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Honda Civic Coupe / Civic Si 2006+



  • dotsaradotsara Posts: 8
    Sweet! Congrats on the car! That Fiji Blue is pretty.

    No steering problems for mine (whew!), but there is an annoying rattle/knock at the right rear at low speeds (braking for a light, backing into my parkin' spot). Everything I'm reading here leads me to think it might be the rear deck! D'oh.

    Congrats again. (:
  • honda11honda11 Posts: 22

    I am scheduled for an alignment soon and I heard the exact sound you described. LOUD knock at right rear. It seemed much louder than brakes would sound. If it ends up being shocks or anything I will post it, otherwise don't worry too much, mine hasn't done it again.
    I am one of the ones struggling with steering but as I have posted before I just think it's the way the car is made. I do not do well with overly light power steering. I only want mild assist and the more I drive the more I think the "all over the road" feel is steering I can't get used to (combined with some alignment issues). I need road feel. I wish other people did, because most of the cars, even sports models are being made this way. :cry:
  • I didn't actually see the missing sealant issue, the dealer told me that is what they found to be causing the complaint I had of a squeeking noise in the left rear corner of the cabin. Didn't have any invasion of water in the area, but we live in the desert and it rarely rains here.

    We are still happy with this car, but a little disappointed with the number of minor issues that we've had to get corrected, especially since Honda is reputed to be high in reliability.
  • honda11honda11 Posts: 22

    I visit 3 message boards and have heard the "creaking" windshield complaint numerous times. Afraid what it could be a precursor too (windshelds aren't supposed to CREAK even in old cars) I have referred a few people to these boards to verify what others are saying. I was called a "liar" by some but people have to read and do their research. There are now 2 complaints on the NHTSA site.

    Glad you are happy overall and I am right there with you where reliability is concerned as I invested in the 06 Civic EX myself. I hope Honda hasn't gone downhill like many other car makers and will fix/prevent these problems. I am a walking/driving advertisement for the company in fact. My Acura is 16 years old and still driving strong. A friend was in it tonight and commented how he couldn't believe a car that old drove so confidently and didn't even have rattles. There isn't (except when I forget to latch the deck cover) :D
  • Hey willowct


    That was my complaint with the NHTSA. I am still searching for the issue. Honda Canada says they have had no complaints about this issue except from me. After my research on the internet, I have noted plenty of accords, tsx's, tl's and of course civics that have had similar issues. I have been extremely dissapointed by Honda in this matter. I spend 20gs on a product, I expected technical support from their head office if the dealership was not able to diagnose the problem. This was not available for me.

    As for the problem:

    My front and rear windshield makes cracking / popping / creaking noises depending upon your choice of word, when I go over a bump or if the road fluctuates. First noticed a light-moderate level noise in the bottom right hand corner of windshield during first week of ownership back in November when I was driving on the freeway (on the first below freezing day -3'C since ownership). Much louder cracking noise occurred in top left windshield (driver's side) after 3 weeks of use. This cracking noise is the biggest issue of all. Sounds like glass is about to pop out of the pillars. Also lighter noises (partially deafened by the cracking in the front windshield) from rear windshield.

    The Sound:

    To give you an idea of the cracking noise produced, it sounds as though the metal all around the windshield is moving, and that movement places a great deal of pressure into a couple spots of the windshield, forcing that windshield to make a "crack" sound.

    Instances where this noise occurs:

    The rubber fill they put into cracks on freeways makes the cracking noise occur. Cracking noise is defintely louder and more frequent on a cooler day. On a warm day it is much more rare to hear a cracking sound. Cracking noise can occur anywhere from not once for 3 or 4 days, to once a minute, to 40 times a minute depending upon temperature and road conditions. Sometimes even on the roughest roads and the coldest temperatures, it does not crack. However, 65% of the time is does crack.

    As for solutions:

    I did notice that if i lightly smack the top driver's side area of the windshield from the inside, and turn on the AC full blast, I can make the noise occur more frequently and louder. This would indicate that it is definitely a seal/glue issue with the window. Does anyone agree with this hypothesis? I did this once before as I was driving to a honda dealership for them to inspect it - for the third time - as it wasn't making a noise at first.

    The only solution that I have read about that seems to work is replacing the actual windshields. I read that on a website dealing with civics, accords, and tsx's.

    However, the Honda dealership in Toronto did not want to do this without tearing apart the interior of my car first. Inspect the A-Pillars and see if the airbags were moving around. I told him it is definitely NOT a moving part. If that is what they think it may be, then I am not leaving them with my car to fix a 'noise' issue that they don't understand. They will only make a muck of my new vehicle.

    Ok, I have already written too much. Someone please reply with your thoughts and questions. I will be looking forward to them.

  • willowctwillowct Posts: 15
    Hey Jon,

    Glad to meet you as your complaint at the NHTSA site was what convinced me I was not alone.

    Here's the deal with my 2006 Civic coupe: same rattling, squeaking noises that escalated quickly to the rear windshield peeling off at right rear pillar, and by 2 days later--the day of my Honda service appt.--the rear windshield had lifted off the entire roofline frame.

    I have my Honda service dept papers that say, I'm paraphrasing here as the papers are not right next to me, that there was "insufficient caulk." As I've written before, the Honda service dept and their glass guys had never seen anything like this before.

    Okay, why, people ask. I put forward this hypothesis to the Honda service dept and to the sales dept: it is quite possible Honda used the standard amount of caulk that they always use on their cars. However, they might not have factored in the lowered angle of the newly configured rear and front windshields.

    In other words, caulk that kept in a windshield installed at a moderate angle would have the downward weight of the windshield as an added safety: the straighter, up and down, the windshield, the more the windshield will be secure.

    For a windshield that is a lot more horizontal in the new Civics, more caulk would be needed to keep it in place. The driving with the open windows factor is what is really terrifying about this.

    I have not had any contact with Honda itself. The dealer seems willing to let us dump the car, although it has been a logistical nightmare so far. The dealer manager and the service manager both assured me they were informing their zone reps immediately.

    I also wound up signing my life away for a price above retail price. Oh well.

    I can't wait to get rid of the thing. I would suggest, Jon, that any Honda dealer service dept can tell, or their glass guys can tell, if your windshields are not installed securely enough. I know the squeaks and rattles you talk about and they all STOPPED when the rear windshield was reglued. No need for new window; just insist they reglue, it sounds like in your case, both the rear and front windshields before they have a worse problem on their hands: your powerlessly watching a dislodged windshield fly into someone else's car.

    Let me know if this helps.
  • franceyfrancey Posts: 21
    What do you mean by:

    "I also wound up signing my life away for a price above retail price."

    Just curious. Francey
  • mocivicmocivic Posts: 5
    I've been Internet shopping for a 2006 Civic LX coupe automatic and got promised an out-the-door cost of $18,300. the base price was $16250. Anyone getting better deals in So. Calif. or elsewhere?
  • donald02donald02 Posts: 54
    You got me there! Yes, there was no internet 30 years ago but you could get dealer cost prices including holdback and you could call a sales manager for any dealer and get his/her best offer.

    If you stay out of the dealership until it's time to pick up the car you'll usually end up with a better price because you're in control of the negotiation. The point is if you follow this approach you'll end up saving money.
  • ritlinritlin Posts: 36
    I thought this was an Si enthusiast forum, not the complaint center! I am looking for others excited about their Si as I am. It is an awesome car, feels like it was built around me. The seat embraces me and just loves to be I hope I don't get any tickets being Rallye Red and all! My car does pull to the right a little. I have has it about 3 weeks and noticed it about 4 days ago. Will the dealer align it for me for free? Anyone know?
  • franceyfrancey Posts: 21
    Ritlin: You miss the point of this forum. It's for people who have 2-door coupes and like them and/or have problems with them. How are other people going to know there are problems if they aren't discussed in an open forum? Being aware of a problem that might be life-threatening to you, or someone else, is good to know.

    You are looking for a chat room that is all positive, then you turn around and ask for the solution to a problem: "My car pulls to the right a little". NOW, that's what a Forum is for. To seek advice and share problems.

    And, you like to drive fast... great! Do you live near a racetrack where you can open it up? If not, how about the safety of those you pass and meet? Have you given any thought to them if you lose it?
    Have you read the book that came with the car, saying take it easy for the first 600 miles, for the benefit of the car? I don't think so, not if you've only had it 3 weeks. In the long run, If you treat the car well, the car will treat you well. Just my 2Cents worth.
  • inforeminforem Posts: 6
    Hopefully getting my Civic Si this month. Ordered it on Dec. 28, 2005, but I ordered it with navigation and they don't seem to be making too many with navigation.
    Giving my 2003 Civic Si to my son and trading in my 1997 Prelude.
    Hope I am as lucky with this Si as with my previous one.....and by the way I'm far from your typical Si driver. I just turned 50 :D !!!!!
  • franceyfrancey Posts: 21
    Happy Birthday inforem.
    You are giving yourself a dandy birthday gift. And, what a lucky son, to be given
    your young 2003 SI. What is your wife driving? Just curious. Bye. Francey
  • midnightcowboymidnightcowboy Posts: 1,978

    Sounds like a great car. I had a Really Red Si with NAV on order back in December , but my special order fell through. The dealer also had a problem getting the NAV and in December Rallye Red wasn't yet available. I ended up getting a 2006 S2000 in Red.

    Again Good luck,


    P.S.- I don't fit the profile either make too much and am older than you; Life is GOOD!

    P.S.S - For you guys with torque pull to the right look at your toe-in. If you bias the toe end just a degree of 2 inward it will eliminate most of you torque pull with very little additional tire wear. Remeber you have a lot of horsepower and torque being applied to a FWD car ! Remebr equal moment arms, equal traction :)
  • inforeminforem Posts: 6
    At the moment she is driving a 2003 Jeep Liberty Freedom. The biggest piece of junk Jeep has made. I've had Grand Cherokee's since 1994 and this car is terrible. No more Jeeps for me.......looking to get rid of it in July 2006 and hopefully replacing it with a 2006 CR-V. I like at least one 4 wheeler. Too bad an Accord doesn't come in 4 wheel drive.
    Midcow----- my dealer said that even though I ordered a black navigation Si, they just might send in one in the color they want......a wait and see. Like you my second choice is a S200 but we are talking $10,000 more to drive a car into the Bronx, NY where I am a teacher. We will wait and see.
    Francey you are a a psyhic as I did buy it for my you know the lottery numbers?
  • midnightcowboymidnightcowboy Posts: 1,978

    Good luck . The Honda VTEC engines that rev to 8,000 RPM are awesome. Both the Si and S2000 are great choice.

    Here in Houston, you can drive a convertible most of the year. In the bronx you would probably garage it part of the Winter.

    The traction and stability control on the 2006 S2000 is awesome!

    But alas, you are right got the S2000 at invoice , where the Si was going to be MSRP. About 10K difference.

    I shift, ( as opposed to those shiftless people; synonym shiftless people = lazy people )


    P.S.- New went for Jeep. New CRVs auto only, V6 is pretty pwerfil!
  • midnightcowboymidnightcowboy Posts: 1,978

    Good luck . The Honda VTEC engines that rev to 8,000 RPM are awesome. Both the Si and S2000 are great choice.

    Here in Houston, you can drive a convertible most of the year. In the bronx you would probably garage it part of the Winter.

    The traction and stability control on the 2006 S2000 is awesome!

    But alas, you are right got the S2000 at invoice , where the Si was going to be MSRP. About 10K difference.

    I shift, ( as opposed to those shiftless people; synonym shiftless people = lazy people )


    P.S.- New went for Jeep. New CRVs auto only, V6 is pretty pwerfil!
  • plektoplekto Posts: 3,738
    Probably old news for many here, but OMG - it's so different. Why can't we get this over here in the U.S.?

    If one of the forum admins is reading this - can you PLEASE create a U.K. Civic category? This is a compeltely new car compared to the current generation of "Civics".
  • micwebmicweb Posts: 1,617
    You asked:

    I've been Internet shopping for a 2006 Civic LX coupe automatic and got promised an out-the-door cost of $18,300. the base price was $16250. Anyone getting better deals in So. Calif. or elsewhere?

    Wait, according to the website, the LX automatic is $17,310 plus $550 destination, or $17,860. In Northern California, where I live, tax is about 8.25 %, Doc fee is $45, tire disposal $8.75, and registration is about $225. So I make an MSRP total price of $19,612. In other words, it sounds like you are being offered a pretty good deal. Where did you get a "base price" of $16,250?
  • mocivicmocivic Posts: 5
    Two dealers in So Cal: Hollywood Honda, and Pasadena Honda. The first gave me a base of $16142, and after calling the 2nd, they came down to $16145. Both for the LX automatic in Atomic Blue. NOW if I can just get over my hesitation at buying a "first-year design." Especially after reading about some of the problems. I'd like to think of Hondas as "trouble free," but I don't know after reading this board. Is it just the nature of the board that ANY car is going to have flaws pointed out and make one think the worst?
  • donald02donald02 Posts: 54
    According to Edmunds the price of the 2006 LX Honda Coupe is as follows:

    MSRP 17310 Invoice (Base) 15835

    Less Dealer Holdback at 2% -316.70

    Total Dealer Cost 15518.30

    Forget about the taxes, destination, etc., they are fixed costs and don't affect the analysis. So, anything over 15518.30 is money the dealer makes on the car which he uses to pay his salesmen and other overhead. What's left is his profit. If you can do the deal with the dealer making 350-500 over his cost your getting a good deal.
  • jph3006jph3006 Posts: 49
    Donald02: Great analysis! May I change something in your calculations? In 2006, factory holdback for Hondas is 3% of base MSRP. So dealer cost is even lower than what you showed. Also, remember dealers do not PAY the cost, the finance it at somewhere around $180 per month. If a car is sold within 10 days or so of arriving, the dealer pays virtually nothing for inventory of it.

    Currently, there are no factory to dealer incentives for the 2006 Honda Civics which lowers a dealers cost even further for a given car. If the car in your example cost 15,316, it pretty difficult for a dealership to sell it for less than a 4% profit ($613) due to escalating total overhead costs the new car sales department must contribute to a dealership.

    I went to 10 dealerships to present my offer before they agreed and I bought my 2006 LX sedan at cost + 5% with no additional opportunity for the dealership to make money on options, trade in, financing, extended warranties, or other "fees" added to the deal.
  • midnightcowboymidnightcowboy Posts: 1,978

    Each forum reader has the ability to create a new thread. If you really want to create a thread on the UK Civic be my guest. I am not sure how much of the audience would be interested, but I might be suprised.

    Look at the link "Start a New Thread" when you atart to reply to a previous posting or here is the URL link:


  • donald02donald02 Posts: 54
    I frequent this board and the Mercedes E Class board and it's very reassuring to read a post from someone who knows how to buy a car. GOOD JOB and thinks for the update on the latest holdback percentage for Honda.
  • plektoplekto Posts: 3,738
    They did a review of it on TopGear and it's a completely different vehicle. It looks like a 2-door hatchback, but it has magic seats, fold-out rear doors(like on a RX-8), gets 48mpg(adjusted for U.S. Gallons - 55 in the U.K.), and much more.
    That's nothing like ANY other Civic that I've seen in Japan or the U.S.
  • inforeminforem Posts: 6
    Well i got a call from my dealer and he had good news and bad news.......the Civic Si with nav should be in next week....the bad news is Honda increased the prices of Civic $200 and Si by $300. Has anyone else heard this?
    He informed me that it was ok if I didn't want it because he has 4 buyers for it. They are not taking anymore orders for the car for this year.
    Of course he knew I wanted the car.....but chances are he doesn't know he lost me as a customer for my CRV..... How that saying go "pound wise, penny foolish"!!!!!
  • riposteriposte Posts: 160
    Honda announced those price increases awhile back. Guess you haven't been paying attention. (?)
  • First, thanks to everyone for the comments/forum. I bought the Civic Coupe based on your comments the last three months. Ordered the car March 4th and took delivery April 1st, not bad but that's April Fool's day!!! Two weeks out, 600 miles and no problems. No pull left or right, no loose rear window (still checking), no rattles, no seat belt rubbing on seat, it's solid so far. First 1/2 tank 28 MPG, second 3/4 tank 38.8 MPG (now were getting there). No cruise control use yet, and still moving the RPM up and down on a regular basis, as just finishing up the break-in. I think she will do somewhere around 45 mpg. We'll see, but very encouraged. Drive 65 miles a day, 90% highway.

    My first car ever, and I'm 52. I have always driven trucks, so making some adjustments. Current truck is a 2004 GMC 2500 HD 4x4, 13 MPG, but I need one for the farm, but work in the city. What a change with the Honda! I'm impressed. For those of you that say there is to much road noise, I disagree. Mine is rolling on Eagles and my daughter's 2004 Mazda 6 is worse, or go for a ride in my truck! For those of you that like to compare the numbers, Sticker $17,860 including the $550.00 destination. I added splash guards (I live on a country road) and added all weather mats. Delivered price in Lincoln Nebraska, $16,990. Does not include any taxes. You pay for that in Nebraska when you tag the car.

    I pin striped the car with a black twin line down the top line, front headlight to to back taillight. Looks good as it breaks up all of that white. It gets a lot of looks in the city as it's the only Coupe I've seen.

    I'll keep you "posted". :)
  • goosegoose Posts: 77
    Pictures of that model have been around for about 1 year. Its believed by some that its the next Acura RSX. I like its interior more than the 06 American Civic. Also, the versatility of the back seat area is nice. However the outside is to egg shape for me.
    Currently own the 06 EX Coupe automatic with 8K miles and have zero complaints. Getting 34 MPG average mixed city/highway driving and lots of AC use.
  • About speculative civic body styles... Del Sol folks! All I want is a topless Si and I'll live. It wouldn't bite off of the s2000 b/c it would seat four. I've been begging for an Accord drop-top since 02. It failed last time but it just may work. It would definitly put a huge ace up Honda's sleeve. I'm sure its possible and someone has to agree with me. Build it ya [non-permissible content removed]! LoL ( not racist, just a bit of a ranter) ;)
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