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    I heard two interesting stories regarding Firestones tire problems. One of the news stations had a talking head from some research place saying that their work had shown that the Firestone tires failed most frequently after a couple of years, perhaps after "abuse" from low inflation, high speed,etc..His suggestion was the tires "should be fine" for 2-3 years, but that then you should consider replacing Firestones. He agreed this was sooner than most other brands. Great answer!! On another front, I heard that Ford has found a creative use for all the Firestone Wilderness tires they can't put on Explorers any more. They are using them as spare tires on Ford Rangers! They are stamping them with the words "Do no run at high speed or for more than 50 miles", just like the doughnut tires.
    Someone probably got a promotion for that great idea.
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    Just had my cover installed yesterday and it started raining today(Southern Calif.) so I could check for leaks.I did see where a few drops came in from the center hinge on the right side.
    I thought I saw an earlier post where someone said there was some adjustment you could do to stop small leaks. Does anyone know if this is correct as there were no instructions with the cover?
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    Yes you can adjust the tonneau to compensate for these leaks. If you oven the back half, you'll see that often the pins in the holes of the middle of the bed are resting on the bottom of the hole. This causes the molding on the side to not sit as flat as it could. You'll notice there adjustments that can be made by loosening a few torx screws and sliding the metal plate that holds the pins up and then re-tightening the screws. This should stop the pins from resting on the bottom of the holes and not allow the slight binding up of the tonneau in the middle. Sorry, this is kinda confusing but just open the back half and fold it onto the front half and you'll see what I mean. Hope this helps and solves your problem -- it did for me.
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    yes, it's DEFINITLY possible, here in Colorado it was anyway,...
    I didn't pay for Gas OR advertising,. I told them, that i WAS advertising it for them by having their dealer emblem on it AND by driving it around, they took it off with NO arguments at all,.... I didn't pay the destination fee's either, I told them it was getting there wether I purchased it or not, that THEY were the ones that ordered it, and had it delivered so THEY need to pay that,. but I got mine off the lot, was already there, so not to sure how it works if you special order your own.... oo, and even that, they are ONLY giving you 13 gallons of gas, hmmmm it's a 20 gallon tank,... that's not fair!!!!!!! good luck! Hang in there!
    Dove,.... ;-)
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    I am about to wire my Sport Trac for a 7 pin trailer connection. Has anyone out there done this before and is there anything I should be aware of?
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    I've had my ST for a week now. My only complaint is that my kids have assumed control of the stereo from rear console. I'm going nuts listening to "NSTINK" and Britney spears. How do I disable the rear audio controls? I didn't find anything in the manual.

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    "Toyota now refusing to use Bridgestone/Firestone tires after discovering cracks

    Toyota has informed Bridgestone/Firestone that it will no longer accept tires that fall under the Bridgestone Dueler brand name after Toyota discovered "abnormal surface cracks"; in new tires that come as standard equipment on such models as the Toyota Tundra, according to CBS affiliate WWJ News Radio in Detroit, MI. Surface cracks, if they do appear on tires, do not usually show until the near the very end of a tires life. This newly discovered problem could also lend to the argument of safety advocacy groups that quality is still an issue at Bridgestone/Firestone."
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    Hit the 3 and 5 buttons simultaneously and the headphones symbol will disappear from the unit face and the rear radio controls will cease to work. If the power to the radio is shut off, the rear controls will be activated after turning the stereo on again.
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    Love the ST, but having some small problems. I've got about 1100 miles on it now, and I think its pretty much broke in. I'm getting a squeak from the drivers seat when it moves side to side, maybe it just needs to be tightened down or lubed. Second, when I'm closing the door I'm hearing a rattle. This only occurs when the door is slammed shut, however it is quite annoying. I think that maybe a date at the dealership is required.
    Thanks for all the talkback!!
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    I have had mine since May. I think the drivers seat has a card board backing. It squeaks alot.
  • weteverwetever Member Posts: 8
    How did you find out about hitting the 3 and 5 to disable the rear controls? I didn't see that in the manual either.
  • lasveganlasvegan Member Posts: 53
    anybody got the day time running lights from Ford parts counter and installed it on you Sport Trac?
    If so how did it go?
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    My father just picked up his Silver ST a week ago(what a beauty) and had the dealer put on the cross pieces for the roof rack yesterday. Before these pieces were added, the vehicle sounded normal. However, these pieces seem to "sing" very noticeably when driving. Has anyone else come across this and is there a fix or is it a design flaw?

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    My darn tail gate won't unlock. Has anyone encountered this problem? Sounds like a small problem but when you have a cargo cage and can't let the tail gate down you don't have any hauling capacity.We're going out of town early in the morning and they ,customer assist. can't get a locksmith on Sunday.
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    I took your recommendations and purchased the hidden hitch from Bage Co. They don't waste anytime in processing the order (ordered it online), I ordered it on a Monday and by Thursday afternoon it was at my front door. It looks really good, it doesn't have that bulky look that you get with square frame hitches from other vendors. I had to checked out your installation of the hidden hitch on to confirm the bolt pattern on the top frame to bumper bolts (thanks for the visual instructions). You were right about limited space when tightening the bottom bolts, but got it installed with additional set of hands in a couple of hours.

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    I saw a Blue Sport Trac driving around Tampa, Fl a couple of days ago with lowered suspension. It was awesome. Has anyone had this done to their Sport Trac? Can it be ordered that way? If so, how much did it cost? After looking at the Nissan and Toyota this weekend, I finally convinced my wife the Sport Trac has everything we need. Will be ordering one in the next couple of weeks, but I definitely want the suspension lowered. Thanks in advance for any info provided on this topic. Appreciate all the other info provided at this site!
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    Hehehe.... Lowered Truck. Isn't that the same concept as the Jumbo Shrimp. It's an Oxymoron! Just Joking. If that 's what you like, then get it. It's still an ST.
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    Has anybody got their gas cap cover repaired or replaced by FoMoCo yet ?? I have been waiting for Fords techinical department since June for a Fix. Do all of the covers still rub the paint and are misaligned ??
  • bennbbennb Member Posts: 143
    I had my gas door replaced and it doesn't rub at all.

    I knew about the rear controls b/c I had an Explorer previously. I think they may have sent out a little supplemental packet in the mail as well. I received it about a few weeks ago.
  • tractiontraction Member Posts: 141
    My dealer some how adjusted mine and it works great, no rub.
  • stnewbiestnewbie Member Posts: 11
    Has anyone put a chip in their ST yet and if so have you noticed a difference? Seriously thinking about ordering one and putting on the K&N Filter. Any advice?
  • fordsporttracfordsporttrac Member Posts: 300
    Anyone else have stress cracks in there TCover. Im not sure if it is shipping damage or a defect.
  • bennbbennb Member Posts: 143
    I was pulled over for doing 71mph in a 65mph zone last week and I had my cruise control set around 68-69mph (it was definitely below the 70mph line). I seem to recall someone discussing this before. Has anyone had it checked out? Could it be the 16 inch tires? Any info would be great.

    I haven't had any stess cracks in my tonneau. Where are you noticing them? I have loved having the hard tonneau and don't regret purchasing it one bit.
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    Personally i would not put in a computer chip in my sport trac. All a computer chip does is make your transmission shift at a higher RPM. This will cause you to get terrible fuel milege and put too much stress on your transmision.I did put in a K&N air filter and did notice better accleration and slightly better fuel milage.The filter cost about $43.00.
  • craig002craig002 Member Posts: 32
    Hey Stewert,

    Where did you find a filter for $43. I can't even find one locally. I live in Chandler, AZ. if anyone else has a suggestion as to where one might be found, please post.
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    I have the 15" standard tires and wheels.

    I did my first tire rotation today and I told them to do a 5 tire rotation (include the spare.) It turns out the spare wheel is painted black instead of silver. So effectively the spare can't be used in the rotation. It looks like the wheel type on the spare is exactly the same as the other wheels---just a color difference.

    Has anyone else noticed this?
  • craig002craig002 Member Posts: 32
    This has been the case on my last three Fords.
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    Received my fully loaded (including tonneau and 4x4) black ST on 10/4/00 after ordering on 8/4/00. Vehicle was built on 9/20/00 and actually arrived at dealer on 9/29/00, but dealer didn't let me know until 10/3/00.

    My first tank of gas, after the dealer fill up, gave me 16.94 mpg.

    I noticed that the tachometer didn't have a redline. Does anyone know what the redline is?

    Also, noticed that side view mirror switch, non-driver window switches, and window lock switch were not lighted for visibility at night. Is this correct?

    Items found for dealer to correct:

    1) Door bottoms weren't painted; two of them had overspray; other two only had primer.
    2) Air leakage noticed at driver's door and moonroof.
    3)Hood, back left door, and tailgate not aligned with adjacent panels.
    4)Back window not aligned.

    Does anyone know where skid plates are installed and how to tell if limited slip was installed for option verification?
  • dovette2001dovette2001 Member Posts: 13
    I have the opposite, situation as you, i've checked several times with radars, and am currently running about 2-3 miles BELOW, or UNDER what the radars, and checks state,.... i'm on te 16' wheels also,... ?? hmmmmmmmm
    Dove,.... ;-)
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    My wife & I were the first to purchase a st from our dealer, we received it the first week in april. We ordered a loaded white 4x2 with the limited slip 4:10 axle.We received $3100 off for the ford discount.There is just over 9000 miles on it & had minor problems. The keyless entry did'nt work & now the drivers seat creeks & the rear window rattles when vented. I noticed if you adjust the power seat it does'nt creek & if the rear window is up it does'nt rattle. We just installed a soft tonaue cover, paid $199, shop around most places wanted $220 to $250, the dealer is $212.This is my wifes st & funny thing is, this is the only suv she would'nt look at when we went to detroit's international auto show.She loves the st.I recently calculated the mpg & going 70 we got 20 mpg, the more miles we put on the better it got. I don'nt think it will get any better then that!
  • wst1wst1 Member Posts: 4
    My windshield wipers come on by themself? Anybody have this problem?
  • stewertstewert Member Posts: 18
    I live in suburban Philadelphia and i bought mine at a local speed shop. Pep boys and auto zone carries some K&N filters If they do not have one that fits the sport trac they should be able to order one for you. The filter will fit all 1997-2001 explorers with the 4.0 litre sohc 6 cylinder engine.
  • bigtoe52bigtoe52 Member Posts: 12
    I noticed my knee pushes the wipers on sometimes when I get in or out and I'm short 5'2". Maybe this is what is happening in your case.
  • icrovopicrovop Member Posts: 1
    Has anyone noticed anything peculiar with their paint. I have a black ST and after washing it for the first time I noticed some streaking, bubbling, raised areas and discoloration on the paint. I have also noticed that the paint seems awfully thin. The littlest scratches are really noticeable. I was driving in the country and hit a lot of bugs a few weeks ago and upon returning home and washing the car I noticed that the paint had actually raised up where the bugs had impacted the paint. I also have a loud and squeaky window when it is raised or lowered. Has anyone experienced any of the things I am talking about.
  • tracguytracguy Member Posts: 28
    Like you we were the first to get an ST from our dealer. I got it in mid March and have 8000 miles. Best mileage is 20mpg on trips running 65-75. Mine also has the creaking seat syndrome. Apparently the track slides were manufactured with to much tolerance between pieces. Some others had mentioned this problem quite awhile back. The dealer should be able to adjust the track or more likely replace it. :)
  • bennbbennb Member Posts: 143
    I have a black ST as well and had strange "imperfections", I'll call them, in the paint in certain areas. The imperfections looked like reflections in the sun, but didn't move very much as you make your way side to side walking around the car. I had the dealer buff the door and it looks fine now. I also agree that the paint seems to show the littlest of scratches. It could be b/c it's black as well, but not sure. I wish I could get the mileage people are talking about. I averaged 19mpg on my last trip and that's about the best I can do.
  • mtrice7mtrice7 Member Posts: 7
    I have the same paint issue and my paint is also black. My vehicle was built on 9/20/00 and have what I would call cloudy (lighter black without the waxed shiny look) blotches in various areas all over the vehicle.

    I took my vehicle in yesterday so that the body shop can correct this problem. The service tech. said that it would probably just require waxing.

    I also have what appears to be an orbital buffer burn mark on the back left door and the re-occurring no (or very little) paint on bottom of all doors issue for the body shop to correct.
  • mtrice7mtrice7 Member Posts: 7
    Does anyone know the redline on the Sport Trac? The tachometer doesn't show this mark like all other tachometers I have seen in the past.
  • beard1beard1 Member Posts: 15
    i wish i knew what makes the difference in mileage. under the same circumstances, one time i'll get a high of 17mpg, the next time 15mpg. it's always under the same driving conditions of mixed driving but i never get more than 17 with an average of around 15 to 16. i've got 6500 miles, 16"wheels, 4x4 and always top off the gas tank. anyone have any ideas on why some people are getting 20 and others are getting 14?
  • dberndtdberndt Member Posts: 45
    I am with you Beard1. Never have I even gotten close to 20MPG, even on HWY driving on a trip. Tried the tailgate up/down and only made a slight difference of barely one more MPG.
    I would like to hear from someone with 4x4 and 16" tires if they have been able to get 17 or more MPG.
  • wst1wst1 Member Posts: 4
    My wife & I purchased our sport trac on april 17 & have over 9000 miles on it.I have been tracking the mpg ever since.Our st is 4x2 with the 4:10 limited slip.I set the trip meter every time I fill up.When we first got it,we were getting 17 mpg for the first 2000 miles. Then after I changed the oil,& put on more miles I was getting between 18 & 19 mpg, by the way I used mobil 1 fully synthetic oil, what a difference!!!!!!
    After 7000 miles I received 19 to 20 miles per gallon. And just this week we had 326 miles on the trip meter & I filled it up with only 15.5 gallons, I had to get out my calculator for this one. I was amazed at 21 mpg!!!!!. Now, I noticed with that 4:10 rear you have to take off gently in city driving or forget about it.We still get about 15 to 16 mpg in city. On the highway I use the speed control as much as possible & I keep it between 70&75. If you go 80 or faster forget about it!. One thing I really like about the st with the 4:10 is, when we go up north & climb some very large hills, that transmission does not kick down into a lower gear.Awesome engine & gear set up!!!! And on top of this I usually have a 350lb. yamaha four wheeler in the back!! My 99' 4x4 ram with 5.9 360 kicks down with the smallest hills. Has anybody towed a heavy load yet?
  • wst1wst1 Member Posts: 4
    I forgot to say we also have the 16 " tires
  • melvin7melvin7 Member Posts: 32
    I have 15 inch tires and 3.73 rear end.I got 21.4 mpg with about 250 miles on the road and 100 city, with about 1000 miles on my st. I know the math is right because i did'nt figure it. Mine is a 4x2.
  • fordsporttracfordsporttrac Member Posts: 300
    Just a short review for the MPG folks incase you missed the previous posts.

    The AC Compressor in the ST will engage on all settings but two, all Floor and all Face. Any other setting and the AC compressor runs.

    And of course running the AC compressor will lower your gas mileage. :-(
  • stnewbiestnewbie Member Posts: 11
    dberndt and Beard1- I too am with you on the gas mileage thing. I have a 4X4, 16" tires and tonneau cover-first tank got 15, second 12.5 and third 16.3-all basically mixed town and interstate driving. My 91 Explorer got 16-18 around town and 18-20 on the highway always and they have the same size motor. I hope mine at least stays around 16. I only have 882 miles on it so maybe it will get better. I am going to put the K&N filter on it and was considering a chip but the verdict is still out on that. The people who bought the first ST here locally have only been getting 12-13 and it is only 2WD. Yikes!
    I am still concerned with the loudness of my AC compressor-has anyone else noticed that?
  • cleekcleek Member Posts: 9
    I have the same problem. the rear panel has them on the under side. I can post pics or email if you'd like to see.
  • dberndtdberndt Member Posts: 45
    Today is the second time I have noticed a continuing cycle on and off of the AC. It was in the Max Ac setting and while at the stop light, I could feel the AC cycle on and off. It would make the ST lunge every 2 seconds. Anyone else experience this and get it remedied?
  • mandarin_gmandarin_g Member Posts: 17
    If your 16" tires came on the ST (FROM THE FACTORY), the size shouldn't effect your speedo. However, anytime you replace the original tires with either larger (or) smaller ones, your SPEEDOMETER (and) ODOMETER will not register accurately.

    Here's what happens:
    Putting on LARGER tires than the factory ones will cause your speedometer to indicate you are going a few MPH SLOWER than you actually are (and) cause your ODOMETER to register FEWER miles than you're actually traveling.

    Putting on SMALLER tires than the factory ones will have the opposite effect --- your SPEEDOMETER will indicate you're going FASTER than you really are (and) the ODOMETER will add on MORE miles than you're actually traveling.

    Of course, the solution is to have your speedometer/odometer re-calibrated anytime you put on different size tires that don't match exactly to the original, factory tires.

    If you're installing your 3rd or 4th set of tires and don't remember what size your originals were, you can always check the sticker on the inside edge of the driver's side door.
  • jcaustinjcaustin Member Posts: 22
    yes I had similar problem. Dealer said it was low on freon, they replaced some seals and recharged. Seems to be fine now.
  • fordsporttracfordsporttrac Member Posts: 300
    My cracks are on the outside. They are on the edge of the back half, on the drivers side. One is near the hinge and one is on the corner. The delaer is going to look at it this week.
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