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Dodge Caliber



  • lhslhs Posts: 3
    That is not normal. It sounds like a problem in your charging system voltage regulation or a bad ground. Take it back to the dealer and tell them to fix it.
  • commprocommpro Posts: 13
    I love an Orange SXT Sport, but according to my dealer that is a no go as they don't have the orange inserts etc. He's suggested ordering and SXT and building it with the options a sport would have except the color matched interior, is that really the only option?
  • bigtsrbigtsr Posts: 149
    I would say it's time to visit a different dealer,he
    may be trying to sell a car he has in stock.
    Go DODGE.CA use find retailer look for the vehicle you
    They have just upgraded the sites and now you can look
    at each vehicles factory sticker to check what options
    they actually have on each stock unit in their inventory.
    Good luck
  • guykassguykass Posts: 2
    Thank you to everyone who answered, I have an appointment with a different dealer about 20 miles away that Dodge told me to call because they are a 5 Star dealer (instead of the one where I bought it, 2 miles away.) Does anyone know how to get to the district people if I need to? The Dodge 800 number is/was sort of worthless.

    Thanks again,

    Guy Kass
  • Don't count on a better deal or service from a "five star dealer" from Dodge. ca. The issues I had with a dealer were blown away by Chrysler saying that my issues were the actions of "an independent business enterprise" and they offered no help.

    I have seen the Orange SXT with orange inserts at this Chat ham Ontario dealership. They have had 4 or 5.

    Buy as if it is from a shady used car dealer. As far as Dodge is"s Buyer beware.
  • Dodge finally got around to posting the recall document regaurding the emmissions/thermostat problem. Evidently, the recall issue is with reprogramming the computer to annlyze the thermostat correctly. I don't know if this is the culprit behind "Caliber Click" or that pinging that other owners have reported. If you are curious as to what the document entails, use VIN: 7D516465. I tried several vins from the dealership, model search engine at Dodge until I found one that worked.
  • colenebcoleneb Posts: 2
    That is a BIG bunch of BULL I test drove an orange one with the inserts
  • If anyone else was interested in the potential of a Caliber diesel, here is the dodge website in the UK with the specs, prices, etc.,28,,
  • lexan1965lexan1965 Posts: 118
    Yeah, I checked my VIN today at and I have an appointment next week to have the new software installed.
    Thanks for bringing this to everyones attention as my dealer did'nt even know about the notice!
  • micwebmicweb Posts: 1,617
    Although the reviewer still can't get over the cancellation of the Neon (I had 3 during their model run, so I sympathize!), there is a very perceptive review of the Caliber over at

    The reviewer's main criticism is that an upright, bulky, heavy, chunky, (solid, safe) vehicle like the Caliber can't beat the acceleration and mileage of a swoopy, low slung, (flimsily built as reflected in crash tests) sports-car-styled economy car like the Neon.

    Big surprise.

    He also complains that the Neon had more people space (the Caliber, imho, has more useful rear seat space - you aren't sitting on the floor) and cargo space (technically correct, but the "pass through" from the trunk to the cabin in the Neon isn't nearly as useful as the min-wagon (hatchback) configuration of the Caliber).

    He definitely nailed one point though: the real "competition" for the Caliber in the DC lineup isn't the old Neon, its the current PT which, once you get passed the "fashion statement" is a darned useful wagon, with similar acceleration and gas mileage.
  • vrmvrm Posts: 308
    When will Dr. Z fix the Quality + fit and finish issues?
    Will Chrysler simply run commercials or do something about the recent problems with the new Calibers?

    I am going to vote with my walled and stay away from the Dodge showroom. :mad:
  • maniac36maniac36 Posts: 8
    My pleasure....all in the spirit of this community. I am due for my first oil on Aug 14 so I will make sure I tell mine then!


  • jttjtt Posts: 2
    Has anyone put a chip in their Caliber to increase horsepower? If so, how's that going so far?
  • micwebmicweb Posts: 1,617
    We have owned the following DC products, and all have been problem free and top notch: 1999 Neon; 2002 Neon; 2004 Neon, 2004 PT Cruiser, 2006 PT Cruiser (current). I test drove a couple of Calibers and did the usual door slamming. Nothing wrong. Solid. Good fits.

    No, I am not easy to please. A 2000 Focus was a disaster, and 4 Focii which followed were much better (and all drove great which is why I kept getting them) but all had problems of one kind or another which surfaced during the first 5,000 or so miles, and were promptly fixed under warranty. A 2004 Cavalier from Chevy was rock solid; a 2006 Cobalt delivers excellent mileage but has several niggling problems I think the dealership will be able to fix quickly.

    Here's what we know about the Caliber from this newsgroup: the problems that are surfacing only in a few areas . This means the assembly line workers are doing a good job of putting things together, which is terrific for the first few months of a brand new model. There have been no recalls or hints of recalls. Odds are the problems reported here are being fixed now, if they haven't already been, so that new buyers won't have the same "hotspots."

    Given the fact that the Caliber is a runaway sales success, I'd say the number of problems reported is very minor. I find the many, and recurring, problems reported on the new Civic (which isn't as "new" as the radically different Caliber) more troubling. (Once again, the problems tend to focus in certain limited areas.) Nowadays the internet magnifies complaints - nothing is "buried" for long.

    Consumer Reports research indicates most "new line" cars take one to two years to reduce their defect rate to "normal" for that manufacturer (although Toyota seems to get on track in only a year). Given that the total number of defects across all manufacturers is ridiculously low these days, "first year" problems aren't all that off-putting anymore. But I DO think that a first year buyer should choose a reliable dealer!

    (At the same time that cars have gotten a lot better - I am talking over the past 20 years as a frame of reference - the threshold of pain for the average car buyer has gotten MUCH lower, and people "flip" cars almost as quickly as they "flip" new homes - ha ha.)
  • renchbnderrenchbnder Posts: 13
    Got my recall in the mail, today Something about temperate and a reflash of computer,, i wait till my next oil change,,,
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    micweb: We have had three Neon's as well We still have our 96 Dodge Neon, with 186,700 miles on the original engine, with the head gasket replaced under warranty. A 2001 ES and a 04 SXT, which was totalled on July 5 with 40,000 miles. In a 35 mph front end crash (hitting someone else in the rear. The car was like a paper box! The front end collapsed as they said it should in crashes. The damage was $8,500. Everything like the air bags went off, the steering column twisted, the engine mounts broke loose, the engine and trans were pushed against the fire wall and started to move down. Nothing from the front seats front ward was even worth salvage. I liked the Neons very much, but this is the first Neon without ABS, never will I get a vehicle without ABS. The Neon was a good car, but NOT in a crash.

  • After nearly 15 weeks, my AWD R/T is finally here. I pick it up tomorrow. :) Its not the one I ordered back in early April. The dealer searched all of eastern Canada and found the identical one I ordered in Montreal. It had every single option I ordered. This one has the MusicGate and the Uconnect system. See you on the 401 :) :)
  • Okay, I ordered my Caliber on June 5 and it's been stuck at D/D1 status but today that code has changed to R. Customer Service won't tell me what that means - any clue?
  • habalanchehabalanche Posts: 57
    this was from an earlier post.

    BB - review by fleet department
    BD - special equipment processing
    BE - edit error
    BG - passed edit n/a for schedule
    BGL - edit ok parts unavailable
    BX - passed edit available for schedule
    C - sub firm
    D - firm schedule - dealer has allocation and all parts available
    D - 1 gateline schedule - scheduled to be built
    E - frame
    F - paint
    G - trim
    I - built not ok'd
    J - built ok'd
    JB - shipped to body vendor
    JE - emission check
    JS - shipped to storage
    KZ - released by plant , invoiced
    KZL - released - not shipped
    KZM - first rail departure
    KZN - first rail arrival
    KZO - delayed/recieved
    KZOA - plant holds
    KZOB - zone/distribution holds
    KZOC - carrier delays
    KZOD - carrier holds
    KZOE - mis-shipped vehicle
    KZOF - show/test vehicle
    KZOG - damaged vehicle
    KZOH - all other reasons
    KZT - second rail departure
    KZU - second rail arrival
    KZX - delivered to dealer
    ZA - canceled
  • Sounds like someone was breaking in and got chased off by a passer by.
    Tepered glass doesn't just break. You can easily break it with a spring punch or a sharp hit with a small object but for the heat of the Sun to cause it to shater, hummmm...
    I know if you put mirrored window film on tepered glass you're asking for trouble unless the glass maker states it's OK.
    I have seen Sun Roofs explode from someone putting mirrored film on the inside of the Glass. :shades:
  • rtinpartinpa Posts: 1
    Has anyone out there had problems with the paint on the Calibers bumper, I can scratch the paint off mine with my finger nail. Dealer said they will fix, just seeing if any other owners had this problem?
  • lexan1965lexan1965 Posts: 118
    Had the computer flashed at my dealer due to the thermostat issue/recall notice. Took them about 20 minutes to do. I've noticed nothing new or unusual from the way the car has performed so far. I now have 12,400 miles on it. Took it on a 5 hr. trip at 75mph and got an average 27.3mpg I've got the 2.0 w cvt.
  • lexan1965lexan1965 Posts: 118
    Nope! If I did the dealer would have it back to fix it. I hope all goes well with your paint issue.
  • maniac36maniac36 Posts: 8
    I reside in Vancouver Canada and got the recall notice today. So time to sked an oil change and get the reprogramming done. I have a question regarding the PING noise for everyone. Where do you hear that sound coming from?

    When I accelerate, at times there is a ping or clicking type noise that sounds like its on the right side of car from both near the engine and the exhaust system. It sounds to me like a loose clamp or something like that. Just curious if people have more info they can help me with this. When the windows are up and the music is on, I cannot hear it so much....but with the windows down on a quiet street its really noticeable.

    No performance issues with it....but it is annoying and should be quiet as a mouse. To me its more of a rattle than a ping.

    Thx in advance

  • I don't think anyone knows for certain what the cause of "Caliber Click" is. From reading the posts, it seems there are several theories among caliber owners. And the dealers, for the most part, deny its existence. However, and I think I speak for everyone, I am curious to see if this recall and reflashing of the computer will fix the problem. After you have the recall repairs made, please post to the forum if it solves the pinging/clicking issue or not. Thanks.
  • bigtsrbigtsr Posts: 149
    The Caliber click has by most owners definitions
    been the heating/expansion or the cooling/contraction
    of the exhuast system and if you check other Caliber
    forums a good many have had these resolved by dealers
    who replaced the exhaust sytem.
    The pinging or spark knock is due to timing of the engine
    detonations and generally is heard upon acceleration
    more pronounced if up a grade.This according to some
    has been addressed with F29 or thermostat software
    flash upgrade provided by the dealer re DCX service
  • k3lli3k3lli3 Posts: 4
    ok -

    So I'm thinking of buying a Calibre (actually I have been thinking and looking at this for some time), Ive even rented one(SXT) to try it out.... and besides the very plasticky interior and limited visibility out the back and larger than preferd blindspot ...... I really liked it.

    So ..... do they actually stack up to the hype? Would you buy one again, or would you look else where for a new car?

    Help please! Any information would be awesome!!! Thanks!!! :)
  • To those of you who also subscribe to consumer reports, the caliber road test has been posted. I used to put a lot of stock into what consumer reports had to say, but after this review I'm beginning to believe they are extremely biased--favoring imports over the American made. After reading through the road test, they ding the caliber on a lot of the same things they pointed out on the toyota matrix. The matrix, however, earns a recommended and the Caliber gets snubbed. I do not currently own a Caliber (as it is on order) but from the ones I have test driven they are extremely quiet: both the cabin and the engine. However, one of the things CR dinged Caliber on was engine noise and wind invasion into the cabin. I'm interested in hearing from people who have read the CR review and own a caliber--as to what they think about it.
  • I agree that CR is biased toward the imports. They seem to have the belief that the imports are better in every way and as such they give them a pass on many small flaws. When testing domestics, however, every flaw is amplified, and the car is portrayed poorly. Also, these flaws are increasingly becoming minor issues such as noises that most cars have.

    I do not know why they are this way.

    I take care of my vehicles and I've never had major problems with any of them. I expect the same result with the Caliber, and so far that's how it has been.

    The only issues I've had on the Caliber are/were the exhaust click and engine pinging. The exhaust click was virtually eliminated by changing the parts, which were apparently assembled too tightly by the supplier. The engine pinging has been a problem, but not as far as driveability is concerned. The F29 recall did not change anything on my car, nor did I have any previous thermostat problems.

    Hopefully my dealer can find out what's going on with the engine pinging - it seems worse running the AC, but with the windows up its hard to tell.
  • neely2005neely2005 Posts: 70
    I've been waiting for the CR review, hopefully it will be in this months issue. As to them not recomending the Caliber that's not unusual as they rarely recommend New Models until they've had a chance to see how they hold up over time. The Matrix has been around for a few years now so they know what to expect. Also if the Caliber hasn't been crash tested by the IIHS yet (and passed) then CR won't recommend a car on that alone.
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