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2013 and earlier Volvo XC90 Lease Questions



  • I'm not getting the navigation in my package but I get 15k miles for 479. Who are you dealing with? I can't believe I have to put 1000 dollars more down and that is minus my 500 customer loyalty discount. I heard on the radio they are offering 379 or 389 a month you should ask them about that. It wasn't through RVC directly but Volvo is ofering it.
  • zkaudiozkaudio Posts: 60
    Joycolorist is that lease based on an 07 or 06 model? and also, do you know where information can be found on all of the current promotions volvo is running? Thanks
  • 23109vc23109vc Posts: 218
    what is the best deal anyone has seen on an 06 V8?
    This was posted on regarding a deal recently made on an 06 V8 lease deal:

    "Terms were zero cap reduction and $388/month (plus tax is $407) for 15K miles per year. $1400 out of pocket included refundable security deposit and first payment. All this for a $50K car!

    I never lease. But this deal was so good it did not make sense to buy."

    is that realistic? that sounds REALLY good.
  • cabaistecabaiste Posts: 31
    I also live in the Metro NY area and got the following deal from my dealer:
    2007 XC90 3.2 AWD with Metallic Paint, Premium, Versatility and Cold Weather Packs from my local NJ dealer for $358 per month with $0 down payment, $400 sec deposit, $595 bank fee and first month payment due at signing. I did not get the NAV package. My search of inventories in the area indicated that there were LOTS of 2007 configured with the options I got, making a lease deal a lot easier to work. Email me if you want the dealer specifics.
  • zkaudiozkaudio Posts: 60
    cabaiste, I have emailed you twice buddy! pm me on here for my email address, I'd like to get some advice from you! Thanks
  • It was based on an 07 model. You can only get the information through a dealer. If you go to the website it tells you to contact your local dealer for promotions. Tell me what you find.
  • dantanndantann Posts: 8
    $2100 down for 10500k/Year, 24months and $289/month before tax!

    sound familiar to anyone?

    if so, does anyone know if they are extending it past tomorrow?
  • What is the best deal any one has gotten on a XC90 07 24months with 3rd row Climate, Versatility , Premium, and Convenience packages with blue tooth. I need to know as soon as possible because I have to go to the dealer today
  • userlauserla Posts: 10
    I just picked up a dealer demo vehicle on Monday, but used a deal from another dealership they had on new ones.

    $5200 down (our choice, could have been lower)
    24 month
    versatility (inc. 3rd row w/ climate)
    NO convenience package
    mine had bluetooth, but not sure about the new ones

    $321/month inc. tax
  • zkaudiozkaudio Posts: 60
    i just got the following offer and am not sure if I can push him anymore, what u guys think:

    24 month lease,
    15,000 miles a year,
    $2,149 drive off (1st months, DMV fee, acquisition fee and security deposit)
    monthly payments of $396 + tax. On above average approved credit.
    This lease is for a 2007 XC90 3.2 equipped with premium and versatility packages.
  • where are you from? how much is your payment going to be after tax?
    Are there any other options added or any other packages and are you getting the 3rd row?
  • zkaudiozkaudio Posts: 60
    I'm in ca so I guess the payment will be 397 x 1.0825...

    versatility includes 3rd row and rear ac i believe... i really dont want the 3rd row, but guy says residual is better on the 3rd row models, hence the smokin payment.
  • dantanndantann Posts: 8
    I'm in DC and lookings at $2806.58 down and $337.18/month for an '07 XC90 3.2AWD with Premium, Climate and Versatility.

    Does that sound like a good deal?
  • zkaudiozkaudio Posts: 60
    I just got offered what seems too good to be true, I'll share.

    2007 xc90 3.2 w/ premium and metallic pnt

    1k down
    24 month
    15k miles per year...

    i'm going down there to sign, I hope it's not a bait and switch lol.
  • Too Good!!! Grab it. I'm in NY and with the same thing down customer loyalty( because it's my 3rd Volvo) and 15k miles I'm paying 480 I'm really mad but I can't get him to do any better I should have gone somewhere else.
  • So long story short, this guy accidentally gave me the price of an 06 model... he put in writing though and confirmed twice before I drove down there that it was an 07. Guy was EXTREMELY good and worked with managers for 2 hrs to honor the deal so I wouldn't think he bait and switched me. Ended up getting a little higher than my previous deal, but still an amazing deal. The guy is the BEST car salesman I have ever bought from.
  • ekcekc Posts: 32
    That sounds like a pretty good deal.

    Where did you get this deal? Where you able to get it after the end of August?
  • Unfortunately the deal fell through and did not run through August, so now I'm essentially sh*t out of luck.
  • Are any of the subsidized lease offers still available on the XC90? I'm talking specifically about the super-low and super-high money factor and residual on the 24 month lease. Thanks for your help.
  • 2nd one- I owned the first one. Salesmen are shady. I got offered 18k for my trade and got them to do 22,500. Unreal.
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