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Mercedes-Benz R-Class Lease Questions



  • sreevsreev Posts: 11
    Well I picked up my car today after first getting the dealer upset with my proposal for a lower price (I sent them a message that I was getting ripped off before I realized your deal was through MVP plan). They did end up giving me free bluetooth interface and all-weather mats for whining. White/macadamia looks awesome on this car. White was the most favorite color for both my wife and me for this model. I think capri blue looks great too. Black was our least favorite (does look like a hearse as some reviewers wrote) although we like black for cars in general.
  • rmbalisarmbalisa Posts: 129
    well thats some pics of your R so I can convince my wife to go for your color! haha
  • Just got a White/macadamia R350 4-matic with
    heated seat
    7 seat

    sale price: 5,0122, 33M, 12k. 568/m out of pocket 3,190. (includes all taxes and fees)

    The White/macadamia R350 4-matic is the best color combination for R350 (i think).
  • Can you please E-mail me the dealer in PA. And can you advise me if all your fees were wrapped into that low monthly payment.
  • Javafan,

    What state did you purchase your R in? Can you send me the dealer name?

  • sure,

    NY, MB of Manhattan.
  • gavin2000gavin2000 Posts: 14

    any word on the money factors/residuals from MB on the R class 350 AWD for March 08 ? Also, any Dealer cashbacks etc?

    I am trying to get the Cap cost under invoice on a lease, think there's a chance?

  • This was the deal I received from MB of South Charlotte (NC) --

    2008 R350 2WD
    P2 package
    iPod kit
    7 seat option
    Panorama roof
    6 CD changer
    Heated seats

    MSRP $53,420
    Sale price $48,420

    Sadly, I had a trade-in of a 2004 GMC Envoy XUV that was upside down (on a purchase no less) $3500, so I had to roll that back in. MB matched the Carmax price of $10,500 on the XUV and I owe $14,049 on it, so I felt that was fair.

    When I went in to sign the deal, it turned out there was about an additional $1000 worth of "stuff" in the contract (taxes, doc fess, etc), so they ended up offering 1.25% (!) financing for 72 months, a payment of $772 with no money down. While I didn't like the "throw in" of that mystery $1000, I am thrilled with the 1.25% financing and love the car.

    The lease they offered was for 33 months at $779.25 with an initial payment of $854.44. 15k miles, money rate .00025, residual 55% ($26,631).

    While I liked the thought of a 33 month turn-in, I am a fairly high miles driver -- I averaged 19k miles per year on the Envoy. Thus, I went for the purchase deal.

    I absolutely love my R class. The payment I ended up with was within $75 of the purchase payment I was being offered on a Buick Enclave CXL with less features -- GM's best rate was 5.9%, which kicked the monthly payment up there. I'm happy with my deal and look forward to a long relationship with MB and my R350.

    Good luck!
  • vtraudtvtraudt Posts: 52

    MSRP $53,420
    Sale price $48,420

    Is my interpretation right? Sales price $48,420. Plus "Fees" $1,000. Trade in value $10,500. = Financed amount: $38,920.
    Conditions: 1.25% for 72 months
    Principle $540.56.
    Interest: 1.25% per year for 6 years(mathematically: on 1/2 of the finance amount): 0.0125 x 6 x 38,920/2 = $1,459.50 total interest or $20.27 per month.

    Total Principle + Interest: $560.83 per months.

    What is wrong with my numbers?
  • gavin2000gavin2000 Posts: 14
    HE actually owes 2500 on his old trade, so you need to ADD it ,then do the numbers.

    They are correct.

    FYI -- March MB lease numbers are posted at MBWORLD.ORG/forums

    scroll down page to leasing forum.

    R CLass numbers are worse than FEB!
  • I OWED $14,000 on the trade in, so I was underwater $3500.
  • Hi All,

    Can someone tell me if this lease offer I got is good

    R350 4matic w\ premium 2 package

    $3047 cash at signing includes all taxes, fees and first month payment
    $498 / month
    33 month 10,000 miles/year

    Thank You for you help
  • How much of the $3047 is actually going towards your cap cost reduction/down payment?

    Deal looks pretty solid at first glance, but I'd be happy to run the numbers for you as a second opinion.

    What's the total MSRP? What's your local sales tax rate?
  • MSRP 53,985, I looked this up,the guy did not give me the MSRP but I sent him an email requesting more details, The taxes is 7% here in NJ, $0 of the 3047 is towards the cap cost, the 3047 is taxes, first month and all other fees...

    I wanted your opinion on this because I got this price from a Leasing company "JMleasing", I asked the guy if I was leasing this car through Mercedes financial and he said yes and I will take delivery from a MB dealer, he will take care of the paper work and everything, Is this something to believe, I went to Ray Catena today and test drove the car and the salesperson gave me this quote 3000 down and 681/month which is too high compared to what I got from JMleasing, when I told him the quote I have, he said that there will be a lot of hidden fees going through a leasing company, I don't know if this is true or he just wants me to forget about the quote I got.
  • It's not uncommon for a leasing company to charge you a "broker" fee for their service. In this case though, you'll need to have them itemize the deal for you. They could have structured the deal so many different ways, but without knowing the structure, it's hard to tell.

    To get to those payments they quoted you, the vehicle would have to be discounted $10k, giving you a cap cost cost of $43,985 ($8k off list + $2k MB lease cash). MF being utilized should be .00065. Residual 56%.

    Drive offs should be ~$1800 (1st mo+tax ($498), acquisition fee ($795) + DMV (~$425). Looks like the leasing company does have a fee involved, but it appears that the deal they negotiated on the vehicle is well below what any MB dealer is willing to do. If MB sells you this vehicle at invoice, then you subtract the $2000 lease cash, you're still only ~ $5500 off MSRP. This company appears to have negotiated a heck of a deal.

    See if you can get them to itemize the $3047, and find out what the gross cap cost/selling price is?? See if the money factor I posted gels with theirs??

    Let me know...
  • gavin2000gavin2000 Posts: 14

    Was wondering if anyone knows the residual for R Class lease for 7500 miles/year?

    Saw above that the money factor for 33 month lease is .00065 for March.

    Also, is there 2000 in lease cash this month?

    Trying to figure best deal for a 33 month 7.5k year lease on a P2, full leather, lights, paint, heated seats ,ipod, center console MSRP = 58675

    Boston area

  • bknycbknyc Posts: 61
    just got a lease price of $673 p/m 33 month lease 10k miles prem 2/ipod/7 seat- list of $56,170
    $1985 out of pocket...

  • Why would you buy (or lease) a car and then not be able to drive it?
    I bought an R Class at the end of February and have already put 1500 miles on it. I love it and love driving it! To me, these low mile lease deals are like giving candy to a child and then not letting him eat it.
  • rmbalisarmbalisa Posts: 129
    whats the money factor, and tax rate? what does the $1985 consist of (cap cost reduction, acq fee, etc?...)
  • gavin2000gavin2000 Posts: 14
    My wife has a 1999 E320 with 67000 miles on it. We live righ tin the city (Boston) and she just doesn't put that many miles on it back and forth from work.

    So the 7500 mile lease makes sense for us.
  • bknycbknyc Posts: 61
    Agree on the candy to a child. Currently have an 06' R350 and will be replacing it with an 08', love it, however it's a 3rd car and we really don't need more miles.
  • bknycbknyc Posts: 61
    Not sure of the $ factor . $673 includes tax and $1985 out of pocket includes; 1st month's payment, acq fee and motor vehicle fees.....

    Thoughts on th deal?
  • hamomhamom Posts: 13
    Hi..I am looking at a 33 mo lease, 15K miles a year, P2 package...6 passenger seating,. I want to do no money down...accept fees and taxes. I live in NJ...what is a "good" deal for this. We went to Prestige in Paramus yesterday and they are giving me numbers tomorrow...based on April numbers since that is when we would be "doing the deal". Can someone help with where my numbers should be to be considered a "good deal".. Thank you!
  • Tell me what the exact MSRP is and what your local sales tax rate is, and I'll run some numbers.
  • hamomhamom Posts: 13
    msrp: 44,600...not including desitination or any of that
    p2: 7,850
    Leather: 2,200
    2nd row console: 410
    heated front seats: 710

    NJ Sales tax is 7%

    Thank you!
  • Assuming this vehicle does NOT have metallic paint, the total MSRP should be $56,595 and carries and invoice of ~$53,000. A cap cost of invoice should be easily negotiated plus, Mercedes is offering an additional $2,000 in lease cash incentive. Thus, you should have an adjusted cap cost around $51,000.

    Mercedes has a $795 lease acquisition fee that can either be paid upfront or rolled into your lease payments. This vehicle carries a 55% residual based on 15k annual miles and has a buy rate money factor of .00065 for the 33 month term you specified.

    w/o acqusition fee: $655.59 + 45.89 (tax) = $701.48/mo

    w/acqusition fee: $680.20 + 47.61 (tax) = $727.81/mo
  • OR ... you could buy it outright for 1.25% like I did with virtually the same monthly payment and not worry about 15K miles per month and re-upping in 33 months. And on a purchase you should be able to negotiate down to $51,000 easily -- if not lower. It wouldnt hurt to ask what their rates are for purchase. I was quoted 1.9% and negotiated down to 1.25%. That's practically free money in my book.

    It's a fantastic car -- whetever you decide to do (buy or lease), you are going to love your R-class. Good luck!
  • bknycbknyc Posts: 61
    Did the $ factor change for April on the Rs and what is it? Is there a pull forward program for the R?
  • 2008 R350 RWD

    Best term:

    33 Mo - Residual 56% - .00035

    2008 R350 4-Matic

    33 Mo - Residual 58% - .00055

    You'll have to contact Mercedes-Benz of North America about early termination options. 1-800-367-6372
  • medphreakmedphreak Posts: 11
    I was curious where you found these numbers. The factors published on another website for April were:

    2008 Mercedes R320 CDI RWD Wagon
    36 Month – Residual 52% of MSRP – .00135 Base Rate

    2008 Mercedes R350 RWD Wagon
    36 Month – Residual 50% of MSRP – .00065 Base Rate

    2008 Mercedes R350 4matic Wagon
    36 Month – Residual 51% of MSRP – .00085 Base Rate

    Thanks. I have been circling the R for a while....waiting for the factors to bottom.
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