.

    Now got a good chip crack in my windshield today - I guess it is time to replace the windshield - got a picture of the car that caused it with license plate - guess it won'tdo me anygood. :blush:
  • wamba2000wamba2000 Member Posts: 146
    Rich, if the Azera you saw at the Safeway gas station was Pearl White, chances are it was me. the 10 cents per gallon discount is hard to pass up. (I'm near 56th and Bell.) For those outside the area, Safeway gives you a 10 cents per gallon discount when you buy $50 in groceries.

    I have only seen a few Azeras on the Phoenix streets.

    Maybe the heat will break and we can turn the a/c off. WE;ll see how that affects mpg.
  • ray_h1ray_h1 Member Posts: 1,134
    )) "Now got a good chip crack in my windshield today - I guess it is time to replace the windshield - got a picture of the car that caused it with license plate - guess it won'tdo me anygood." ((

    Even if you had a video clearly showing the perp's car kicking the stone, it's "flight", and its impact - not unless you can prove intent. I wonder how many of us have caused similar damage with a kicked-up stone and never realized it. "Stuff" happens - which is why we usually carry comprehensive coverage in our auto insurance.
  • mechanic80mechanic80 Member Posts: 122
    wamba, I've found no fuel savings with the A/C off and the windows open at highway speeds. Not unexpected, I seem to remember a study in the'70s that found a car at 60 MPH+ with the windows open got worse mileage than the same car with the A/C on and windows up. Makes sense...wind drag (especially older cars) and less efficient A/C systems and all. But city driving doesn't seem to make more than a 4-5% difference anyway. I leave my system on AUTO unless it's off.
  • wamba2000wamba2000 Member Posts: 146
    mechanic, I've heard the same things. When the temps moderate in Phoenix, you can drive with windows cracked and plenty of cool air, so maybe a little less drag on the engine will improve the mileage a couple mpg? I hope the Azera gets broken in and improves a bit. (I have a Honda that got rotten mileage until about 5000 on the odometer, then got better.) I've been getting 16.5 in mostly city driving with the air blasting.

    Another question: I've seen this mentioned before: Is there better mileage using the manual a/c as opposed to the auto settings?
  • sundevilssundevils Member Posts: 100
    Does using AUTO turn on the "A" (filtration)? I notice that when I use AUTO the A/C comes on but the A/C light is not on. So it makes me wonder if using AUTO turns on the filtration without the "A" light coming on.
  • 101649101649 Member Posts: 192
    I saw an Azera with the chome wheels and 45 series profile tires along with other dealer installed goodies...I think the package was about $2500 extra....You can get your choice of wheels and tires aftermarket for about 50 to 65% less...
  • samchinchsamchinch Member Posts: 47
    The mileage won't be any better with manual a/c as the compressor is still running. All the auto does is allow a temperature monitor in the car to either add heat or add more cold air to keep the temperature where you set it.
  • samchinchsamchinch Member Posts: 47
    If you are in the auto setting and the car feels you need filtration you will see the light come on inside the A automatically. The A/C light is not on because that switch is for the people that want to run the a/c manually when not on automatic.
  • mechanic80mechanic80 Member Posts: 122
    The "AUTO" function of the HVAC is just that, fully automatic. You select a temperature and the system makes it happen. I've found that the compressor cycles depending on temp selected and ambient temp. For example at 79 degrees and on AUTO the system senses the air purity (if filtration needed) and temp and humidity. The compressor will cycle on and off as necessary to keep windows clear. Very handy for those autumn thundershowers when the humidity spikes and the glass is cold.

    On another note. I've done some dress-up to my grille using chrome adhesive moldings. I'll try to get a pic up before long. I'm thinking of making kits available if there's interest.
  • sundevilssundevils Member Posts: 100
    Thanks for the response re: AUTO. But doesn't it makes sense that the lights would turn on and off so that you have some indication that AUTO has activiated/deactivated the A/C and/or filtration?

    While we are on the subject here is another thing that troubles me about AUTO. Let's assume that AUTO is OFF and the climate display is blank. If I press the fan button to increase the flow of air circulating through the vents (from outside) the entire display turns on, including the temperature. This also happens if I just press the recirculating button.
  • samchinchsamchinch Member Posts: 47
    When you are in Auto mode the air conditioner compressor is on no matter what because the system needs it to perform what it needs to do so you don't need the A/C light going on and off. The Air Filtration light will come on when it is being used and then go off.

    If you have everything shut off on your climate controls and you push you fan button to turn the fan up what you are doing is putting the climate control into manual mode where you control the temperature yourself and fan speed and you can also run the air without using the compressor but in only certain modes like floor and I'm not sure what else. That is why they provide an a/c button so you can activate the compressor while in floor mode if you want in manual mode.

    So when you press the fan button you are in manual mode so then you want to turn the temperature all the way down as low as it goes if you want air from outside at whatever temperature it is.

    You really need to read your manual when it comes to this I'm sure it explains it very well.
  • plwilliamsplwilliams Member Posts: 96
    Please do post a photo of the grille mod. I might well be interested.
  • richwoodsrichwoods Member Posts: 53
    Nope - it was a black one. Mine is pearl white also.

    I'll probably leave the ac on when its 50 outside!
  • richwoodsrichwoods Member Posts: 53
    I saw Power Hyundai (Scottsdale) add $2495.00 as a Phoenix market adjustment charge!
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