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2013 and earlier-Mercedes-Benz C-Class Lease Questions



  • aas5aas5 Posts: 50
    you should reread my message.
    my cap cost reduction was $300, everything else was fees - first month, plus bank fee, plus MV fees, plus taxes, plus doc fees. You can't not pay those upfront, except for taxes. So with almost no cap cost reduction, my payment is $450/month with 7,500 miles, I assume you can be in low $500's with 15K miles.
    Call the NJ guys and have it shipped.
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    I ran the numbers of cap, residual for 15K miles per year and the MF and, even if I got a E350 with no options with cap price right at invoice, I'm getting payments coming out in the $700+ range for 24 months. Something is not adding up.

    I'll check around California to see if there is anything from dealers comparable to what a few people in the NJ area are quoting. It will probably cost $1000 to ship the car out to the west coast and then to have to go back there for lease return would be too much of a hassle, plus I need a vehicle with CA emissions controls anyway.
  • aas5aas5 Posts: 50
    yep, I agree, numbers don't add up, when I was calculating my deal, I was in the low 600s at best, but this is the deal I got and I think a lot of people on the east coast are getting similar deals. I think there is a very heavy discounting going on with E class. I can tell you on my lease documents, the price of the car was something like $48K and I have an option to buy for something like $38K. This is on a brand new E350 4matic with P1 and ipod and metallic paint with 11 miles:)
  • Thx for the link to the articles. I do have one quick question. Can you explain exactly what the "Cap Cost Reduction" figure means and what I "do w/ that"---the dealers keep bringing it up but I am unclear.
  • carman:
    i am considering leasing a 2008 mercedes c300 - automatic with leather and maybe premium package. i am due to turn in my audi a4 by mid december. looking for some figures but am a little concerned with that outrageous money factor which hopefully will go down for december. i am also considering another a4, and a bmw x3.

    - i live in NJ
    - looking to lease for anywhere from 36-42 months
    - 12,000 miles per year
    - what would be december residuals on this car and money factor?
    - what fees should i expect to pay upfront on this car and are any of them negotiable?
    - what should i strive for over invoice on this car? it seems that invoice on this car is about 34,500?
    - also, any incentives i should be aware of for december?
    - lastly, anyone know difference between sport model and luxury? i can't seem to figure out what is different between the two.

  • I am looking to lease a C 300 sport 4MATIC and in the NJ area.

    10K miles a year is good enough for me, i'm trying to figure out what ball park i am in for monthly and what i need to bring to the table in terms of cap cost reduction.

    If anyone has recently scored a nice deal in NJ, would appreciate any details, dealer info.
  • pkutina, i'm also in central NJ and looking to lease a 300, $465 a month was for the sport edition or standard?. was that your final deal?
  • This seems like a good deal. I had a dealer tell me that the C300 sport with Premium 1 and multi-media would be about $650/month with $2,200 down (15,000 miles/year). I don't have the residual and money factor #'s handy----I'm frustrated b/c this seems like a lot of $. I am trying to get the monthly lease down to $500-$525. Any advice??
  • aas5aas5 Posts: 50
    I think it is very difficult to get a good deal on C-class, they are hot and so the dealers/MB can get away with high MFs. Having said that, I was offered invoice pricing at a dealer in NJ for C sport with automatic and Multimedia package, which came to about $465/month for 3 years with 7.5K miles and about $2.5K of fees, first month payment, dealer fees and other upfront. You would pay more for more miles. I was ready to take this deal but there are no cars with multimedia but without P1 and I didn't want to wait for a factory order.
    If you have any flexibility, wait a couple of months (may be a while). I got an E-class for 2 years and after that I will look for C-class to be more affordable for a lease.
  • This seems pretty decent to me, your thoughts?:

    C300 4 matic in Steel Grey with Black MB tex…Sport package and 6 disc Cd changer.
    The program offered is for 39 months
    The money factor is .00260 and the residual is 63%....
    10,000 miles
    $468 plus tax per month….Your inceptions will require you to write a check for $1850.00 there is no Cap Cost Reduction added.
    The car I used is $37,775 MSRP……
  • anyone ?:) i'm debating pulling the trigger on this one, hoping someone can confirm if this is a deal.
  • jgurajgura Posts: 16
    Doesn't seem bad, but you might be able to do a bit better.
    I recently was offered in NJ a C300 4Matic Luxury with P1 at $480/mth incl Tax with no Cap Cost Reduction. Didn't take it since I need to get out of my last 2 mths on an 04 C240 first.

    I suggest you bid them at 480 with Tax and see what they do....

    Do me a favor and email me your dealer and final deal negotiated so I can use when I go back.....(
  • Hello everyone, I am new to this site and had a couple of questions. I am looking to lease a either a c300 w/ auto, mm pack, c300 auto, c350 base, or c350 mm pack. I am able to recieve an employee discount of 12.5%, want to lease for 39mnths, and 15,000 miles. My questions are how much should I be paying a month on my choices and if i pay monthly taxes I only have to pay taxes on the down payment upfront correct?
  • I am buying out my leased car at the end of the lease. The residual is around 12 for C230 2DR 2003. Mercedez is quoting $980 sales tax for this- Does this sound right? I had read some time ago that there is a way to get around it by going to a middle man a.ka and something like that.. I don't remember the whole thing but I remember previousl messages about this.. can some body help me out? and then what is the best price I should negotiate for this car? thanks,,, samantha
  • Does anyone have the December Mercedes Benz Financial official C-Class 300 buy rate money factors and residuals (12K mi / yr, say 36 months)? Looking to negotiate a deal soon and would like to know their bottom line.

    Dr. Travel, if you're out there, I've seen postings from you before on this topic so I'm hoping you can help. Also, I know this isn't a B-mer forum, but I'm between the C-Class MB or the 528 B-mer. So if the same info on the 5 series is handy, pass that along too! :) Thanks all. Great forum.
  • rmbalisarmbalisa Posts: 129
    jonanong, since you are an employee, I wouldn't even bother with the C. What you will probably pay for the C, which has virtually no great incentives, you can get the E with the fantastic rebates for lease ($3000) and money factor (0.00008). I believe from the MVP deal, you can get an E350 4matic with P1 and heated seats for $389, plus taxes and fees. So you are looking about 450ish a month if you roll in the acquisition fee.
  • Hello, sorry to mislead you. I have a family member working for mercedes and the discount is through him. Thank You for the great information on the E class and if you could, would you also provide some info on the C class; so that I may compare the two. Any further help would be appreciated.
  • Sounds like a good deal to me. I live in NJ and am looking for exactly the same deal. Can please send me contact information for your deal?

    Much appreciated.
  • I just finalized a lease with MB on the C-class---it was for 39 months/15K per year;
    C-Sport 300, P1, Multi-media, i-pod integration. $559/month with $2,100 down (bank fees and 1st month payment). MB is picking up 1/2 of my last Audi payment, $265/month.
  • that sounds like a good deal, i was quoted 575 for the same but it included 4matic. $559 does not include 4matic i assume does it include tax, which dealer? if you can emial me i would greatly appreciate it
  • New to leasing, but i've done quite a bit of research online. I read a lot about negotiating leases through msrp, cap costs, etc. However I couldn't find anything on negotiating lease specials. Currently, MB has a lease special on the C300 Sport 4matic. $419/mo, 39mo, $2750 cap cost, 10K miles MSRP $37,065. Since this is their lease special, can there be any negotiation? Or is this pretty much "this is our special so this is what you pay" kind of deal?

  • The special's usually revolve around specific variables, money factor and dealer incentives, etc..

    Negotiate as you would normally, I was recently offered the following:
    15k milies, 39 months 300 4matic sport with P1 and Navigation for $550 (including 7% NJ tax) and 0 cap cost reduction.
  • raymondw7
    I've been working on basically the same car / lease but not doing that well. What dealer are you working with?
  • whats your email address i'll send you specifics
  • Not eager to post an email but have enabled it in my profile.
    thanks..appreciate it.
  • Will the .75% cut translate into a lower MF? How long will it take for the MF to reflect the cut?
  • I went to 3 dealers looking for a white C300 P1, Multimedia, 4matic lease. These numbers were in January. The numbers in December were better. The dealer said there was a 450 price increase in Jan. ( which I didn't pay ) and the MF / residual were different then the deals posted here in the 550 range in Dec.

    39 months, 15K and no Cap reduction.
    Dealer one offered 630 something with 2000 in fees for a car without MM. Didn't waste too much time on this one.

    Dealer 2 offered 630 something with 2200 in fees with MM. They called repeatedly but wouldn't go any lower. I didn't really check their numbers but said I was getting a 750 discount.

    Dealer 3 offered 584 with 2000 in fees.
    I don't have the numbers in front of me but did check the calculations at the time.

    00250 (6%)
    7% sales tax
    and they waived my 350 lease disposition fee.
    I wanted the Sport grille. quoted (1st) 500, (2nd) 600, got it for 350.

    BTW: love the car. the audio is outstanding.
  • i'll email you the details of the dealer i recommended (550 deal), someone recently took them up on the offer (last week I believe).
  • Hi Folks,

    Been watching this list for a few days hoping someone would provide some new intelligence. Looking to make an opening offer for the following:

    C300 sport
    auto trans
    P1 package
    iPod integration
    Paladium Silver exterior
    Black/Grey MB Tex Interior (no leather)
    12,000 miles/yr
    39 month lease
    MSRP according to MBUSA site is $36,350
    Invoice is $33,503 according to Carsdirect. (target price of $34,990)

    Only one MB dealer in town (Jacksonville, FL) -- Bruno's. Though I've also asked for a quote from a dealer in Gainesville (an hour away or so)

    Credit is 785+, owned multiple homes, plenty of credit history

    Never leased before. What kind of deal should I open up with. Anyone know the February money factors and residual on this car?

    thank you! Want to complete a deal this weekend if it's a good one.

  • I'm flying blind here -- I can't seem to find February money factors and residual value for the car I spec'd out above.

    Dealer says he will give them to me, but only in person. How can I independently verify I'm not being sold a bill of goods?

    Bueller? Bueller?
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