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2013 and earlier Volvo XC90 Lease Questions



  • where are you from? how much is your payment going to be after tax?
    Are there any other options added or any other packages and are you getting the 3rd row?
  • zkaudiozkaudio Posts: 60
    I'm in ca so I guess the payment will be 397 x 1.0825...

    versatility includes 3rd row and rear ac i believe... i really dont want the 3rd row, but guy says residual is better on the 3rd row models, hence the smokin payment.
  • dantanndantann Posts: 8
    I'm in DC and lookings at $2806.58 down and $337.18/month for an '07 XC90 3.2AWD with Premium, Climate and Versatility.

    Does that sound like a good deal?
  • zkaudiozkaudio Posts: 60
    I just got offered what seems too good to be true, I'll share.

    2007 xc90 3.2 w/ premium and metallic pnt

    1k down
    24 month
    15k miles per year...

    i'm going down there to sign, I hope it's not a bait and switch lol.
  • Too Good!!! Grab it. I'm in NY and with the same thing down customer loyalty( because it's my 3rd Volvo) and 15k miles I'm paying 480 I'm really mad but I can't get him to do any better I should have gone somewhere else.
  • So long story short, this guy accidentally gave me the price of an 06 model... he put in writing though and confirmed twice before I drove down there that it was an 07. Guy was EXTREMELY good and worked with managers for 2 hrs to honor the deal so I wouldn't think he bait and switched me. Ended up getting a little higher than my previous deal, but still an amazing deal. The guy is the BEST car salesman I have ever bought from.
  • ekcekc Posts: 32
    That sounds like a pretty good deal.

    Where did you get this deal? Where you able to get it after the end of August?
  • Unfortunately the deal fell through and did not run through August, so now I'm essentially sh*t out of luck.
  • Are any of the subsidized lease offers still available on the XC90? I'm talking specifically about the super-low and super-high money factor and residual on the 24 month lease. Thanks for your help.
  • 2nd one- I owned the first one. Salesmen are shady. I got offered 18k for my trade and got them to do 22,500. Unreal.
  • I leased a vehicle in northern New Jersey:
    2007 Volvo XC90 with V-8, and some options.
    I gave the dealership a down payment on Sept 2, 2006 to initiate the lease. I do not know if the same lease program is still available. My experience at the dealership was good.
    MSRP was $51,147.
    Invoice price was $47,830.
    My lease is:
    24 months
    15k miles per year
    Residual is 73%
    Money factor is .00152.
    This program was through Volvo and seemed to be the best program that Volvo was offering at the time.
    My sale price was about $47,430 ($400 below invoice).
    I was able to get a better deal than normal on the sale price of the vehicle because it was a demo with a few miles on it.
    No cap cost reduction. The only money that I put down was for the inception fees (about $2200, which included security deposit).
    My payment is $585 per month (includes 7% NJ sales tax).
    If you were able to lease the same vehicle under the same program for $500 above invoice, I calculate that your payment would be:
    $629 ($588 plus the .07% NJ sales tax)
    If you were able to lease the same vehicle under the same program for $1,000 above invoice, I calculate that your payment would be:
    $653 per month ($611 plus the .07% NJ sales tax)
    I hope this info is helpful.
  • Hi Chris. It would be much easier for me to evaluate this deal if I had this vehicle's full MSRP and selling price. These numbers will show me how much of a discount you are being given on your car and they will enable me to estimate what its monthly payment should be. Consumer should always know what these numbers are before they agree to lease a vehicle.

    I am not familiar with how well the XC90's tires wear. I suspect that they would last for the entire length of a 2 month, 15,000 mile per year lease if you rotate them on a regular basis, but I don't know that for certain. You may be able to get additional feedback on this vehicle's OEM tires by visiting the following discussions: "Volvo XC90 -- Unusual Tire Wear Issues" or "Volvo XC90 SUV".

    Prices Paid Forum
  • Yes, shellz, I believe that the $4,000 in cash incentives that I mentioned would be compatible with the lease program that you mentioned.

    Prices Paid Forum
  • Hi dhogue1. In August, the 2006 Volvo XC90 had $2,000 bonus cash plus $2,000 conquest / loyalty cash for a total of $4,000 in cash incentives available on it.

    Prices Paid Forum
  • CAR MAN,
    I am interested in a 24 month, 10.5K mile lease on a 2007 XC90 3.2 AWD (with Premium, Versatility and Climate). I am in CT and the current offer is:
    MSRP = $45,075
    Cap Cost = $42,200
    Residual = 75% = $33,806.25
    Money Factor = 0.00071 (1.7% APR)
    Money Down $1,900 (includes 1st month and security)
    Monthly payment = $478 (including sales and CT property tax).

    I see there is a $2,575 manufacturer to Dealer incentive in CT. Should I be able to combine the incentive with this lease deal and get a Cap Cost of around $40K?
    Also, why does Volvo add the property tax into the lease in CT (I'll end up paying interest on a tax???)
  • ursusursus Posts: 126
    "why does Volvo add the property tax into the lease in CT" - they do the same in other states with personal property taxes. Actually, this way is better for you, otherwise you'd pay much more every year. I understand that they calculate the average property tax in your state and add it to you lease.
  • Thanks for this information "ursus". That's the same thing that the dealer said but I wanted to double check :-)
  • Are there regional incentives? Some users (redhead4) report $2575 in manufacturer incentives, but I'm having difficulty convining my dealer....
  • We are wanting to lease 2007 xc90 w premium, versatility and DVD. The dealership here told us the acquisition fee of $895.00 is not negotiable, but I've seen other people on here get for 500.00 or so. Does anyone know?
    Also, does this seem like a good lease:
    2007 xc90 FWD with premium, versatility and DVD
    price: 41995.44
    Acq fee: $895.00
    $ factor: .00045
    Sec. deposit: $500.00
    Miles: 12,000 year
    Term: 24 months
    Initial cash: $1210.92 (includes title/registration, security deposit,1st month payment)
    monthly payment: $480.42
    Also, they say there is a $250.00 non-negotiable advertising fee (included in purchase price). Are people paying this?
    Also, does anyone know what the residual/money factor might be in 7-8 weeks on this car? The dealership is going to have to order it from the factory, and say they can't lock in the money factor/residual until 1 week before it arrives (roughly 8 weeks from now). Does this all sound kosher?
  • Dealing with Dyer & Dyer Volvo in Atlanta.

    Option 1:
    2007 XC90 with no packages/xtras (pick black or white color) 10.5mi/yr and 24months for $1300 OOP and $406/mo (including taxes).

    Option 2:
    2007 XC90 with premium and versatility packages (pick black or white color) 10.5mi/yr and 24months for $1300 OOP and $441/mo (including taxes).

    I'm a deal guy so much so that sometimes I worry more about getting the best possible deal rather than the best possible car! Anyway...wondering if anyone has been able to do better on this type of configuration...or anything else to add.

    Thanks in advance...
  • due to a salesman error, I got an 07 w/ premium and metallic paint for 1k drive off 397/mo (w/o taxes)
  • Thanks for the info. After adding taxes (i estimated 7% for you which is what mine is) it sounds like my second option with premium and versatility is virtually the same deal. Within 10-15 bucks a month anyway it would seem.

    I'm going to call a couple other dealers and see if anyone can do better...I'm guessing that will be the real test to see if I've gone as low as I can get.
  • I think that all fees are negotiable, just depends upon how well the current month's sales have been (their real compensation these days comes from sales bonuses based upon number of units sold per month, rather than price). If they are having a slow month, they will be flexible on these fees.
    Our dealer started with an $895 acquisition fee but came quickly down to $595 (seems to be the average on this site) saying it was a "mistake" to have quoted $895.
    Also, I got them to waive the $250 advertising fee since I threatened to go to another dealer nearby who didn't include this fee in the invoice price they were quoting (check on Edmunds TMV for the invoice price without Ad Fee).
    I don't think that anyone will be able to know what incentives are going to be offered 2 months from now (they change at least once a month). I believe that he dealer is right that you can't lock today's deal in until you actually take delivery of the vehicle.
  • we got an '07 3.2 with Ice White and Sandstone Leather, Premium, Versatility, and Climate package for $2933 down (including everything) and $393/month (including %10 DC Usage tax)

    If anyone has beaten this I'd love to know.
  • Hard to tell apples to apples on things here but I received the following offer today here in Atlanta:

    $1300 Out of Pocket
    $425.61/mo. inc. taxes

    that is for '07 with climate, premium, versatility and wood steering wheel.

    That works out to roughly $460/mo (including the part of OOP that wasn't the first month's payment) so it seems as though that might be slightly better than what you negotiated which I am calculating at approx. $498/mo.

    BTW...this is from Gwinnett Place Volvo in Atlanta.
  • what is your mileage program cost.also what is the msrp vs the selling price
  • 10.5k mi/yr. (24 mo/term).

    Don't have MSRP and negotiated amounts with me.
  • For the benefit of others here, here is what I wound up with on my just completed lease. I feel as though I did good...not sure if great (leave that up to others here to decide). This was completed at Dyer & Dyer in Atlanta.

    2007 XC90 3.2f total MSRP $43,975
    (includes titanium grey metallic paint, climate, premium, versatility, 18" camulus allow wheels and $695 destination charge)

    24 month lease, 10.5k miles/yr.

    $1300 Out of Pocket (includes $425 refundable security deposit, first payment, tax, tags, some profit for dealer?, etc.).

    Monthly payments of $397.19. (with tax of 7% for me it was $424.99).

    other stuff that may be useful:
    My gross cap cost was $41,276.73.
    residual value - $32,541.50
    I think they said my residual percentage was 74%.
    I also believe my money factor was .00045.

    Here's to the power of the Internet and information sharing for the benefit of us consumers.
  • Hey Car-Man,

    Could you please help me out & let me know if this is a good deal... I'm confused to say the least. I was offered something lower & now the salesman seems to be giving me the run around:

    2007 Volvo XC90 2.5 awd
    Premium Package
    Versatility Package
    Premium Sound Package
    MSRP: $42,825
    Price: $41,200. (I think. I'm reading off a lease worksheet)

    24 months $437.64
    45,000 Total Miles
    $4,823 Due at Signing

    Residual: .72
    ACQ Fee: 795.00

    I've read on here that some have just put down O.O.P of 1300. & it seems they have had a better price.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Jana in Jersey
  • zamozamo Posts: 122
    Oh yeah? Are they gonna offer a sign and drive deal with 0.00001 money factor and 75% residual, 24 months? If so I will do it.
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