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    Ford is aware of the problem, their answer is a recalibration of the processor. The only problem with that is their engineers must write the appropriate program and send it to the dealer. Where this leaves us I am not sure.
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    Username: harvestgold
    password: ??????
    Please change the password back to "harvest". I placed the pictures and info online for people's help. Someone changed the password to something else. I have the original files at home, but that doesn't help everyone else.

    Thank You
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    I can't program or de-program the auto locks with my keypad. I can do it with the second option from inside the vehicle. Has anybody else had this problem?
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    Edmund's road test of the 2001 Ford Explorer is now available. Here's the direct link to the 2001 Ford Explorer Sport Trac, by Miles Cook. What do you think?

    Thanks for your comments. ;-)

    Pocahontas, Host
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    Interesting review....

    I think that the low MPG reported in the review were the results of the testers driving with the AC compressor on all the time. Its a highly overlooked fact that the AC compressor will run in all settings but 2. Even though the settings aren't marked "AC", the compressor is still on. Most are reporting 18-20 MPG.

    I'd also be interested to hear the stranded story if you can pry it out of the reporter.
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    Just wanted to know if anyone in the Washington DC Metro Area has bought any aftermarket accessories from local Ford dealers for estimated
    prices in these posts, Yahoo ST club, and I'm particularily trying to buy the bed mat for $40 and the mud guards for $26 a
    pair. What is the estimated price for the bed extender? I've got the lowest quote of $354. In general, I've gotten a wide range from a couple of dealers I've called. Does Ford directly sell ST aftermarket accessories via online or phone? If so can you provide website and/or phone number. Any info you can provide is appreciated. Thanks.
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    This review was like most of Edmund's reviews, technically shallow, lacking in any new information, tired and boring. This is an article that could have been written 12 months ago when the ST was first released to the press. What new info did Edmunds provide? Yawn.
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    Anyone experiencing an annoying vibration at about 1700 RPM (right at 45 MPH if cruising in OD)? It is quite annoying and can be felt right through the accelerator pedal. If it vibrates just right, it also causes an annying rattle somewhere in the dash.

    I am also experiencing the PS shudder when parking - thanks to all for posting that one - I thought I was crazy!!!

    Other than these 2 annoyances, I'm very pleased - Have the Wedgewood Blue Loaded w/ Tonneau Cover.
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    The review seems pretty fair, but I agree with traction (post 166)--where's the new information?

    I'd also like to note that Liz Kim misses the point, especially on vehicle length. The ST is already over 14" longer than the Explorer (and about an inch longer than the Expedition). Going with the Dodge and adding "only 10 inches" gives you a long truck (only about 3" shorter than a Chevy Suburban). I had to hinge one of my workbenches just to fit the ST in my smallish garage--another 10" would have pushed the limit.
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    After about 3000 miles my PS shudder has disappeared. Its weird and I can't explain why but it is gone.
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    A review is not a review unless you have put 15+K on your ST. The ST has a ride that's more comfortable than most cars after cruising 6 hours at 80-mph on the freeway. With adjustable leather seats, speed control and tilt steering wheel there was no fatigue. With 20.5 gal. capacity fuel tank at 22 - 24 MPG, I easily got 400 miles before stopping. I can tell you that you won't get many gripes from that 6 foot + passenger in the back seat. I can tell you that after putting the brake peddel to the floor at 40-mph, those large brake rotors held and stop easily with no lost of control. I can tell you, you won't go though the moon roof going over dirt roads and train tracks. I can tell you that you can't put large appliances in a SUV as you can with the ST. I can tell you SUV owners don't want to haul garbage or dirt. I can tell you Ford customer service sucks. I can tell you, if you just want a one, if you just want a one, if you want a car and the occasional a ST. For me, my ST with the hard cover is a car with the largest boot than any other car on the road.
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    You took the words right out of my keyboard..
    The only difference I have with you is the gas mileage. My 4x4 has yet to break 16 mpg. in mixed driving conditions.
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    On October 3, 2000 I ordered a Sport (w/manual transmission). Can anyone advise me about how to track production eg. production date, vin and anticipated delivery date? I ordered the sport, not the sport tract. I posted this on the more specific category ste but got no replies. Thanks
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    I have a 2WD with open bed and am consistently getting around 20.6 on the highway with the AC on. In mixed driving, I'm still getting around 20.
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    I noticed some time ago there were a few posts listed about a slight ringing noise that could be heard when driving the ST. I started to listen for it last week, and there it was! Did anyone find out the cause/cure of this noise?
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    I bought #7715 for my Ranger because I liked the factory one on my ST. The box says part #7714 is for the ST.
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    hey... almost ready to order ours ....but... possibly you can help me...a couple of this point leather 410 ls, pretty much all options other than moon roof.... saw the tonue cover to was black an bumpy....the one I saw earlier was the same color as the truck...did I see an after market tonue?....I liked the one that was smooth and the color of the truck much better...other concerns are if they anr't painting the door bottoms what else are they missing..seems that they arn't reading these posts...we are going to drive the dodge quad cab before deciding ...any comment.....thanks....dave
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    I priced most of after market tonneau covers and ordered Fords. The hard cover is well worth the price and well built. With the 2-piece folding, you can have half of it open when you need it or you can take the whole thing off. The draw back is, that it's a pain in the [non-permissible content removed] if want to load somthing; you either have to hold it open with one hand or open it all the way...gas struts would be nice. The fix for any problems that we might have with the ST, is call warranty and get past Fords piss poor customer service (thank God for e-mail).
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    Why Gas Shocks. Leave the lid closed and open the tailgate. It is easier to load than holding the lid open.
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    I too have the issue of no or very little paint under all 4 of my doors. My ST is black and was built on 9/20/00.

    I took it in to the selling dealership to have this corrected as done by ST owners in earlier posts. When the Ford factory rep. came by, he disapproved repairing this problem. He said this is not a factory defect and that there's an 80K miles warranty against rust.

    Anybody else have this warranty rejection?

    The body shop manager also showed me the lack of paint in cracks between body panels, under hinges, etc. But there appears to always be primer and clear coat; just no paint color.

    While my ST is at the dealer for repair, the dealer has given me a 2001 Explorer (4 door) XLT, built on 10/9/00, to drive. It too has the same door bottom paint issue.

    Is this a standard Ford cost cutting process?
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    Can anyone tell me how to figure out my fuel milege? I used to figure it out several years ago but forgot how to do it. Thanks
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    am experiencing lots of squeaking and rattling on my ST. it appears to eminate from under the dashboard and behind the center console. anyone else experience this and figure out how to fix it? it is extremely annoying.
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    Our ST hauled well this weekend .... a 9ft x-mas tree! Of course, we had to put the tailgate down and tied it down so it would not fall out the back end. The truck didn't even squat!

    Oh, did I mention.... the tree is artificial and in a box!
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    Lets compare notes.

    The ringing you are hearing seems to come from behind the driver and possibly under the truck??

    The ringing sound starts around 40 MPH??

    It sounds a bit like chains??

    The noise can be heard very clear if you open the window and drive next to a concrete center divider?? (the barrier reflects the noise better)

    I haven't figured out what it is yet. Anyone else have info/input on the ringing sound???

    I have also developed a noise in the rear passenger side that is more of a rattle. I'm going to check the storage area behind the rear seat. If thats not the rattle then I'm going to try the suggestion from a previous post. Someone had posted that the plastic pieces in the wheel well were rubbing and that cutting the plastic solved it. Before I cut I'm gonna test with a bit of duct tape. :-)
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    I seem to have developed a problem with my gas

    Last week I put a K&N air filter and Pennzoil synthetic motor oil in my truck. Before these
    mods I was getting a steady 18 mpg. Since the
    mods I have gotten 14-15 mpg. What's up?
    My driving is mostly on the highway at speeds of
    about 80mph.

    Any help would be great.

    The K&N air filter part # was MM 33-2106
    In a recent post (#142) someone said that this
    part did not have a required gasket. The filter
    seemed to fit fine. Is this my problem? Have
    I hurt my truck if it is?


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    I have the same rattle from under the dash somewhere, in the center. I have yet to figure out what is causing it. I have been waiting for it to get worse so they dealer will have a better chance at fixing it. I believe it is finally at that point. I have noticed that it is substantially reduce when the A/C compressor is off. Additionally, when the A/C fan motor is turned off (the A/C completely in the off position), the rattle is reduced even more. But, even then there is still a faint rattle.
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    I also have a rattle with a mind of its own. It is coming from the dash near the center. It will rattle and then stop for a few days or even weeks. Then it starts again. I had the same problem with a Yukon. They took the dash apart and fixed it but that caused a number of other problems. I'm going to live with it for now. Every vehicle I have owned including Nissan and Lexus has rattled (although not as much as American vehicles.) It is just the way it is.
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    I have read some of the responses regarding mileage on the st and wish to hear from more drivers what the true mpg numbers are on the st. How does the 2wd model perform on wet roads ?
  • pennyless2pennyless2 Member Posts: 12
    Your description fits mine exactly! No noise behind passenger seat, yet!
  • mandarin_gmandarin_g Member Posts: 17
    kprzybyla, go to: and click on "Sport Trac MPG Log".

    Also check out the Message Board - it's a good one just like Edmunds.
  • fordsporttracfordsporttrac Member Posts: 300

    Now all we need is a tread to run on to see if its wind noise or mechanical. :-( I really can't tell for sure which one it is. If I could run it up to 40 MPH with out actually moving it would solve half the mystery.
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    figured out the rattling- it is a loose bracket behind the lower center console (one with the cup holders and the tray for holding miscellaneous items). you will need an offset wrench to tighten the bolt. locate the bolt by contorting into the the driver's side space below the steering column and finding it behind the center console. alternatively, you can feel for it by sitting at the driver's seat and using your right hand to feel directly to the right of the panel below the steering assembly. find the single metal bracket that runs from the center console to the chasis- the bolt closer to the center console should be marginally loose. it should require 3 to 4 full turns to tighten. got rid of all rattling with this fix. hope it helps others too.
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    Does anyone have a front grill/headlight protector on their ST? I've seen one on an Explorer and it looks good but also seems to make some sense. Those headlights seem awfully vulnerable sticking out there. But, are these grills substantial? Or do they just crumble if touched?

    I just bought a 2001ST, manufactured 9/20/00. Runs like a top, no rattles that I can hear...first two tanks were about 15 to 17 mpg.
    ---Bob in Minnesota
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    I have had the Ford tonneau cover for 3 weeks now. It has been thru several rain storms and a car wash, and no leaks whatsoever. I really was not expecting it to be perfectly waterproof, but it is nice that it is.

    My ST is 6 months old now with 8000 miles and still tight as a drum, no rattles. The truck has been problem-free and runs great.
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    I have a ST on order and it should be delivered the end of November. My question is how difficult is the tonneau cover to remove? I am a female - 110 pounds. I am pretty self sufficient and do quite a few things for myself. Can I handle removing this cover by myself if I need to?
  • tractiontraction Member Posts: 141
    I have not tried removing it myself yet. I would imagine it might be a bit bulky and heavy for just one person, two people would be ideal, it is a pretty heavy-duty design.

    Disconnecting it from the truck it easy tough, you just slide two rods that go into the side of the bed, one on each side where the cover hinges.
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    Anybody notice the paint chipping off the plastic inside door handles???? Whenever something hard (like a wedding ring) hits the handle, the silver paint chips off. Looks lousy, obviously.
  • lambchoplambchop Member Posts: 24
    Mine is chipping off real bad on the passenger side door handles. I don't think the paint should come off that easy. I also have some paint chipping off my step rails. They are black underneath the paint. Looks tacky.
  • tdb2tdb2 Member Posts: 2
    Have you brought it up with your dealer. I have, and to fix it, they have to replace the entire door panel, which they don't want to do
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    My handles scratch and chip easily as well. Very disappointing and I noticed it right after taking delivery. Oh well--we shouldn't covet I guess.
  • fordsporttracfordsporttrac Member Posts: 300
    I had a card board file folder box in the back seat for a day. The box rubbed the paint off the handle about the size of a quarter. No way should that have happened. VERY VERY disappointing!

    What are the handles gonna look like after a year of normal use!
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    Well Finally got my Black ST with everything!!

    Sunroof (love it), 6 Disc CD (Love it), Tonneau Cover already installed (love it), 4 wheel drive (yeah), cargo cage (i like), everything but leather seats (got kids). No rubbing, no rattle. Only a few things I had to mention:

    1) I ordered my ST in July 25th (didn't get it until November 3rd)

    2) It has rained allot recently.... The back is virtually dry but there is a little water back there

    3) I love the overhead console but with the console the rear view mirror sits pretty low. I find myself moving my head quickly to keep my eye on some object because the mirror is in the way.

    4) My ST was built in October and still has Firestone Death Tires on them.

    5) where the hell is the subwoofer that is supposed to come with the 6 Disc CD?

    6) I went to start my ST yesterday... It would not start (only 411 miles on it). I called road side assistance... the wrecker came out, put the car in Neutral, and the ST started right up... I felt stupid... but the wrecker said when this happens there is something wrong with your transmission and that I need to take it back to Ford to had it fixed. Ever have that problem?

    All in all I still love my ST (hope the paint does not chip, I would be pissed). My friends say that I'm cheating on my wife with me ST cause I wanted to sleep in it...... What do you think? :~)
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    Ford Motor Company received an award for the "most innovative use of plastics" for introducing the industry's first structural cargo box using composite materials. The composite bed was developed in partnership with The Budd Company's Plastics Division.

    Using composite instead of steel results in an over all reduction in vehicle weight. A structural Sheet Molding Composite (SMC) box inner does not trap water under a liner, eliminating the risk of rust damage to the pickup bed. The SMC box is close to 20 percent lighter than a typical steel box.

    The old process requires 45 pieces of sheet metal to be assembled. With the new composite one-piece box, there are fewer pieces, fewer tools and assembly fixtures and it takes up less floor space in the assembly plant, which results in cost savings.

    The composite box exceeds the 150,000-mile durability requirements specified by Ford Truck for all pickup boxes. It is built "Ford Tough" and is far superior to steel for corrosion and dent resistance. Not only does the composite box reduce weight, improve fuel economy, increase durability, cut down production time and cost it is also recyclable.
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    Just received my ST, November 4, order in August, received a build of October 23. Now the subwoofer is located behind the drivers passenger rear set. My ST has 425 miles and todate no promblems as yet.
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    Does anyone know if there are VentVisor’s available for ST yet, as well as a Bug Shield?
  • rjkunklerjkunkle Member Posts: 74
    Checkout my pictures of my ST.
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    Okay, I'll admit it. I have a major crick in my neck from sitting at this computer too long, so I didn't read all the previous posts. I'll do that next time. Haven't made time for Edmunds in quite a while, so I'm striking while the iron's hot. Or the monitor.

    Here's my question. My b/f is in the market for a new vehicle, and the Sport Trac is a possibility. I'm sure you're all fans, because you wouldn't own one otherwise. But what are pros and cons, in your opinion? He has a Sunfire and a '49 Chevy right now. He wants something that carries more adults than the Sunfire, but doesn't need as much babying as the '49 does right now, and he likes the truck-but-not-extended-cab-or-true-crew idea.

    Thanks to all in advance.
  • tractiontraction Member Posts: 141
    I have found my ST to be an extremely versitle vehicle. It has plenty of room to carry 4 adults comfortably (or 5 if you need to) and enough cargo room in the bed to carry the usual Home Depot type stuff. It also has a lot of neat features like an in-dash 6 disc CD changer and a power rear window that opens an inch for a vent, or goes all of the way day for extra long cargo.

    I also like the fact you can take out the berber floor mats and have just a rubber floor. As soon as it started to rain this season, I took the berber mats out and stored them. I have had mine now for 6 months and have not had any problems.
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    Was checking out some TSB's (Technical Service Bulletins) for my 1987 Ford Bronco and discovered a bulletin several of you ST owners have complained about.

    If it worked for this old Bronco model, maybe it will work for your ST:

    Service Bulletin Number: 87-17-9
    Bulletin Sequence Number: 066
    Date of Bulletin: 8708
    NHTSA Item Number: 94694
    Make: FORD TRUCK
    Model: BRONCO
    Year: 1987
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    Thanks so much for the input. You hit the nail on the head when you said Home Depot kind of stuff. I don't think he knew about the power window in back, so I'll pass that along.
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