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2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Lease Questions



  • Sounds like an amazing deal. Did you close on it? Did you negotiate it yourself or did you hire a broker?
  • vt6vt6 Posts: 6

    Could I get the numbers for the following please.
    It seems like I'm the minority here going for a Laredo.

    Laredo 4x4, 15k year, 36 months
    Laredo 4x4, 15k year, 27 months (better deal than 24 months?)
    Also, is there any lease incentives from Chrysler ?

    Thank you so much!
  • 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited
    MSRP $39,585
    *tow package
    *15,000 miles per year
    $2,500 total out-of-pocket (includes first payment, tax, title, registration, document service charge)
    Payment of $436 for 39 months (down from original quote of $445)
    Is this a fair deal??
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 72,824
    2014 GC Laredo 4x4 36mo, 15K/yr lease
    .00022 MF and 53% residual

    27 month
    .00033 MF and 63% residual

    The 27 month deal looks a little better than 24 months on this model.
    I don't have incentive information.



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  • Hey guys. Here is the offer i have on the table from Jeep in Larchmont NY

    2014 GC Limited 4x4
    Max steel/Blk int

    450/month taxes/fees rolled. in.

    Due at signing first month and tags.

    CC is the finance company.

    MF .00130 (i think) Residual 52%

    im also looking to trade in my 2011 Laredo with leather/nav/sunroof/backup cam (i think E package) with 31.5K miles for $23 K

    I think there is room on both the lease price, and the purchase price of my old car... thoughts?
  • Here's what I just got at a dealer on Long Island, NY

    Jeep GC Limited 4x4
    Nav, sunroof, 20" wheels
    39 mo, 12k/yr
    MSRP: 42,175
    Total Cap Cost: 36,650
    Residual: 55%
    MF: .00118

    Down Pmt: 1,197 (1,100 cap reduction) + first month

    $437/mo (incl taxes)
  • hedges1hedges1 Posts: 12
    edited December 2013
    Looking for mf , residuals for 2014 GC 4x4 limited ecodiesel. 27/36/39 months. 15k/yr
  • bja104bja104 Posts: 26
    Hello kyfdx,

    Do you have the December residuals and money factors for the following:

    2014 JGC Limited 4x4

    2014 JGC Overland 4x4

    Both will be 15k miles per year; 36 and 39 month figures please.

    Thank you very much.
  • Hello everyone,I'm need of some help. I'm new to leasing and could some pointers and advise.
    Im looking to lease a 2014 JGC limited 4x4 white/black. The options that I would like to have Are the 20" rims,8.4 navi (not the 4000$ package), and sunroof.
    I'm in the NY area and would like to know what I'd being looking as a far as a monthly payment should be. I have 4 months left on a lease at $260 a month. I dont want to put anything down except first months payment,and roll taxes and fees into payments and for dealer to pay remaining lease off.
    I have been "quoted" already a $479 and $469 payment. Actual numbers I really didn't get into.
    Any information anyone has on what I should be paying and what I should be getting this for I would greatly appreciate.
    Thanks in advance.
  • I would really like to know how you made this deal. Did you actually take delivery on this?

    I worked on your numbers and can't get Total Cap Cost to match what you say the monthly payment is given the money factor, lease term and residual.

    This appears to be a 14% savings on MSRP and 10% on invoice, which is unheard of as far as I'm aware. Additionally, the only way I can get your monthly payment to match is if the money factor used is 28.4% (0.00118) which gets us to a payment of $452/mo. This makes sense to me seeing as the residual is so high on such a long lease term.

    I assume there is roughly a $1278 holdback on the truck but in order to get the selling price you provided ($37,765), the dealer would've had to have given up the entire hold back AND then an extra $2766.

    If you actually got this deal, I think you may have gotten the deal of a lifetime. I'm not sure it's possible to save $6,332 off sticker on this vehicle.

    Can anybody make these numbers make sense??
  • MSRP $53685 - Sale price $44,435. Discount = $9250.00. Lease quote for 39 month, 15k miles, $0 down is $659/month, including tax and all registration fees, etc. rolled in. Seems to fit with the residual/money factor numbers quoted here. kyfdx that sound right to you? I've shopped this pretty hard with the internet sales forces out there and this seemed to be the best deal. Thoughts? Thanks for the feedback.

    Ken W.
  • I agree, that's an outrageous deal. I thought I had shopped pretty hard, but you're saving more than $4k more than me on effectively the same vehicle!

    Could you tell us what dealership you got this deal at? Are you using any Chrysler incentives to get there?
  • Bryan,

    I'm in MA and am purchasing the vehicle at Jeep 24 in Brockton, MA. There is a $1k "lease acquisition" incentive that was applied. I know the former owner of the dealership, so I think that helped...a lot. So far they have been pretty good to deal with. Look for my GC diesel reviews in a few weeks. I've driven a couple of Limiteds and they have been great! Looking forward to 30 mpg highway in an SUV.
  • I was just looking at your sale price before, which sounded to good to be true, so I took your numbers and ran them all the way through my calculator.

    After taking that calculation all the way through to monthly payment, there's some piece of info missing I think. I'm not sure what MA registration fees look like (I'm in CA, where tax is 8%, and the registration fee is ~$461). Using a residual of 47%, a money factor of .00013, MSRP of $53,685, selling point of $44,435, title registration & gov't fees of $461, Chrysler Acquisition fee of $595, $0 down, I get a monthly payment of $573. So somewhere another $86 / mo is getting added... Could be taxes + registration difference, but that seems like a pretty big difference.

    However, I still think you're getting a great deal! I thought I had a really good deal laid out @ $2k under invoice. $2k under invoice for your exact options (assuming I've got those guessed correctly) and your mileage/term length, would result in $665 / mo payment here in CA, which is dang near your stated offer.

    At the end of the day, I still personally think that's a very good deal (slightly better than mine, which I thought was a great deal), even if it's not the absolutely outrageous one it appeared to be at first glance!
  • Bryan,

    Which calculator did you use? - post a link if you would. I'm waiting for the particulars on the lease so I can pull it apart like you did. Title and registration fees are higher here. Sales tax is 6.25%, but there is also excise tax (like an ownership tax) that may not exist there that is included in the monthly fee. On a similar vehicle (diesel Limited) they had the acquisition fee at $695 - $100 higher than you listed. I'm not sure what bank they are using so could be part of it. I shopped at least a dozen other dealers and all were over $700 - so I think the deal is pretty good. They even threw in rubber mats for winter!
  • Here's what I was just quoted from a dealer in Knoxville, TN
    They are telling me Chrysler Capital just changed the residual from 53% to 51% as of Dec. 3rd.

    Could you let me know if these numbers seem in line? Thanks for the help!

    Jeep GC Limited 4x4
    23H Pkg
    Trailer Tow
    Power Roof
    Uconnect 8.4AN

    36 mo
    MSRP: 41,675
    Selling price / Cap Cost: 39,988
    Residual: 51%
    MF: .00028
    Down Pmt: $3,000. (including the 1k lease loyalty rebate as our current Jeep lease is ending)
    Payment "estimated" at $551/mo (w/tax)
  • flagrlflagrl Posts: 13
    Hello kyfdx,

    Do you have the December residuals and money factors for the following:

    2014 JGC Limited 4x2 at 15k miles per year; 36 months.

    Thank you very much!
  • maxlevmaxlev Posts: 63
    Hello Edmunds.

    I come here seeking assistance much like I have received in the past on this site. This time I am seeking a GC Limited 4x4 w/sunroof (or Lux II package) and I would like to know money factor and residual rates for December in the Philadelphia suburbs. Also, any current promotions would be helpful. Seems like a lot of different models so hard to get good information here. Any clarity would be appreciated!! Thanks.
  • stoaviostoavio Posts: 15
    edited December 2013
    I ran the numbers you provided through a custom lease analysis tool I developed. Here is what I'm showing for a vehicle with those options in your state:

    MSRP: $41,875
    Invoice: $39,996
    Total Selling Price: $39,988
    Cap Cost: $36,988
    Tax: $2,589.16 at 7%
    Net Cap Cost: $39,832.16
    Total Inception Fees: $2,000 (Cash down)
    Sticker Savings: $1,887 (5%)
    Invoice Savings: $0.00 (dealer is charging you +$22 more than invoice)
    Money factor: 6.7%
    Residual Value: $21,356.25 at 51%
    Lease Term: 36 mo.
    Depreciation Fee: $513.22
    Finance Fee: $17.13
    Monthly Tax: $71.92

    Based on the numbers above your monthly payment should be closer to $530/mo. Additionally, you haven't saved anything off of the invoice. If you managed to get the dealer to give up $500 on the holdback, that would put your monthly payment closer to $515/mo with $2,000 cash down.

    Also, you should think of it this way. If you weren't giving the dealership 2k down upfront, then the deal they're giving you is basically $590.40/mo.

    Hope that helps.
  • Hey skip -

    I made a typo above.

    Tax: $2,729.16 at 7%

    That would make the $530 I quoted above go up to $534.
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