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Lexus RX 450h Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I am looking at getting a used Lexus Rx 400h, '06 - '08. There are couple of '08s (one purchased in 2009) that are priced well in my budget ~27K, but have done close to 75,000 miles (in 2-3 years). I wanted to find out peoples opinion on whether its better to get an older model with lower miles (<50000) or newer model with higher mileage for this car.

    My concern is the capacity of NiMH hybrid battery to hold charge (and be effective) in the long run.
  • I am looking at getting a used Lexus Rx 400h, '06 - '08. There are couple of '08s (one purchased in 2009) that are priced well in my budget ~27K, but have done close to 75,000 miles (in 2-3 years). I wanted to find out peoples opinion on whether its better to get an older model with lower miles (<50000) or newer model with higher mileage for this car.

    My concern is the capacity of NiMH hybrid battery to hold charge (and be effective) in the long run. Is there any information available on miles or age of a car that affects the battery life?

  • 2thfxr2thfxr Posts: 1
    I read from some auto writer (Popular Mechanics I think) that the batteries should last somewhere around 120k to 150k. They are warrated for 100k. THe cost is $3000 minus what you can get for recycling the old battery.
  • I was just quoted 55,700 for this with the following options....seems a little above invoice...thoughts?

    Dual DVD Rear Seat Entertainment
    HDD Navigation System
    Lexus Enform®
    Leather-trimmed interior
    Lexus Memory System
    Power moonroof
    USB audio input
    Rear-armrest storage compartment with cover
    Power rear door
    Electrochromic (auto-dimming) outside mirrors
    Heated and ventilated front seats
    Rain-sensing intermittent windshield wipers with mist cycle
    High-Intensity Discharge (HID) headlamps with Adaptive Front
    Lighting System and dynamic auto leveling
    Intuitive Parking Assist
    Wood- and leather-trimmed steering wheel and shift knob
    Roof rack - cross bars
    Remote engine starter
    Carpet cargo mat
    Cargo net - envelope
  • This is the deal I got on the following car:

    RX450h AWD

    Luxury Package
    Comfort Package
    Heads up display
    LED headlamps
    Mark Levinson sound system
    Park Assist
    19'' Chromed wheels

    MSRP of $64,000, selling price of $54,000.

    Is it a good deal?
  • I think so! The heads up display is an expensive add on!
  • My wife could not breathe in new Lexus 450H; cabin integrity compromised; toxic fumes after long drive, followed by going uphill steeply. My son also affected. Problem continued for weeks. Dealer charged us $5000 to return car after 1 month. Dealer would not test car under similar driving circumstances. Not sure about toxic substance or it related to car-build following nuclear accident in Japan. Lexus Corp was very pleasant but refused even to take care of the $5000. Now, I'll have to pursue it in governmental jurisdictions and in litigation. If you have any similar problems, please let me know.
  • mofitmofit Posts: 3
    What dealer gave you such a deal?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    A news reporter would like to talk with hybrid car owners in Northern California. If you fit the description, please contact by Wednesday, April 25, 2012.
  • abforumsabforums Posts: 5
    I am quoted $48k + TTL (MSRP 53.1k) for a new 2012 RX450h.
    Is this a good price?
  • mikenitemikenite Posts: 3
    that seems like a good price - about 9.6% off MSRP.

    What options did you include?

    What is the dealership, city, state?

    I'm trying to decide between RX 450h and RX 350 - have opportunity to get a certified 2011 450h at about the price as new 2013 RX 350
  • abforumsabforums Posts: 5
    edited June 2012
    Thanks! I might take the plunge.
    I can PM you the details on dealership etc. if you'd like (this is in FL).
    Typically 450h seems to be about 6+k higher than non-hybrid (and about 20HP more power).
    2013s are nice though - plus 2013 RX350 takes regular gas (hybrids need premium) - saves you nealy 30c per gallon.
    How many miles on the CPO 2011? (as you probably know already, CPO warranty goes 3 years from purchase date or up to 100k)
  • abforumsabforums Posts: 5
    Also brings up the topic of 450h vs 350.
    I wonder at the time of re-sale (arpprox 4yrs / 60k miles) if 450h will hold any part of the premium I pay today over the non-hybrid 350?
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
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  • luckyj1luckyj1 Posts: 2
    I was quoted 54,000 OTD (incl tax & lic) for the car with Navigation and Premium packages...
  • ua777captainua777captain Posts: 1
    edited July 2012
    Maybe. Depends how much TTL & Reg is in your area. This week, Costco's pricing on 2012 RX450h's was Invoice minus $1,500, so I saw a number of AWD's in the low - mid $49 K range (+TTL etc). That brings the OTD cost to the mid 53K range.

    Eventually, I plumbed for a 2013 RX450h 4X2 w/ nav, premium pkgs etc and paid $50,975 + TTL + Reg for a OTD price of $54,210 (The MSRP of the car was $54,880). I also added a 7 yr/75K plat service agreement for $2,120 and got 63 months Lexus financing at 2.9%. Remember, this is for a 2013 4X2 vs. a 2012 4X4 so it's somewhat an apples and oranges comparison.

    Good luck!
  • vanzevanze Posts: 2
    Looking for dealer to offer best price on 2013 Lexus 450h in the Milwaukee or greater Chicago area. I live west of Milwaukee..northern IL would be easier for me to get to

  • vanzevanze Posts: 2
    I'd like to buy a 2013 RX 450h with Nav and Premium packages (not luxury package)
    What's a good price?
    Can I get a good price using Consumer Reports buying service?
    If not who?
    Are there better deals for AARP or AAA members?

  • texamau1texamau1 Posts: 42
    Hi just got a quote from a Dealer in central NJ for 2013 RX 450H with Nav, Premium pkg, comfort pkg for 53907. MSRP of 56415. Is that a good deal?

  • Have a 2011 450h, will be 24 months in a 3 weeks. Was curious if used car market is still super hot, and if dealers will take 1 year early before end of lease to get new 2013? 2011 right at 24k miles, flawless, perfect, just want to see if any deals can be had.

    Previous deal was: 15k miles per year, $3k down plus inception fees of $1895.50, $599/mo., MF of 000.17, Base Cap Cost of $46,900

    Looking for same deal or better. Can it be had or am I not living in a reality world?
  • Want to make sure I understand this correctly: Costco pricing was $1500 under Invoice?

    This is for a Lexus RX 450h - 2012, not 2013 ? (You indicated you bought a 2013 and nearly $4k off MSRP is below invoice)

    Where is this? (City, State)

    Also, how do you like your hybrid? What kind of gas mileage are you getting?
  • You get a great deal on the price of the car, then you go to sign papers and they tell you about additional services you can purchase

    Are any of these worth it?

    First, of course, is the extended warranty. Extend the 4 year factory warranty to 8 years/75k miles for $2500. About $600 per year - $50 per month. They tell how complicated the cars are now and how expensive one single repair would cost after the factory warranty expires.

    How about the Zurich Shield - protects the exterior finish as well as interior leather, mats, etc. $960. Supposedly if you get food stains that can't come out in your mats, they'll replace them. Leather cracks or gets stained, they'd fix them. Bird crap damages clear coat - they'd fix them. Good for 7 years.

    What about the Paintless dent repair? Parking lot dents - repaired. But only dents that don't require a body shop to fix. They use DentPro who fix dents that don't require repainting. I've used them before - pretty good work. Costs me $100. This is good for 5 years and costs $290.

    Anyone have experience in how good these are ? Are they worth it?

    Thanks for your answers!
  • I'm still interested if my questions can be answered, as the "December to Remember" event is soon to be (if not already), and I'd like to know so I can go (to the dealer)!!
  • I just got a new RX hybrid - and it was a nice experience. paid about $5k off sticker. maybe its just austin, but a really good experience.
  • --I am in the market for a used 2010 RX-450H in the Pensylvania tri-state area. I am seeking any info from those of you who may have been doing the same thing at one point. I'd like to know which dealers may have given you the best deal and which dealers to stay away from, if any. Currently, I see cars with 40,000 plus miles for around 38. If 30,000 miles, around 40,41. What do you folks think and do you have any suggestions that may be helpful. THANK YOU.
  • bought rx450h, mrsp 55600, with nav, premium, comfort, 19" wheels, adaptive headlights, xenon, etc at invoince of 52416. i traded in f150 2011, king ranch, 18000 miles, mrsp 51k then for $33, 000. I would not have got 33k for f150. this was at lexus of south atlanta, excellent sales staff, ask for parker. hope this helps others.
  • bmw9312bmw9312 Posts: 4
    Just picked up a 2013 RX450H AWD. Sticker was $57,910 and included the following options: Sport Appearance, Comfort, Prem. Audio, Xenon Headlamps, Navigation, Parking Assist, Premium Pkg, Towing Prep Pkg, Wood/Leather trimmed steering wheel & shift knob, Cargo Net/Cargo Mat/Key Gloves.

    Before TTL, I paid $51,609.


  • bmw9312bmw9312 Posts: 4
    Nice job! Just picked up one myself!
  • I'm going to be visiting dealerships for a CPO 2010 RX450h (2WD, leather seats, and under 40k mi) within the next month, and would like to know what I can expect to pay.
  • I am going to get a new 2013 RX450h. I would like to know what people used to pay for and any suggestion to find a cheaper or reasonable price for this vehicle. I am living around New York City. Thanks.
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