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2013 and earlier-Mercedes-Benz C-Class Lease Questions



  • sperrysperry Posts: 14
    With a 630 FICA you will likely only qualify for Tier 2 financing at best. This will raise your monthly, on a lease, about $50. I only qualified for tier 2 as well but added a co-signer to get me to tier 1.
  • bgates222bgates222 Posts: 38
    not sure if this is a good deal or not seems like it could be better
    2008 c 300 sport with p1 and panoramic roof

    msrp 36265.00
    residual .57
    sale price 34675.00
    15k miles 39 month

    due at signing tax 1700.39
    acq fee ? 795.00
    doc\fuel fee 45.00
    registration 93.00? cant i do this myself
    1st month payment 500.21
    total due 3156.1
    thanks in advance for the help
  • tommystonestommystones Posts: 19
    The current APlan lease offer is as follows ....

    2008 MBenz C Class 4Matic
    27 Month Lease
    $445 Per Month (Including Tax)
    12,500 miles Per Year
    Down Payment - Title, Reg, First Payment, Other minor fees (Little over 1K.)

    What are your thoughts on this offer? Any Good? Michigan by the way
  • bgates222bgates222 Posts: 38
    c300 sport
    multimedia, p1, panoramic roof,ipod, 7 speed automatic, 6 disc changer ,
    nothing down , due at signing tax , first month ,doc fees ,bank fee
    39590.00msrp sale price 37590.00 550/month 39 months 15k miles per
    had one without the multimedia , ipod , 6 disc for around 513.00 but i figured for roughly and extra 40 a month why not what do u guys think?
  • That sounds too good to be true. Where can I get one?
  • bgates222bgates222 Posts: 38
    im not sure if we can mention dealers on here but email me and ill tell you where i got it i picked it up yesterday
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,273
    You may include the dealership name, city and state in your post. Please do not post names of salespeople, telephone numbers, email addresses, or other contact information.



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  • ghstudioghstudio Posts: 970
    With the 2009 C's going into build, why isn't Mercedes blowing out the 2008's with great lease deals? The lease on the C is pretty unexciting....
  • In FL, I still see lot of advertisement of C class with 27 Mon Lease for 399. I think that it is still exciting deal. Can you explain why you think it is unexciting ?
  • Is APlan available to only MB family members ? I do not think that Chrsyler Family members are able to get that benefit anymore. Can you explain the Aplus plan.
  • ghstudioghstudio Posts: 970
    That's $399 with lots of money down in front for 27 months. I don't have the details in front of me, but I'll bet if you divide the down payment by 27months, you'll find that the cost is $399 + $150 or about $550...and then add multimedia and make it and 12K vs 10K miles per year. The real lease price is closer to $650/mo with no money down. That $399 is an advertising relation to the real price. of the car you want to lease.

    For a $38000 car, that a very unexciting lease. The Mercedes salesman will tell you that the resale on Mercedes cars is incredibly good....but then on a lease, uses a residual value that's less than most every one of it's competitors.....because so few buyers look at the residual value when getting a lease.

    They also hype low monthly costs with high up front payments....rather than telling you the real cost of the lease...because so few consider the cost up front and figure out the true monthly cost by dividing the up front "capital cost reduction" by the number of months of the lease and then adding that to the quoted lease rate.

    There's one listing in this thread where someone is gloating over how low their lease price was because they put $8000 down.....which is rediculous both because they didn't think of the $8000 as part of the lease payments...and because it's just bad financially to put any money down up front.
  • Hello everyone:

    I am new to this site and just leased a C300 luxury, 4matic today without much investigating prior to going into the dealership.

    The lease is for 27 months with 10,000 miles per year. The list I think is $38,375. Options are pano roof and PI. Payment is $568 including 5% sales tax. $2,000.00 down all inclusive 1st, doc fees, plates small cap cost reduction. I do not have the final price or MF with me to post but hopefully in the morning.

    Any comments would be greatly appreciated.
  • ghstudioghstudio Posts: 970
    Is there a special lease deal on the C300 right now. I've been quoted $585.73 per month for 27 months on a c300w4 P1,MM,IPOD, metalic...msrp $41, money down in front. I'm not sure how the dealer got there because the rate I've seen is .00260 with 67% residual. Is there a special rate in effect???
  • Yes, there is a special lease in effect until the end of July.

    But the critical item that you left out is the price of the vehicle you would have to pay to buy the vehicle at the end of the 27 months. It should be in the order of $28,800. If it is then I believe that this is a very good deal. Did you get the quote on-line or in person, cause I may want to go this route! :)
  • ghstudioghstudio Posts: 970
    I didn't write down the residual value because I don't buy leased cars at the end....I only look at the total cost of the lease. I think they used 67% residual. This was an in person quote.
  • mtech8mtech8 Posts: 4
    Wow. Sounds like a great deal. What was the residual on the car?

    Does anyone know what the best way to negotiate & calculate a trade-in. I was planning on negotiating the terms of the lease first. Then mention that I have a trade-in. Is it as simple as taking the difference in pay-off to the trade-in amount and adding it to the capitalized cost?

    ie: hypothetically 40K MSRP negotiated for 37K. Now adding 5K difference on trade-in. New price is 42K.
  • ocautoseekerocautoseeker Posts: 425
    The 24 month rate (money factor) is utilized on the 27 mo lease. For the C300 Sport, it's .00250. For the 4-matic version, it's .00240. The 10k residual is 68%.

    Would simply need to know the cap cost/selling price to determine whether it's a good deal or not.
  • C63 AMG Lease Experience North NJ

    This is the first time I have ever made a post on any forums as I am more of a overseer to these site who likes to keep his pulse on the car market. Long story short own an E46 M3 had a deposit on the new E92 M3 but wasn't going to order a car that I wanted to lease and be committed to those leasing programs in the month it was delivered when only God knows when that would be. Not to mention dealership was marking up the money factor. Anyways drove past a Northern NJ MB dealership and I saw a Mars Red C63 AMG. Decided to take a look at it knowing how it be cheaper and compaitible to the E92 M3. Sat and started it up! Very impressed. Went inside to talk the numbers with him on a lease as I already knew the Residuals and Money factors but since I was trading in my M3 I wanted to see realistically what a deal would look like. I told him to give me the numbers with 5K down and he comes back to me with for 39 months 5K Cap Cost $1712 a month!!!!! I almost hit the ceiling. It was then when the guy told me there was a $20K mark up on the car. I laugh and got up walked out. Anyone who gives them a $1 over MSRP for that car needs to have there heads examined. Good job MB you finally engineer a car which can compete with the M3. Then you price it to compete with the M3, instead your dealerships are turning possible first time MB buyers like myself into a lifetime BMW guy.
  • ghstudioghstudio Posts: 970
    There are good dealers and there are bad dealers. The Prius is very much in demand these days with high oil/gas prices. I've visited four dealers. Two of them mark up the car by $2000-2.500 market price adjustment...and claim that I will not find any dealer who even sells at MSRP. The other two sell at MSRP and can deliver a car in exactly the same amount of time.

    The dealer you are working with is fundamentally scum....they will rip you off on the sell side and then rake you over the coals on the service side....and they could probably care less if you ever come back to buy another car. Don't damn all Mercedes dealers because of one bad apple. Our local dealer really focuses on developing a relationship and treats folks fairly all the way thru the deal....although they are not the cheapest dealer in the area.
  • ocautoseekerocautoseeker Posts: 425
    The C63 AMG has a horrible money factor. Residuals are strong, but rates range from .00330 - .00365 for June.
  • mlocamloca Posts: 15
    I am looking to pull the trigger on a new C-300 Sport with 4matic
    Sticker Price: $41,775
    Invoice Price: $38,912
    TMV: $40,370

    What should I offer? I have no trade and a check in hand.
    Are there any incentives or "back end rebates" we don't see.

    thank you!
  • ghstudioghstudio Posts: 970
    Actually, there is a special lease deal on the C 300. One question you have to ask yourself is what will the car be worth in 3 years or whenever you sell it. The C is not all that fuel efficient so the resale may be lower than "normal" after 3 years. A 36/39 month lease allows you to just return the car at the end of the lease without worrying at all about resale.

    Now if you decide to explore this route, do a lease with no "capital cost reduction" up front...just pay the first months lease plus registration fees plus any taxes...nothing else. Think about it.

    You should also be aware that the 2009 C's will be arriving at dealers next month. Knowing that, you should try to buy a 2008 for invoice at this point. It's a pretty safe bet that when the 2009's come in, they will not leap off the lot into buyers you should be able to buy for maybe $1000 over invoice in August/Sept (my guess). Of course the price may go up due to the dollar...but I'm not sure they have the flexibility in the market given gas prices to raise the price very much. The improvements aren't all that significant...memory seats, power steering column adjustments, wood dash and cashmere interior available in more models.

    FYI...I have already had a couple of dealers offer me a 2009 car...and we would split the difference between invoice and msrp (since we don't know the real price). I thought that was a very fair deal...and if I were buying now, I would get the 2009...or I would lease a 2008.
  • mlocamloca Posts: 15
    Thank you for the insight. I never thought to hold out for a 2009 or at very least negotiate hard on an 08. Personally I put 30K+ miles a year on a car so the idea of leasing doesn't make sense unless the money factor is incredibly low wheras it becomes an interest free loan until I pay off the residual value. I will go to the dealership again and ask when the 09's will arrive.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,273
    Actually, sometimes it might make more sense to lease when you put on 30K mi./yr..

    Sure, a 3yr/90K lease is an extra $250/mo. more than a 3yr/45K lease.. but, that extra $9K over the three years might be less than the extra depreciation on a high-line vehicle..

    Of course, if you normally trade out before 90K miles, then you'll have to do a shorter term..



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  • Well this is really the second time I been rubbed the wrong way by a MB dealership. Its funny I drove past the dealership again and wouldn't you know there she was the same Mars Red C63 parked right in front. I wonder if they have a bidding war going on? lol I find it really funny also I drove past my BMW dealership that I had a deposit down originally for the new M3 and I saw about 5 M3's on the lot. In all honesty they aren't the "best" equipped cars IMO but the fact that there still on the lot shows the demand for these cars isn't there. I know the MF on the C63 is high but with the Residuals being higher then the M3 (actually June MF for the M3 went up) your still better off with the numbers from MB.

    Just curious what the forum thinks of this. I am either going to get a C63 08 fully loaded or M3 with DCT probably with options at a flat 70K but here is my goal. I want to put down 5K Cap Cost probably 4 years 15K a year and pay less then $975 with NJ sales tax included. Does anyone think these numbers will be realistic after the summer when the 09 are being produced? I'm hoping to find a car either in NJ/NY/CT even PA that I can get some money off MSRP. I know with the price of gas and so many people making a stink about it that cars getting 20 mpg or less even on the highway aren't going to be easy to move
  • ghstudioghstudio Posts: 970
    Why would you want to put $5K down up front on any lease. You would do much better financially by using that $5K as a "multiple security deposit". There are a few reasons to do this...but the most important is that you are loaning the money to MB or BMW for the time of the lease and you get it back at the end. In return, they lower the money factor (MF) of your you pay less interest on each payment.

    No one can predict where interest rates will be in the summer....or what residuals MB/BMW will put on their cars then.
  • Actually only BMW lets you put down multiple security deposits in order to lower the money factor. Mercedes doesn't have this practice. Also, there is still a big difference in payments between 5K cap cost and 5K multiple security deposits. I appreciate the advice but I explored those options. I heard all the arguments why you shouldn't put money down on a lease but to me it doesn't really matter because the money isn't coming out of my pocket. As well if you financed one of these cars especially the AMG (known for there TERRIBLE real world residual values) I would have to carry gap insurance just in case the car got totaled cause the minute I drove off the lot I would loose my initial down payment in deprecation. I financed my previous car (BMW 03 4.6is couple mods) and currently my M3 and to me its just not worth doing this anymore. I switch my cars to early plus I don't want to go through that phase of selling my car privately to get anything close to market value. I think my best bet really is to wait to the end of the model year and try to pounce on a left over. With the Performance Package coming out for the 09 Models which from what I read are being produced at the end of this month many of the enthusiasts or serious buyers will probably hold off. When it comes down to it I really don't need the LSD (the main addition in the package) to romp up down RT80 to work.
  • ghstudioghstudio Posts: 970
    My dealer tells me that Mercedes DOES offer a reduction in your MF with multiple security deposits and has given me some quotes that include MSD's. Your dealer, like most, probably never read the entire lease plan, they have looked at it and dismissed it as too small a saving to bother with (which is wrong), don't know how to explain it or just don't understand the difference between capital cost reduction and MSD. I also believe that the Mercedes lease, like most others these days provides gap insurance as part of the lease. As a matter of fact, one of the reasons you don't want to put money down in front is just insurance which they won't pay if you've already put money down up front.

    In your case, it sounds like you are on the right track...wait until the 09's appear early next month and then try to find a leftover 08.
  • ocautoseekerocautoseeker Posts: 425
    First, I would never tell anyone how to spend their own money, but I will advise on what's wise when concerning a lease.

    When it comes to making a cap cost reduction, you're simply "prepaying" a portion of the depreciation and thus lowering your monthly payments - certainly nothing wrog with that. If your lease is structured through MBC, it automatically includes GAP insurance, which will indeed pay off what you "owe" on the vehicle. However, if your vehicle is totaled or stolen and never recovered, yes, the GAP policy will pay off the vehicle, but you will essentially lose that $5k you put down upfront.

    Also, MBC does allow up to 10 MSD's, but it varies by region. This would be a good option to explore and utilize if you want to put $5k down - this way, you will lower your monthly payments and in the unexpected event of an accident where the vehicle is declared a total loss, or if stolen, you will at least be able to recover the money you put down and utilize it towards your next lease, or simply take it back.
  • larrymlarrym Posts: 19
    Can someone post up the lease figures for the C-Class

    months, miles, residuals, money factor

    Thanks in advance
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