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Ford Shelby GT500



  • Here is a heads up for anyone thinking about getting one of these or thinking about waiting to see if prices drop.

    Ford said they were going to build between 8k - 9k Shelby GT500 Mustangs for 2007. Then between 8k - 9k for 2008.

    Well there are 3,762 dealers in the US. I just did a search to see how many of these are out there showing up in dealers inventory.

    As of today, Feb. 17th, 2007 there is a grand total of 271 coupes and 163 convertibles showing in inventory. This is out of 3,762 dealers nationwide. Most of these are likely already sold units. Some may not actually be there yet and could be in transit on the way from the factory. Many of these have order codes that would be ordered as sold units. Some are ordered as stock units. In any case, it appears that most of the production has been sold already since they will probably stop 2007 production sometime in May.

    Just to give you an idea on this, Ford is only building 6,000 of the Shelby GT's. These just started production in January of 2007. As of today there are well over 1,400 of these showing in dealers inventory. Some are already in stock and a lot of these are on the way.

    But over 1,400 of a 6,000 production VS 434 of a 8,000 - 9,000 production. About a month or so ago, there were a LOT more of these that showed in inventory. So if you are thinking about getting one you might want to act on it soon because it looks like they are selling out quick.

    Some of the better buys I've seen were on ebay. I have seen them selling in the $57k - $58k range which is only about $12k - $13k over MSRP.

    Another idea to try and is to go to ebay, click on the completed listings link and look at the ones that didn't sell. Click on those links and click on the ask seller a question link. Send them an offer on their Shelby if they still have. All they can do is say no, but what if they say yes??? Now I doubt they will take MSRP or $5k over, but they might take between $10k - $15k over which is a lot better than $20k, $25k or $30k over!

    NOTE: I have nothing to gain by this and I am NOT selling any of these. All of our 2007 allocation is SOLD OUT! So this is just merely a heads up and FYI in case you are still pondering what to do as far as getting one while you still can. Use this to your advantage if you can.
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  • Wow. From a business standbpoint that makes a lot of sense. You have a product that people are standing in line for so you decide to stop making it. I didn't know Ford was making so much money this year. I know the price gouging dealers will surely miss this opportunity.
  • That is the most lame excuse I've heard! By "special order" only???? That would be a first for Ford to build a car as a "special order"! The only time Ford will build a "special order" is if you order a minimum of 10 of the exact same vehicles. With the Shelby GT500 being a limited production and every dealer wanting to get as many as they can, there is no way this car is going be available as a "special order". That doesn't even make any logical sense!

    All they have to do is look at the enrollment form they signed when they signed up to get allocation for the 2007 and pay the $1,500 enrollment fee. That form clearly states that any 2007 allocation you get that you will get the same allocation for the 2008 model year.

    Had they watch the broadcast Ford had via satellite with the dealers they would have heard them announce the same thing. They are building the Shelby GT500 for two years. 2007 and 2008. They are building 8,000 - 9,000 units each year. Up to a total of approx. 19,000 units over two years.

    Special order! Give me a break!
  • shelbydude: Are you sure about that production run? I recall reading in the press that 30,000 units would be made over a three year period, to include 2009. Some dealerships verbally confirmed that for me. Thanks for the clarification.

    Also, I recall from years ago that one wanted to avoid the California emissions package because it robbed a car of HP, gas mileage performance, and made it more difficult to keep tuned. Is that still true today? What states require the emissions package be sold?
  • Sorry, got inundated at work, just finally got a note over to the dealer around closing time today, requesting the VIN number. They maintain that it will be at the dealership, ready for me to pickup, "early next week". I sure hope so. I have a business trip mid-next week, about five hour drive from work, and I'd much rather drive it in my new car than a rental- or worse yet, fly.
  • glenpglenp Posts: 1
    WOW! my gt shelby 500 was built today! this forum i thought was about those cars. i paid list price for my car. i do NOT have a contract, but ihave the word of a dealer that i have dealt with since he bought a small local business. i'm more excited than you can ever imagine! im neither an engineer or race car driver, but this car (convertible) is HOT and fast. i've bugged the heck out of shelby's people and they have been nothing but super nice and helpful. OH YES! i walked away from a LARGE dealer because of 32000 reasons over invoice.
  • Got it! VIN 1ZVHT89S475304312
  • Appears to be a White Convertible. The dealer is in Texas.

    The build date was 2/9/2007.

    It still doesn't show up in the dealer's inventory, but based on the build date of 2/9/2007 I would estimate the car should be there sometime in March. Possibly by the end of Feb., but typically it takes about a month to get after the build date.

    Mine was built on the 11th of the month and came in on the 31st, so you might just see it by the end of Feb.

    Our second GT500 is a Convertible and it was built on the 18th of Jan. It still has not arrived yet, but it is due any day now. Was suppose to be here already.

    But don't worry, it IS coming!
  • I have heard rumors about this car being built in 2009 but so far I have not been able to get confirmation on that. According to Ford it is only for two years and my contacs say they have not heard anything about 2009 and say it is not going to be built for 2009.

    As far as affecting HP or anything by having the emissions I don't know.

    Emission States are California, Maine, Massachusetts, New York, and Vermont.

    Cross-Border States are Arizona, Connecticut, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Oregon, Pennsylvania, and Rode Island.

    If you live in a State other than one of the Emission States where you are buying from a dealer located within an emissions State that dealer can order the car and delete the emission system.

    NOTE: In Maine and Vermont dealers can NOT order vehicles for customers in non-California emiison State locations (except Public Service/Emergency Vehicles).
  • BTW,

    If you live in one of the CA emission States and order from a dealer not in a CA emissions State where your vehicle will be registered in a CA emissions State then the dealer MUST order the vehicle with the CA emissions system.
  • That'd be me. White convertible. I really struggled with the decision of ragtop or no. Still second guessing my decision on that. Thanks for checking for me!
  • Congratulations!!! Lucky You !! My hat is off to the dealer who did not rip you off. Now I know there is at least one honest Ford dealer in the country. I won't ask his name but you can tell him for me he is a breath of fresh air and a credit to the Ford corp. I like the convertible too. I priced one with the options I wanted and it came to a little over $50k. Stay cool and don't get any speeding tickets! :)
  • Thank you very much for the info, shelbydude. My hunt continues. I expect to make a commitment sometime within the next two weeks. It all depends on the DM.
    I'm not sure what to make of dealers who charge a DM based on what the market will bear vs those that do not. Supply and demand, I suppose.
  • Moronix,

    Why is it the dealer that ripped off the customer???

    I have yet to see any dealer hold a gun to someones head forcing them to over pay for something!

    If a customer knows what they are paying and knows they are paying a premium and they are happy and willing to pay it, then how in the world is the dealer ripping them off???? That is just pure nonsense!

    Just because you can't get your way does not make the dealer a rip off. The dealer would have to FORCE, and orLIE and/or totally MISREPRESENT everything to you in order to rip you off! Without any of those factors involved there is no way a dealer can rip you off!

    Also, it is NOT the dealers that set the market value. It is 100% the CONSUMERS that set the market value. Without CONSUMERS willing to pay a premium then there would be no premium! Dealers would be forced to drop prices just the same as they are forced to do that now on most vehicles they sell. Consumers shop for the best deal and it forces dealers to compete by dropping prices to invoice and below just to get a sale! I guess you could say CONSUMERS are ripping off the dealers based on your analogy!
  • fastforgirl,

    I had the same problem deciding. I ended up going with the coupe because at the time I wanted the over-the-top racing stripes which are not available on the convertible. I didn't think of adding them afterwards. Also, with the seasons here there is only a few months out of the year to enjoy a convertible. So I went with the coupe.

    I have seen some pictures of the convertibles that dealers did add the stripes afterwards. I think it really makes the car, personally!

    If you do decide to add the stripes to dress it up, you can either order the stripes from any Ford dealer parts department OR you can have them painted on by a good body shop.

    If you decide to have stripes painted let me know. They appear to be the same width across the car but they are not. They are different widths that give an illusion that they are the same. So if you want it done right, let me know and I'll get the the measurements of the widths.
  • Well I wish I would have found this forum before this afternoon. Last week I contacted a dealer who sold a Shelby on Ebay for around $10K over MSRP. I called him last Friday and was told they had another about to arrive in two weeks but it was sold. I was told it would take a $5K cashiers check to even order a new one, and it would probably be late May or early June before I got it. The banks were closed Monday so I got the check ($5K Deposit) and sent it off for the car and the price quoted was $11k over the MSRP. I ordered the premium interior, Navigation System and a factory authorized cover for a total of $56964.00 which includes Dealer prep and gas guzzler tax. I was interested in knowing if I screwed this up and should have gotten something of a guarantee first? Also, does anyone have the Navigation system, and if so how well does it work?
    FYI I did call Ford SVT on Monday and talked to a guy named Jeff. He told me Ford will be building 9,000 more for 2008 and that is it. The 2008 will start to be built in June according to him. He also said that the car I just ordered would probably take 4 months, so that reaffirms the dealers approximate delivery date. He said they have had no problems with the navigation system and it was well worth the $2k. I plan on driving the car across the country this summer which is what I did when I bought my first 1975 Datsun 280Z which by the way, I paid over MSRP for. The Nissan/Datsun rusted badly in 6 years, but was alot of fun. I have had 2 Corvettes since then, but I always dreamed of owning a Shelby Cobra 500. Can anyone answer these questions? Shelbydude has been very informative and I am anxious to hear your thoughts.
    Concerned in Cape Coral Florida...
  • As long as the dealer has allocation for the car you should be OK.

    As for the navigation, I personally would not want it. I would prefer the shaker 1000 instead. For $2k I can read a map. But it is just a matter of personal preference. Although I think it would be a little odd for a mustang since I would have a hard time looking at the screen while flying down the road. ;)
  • bri66bri66 Posts: 220
    My first choice was tungsten gray with black stripes. The day I ordered mine and found out black stripes weren't an option with the tungsten gray I pulled away. I thought of ordering the gray and adding black stripes, but opted to keep mine strictly a number's Shelby. A lot of people I know are changing theirs and upgrading rear end gears, shifters, driveshaft, cold air intakes, pulley's, etc.,but I believe the value of it will suffer in the long run. I have thought of adding the Cervini's side window scoops, but they attach with tape from what I've been told, so I guess adding stripes to a conververtable isn't too drastic.
  • bri66bri66 Posts: 220
    When did Ford add a navigation option to the Shelby's? It wasn't an option when I ordered mine.
  • You sound like a Dealer to me. Are you a dealer or work for a dealer?
    The rip off comes from the fact that Ford is only producing a limited supply of Shelby Mustangs. This creates an artificial shortage of units available to customers who like to buy the car. I don't mind that if they are then sold on a first come first serve at the MSRP. But dealers recognize they have the customers who want the car in a bind. They are taking advantage of the situation by charging thousands more for the car than Ford Motor Company intended. This is not Ford policy. This is simply dealers taking advantage of the situation and filling their pockets with money they don't deserve. It's not like I can go somewhere else and get a Shelby Mustang. Dealers are given the exclusive monopoly to sell this car and decide to stick it to the customers for whatever they can get. If it were a normal supply and demand situation then Ford would make as many Shelby Mustangs as they could sell. That's standard business practice. If ford makes too many F150 trucks and can't sell them it's because they are trying to force vehicles on the public that they don't want. Blaming the customers for that is silly.
    So we have different points of view. You are entitled to yours and I'm entitled to mine. So not only will I not purchase a Shelby Mustang, I will never purchase a Ford of any kind again. That's also my right.
  • My car is here! I just got an e-mail from the dealership!!!! I may have to clear my calendar this afternoon! You say you have seen pictures, I'd be curious to look at them. Are they on a website somewhere? I wonder how it would look to have the blue le mans stripes with a black ragtop.
  • I spoke with the dealer this morning and he assured me they have an allocation for my order and as soon as they receive my check today they will place the order.
    Here is a link which shows the Navigation system. 085845185QQihZ004QQcategoryZ6236QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

    This is a car currently on Ebay. I ask the dealer to order my car in Ebony Black with White Stripes and Black Interior. I am not interested in the Shaker 1000 Shelbydude because of the extra weight and the room it takes up in the trunk. I also don't like all that "base" at my age. If I were 20 years younger-maybe! Thanks for the help in advance.
    Is it wise to order a car from a northern Florida dealer and then have it delivered to a southern dealer? Is this possible and ethical since this dealer sells his at $20K+?
    Retired in Cape Coral Florida
  • bri66bri66 Posts: 220
    Hopefully you will not read this until after you have picked your new baby up. If you are close your internet and go get her. I am very happy you have her finally. When you have a chance hope you post pictures. Congratulations the wait is over. Good luck and don't forget to post pictures. :D
  • Dealer just called me and said the order was placed and it was order# H001. Does that sound right shelbydude? I was also able to order the shelby car cover which will show on the window sticker. It was $375 for anyone interested. They gave me a wait time of 2 to 4 months.
  • I have an opportunity to buy the Shelby Cobra (Black w/White Stripes) from a buddy for 54K it has 600 miles on it shaker 1000 + everthing but nav. He wants to order the new one coming in the fall (not cobra) Should I buy it? Thanks for the info.
  • Yes, I think it is a fair price. You might be asking the wrong guy though. I think that is a fair price based on the market and it is about $10k over MSRP which from all my homework, seems like a good deal. The dealer here in my town has sold them as high as $80k and now wants a minimum of $20k over MSRP. That is why he keeps reposting the red one on EBay and it is there now again. Makes me mad I have spent $70k on 2 cars with them in 2 1/2 years and I can't get at least a matched deal. Oh well, maybe I have found a new dealer.
  • Right you are!

    I have her! I'm so happy! Will post pictures this weekend. I'm so glad the dealership did not jerk me around, and still can't believe I got her in four months' time. Will post pics this weekend when I come down off cloud nine.

    I'm just so happy right now.
  • The navigation was added around December as another option.

    It wasn't available before that.
  • Funny you mentioned the Cervinis side scoops! I was just on their site today thinking about ordering those myself. The side scoops and the side window scoops.

    I think that is the only thing Ford left off this car since every Shelby I seen has them.

    They are attached with 3M double sided tape. But I'm still considering putting them on.
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