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Cadillac Escalade



  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    are Domestic autos really that bad? The list has so very few domestic names on it, it's truly sad.
  • dont buy a Suburban/Yukon XL/Denali/Escalade


    1. Pushrod engines - Instead of improving efficiency and gas mileage, they lower both of them because of their lack of overhead cams, Variable Valve Timing and/or Variable Induction System. plus they are too harsh and accelerate slowly
    2. Poor crash tests - Silverado, which is based on Suburban or the other way around, got only a MARGINAL in crash tests scores
    3. Lack of airbags and safety features - ONLY side airbags are available, side curtains here! also the Traction Control System and Stability Management System isn't as advanced as the Japanese
    4. Poor build quality - why are u paying 50K for a Suburban with fake wood inside?? call it Escalade!..not worth it, believe me..ive had experience..also, the GM "parts bin" gives the same materials and plastics from the low-quality Suburban/Tahoe to the Escalade/Denali..NOT WORTH IT!

    So why buy Japanese?

    1. New Infiniti QX56 - the size of an Escalade with a sexier interior with the latest in safety, technological, and mechanical features..better gas mileage too..better overall resale value and much higher-quality at a couple-of-thousand dollars less
    2. Toyota Sequoia - higher quality and STILL BUILT IN! was it a miracle or what? more safety features too
    3. Nissan Pathfinder Armada - new and capable of everything

    **remember this: even the 2004 Lincoln Navigator has more sophistication in it! It just needs a more powerful engine..
  • mark156mark156 Posts: 2,006
    RCtennis, have you even looked at the Escalade in person? Believe me, I had not been a GM fan for a long time but I think that their products have made a turn around in every area in the last few years.

    I haven't purchased anything yet but the Escalade is at the top of my list. Engine-wise, I don't care if it's pushrod or not. The Escalade has a 6.0 liter engine with 345 hp. The gas mileage on a vehicle this size is not going to be high. The Sequoia gets 14 in the city where as the Escalade ESV gets 12 and the ESV has much more room. I found that the Sequoia is rather cheap looking on the inside and I'm not wild about the exterior styling at all. I looked at the 2002 Sequoia when I purchased my 2002 Mercedes. Of course, this is just my opinion and personal taste.

    I have not seen the Infiniti QX56 yet but the Nissan Armada is SO unattractive, maybe the Infiniti will look better. I've had many Japanese cars in the past; a '79 Datsun 210, '81 Nissan 210 wagon, '87 Maxima and a '89 Maxima. Also, the '87 and '89 were not totally trouble free. The paint on the '89 was very low quality. They were reliable but I'm not particularly fond of the Japanese products right now (Style-wise).

    Also, the Suburban and Yukon don't have any wood on the dash at all. The Denali has it as does the Escalade and it looks really nice, especially on the Cadillac.

    So, I think your blanket statement of "do not buy GM" is unwarranted. I really don't think you have really looked at the GM product up close. The fit and finish on these (from what I have personally seen) are very nice and comparable to the Japanese.

    2010 Land Rover LR4, 2013 Honda CR-V, 2009 Bentley GTC, 1990 MB 500SL, 2001 MB S500, 2007 Lincoln TC, 1964 RR Silver Cloud III, 1995 MB E320 Cab., 2015 Prevost Liberty Coach
  • eaton53eaton53 Posts: 356
    Everything needs a more powerful engine.

    Toyota Sequoia... it has all of this "sophisticated technology" and gets just 2 mpg better than the Slade while making 105 less hp and 75 less lb/ft of torque.

    When Toyota makes a truck capable of doing real work, then it will be worthy of even being in this discussion. As it is right now, the Sequoia is a joke.

    The Armada does better (at least it has torque), but it's still got 45 less hp while gettng all of 1 more mpg than the Slade, and has less room. Closer, but still a loser.
  • by saying don't buy GM..i should've said that differently..

    but yes, I have seen the new Escalades lately before we bought our new car..but I'm not as impressed as you..<sorry>

    i really like how Caddilac has IMPROVED over the years but to me the Escalade is my second choice..i dont know why, but maybe Ive been near one too long..

    im just a really big fan of the new QX56 though, which I think should prove to be some very much needed competition to the Escalade as America's "PIMP" car LOL..

    and plus, im not trying to compare the Sequioa to the Escalde..i accidentally put it in..

    but either way u choose <QX56 OR ESCALADE> uve still made an awesome choice
  • eaton53eaton53 Posts: 356
    Values utility highly.... the extra room in the ESV makes it the vehicle of choice.

    Haven't seen the Infiniti yet, but their last few efforts (FX and G35) have been very good.... much better than Toyota/Lexus.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    and we all appreciate the apology, because you were all wet, comparing a Sequoia to an Escalade. The Sequoia is all Toyota from front to back, styled by the VP of Monotony. I prefer the Navigator, mainly because of the interior, but there is nothing wrong with the Escalade, the Yukon, Denali or even the humble Suburban. They're damn good trucks, and Japan, who makes very dependable cars, has yet to best North America at what they do best - big stuff. That's just MY opinion. Now be nice, or go back to your Asian threads and leave us alone in our delusions, ok?
  • mark156mark156 Posts: 2,006
    Just for the record, if I do decided to get an ESV, it will not be "pimped up". Granted, a lot of them have been but mine will most likely be gray with the standard wheels from the factory. The ESV looks much more Suburban like.

    2010 Land Rover LR4, 2013 Honda CR-V, 2009 Bentley GTC, 1990 MB 500SL, 2001 MB S500, 2007 Lincoln TC, 1964 RR Silver Cloud III, 1995 MB E320 Cab., 2015 Prevost Liberty Coach
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    It's cool, if you are in "that class" to have a duded up burban. I can't imagine why one would buy a truck @ 50K to bling around it, would rather buy a limo or something.

  • yea thanks!

    and wow u drive a Navigator!! how is it going?? we were about to buy one, but we decided we didn't need all the room (maybe next time)..

    i ACTUALLY didnt mean to put the Sequioa in there, if anyone still thinks that!

    and Caddys ARE just not as big a fan of them as some other cars..EXCEPT for the new XLR which should probably be tough competition for the SL55 from MB
  • but why does the Escalade (which looks pretty nice) NOT look as nice as a Navigator, or is it just me?? The Navigator is based on the Expedition and has a TOTALLY DIFFERENT interior and really supped up exterior...but the Escalade which is based on the Suburban has the SAME interior only with wood and some metallic trim added..

    honestly, I think they should have tried as much as Lincoln did to make the interior nicer, especially when paying about 50-grand for an SUV
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    The Navigator is doing fine, very happy with it. I chose it over the Slade largely because I like the 2WD version, and with the Caddy in 2WD, you get the small engine (5.3L) and still miss out on the running boards, power liftgate & power folding 3rd row seats thing, and the delicious unique interior. The Gator has the 48 valve engine in either version and all that other stuff.
  • I've been through all the boards. Here is the problem: My wife and I had twins 3 months ago and we have a 2.5 year old.

    My wife likes SUVs (she's from Texas). We like something nice (need to get rid of the "big" Mercedes 430 sedan - too small now).
    On a typical trip we'll have 3 adults (possibly 4), 3 kids in car seats that we need to tend to, and suitcases and strollers that need to go behind the 3rd seat. We also want DVDs to pacify the little one, something nice, safe and attractive. The Suburbans scare me.

    What would you recommend and why? I'm hearing that the Lexus 470 may be too small for storage. The extended Navigator is something I should test drive. The "Slade?" May be the Expedition, Suburban/Yukon Denali XL. What else?

    Do any of you have practical experience with these or other vehicles, with 3 car seats - long drive, with 3 or 4 adults? Which vehicles are most apt to get me to say "ahhh" an not want to slit my wrists?
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    Japan has nothing big enough for your family. The Sequoia is smaller than a Tahoe. Don't know why the Suburban scares you, but that's your car. The Expedition or Navigator would do it, I have an employee with 4 kids and 3 car seats, and the Expedition works for him, but on long trips, he needs a cargo carrier on the roof. Yukon XL or Escalade EXT are the same as the Suburban. That's your car in the SUV world. IMO
  • The Suburban "scares me" because it looks like an aircraft carrier going down the streets of Manhattan (where we live)!

    Which one do you prefer for me and why (ignoring price)?
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    OH, well, I understand now! But Martha Stewart drives one, so if she can (in good taste, of course,) you could!

    Ignoring price? Get the long Escalade!!
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Suburban v. Long Exclade in Manhattan. What's the difference? Any of the full-size ones are overkill for the city. But since you are obviously in that upp-crust set, why not just buy a Limo??? :)

  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    Either one, you can't park!
  • so tru! so tru!
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    Better get a driver with that Slade, rc..... I've spent a lot of time in the city - but would never dare try to drive it.
  • I am looking at leasing(smartbuy) a 2004 Escalade AWD for 36 months.
    I would like to hear from current owners on any problems I should watch out for.
    What are the maintenance costs?
    By the way, I will be paying $775 month for a fully loaded slade with select edition,DVD rear enter. system and white diamond paint.
    Please email me your comments and suggestions.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Better to post your comments here so everyone can benefit...

    Steve, Host
  • mark156mark156 Posts: 2,006
    I'm still looking but if anyone else is looking, the Esalade has a 4 yr. 50,000 mile warranty vs. the 36 month 36,000 mile warranty on the Chevrolet Suburban/Yukon XL.

    Keep in mind the Escalade has the second row heated seats and a third row with leather. The Chevy and GMC have vinyl on the third row.

    Also, the Cadillac has the 6.0 345 hp V8 available for extra power.

    2010 Land Rover LR4, 2013 Honda CR-V, 2009 Bentley GTC, 1990 MB 500SL, 2001 MB S500, 2007 Lincoln TC, 1964 RR Silver Cloud III, 1995 MB E320 Cab., 2015 Prevost Liberty Coach
  • theo2709theo2709 Posts: 476

      Exterior color 98U (WA-800J) White Diamond
      (LM7) Engine, 295 hp

    New Features

      Exterior color 26U (WA-214M) Rip Tide Blue
      Exterior color 93U (WA961L) White Lightning


      (LQ9) Engine, 345 hp V8 standard on 2WD model
      Redesigned, highly-detailed instrument panel gauges with chrome bezels
      Walnut Burl wood trim replaces Zebrano wood trim
      Touch screen capability now included with (UM8) Navigation system
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    Still a Chevy truck dash? No upgraded stereo yet?
  • mark156mark156 Posts: 2,006
    Nvbanker, the Escalade looks really nice on the inside. Nothing like the Chevy----- meaning--wood dash---wood steering wheel---Bvlgari clock.

    Looks nice to me.

    2010 Land Rover LR4, 2013 Honda CR-V, 2009 Bentley GTC, 1990 MB 500SL, 2001 MB S500, 2007 Lincoln TC, 1964 RR Silver Cloud III, 1995 MB E320 Cab., 2015 Prevost Liberty Coach
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    It's nice, Mark, I don't hate it. Just wish they would do a unique Cadillac looking design for the truck. OTOH, maybe I don't, if they don't do better than the SRX/CTS dash, which I think is miserable for a Cadillac. Just my opinion.
  • I was considering the new Nissan Armada (bit too much road noise, questionable interior quality and not a big fan of the front end styling, nice drivetrain, powerful engine and 5 speed tranny). I've owned Expeditions before and like the looks and handling of the new 03+, but want more power from the 5.4L. I think there will be some good competition from Infinity QX56 and maybe the new Durango w/Hemi. I have been mostly a Ford guy, (98 Mustang cobra, 3 F150's currently 02 King Ranch supercrew 4x4, 2 Taurus's for sales work, and a 99 EB Expy) Currently, own the KR F150, and an 02 Lincoln LS w/V8. All have been very good, reliable vehicles. But, when shopping for a new SUV, I needed 3 row seating, AWD, Trailer towing (for boat), power, and luxury good looks. After all the searching/test driving, I pulled the trigger on a pre-owned 2002 Escalade AWD w/moonroof, Green Envy on the outside.

    This is my first Cadillac, and is the only vehicle I see that justifies the price with luxury and performance. Load leveling and road sensing suspension, Stability control, back up sensors, tunable and powerful engine and transmission. Everyone thinks it is a beautiful SUV. (could not resist adding 20" wheels with 285/50R20 Eagle GTII's). Granted, it may not have the fit and finish of an Audi/VW, or the smooth drivetrain of a Lexus. But, being GM based it is infinitly tuneable from the aftermarket. Interior, exterior, suspension, brakes, superchargers, intakes, exhaust's, all come in so many flavors, it is easy to make improvments as the mileage and maintenace require.

    Side note: I have been seeing about 15 mpg city, 15.5 mpg combined and 17mpg highway.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    So are you hitting the road courses with it? I love how people hot-rod up their TRUCKS, yet drive them on 55-70mph roads... Go figure.


    PS: The "Hemi" is only a marketing term, most engines other than pushrods are "hemispherical heads"
  • You are correct about trying to convert an SUV into a autocross-racer, being a waste of time. I'm talking about, modifying to meet your needs. More power and stonger suspensions for towing. More power better controlled suspension and brakes to handle larger loads, people and equipment. And, if nothing else, better street performance. All are part of the driving satisfaction equation, at least for me. When you have an aerodnamic brick on wheels, cruising at 80 mph, with heavy crosswinds, any improvement to vehicle performance is a plus. Just my $.02
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