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2000 Ford F-250 Super Duty Problems and Solutions



  • tadragtadrag Posts: 10
    Mine is a 2004 April build in North Carolina. Supercrew, Lariat, Column shift. 3.73 gears 4 X 4 Limited slip rear axle, trailer tow package. 5.4 Automatic 6.5 ft box. 18 inch B F goodrich tires, 5500 miles. I first noticed the vibration about 500 miles ago. It apparently is related to the parking / emergency brakes. Usually when I experience vibration it is within a short distance from home when I first get up near highway speed. The last time I stepped on the parking brake when in vibration mode and the vibration got much worse and then better when I released it. I pulled over and did a touch test on the brake rotors. the fronts were warm, the right rear hot, and the left rear too hot to touch. I live in a hilly area and use the park brake a lot, . I have an appointment next thursday to have it checked, will post an update.
  • buttsbutts Posts: 1
    I have a 2004 F-150 Supercrew. The front brakes warp and the back rotors if you look at them have groves cut in them. I know 3 other people with the same truck and we are all having these design defect issues as well as the ones below. The bed light of all of ours leaked water into the cab the first hard rain we experienced. Two of us are having transmission issues. My computer would not allow my transmission to switch gears one day. The interior cloth is the worst staining material that I have ever seen. My AC on my 4.6 ltr. does not cool adequately. One of my friends with an F-150's home was burned down 2 weeks ago. Don't worry. It was not his F-150. Rather, it was his Expedition with a faulty cruise control. My 2004 F-150 has been in the shop 4 times in it's first year. Some of the problems are still not fixed. The machanics manager told me that he believes that all owners of this truck should get an extended warranty. Why? These are design flaw issues.
  • twocartwocar Posts: 95
    Okay, folks. Bear with me because I am wracking my brain trying to discern if I'm gonna have a problem or not. The only real significant difference I see is that I have the Lariat with the console shifter. The two of you above have the column shift. Nevertheless, I have noticed that even though my parking brake light may be "out" the pedal for it still seems to sometimes be a little bit engaged. Maybe tadrag is on to something, even if it doesn't completely resolve the problem. I was gonna suggest the tires but tadrag has the 18" BF Goodrich tires I have, I presume. Mine was Manufactured in early May '04. Maybe, if nothing else, we are eliminating what ISN'T the problem. :confuse:
  • mikegarzamikegarza Posts: 1
    I have a 2000 f150 XLT ford pickup truck. the door light ajar keeps coming on with that beeping sound thats driving nut, even if I'm parked the dome light comes on the inside and the outside its telling me that a door is open but in reality all doors are close, I'm tired of slamming the hell out of the doors so that light could turn off . Even if I'm driving I take a left turn and the light comes on I take a right turn and that light and beeping sounfd turn on, What is my solution?
  • filippellifilippelli Posts: 2
    I have a 1991 F 150 XLT Lariat . The battery started draining overnight or was almost dead depending how early I tried to start the truck. After charging the battery or jumping it would run ok. Then it became progressively worse !! :cry: I removed neg. battery cable and tested for a short. There is one but I can't find it. The battery is fine... the alternator was tested and it's ok. I pulled each fuse and the test light didn't go out with any of them. I have replaced the ignition starter switch on the steering column. There is still a short. Can anyone suggest what to check next and what all could be causing the problem? I have other problems that may or may not be related to this. the power window on passenger side sometimes will not go up or down. Sometimes when turning the radio down it will all of a sudden go louder instead of lower. And the inside light that comes on when you open the door sometimes doesn't. Any help would be deeply appreciated Thanks
  • wpalkowskiwpalkowski Posts: 493
    There's probably crud/sand/etc. that's accumulated in the door switches. Get some WD-40 and liberally soak each door switch. Move the switch it back and forth several times and then soak it some more. Repeat until the problem goes away.
  • wpalkowskiwpalkowski Posts: 493
    I'm not familiar with a '91, but have questions for you. Did you check all of the circuits in the truck? Most likely there are fuses both under the dash and under the hood. I've gotten fooled into just checking the ones under the dash before.

    Do you have an Ammeter with a couple of clip leads to check current draw? How about if you pull out all the fuses - then start putting them back one at a time. (Just make sure to keep good track of them.) It has to be a fairly significant draw to discharge your battery overnight. A lot more than the clock circuit, computer memory backup, etc. The Ammeter will tell you which circuit has the higher draw.

    Just my $0.02
  • filippellifilippelli Posts: 2
    Thanks for your 2 cents :) I hadn't thought about fuses being under the hood. I had my battery rechecked and found out it's not as Good as I was told so I bought a new one. I don't have a meter but may have to invest in one. Where can I find out What to Test and How to use it to test? Thanks, Olivia
  • redtruck5redtruck5 Posts: 1
    2004 Ford F 150
    4 x 4 Supercrew 5.5' Bed
    Lariat - Auto-5.4 V-8 - Console shifter
    18" wheels w/BF Goodrich Long Trail 265/60 R 18
    All on road driving - no towing yet - speeds up to 90mph frequent

    Vibration upon braking starting @ approx 5000 miles - all speeds.

    Dealer service @ 7500 miles - turned front rotors - warranty - no explanation.

    Notice from Ford Corporate Jan 2005 (12000 miles) regarding "uneven, rapid tire wear and vibration..."

    Vibration upon braking starting @ approx 12500 miles - all speeds. Two (2) incidents of violent vibration - (brake related ?) - while driving at highway speeds - was not braking at time of incident. Inspection of front brakes and wheels = RED HOT front rotors AND wheels - how long has brake been dragging ?

    Dealer service @ 15500 miles - replaced front rotors - warranty - technical service advisory.
    Dealer claims ignorance regarding FORD CORP letter, tires and vibration

    Violent vibration while driving at highway speeds 15507 miles - 7 miles after leaving dealer.

    RED HOT front rotors AND wheels - back rotors cool to touch.

    Are tire and brakes issues related ? :confuse:

    Thanks for listening.
  • twocartwocar Posts: 95
    That sounds just like the specs on my truck. Haven't noticed a vibration problem. Wonder if there is an adjustment askew on your truck. I do know that Ford usually tries to use softer pads to alleviate a problem as all Fords I have ever owned tend to have excessive brake dust at the front tires. This is confirmed upon rotation and the cleaner looking wheels having black dust all over them after a while. Wonder if they were bs'ing me when I took mine in for a rotation and brake check? Said all was well. Tread wear was good, etc..
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    Classic symptoms of vacuum/pressure problem. Have the front brake hoses changed as soon as possible.

    kcram - Pickups Host
  • timmy4timmy4 Posts: 1
  • volksvolks Posts: 3
    I have a 2004 f150 super crew lariat 5.4 auto 4wd 3.73's every option. I have experienced a violent shudder/shaking in the truck which occurs at 40-50 mph , comes out of nowhere , almost feels as if I have a flat tire. I have to pull over , turn off the truck , wait a minute , take off again and it is gone. This may not present itself again for 500-1000 miles. The entire vehicle shakes so badly it feels as if the vehicle is going to come apart. This started at about 5000 miles , I have taken it to the dealer , drove the vehicle with their service man , of course we couldn't duplicate the problem. When this occurs I have tried the following : turning the OD off , putting the trans in neutral , shutting the engine off , nothing seems to make a change. A complete stop , engine shutdown and waiting a couple minutes seems to get rid of the problem , and it may not happen again for many miles.I have rotated the tires , torqued the lugnuts to spec , tires aired properly , etc. This is driving me nuts. After sifting thru similar posts , I see I am not alone. Has anyone else with this condition had any luck in resolving this problem ? My dealer has always been very helpful in the past , and they can't figure it out either. I currently have 6000 miles on the truck , do not tow or take it offroad either. HELP !!!!!!!!!!!
    Thank-you for any help in this matter !!!!
  • tyresmokertyresmoker Posts: 266
    I cannot believe that Ford is blind to this problem..There are far too many posts on this board for it to be an "isolated problem". What are the dealers saying? Is there a fix for the problem? Has anyone had it resolved? It seems to just be the Supercrew that has the shake? Has anyone experienced this with an '05?
  • a1585va1585v Posts: 2
    I have the same truck, and have the exact same problem.
    Replaced the drive shaft and problem resolve. Still get minor vibration but probably related to something else.
  • sbaptsbapt Posts: 1
    I have a 1996 Ford F250 Diesel, it's always been a good truck and given me good mileage, however over the last 6 months my mileage has went crazy.I am not sure how much I am getting per gallon but know that it is less than half of what I was...I make some regular trips from Indy to Maine...and I find myself fueling up 3 extra times...any suggestions?
  • uboatuboat Posts: 1
    I Own a '90 F-150 XLT with 140k and had a similar problem 6 mos. ago. I knew I had a drain on the battery somewhere. I finally found that one of the two fuel pump relays was shorting out and replaced the bad one. They are located under the hood on the driver's side. You should hear them activate just after the ignition key is turned to the 'on' position. I have two gas tanks and that is the reason for two relay switches. The cost to fix was not bad. The problem was finding it. The relay was corroded and the contacts were "melting " together. I hope this helps
  • I have a 2004 Ford F-150 Super Crew with a vibration. I took it back into the dealer at 4000 miles and they rebalanced the tires. The vibration was still there. I put up with it until 29,000 miles because it was not too bad then it started to get worse. I took it in and they said the tires needed to be rotated and balanced again. After that it was much worse. I immediately took it back and they put 4 new tires on it telling me that the tires were bad. The vibration was still there. I then heard a clicking noise and found that if you put the truck in park on level ground and rock it back and forth that where the third member housing and drive shaft join together will move up and down about 2 to 3 inches. The whole axle is loose. I am to take it in Monday and have that looked at. The service manager today watched it while I rocked the truck and his only comment was “I have never seen a rear axle do that”. My concern is not just them tighten the axle back down but how much damage has been done to the pinion gears and the axle bearings? Will report more on Monday.
  • hutch20hutch20 Posts: 4
    We know just how you feel!! I have a 2004 F-150 Supercrew 4x4 that has had a problem with vibrations since we test drove it. We should have test driven others, but decided we liked it and they probably just need to balance the tires. Well, after our drive line was replaced and body mounts put on and several times trying to figure out what was going on, the truck seems to ride a little better. This last Monday I took the truck in for a "Klunk" that happens when we come to a stop, then you proceed to hit the gas and there it goes. It almost sounds like the driveline is going to fall out! I finally had a shop forman test drive the truck with me and he said it had to do with the driveline, so parts are on order. :sick: He also told me that FORD puts on the cheapest tires and his friend had bought new tires and rims and said it ran much better. Maybe FORD should foot the bill for some good tires!! Anyway, the shop forman asked if I would like to test drive a 2005 of the same model and that thing was like driving a washing machine. :lemon: That truck shook and vibrated so much it wasn't even funny. Compared to our 2004, our truck rides like a caddy... It is very frustrating that us Customers who pay a great deal on money for a vehicle are getting the run around! Needless to say, we are not very happy with our FORD Dealership. I hope this helps you. :confuse:
  • aspesisteveaspesisteve Posts: 833
    i'm almost embarassed to post my gripe here after reading on and on and on about the vibration problem, but what the heck I'll add my 2 cents.

    I go into change my oil with my $19.95 coupon from the ford dealer that sold me my '04 F150. When I come back 3 hours later (they never called) the bill is $28.95. They said the drain plug needed replacing - said it was getting "worn out"

    hmmm, I said, that must be covered by warranty cause I've only changed the oil here at the dealer. Then he looks at his paper work and says "oh, my mistake, we needed to add more oil. hmmmm, the coupon was for my truck ya know?

    Just then i remember they stapled a free oil change to my last paper work since it took three days to lathe my warpped rotors and change the oil (which cost $63).

    All this and they have the nerve to recommend you come back in 3,000 miles and do it all over again?!

    Never will I return to the dealer unless I need warranty work -
    It's a total tip off when a guy in a shirt and tie greets you for an oil change.
  • tgonzotgonzo Posts: 2
    I have a 99 Ford F-150 XL and I cannot find the jack!
    I've looked under the hood, inside the truck, under the truck where the spair tire goes, in the extended cab area and I can't find it.
    Help! :confuse:
  • gmac2gmac2 Posts: 1
    Had the same problem. Fix it with some good door lube (spray) into lock opening areas on the side of the door. A little electronic switch gets stuck. There is one on all four doors just below the latching mechanism. Worked for me. I slammed the doors for two weeks before some good guy fixed it for me. Good luck
  • tallyhotallyho Posts: 2
    Went out to get in my truck this morning after driving it yesterday and it will not start. Cranks but won't turn over. Is there some diesel mystery that I should know about? Any help will be greatly appreciated. :mad:
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    If you've been experiencing slow/difficult starting for the last few days/weeks, then your batteries are shot. This is always a sign for me - hard starting = fresh 12-volts. It's most important with a diesel because it needs all that juice to get started, but very little to actually stay running.

    kcram - Pickups Host
  • tallyhotallyho Posts: 2
    This was a sudden problem. No dificulty starting before yesterday and it certainly sounds like the battery is okay. Not your typical clicking sound of a dead battery.
  • volksvolks Posts: 3
    I wanted to update since my last trip to the Ford hospital.The truck went into "hyper-shake" again , I called and made a service appointment with my dealer. At my request they kept the truck for several days , put over a hundred miles on it , and it indeed went into "hyper-shake" on them. Here is what they have done to correct the problem: Adjusted the driveline inclination angle , changed clock posistion on the driveshaft and reprogrammed the trans pcm. The tech told me he got the " shakes" between 48-52 mph , exactly when I have experienced the problem , and he felt trans shudder was the main problem. Since picking up my truck , It is much smoother at all speeds and I have not had even a hint of vibration at 48-52 mph. Hopefully this will take care of it / time will tell. just wanted to post my findings to everyone with similiar problems !
  • micomarkmicomark Posts: 11
    To all those having problems with 2004 or 2005 F-150 vibrations and drive-train problems. Here what I am experiencing and I have hired an attorney to process a "lemon law" case in Ohio in forcing Ford to take this POS Ford back. I have had the rear axle assembly replaced with less than 1000 miles on the vehicle and three tires replaced "Goodrich Rugged Trail". I still am having the following problems. Simply stated. This vehicle appears to have serious engineering problems. I think they may have lightened the cab up so much that every vibration the vehicle generates from either, engine, driveshaft, differential, etc is resonating up throught the cab. Thus, no fix. Truly a lemon. See your attorney looks like the only relief fromt his lousy vehicle. It makes me sick I traded in a real nice performing 2002 F150 for this thing. That was a good truck.
    1.. Vehicle continues to generate excessive drive train delay-slip-slap-crunch (for lack of an encompassing term) at various times while starting and driving in start and stop traffic. i.e. when accelerating from a dead start, when decelerating in a road dip and accelerating out of a road dip, when decelerating and slowing to make a turn and accelerating out of a turn. The slip and slap is also experienced at times when slowing and the vehicle downshifts. A very bad situation: Is when slowing down or rounding a turn and then accelerating out of it. Where at that certain speed when the torque from acceleration pulls out the drive train slack and the transmission shifts to the next gear simultaneously. There is a slap and thud that will make you think the wheels are falling off this vehicle.
    2.Vehicle continues or has returned to generating excessive cab vibration under at least three different driving conditions. I performed three specific tests on smooth road with long inclines. First test was performed in the early morning 6:00 AM when colder and the second in the late afternoon 4:00 PM over the same road when outside temperature was 80 degree’s. Tests one and two were with a #3000 tow load. Third test was without a tow load.
    a. When drive train is under torque while climbing a long road incline without a tow load. Such as the long upgrades on I-70 east of Rt 13. When reaching top of grade and decelerating or coasting the vibration diminishes.
    b. When drive train is under torque while accelerating with a tow load while climbing a long road incline and also on flatter terrain.
    c. When accelerating in general at slower speeds during acceleration and while generating drive train torque. However this vibration is not as aggressive as a and b.
    3. Vehicle is still generating hard tire or flat spot thumping response. Thumping is excessive when tires are cool to cold and lesser when tires are warm to hot. This can be experienced when reaching the top of a long road incline during the deceleration or coasting phase as mentioned above which eliminates the drive train interference for tire ride detection. If tires are cold the tires thump harder if the tires are hot it is much lesser but still apparent. Detected during first and second test in item 2 above.
  • micomarkmicomark Posts: 11
    Unfortunately the 2005 F-150 has all the same problems you discuss. I have had three new tires and a rear differential and still have the vibration when vehicle is under torque of any kind. Also have slip-slap-crunch sound coming from the drive train on acceleration and when slowing and then accelerating. This platform is truly junk and definately a lemon. See you attorney about a lemon law case just as soon as you have three service orders attempting to fix this problem.

    All the mail on this issue indicates dealers are just trial and error attempting to fix this problem without really knowing the true cause.
  • tgonzotgonzo Posts: 2
    How about where is the jack in your F-150? :confuse:
  • micomarkmicomark Posts: 11
    In my 2005 F-150 super cab it is located under the rear seat on the passenger side.
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