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2013 and earlier-Mercedes-Benz C-Class Lease Questions



  • mrummrum Posts: 7
    I leased a 2007 C230 in July 2007. I but $2550 down and my total payment was $379 a month, 15,000 miles a year for 27 months. I was happy with this lease as $1500 of the money I put down was from Mercedes because my first C230 was bought back buy them as it was a lemon. Unfortunately, I just totaled my car on Saturday.

    I am now thinking of looking into leasing the C300 Sport, but am afraid that it will be much more expensive. Anyone know of good leases in So Cal on the C300 Sport? I really want to keep my payment under $400. However, with this economy maybe this is the time to think about getting an Accord or something a little more economical.

    I would appreciate any suggestions. :)
  • occarbuffoccarbuff Posts: 6
    Sorry to hear about your C230...I think your payment will be closer to $500 for the new C300 Sport with few options. I leased one from South Bay MB for $479. This was for a 39 month/10k miles lease with about $1800 down. I got the sport with auto, metallic paint, and 18"AMG wheels/tires. I know there are $399 specials out there, but it will require alot more down in the neighborhood of $4000-5000.

    I hope this helps... :D
  • Over the phone, I mentioned that I would prefer a 36month lease, a salesman from a reputable Mercedes dealership told me that to lease the C300 Sport for anything more than the advertised 27month lease would be "substantially higher" in cost. Are they playing hardball? What is their angle?

    Also, they won't say squat about the 2009s, I presume they want to get rid of all the 2008s. However, I would at least like to know what I'd be missing if I pulled the trigger on an 08 this month or next month.

    Any feedback would be much appreciated. :confuse:
  • ocautoseekerocautoseeker Posts: 425
    The 27 month program offers the best residuals and money factors available currently through MBC.

    I posted it a few days ago, but here it is again...

    27M -- Residual 65% -- .00250

    27M -- Residual 65% -- .00240 (4-matic)

    Add 2% for 12k/mi & 3% for 10k/mi.

    The residuals are strong, but the money factors are higher than what they used to be, and thus why you're seeing higher payments on these vehicles.
  • ghstudioghstudio Posts: 970
    The 2009 c's are already in build and should be arriving next month. If I recall correctly the changes are cashmere seats available on more models, wood dash available on more cars, memory seats are back and the steering column adjustments are power.

    Your salesman can pull up the 2009 specs and order information any time....and all the information on changes is at the dealer.

    There is a special lease on the C's this month for 27 months with a lower MF.

    If you are considering leasing a C350, I'd encourage you to look at an Infiniti M35 which has a much better lease and will likely save you money on a significantly more expensive car on their 24 month lease. (it also runs on regular gas)
  • jlu5jlu5 Posts: 2
    My C230 lease is due next month (July).....I've gone to my dealer and gotten a quote on an '08 C350 Sport with MultiMedia pkg. & ipod - $2100 down 595/mo. ($41,100 MSRP). Like some other posts here, I thought Mercedes would be really trying to move the '08s. My question is, do you folks in this forum think this is a good deal? It looks comporable to most of the C300 quotes I'm seeing here. But as I said, I thought the deals would be better in anticipation of the '09s. My dealer said the '09s aren't going to be here til Sept/Oct. Even though my lease turn in is next month, do you guys think the deals are going to get better in July/Aug./Sept. when there will be more pressure to move the '08s out? I was thinking of maybe extending my lease 1 or 2 months if Mercedes Benz Financial will do that? Any help, suggestions would be appreciated!
  • ghstudioghstudio Posts: 970
    I think the C's are moving at the current prices/deals so I'm not sure they will be better in a month. As far as cars coming in Sept/Oct...they are in build now...a dealer hasn't been able to order a 2008 for over a month now. They will arrive in the US next month and unless Mercedes holds them in their storage areas, they will move right out to Sept is a salesman "blowing smoke" to get you to focus on what they have.

    There are a few changes in the 2009's but nothing mechanical...memory seats, wood grain dash, cashmere interior on more models. On a lease, go for the deal...on a purchase, maybe you want to wait to avoid one year's depreciation in one month.
  • jlu5jlu5 Posts: 2
    Thanks ghstudio. I'm definitely leasing. So the numbers I listed sound like a good deal? I just thought they would be lower and if not today, maybe in a month?
  • jitendra1jitendra1 Posts: 43
    I just got a quote for C300 4matic Premium2 & Navigation package for 0 down. Only 1st month's payment. 599/month for 39 months 12K. How is this deal?
  • ghstudioghstudio Posts: 970
    you might price out a 27 month lease...might be less money....

    Last week, I was quoted 585 plus tax with no money down on 27mo lese for the same with metalic paint and ipod but without p2.
  • evanstoevansto Posts: 12
    I just leased an C300 4matic with P1, $485 month plus tax with no money down, 15k miles per year. The term is also 39 months.
  • I plan to get a 2009 C300 Sport. I prefer to pay cash for cars. However, given the way the price of gasoline has been going up I wonder if I might not be better off leasing my car. In three years a car that gets 17 mpg in the city might be really undesirable. Who knows -- gas could be $6 to $8 a gallon.

    Any thoughts?
  • ghstudioghstudio Posts: 970
    That's exactly why I am leasing for 24/27 months. I don't have to worry about the value of the car in a couple of years and there will be a whole set of fuel efficient choices to make then.
  • frankb036frankb036 Posts: 22
    can you share with us the dealer and city/state who gave you the deal
  • evanstoevansto Posts: 12
    Mercedes of North Olmsted, Ohio.
  • gtylersgtylers Posts: 10
    that is a great deal. i have been considering this car, and im in the cleveland area. i was wondering if you could list your options or if you paid any dealer fees up front and if i could drop you an email to further discuss your experience.
  • evanstoevansto Posts: 12
    Hi, the deal was great, beat Ganley in Akron by a lot. The only money down was the first month's payment and a $750 but the dealer rebated the $750. The lease is $485 plus tax and is 39 months with 15k per year. Mercedes of North Olmsted was top notch, best experience very. Quality people. I guess that's why they are being allowed to build a brand new state of the art dealership.

    Not only was I surprised at the monthly payment on the lease, I was even more surprised they gave me so much for my Audi A6 trade.
  • Is it Mercedes' policy NOT to quote over the phone? I submitted a quote request via email and have received a couple of email responses and phone calls from the dealership but they always just say, come by for a test drive OR we're working to find you the car you specified.

    I don't want to harass the dealership in the fear that I may sound desperate. I can wait for the best deal which I'm guessing will be in late July right before the 09s come out. ;)
  • frankb036frankb036 Posts: 22
    I have been pricing MB in NJ and you indeed got a fantastic deal. You are either a great negotiator or very lucky or both

    If you would not mind I have a couple of questions; does your $485 payment include sales tax? Did the dealer not charge you a "bank fee" and "Doc Fee".
    Could you share the MSRP and the cap cost of your car...

    Thanks and hope you are enjoying your new car!
  • gtylersgtylers Posts: 10
    would you mind giving me your email address? id like to discuss everything a little further with you. thanks.
  • ocautoseekerocautoseeker Posts: 425
    I agree - it's kind of annoying isn't it? Let me see if I can explain why this happens... Some dealers take the attitude that their product is of superior quality and think that you are only serious if they have you in the showroom. In many cases this may be true, but I say... what do they have to lose by at least trying to be competitive? If they don't at least give you a price to think about, they can't even get in the game. This is an ancient way of trying to sell and dealer's that won't discuss via phone, net or fax are usually avoided on my end.

    In this day and age, I find that dealers that are unwilling to talk pricing over the phone or Internet lose a lot of business - but hey, it's ceratinly their right to conduct biz the way they want, right? These traditional type dealerships hate the dealerships that do quote because they feel like they undercut the competition and devalue the brand.

    Some don't like to give quotes because they know that people will shop them against other dealers, which is what savy customers should do. This is why when a dealer does actually give out a quote via the net, he may post a side note that says something like... if you find a better deal, at least give him a chance to beat it.

    Hope something works out for you.
  • evanstoevansto Posts: 12
  • vinnynyvinnyny Posts: 774
    Dealers are in the business of selling cars, not talking about cars. Most dealers figure that there's very little chance that they can sell you a car over the phone while they have a fairly decent chance of selling you a car if you're physically in the dealership. Although I have bought at least ten cars over the internet or phone, I've only bought two without going in to the dealer to close the deal. They know that no matter how close they can get you to buying the car over the phone, they almost always have to get you into the dealership to finalize the deal--so why not get you in first?
  • theodoretheodore Posts: 4
    For anyone othere who's interested, I leased this car yesterday (July 4, 2008).

    Base C350 Sport M.S.R.P $37,775
    Exterior Color (Metallic paint is optional, resulting in an additional price of $710)
    Steel Grey Metallic $710
    Interior Color Grey/Black Leather1 $1,550
    Wood Trims Black Birdseye Maple $0
    iPod Integration Kit $375
    P2: Premium II $1,350
    Multimedia Package $2,950
    Total MSRP $44,710

    Drive-off $1724
    Monthly payment $540 (incl 7.75% tax)
    12K miles / year, 39-month lease

    I picked up the car from Penske MB, here in So. Cal. Others who gave similar lease deals (and hence I would recommend) are W.I Simonson MB (their Internet Director is very professional, courteous and prompt), Beverly Hills MB and Downtown LA MB.
  • userlauserla Posts: 9
    theodore -

    Looking at leasing a car very similiar in CA. Was wondering how much of the drive-off cost was considered docs & fees vs. cap reduction?

    Thanks and congrats!
  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Congratulations on getting your new C350, theodore. Thanks for taking the time to share the details of your lease with everyone. Make sure to stop by the Dealer Ratings & Reviews section of as well to share your thoughts on your recent dealer experience. Enjoy your new ride :shades: !

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  • theodoretheodore Posts: 4
    I think the cap reduction was approx $1000 and the remaining $724 was tax, title and first month. I didn't pay any security deposit.
  • userlauserla Posts: 9
    I'm looking to lease an '08 C350 and my dealer has done $100 over invoice, but they've added an "acquisition fee" of $795 on top of the $875 destination fee that's built into the invoice. Is this bogus?

    I feel like an '08 could still be had under invoice, no?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,777
    Almost every bank lease includes an acquisition fee paid by the customer... This fee goes to the bank.. Banks do allow dealers to mark-up this fee for extra profit, however.. $795 is MB Financial's base fee..



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