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2000 Ford F-250 Super Duty Problems and Solutions



  • mullins87mullins87 Posts: 959
    Sounds like a job for your dealership.
  • emorenoemoreno Posts: 4
    I have a ford250 diesel 6.0 Lt , 2004 , from time to time the car made a little bad function , the motor lose the power , and the car smoke a lot ( black ) , I accelerated and it begins to work properly , I got this situation 4 times today , please If there are somebody that can help me , I appreciate .
    thanks .
  • We have a 30 foot 1996 mini wini with a 460 and overdrive transmission. Even with the o/d off, it seems to downshift often on grades. Is there anything we could do to increase the power/performance of the 460 without a major investment?

  • mamawmamaw Posts: 1
    I have a 1995 F 250 Power Stroke Diesel that is having electrical problems. Yesterday I installed new cab lights when turning them on was no lights burning, disconnected the cab lights and now I have no dash lights or running lights. I have tested all the fuses under the hood and under the dash the 4 amp fuse under the dash is the only one that does not have power on it. I was told it may be the light switch changed it and still no lights. I am wondering if there may be a relay or in line fuse somewhere that controls the running lights and dash lights.
    I also need to know how to post questions in the F250 forum could not find anywhere to post or how to do it.
  • I got the same vibration problem, I've taken the truck back to The Dealer to index the tires,balance,and alighment, nothing worked, I sugested tire change and Then i was told that they already had two trucks with the same problem, but told me
    Ford F150 has tire problem, or the other mechanic said that the Stering wheel is to sensitive to its new frame (absurd) I did not pay 40 000 for the truck with stering wheel vibration and I'm planing on getting an engeener to solve this
  • I recently purchased an F-150 4x4 used. I noticed a vibration in the steering wheel. At first I wasn't concerned; I thought the knobby tires were causing the vibration. After several days I took it to a mechanic and he told me the rear end was completely shot, drive shaft bent, and rear rims also bent. I spent over $3,000 to get these things straightened out and now my vibration problem is solved. No more vibration problems. Try checking out these 3 items if you are experiencing the same vibration problems.
  • onurassonurass Posts: 1
    dont be so sure it was all that I have a 2004 and developed a vibration after 4 visits and my persistence it was noted that the fi50 slip differentials are having problems with the rotor sets being bad . they had to change the clutch plates twice 1 in 10 being bad the front rotors were changed and everything was fine till week ago and started braking shake probably bad rotor again after only 4000 miles going back in next week definitely getting rid of before warranty is up
  • runjimrunjim Posts: 4
    I'm fishing for ideas on very rough automatic shifting on a 1994 f150. I took it into the ford dealer and he did $1,500 worth of stuff, replaced most everything on either side of the driveshaft (u-joints, bearings, etc.). Didn't fix it.

    The problem goes away and reappears. Ran fine for the first day out of the shop. Then for 3 or 4 days, I get a violent crash thud especially going into 2nd, and 3rd, and less noticeable in higher gears. Today I drove it to the dealer to show them, and it's shifting beatifully again.

    When it's bad, you would think that someone has ran into the truck, and your neck snaps back!

    Is there something that can "fall" into and out of proper alignment like that? :confuse:

    Thanks for any ideas....
  • rbutlerrbutler Posts: 1
    I have a 2004 F-150 with the same problem (Virbations). In fact it is in shop now and the dealer I bought it from has taken it to another dealer to see if they might fix it. This is the 6th time it has been in for that. I have 4875 miles on it, and have been driveing it since Oct. 11, 2004. They change Tires, Drive Shaft, Virbation thing on the back of truck. I don't think they have it fixed this time, they have had it all week. It is really bad in the morning, like a flat on tire. The more you drive it the better it gets. The dealer has another one just like mine on lot they are going into Arbitration with it and I have talked to them too. I can't afford to give Ford $25000.00. I just want my truck fixed.
  • I will not go 1 year trying to fix this problem like you have. I have had my 2005 Lariat at the dealership for repair 3 times and a total of 15 days since I picked it up 34 days ago. They have balanced the tires, scoped the engine, changed the drive shaft and installed shims. They were to call Ford engineering today. I told Ford customer service this morning that I wanted a new truck. They told me that I needed to give them 2 to 5 business days to respond to what the next step will be. I am getting really turned off about Ford products and Ford service!
  • I would talk to maybe the owner of the dealership or someone high up, beacuse you deserve a new motor no question about it. Raise some sort of hell thats all I can say!
  • The problem is with your ignition coils misfiring, I had the same problem a while back. The bad news is that mine cost $900 to fix. By the way get yourself some english or writing classes, Thanks.
  • I have a 2005 F150 4 x 2 SuperCrew Lariat with 3400 miles. The transmission shifts hard and clunks "periodically" especially when it has warmed up. It is readily noticeable from a stop. Several times the truck would lurch forward as if it was a mismanaged manual clutch. There is also a noticeable problem, both accelerating and decelerating between 1500 to 2200 rpm. Again a hard clunk when up or down shifting. I know what the service bulletin says but this is not normal. Anyone have ideas or solutions. Of course the dealer cant duplicate.
  • anclasanclas Posts: 3
    The air from the blower on my 98 F150 changes from the panel vents to the defrost vent when the vehicle is under acceleration. Can't find any vacuum leaks. Has anyone had this experience and where I might go next to trouble-shoot?
  • gavin97gavin97 Posts: 1
    Did you ever get your A/C Problem figured out? I am having the same exact issue with my 04 F-150 4x4
    Any info would be appreciated...
  • flores1flores1 Posts: 1
    When I press the switch that is on the end of the shifter, it will not turn off the overdrive. Can it be because the switch is bad.
  • eolereoler Posts: 1
    I have also had problems with ALL 3 Ford F-150's bought in 2004. My personal truck is a F150 Supercrew 4x4 Lariat of which I do not tow or haul anything with has been in the shop for brakes 7 times. The FORD FACTORY REP JUST SAYS SORRY, WE ARE NOT REPLACING IT!!!
    Other problems I have had with this truck are:
    1. Rear axle grinding while in reverse on a cold start up.
    2. Brake wheel vibration. 7 times repaired. I only have 37,000 miles on this truck! IT IS A NIGHTMARE.
    3. Flat acceleration.
    4. Engine hesitation.
    5. AC issues.
    6. Unknown source of vibration while driving, not braking. Think it might be the drive train.
    7. Hard transmission shifts at random.

    Has anyone either gotten their truck replaced by Ford via Lemon Law or a total fix on the brakes?
  • I have a major problem with my 98 F150. The truck wont start. I replaced the starter, the starter relay and the ignition switch. Still would not start. Started looking over the fuse panel and found the starter interrupt relay fuse keeps blowing. Sometimes after I replace the fuse she will start no problem. Then the fuse will blow again when I try to start it. I am at my wits end. Any ideas what the problem may be. Also when the starter was replaced so was the selonoid.
  • mghmgh Posts: 43
    No, no yet.
    I still think that it has to do with the lack of a fan motor for the A/C. Pepboy sells an aftermarket kit to install and I may try it. The dealer says that there is nothing wrong and we are just having a bad summer with hotter temperatures, they are full of ^^&*^&*.
    All this new car era that we old timers are experimenting is bad because we have very limited control of our cars, just like computers are restricted in big corporations by IT. Car manufacturers and insurance companies are working together not just to do safer vehicles but to control what we can do with them like having computers on board so they can limit the speed we can go etc. Now insurance companies are reading the black box (in board computer) so they can see if were going over the speed limit at the time of an accident so the can deny our claim, very good info if we use it right but Ford is limiting the engine full potential my 5.3 engine feels like a 6 cylinder. Good luck and pls post if you find the fix.
  • Hello,
    Well I see there are many of us in the same boat. My new 5/2005 F-150 Super Cab shaked violently between 60 to 70 MPH. I have had 4 service visits. They have replaced the tires three times, the rims, the rotors, installed the damper kit, screwed with the column (made it rattle and ball bearings fell out), and have still not got rid of it. The dealer wanted to swap out the truck but wanted addistional $1000 to do so. I test drove a direct replacement and it jerked violently from 40 MPH up to 70 MPH. I drove a second one and it jerked from 60 to 70 MPH. This model is making lemonade all over America. I have filed for the Lemon Law the dealers not only know of the problem but don't give a crap. Lemon Law it..... :lemon:
  • My fathers 1990 F250 stalls when it is cold. If you give it gas it just stalls. It is even hard to restart cold. Once it warms up it runs fine. Any ideas. Thanks
  • Played the radio till shut off, still had enough battery left to crank, let run for 40 minutes. The next morning would not crank. Battery was good, engine turned over like always. One 30 amp fuse under hood was shot, replaced, still would not crank. Getting spark at spark plugs, no smell of gas after trying to crank.
    What should I check next?
    Thanks in advance.
  • Have they checked the balance of the driveshaft. That sounds like the cause to me.
  • ldholtldholt Posts: 3
    I have a F-250 Super Duty Powerstroke and it randomly shifts hard. Sometimes it will go all day and not shift hard, and then some days it will shift so hard that the cab will vibrate. I had Ford change the fluid and filter, but this didn't help. Someone suggested that it might be either the bands are loose or the computer has a glitche. Ford has no idea!
  • ak_edak_ed Posts: 2
    HELP I have a 99 250 superduty w/ auto transmission and Diesel. I replaced the Transmission after it dumped all fluid and burned up while in 4 wheel drive at 89000 miles. I am now at 135000 miles. Recently, while in the mountains I shifted to 4 wheel drive pulling up a rocky but not strenuous trail. Almost instantly when I went to 4 wheel drive AT fluid started pouring out from the transmission area. By the time I had covered 300 yds I had dumped 12 of the 17 qts of fluid on the ground. The transmission slipped at that point and I immediately shut down. When I realized that my leak started exactly when I went to 4 wheel I shifted back to two wheel, refilled the transmission and have driven the truck at least 2000 more miles without loosing a drop of fluid. This was a repeat of the exact experience I had at 89000 miles but this time I stopped before the transmission was damaged. As long as I stay out of 4 wheel I seem to be fine.

    My question is 1. Is this a transmission problem, transfer case problem, both or just a connecting line between them? 2. What is involved in fixing it? 3. Has anyone else had similar problems? 4 am I OK driving it this way for a while?

    I would appreciate any info that any of you have on this. Thanks

  • anclasanclas Posts: 3
    Still can't find the problem....the air from the blower on my 98 F150 changes from the panel vents to the defrost vent when the vehicle is under acceleration. Can't find any vacuum leaks. Has anyone had this experience?
  • runjimrunjim Posts: 4
    What year is your 250?
    It's amazing to me to read posts from even '03, '04, '05 Ford truck owners describing the same hard thud shifting - that I'm getting on my '94.!!

    (I had a '97 f-150 that ran beautifully all the time)

    If it comes back, I'm going to hang a video camera down under the truck to try to see what the f**k is punding so hard under there.
  • I Have a 2000 Ford F-250SD With a V-10 Gas in it. The problem I have is that on damp days it will not stay running with out my foot on the gas holding it at about 1000rpm for a few minutes. I have had people look at it cant find a problem anywhere. I have a brand new battery, and the alternator is putting out plenty at about 14.25VDC. Any one know what might be causing this
  • Update on my electrical problem: I have narrowed the problem down to the wiring in the steering column that goes to the overdrive bypass switch. I have not gotten into the wiring yet but found when I move the shift lever around it will blow the fuse.
    Thanks to some help from South Bay Ford in Gardena California I am on my way to getting the problem solved.
  • wpalkowskiwpalkowski Posts: 493
    It may be that the Idle Air Control Valve (IAC) is starting to fail. You have to keep your RPMs up to keep it running, and as it gets worse the truck just won't idle at all and dies as soon as you back off the throttle. The IAC valve is one of the few common failures on the V10.
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